Batman and Power Girl Are Not Compatible

October 06, 2016:

Power Girl happens on Batman in action, while she was excited to meet him in person, turns out the two just do not get along.



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What makes Batman impressive is not that he picks his battles; it's not that he flees from fights or his immense array of gadgetry and sophisticated tools. It's not even his martial techniques, were are exemplary by most standards.

It's that he does it being, at the end of the day, 'merely' human.

A few criminals try to commit crimes in Metropolis still, hoping that a Kryptonian isn't nearby, or is busy with something more serious. After all, robberies are a bit routine in terms of the grand crimes perpetrated by more sinister villainy. Given the Gotham license plates of the getaway van veering around in traffic, it's apparent that the criminals inside have decided to try their luck with Kryptonian justice rather than dealing with the loud, rumbling jet exhaust of the vehicle behind them.

The Batmobile, in hot pursuit.

The canopy opens and Batman launches from the Batmobile with shocking velocity, landing effortlessly atop the speeding van with his cloak streaming behind him. He balances without much effort on the metal roof and whips a batarang around in a tight circle— it flickers in a short arc and smacks into a tire, popping it with a dramatic *BANG!* and a squeal as the van starts fishtailing.

Power Girl is one of those Kryptonians, and usually when trouble comes around, she hears it. When that happens, wouldbe criminals better pray her alter-ego is in a business meeting that cannot be postponed. Today, there's no such luck, as the white leotard wearing Power Girl streaks in the sky, her red cape fluttering wildly in the gust of wind at her wake, but she slows down before catching up to that van. Someone appears to already be handling it.

She hasn't yet met Batman in person, but as a new member of the Justice League of America, she had heard of him. Now seeing his daredevil act in person, is a bit of a curiosity, as she looks from above, not dropping in like a hawk just yet. She wants to see how he carries himself through.

The men inside the van are screaming. Some in anger, others in fear. Batman is silent, jaw set and his cowl hiding his face— even to someone like Power-Girl's x-ray vision. It's a confusing blur, making his features difficult to pick out.

Batman rides the van as it pitches left, and right, slowing down but becoming more erratic. He didnt' pop the front tire— the rear one. A clever move, because the rear-wheel drive van is abruptly lacking in power, but it's not going to flip itself over trying to push through a broken rim. Batman remains atop the van until it grinds to a halt, skidding almost sideways.

He moves to the roof of the cab with an unhurried step and jams each door shut with another Batarang, then flings one behind him in a narrow arc. It flickers behind the van and hits the doors, sealing them shut with an explosion of fast-acting foam spray.

He launches off the van's roof before bullets punch silver holes through the vehicle's upper hood, and watches with an unreadable expression as the thugs fire in all directions (deafening themselves in the process).

They start trying to leave the van, and he flings a smoke grenade at the van's cockpit— it expands rapidly, thick dense smoke that obscures most normal vision. Power Girl would see him descend into the melee and with a few brutal punches, kicks, flips, and holds, effortlessly detain the four criminals before they even know he's among them.

By the time the smoke clears, Batman's got all four of them hogtied on the ground, the Batmobile pulling up nearby and rumbling with a pleasant idle as it waits for the next command from the Dark Knight.

Power Girl is rather surprised to find Batman's cowl is lined with lead, that was a rare element to include in one's mask. It certainly means one thing, that guy Batman knows about Kryptonians. She starts descending for a closer look, not that she really needs to, but being closer to the action is more fun. And who knows? Maybe he will need her to step in eventually.

By the time Batman is done with the whole thing, Power Girl hovers down slowly, clapping her gloved hands at him, "well that was impressive. Take it you're the legendary Batman, mmm? Power Girl, glad to finally see you in person."

Batman turns and looks up at Power Girl, looking unsurprised by her arrival. His cloak falls in front of his hands, mostly obscuring him from view. It doesn't look like it's /lead/ in his clothing, on closer view— Power Girl can see some suggestions of outlines and motion. But it's very hazy, and difficult to properly make out. Some high-tech polymer that merely hinders X-ray vision, without obstructing it? Even his heartbeat sounds 'weird' to her Kryptonian ears, further increasing the mystery of his identity under the mask.

Extremely paranoid.

"Power Girl," Batman says finally, his voice rasping a little bit. His eyes are unreadable behind the white lenses of his mask, giving him a rather sinister appearance— like a moving gothic gargoyle, something less human than monster. "What do you want?" So much for small talk— the Bat just stares at her until she gets down to conversational level, barely moving.

"I sure do hope that's your actual voice and you're not trying to intimidate me just now," Power Girl says with a brilliant smile on her face, she never takes kindly to a guy trying to be all macho over a woman. Even if she is not quite your everyday woman. Truth be told, the gothic gargoyle allusions don't do much for a Kryptonian with a whole different set of cultural history and boogie monsters. Now, if he looked more like General Zod, maybe that would have worked for the intimidation factor more. But either way, the look certainly suits him, and looks cool.

She is a bit taken back by the demand, "what do I want? Well, hang out, get a cup of coffee, you know…" she starts before laughing it off, "don't be silly, just wanted to say hello to a colleague, I also do the crimefighting bit, if you haven't heard. It's really impressive to watch you work, what kind of fighting art do you use? Karate?" She doesn't linger long in the sky, she comes to land by his side, she wasn't really intending to force him to look up at her.

Batman just stares at Power Girl at the question about his voice— and doesn't answer, clearly deciding it doesn't merit a response. There's no machismo in his stance or tone— rather, that weirdly alien sense that he's just… not quite human. Unconcerned.

Well, it's egalitarian, at least?

"You came here in the middle of a bust because… you want… coffee," Batman says, sounding the question out slowly, as if trying to find hidden meaning in her words.

"Heeeehehe… Bats gon' get a date," one of the thugs wheezes, laughing to himself. Batman's cowled head twists around and those white eyelenses seem to narrow slightly. The perp looks up at Batman, and his grin rapidly fades, then vanishes entirely, and he looks down at his toes and away from that inhuman glare.

"I use what works," he informs Power Girl. He moves to the Batmobile and retrieves several sturdy slipcuffs from a secondary compartment, and moves back to the criminals to handcuff them properly and retrieve the more short-term nylon rope binding their wrists. Strangely, none of them even get up to try and run while his back is turned.

Power Girl doesn't seem as keen as Batman to go easy on these jerks just because they're subdued, the guy who makes the quip about Batman getting a date winds up getting a weak punch in the face from Power Girl, just a wake up call, she doesn't want to break his face or anything, "quiet, Skippy, adults are talking," she snorts at the felon.

"Sooo…" Power Girl turns her attention back on Batman, "seeing how you said nothing, wasn't Karate after all, huh? Are you self taught or did you move somewhere exotic to train with a chosen one?" Power Girl wonders aloud, not minding the thugs he just took down.

Batman stares at Power Girl, and there's a sense of stern disapproval on his face as she casually backhands the man over his snide comment. But he doesn't verbalize anything.

He continues to ziptie the fellows until they're trussed up like Christmas hams, tilting his head to one side as if hearing something.

"Metro cops are busy with a protest over on Grove street. They'll be a while before they can respond." He glowers at all four of the thugs laid out as they are.

"If I have to track any of you down before the police get here, I'll break your ankles instead of zipcuffing you," Batman warns them, growling low. "Understood?"

"Y-yessir, we ain't goin' nowhere, we'll just… sit," the crooks say, looking meekly abashed.

Batman turns and looks at Power Girl for a half a moment, then tilts his head incrementally northwards. The Batmobile continues to idle at a low purr, working as a traffic control device behind the wrecked van and the criminals and directing traffic around it. Batman extends a grapnel and fires it off, then flies skywards to alight on a low rooftop a half a block away, where he turns and waits for Power Girl to arrive.

Power Girl doesn't seem to have taken note of Batman's disapproval, clearly she wasn't think much of what she's done, and didn't notice his stare while she was doing it. She nods as Batman mentions the delay cops would have, and offers, "I can give them a nonstop flight to jail, if you need help wrangling them in, Batman," she offers helpfully.

Seeing how he intimidates the goons, Power Girl just shrugs and decides to try his method, after all, if they do try and run she'll see and or hear them, and they can't outrun her. She follows Batman up that rooftop, "so…you definitely worked on your act to perfection before you hit the big stage, huh?"

"You need to take your ego out of the equation," Batman tells Power Girl, a beat after her question finishes. "He's Tony Malcotori, a habitual recidivist from Gotham Prison. He's been in and out of jail since he was sixteen and was busted for felony armed robbery. He's a crook and a lowlife."

His eyelenses narrow again. "You punched a bound prisoner in the face over your ego getting offended. For a Kryptonian, you've got pretty thin skin— and Tony's not smart enough to do it himself, but Luthor or any other number of criminals would sue you and the League for everything you've got for unwarranted physical assault. Are you /that/ new to this job?"

"My ego…?" Power Girl looks a bit taken back by Batman's remark, unsure where it came from. "Okay…so?" She still doesn't seem to get the point.

"I didn't punch him punch him, because he'd be dead if I did, I just let him know I don't take kindly to stupid jokes," Power Girl groans, not amused as she gets lectured by Batman, "it's not like he's a saint, or any worse for wear for it." She rolls her eyes at the mention of legal, "first time on a team, okay? If you want to do it so much, just sue me already…"

"It's assault under Metropolis law," Batman says in that low growl. It really /must/ be his voice. "Use of excessive force undoes your legal protection under the vigilante act."

Batman doesn't seem inclined to give Power Girl an excuse for her actions, or offer any forgiveness. "I'm not the one who'd sue you. Tony's mouthpiece would, and that backhand could easily cost the League five million dollars or more. If you broke something, add a zero to that. It's not the first time the League's been sued," he reminds her. "And their bank accounts aren't limitless."

With his cloak drawn forward, he's completely obscured from head to toe, save for the motion of his chin as he speaks.

"There's something called the vigilante act?" Power Girl asks as if bewildered, "I was just doing the hero stunt because Superman did, and because I am far better equipped to do it then the MPD, with all due respect." Crossing her arms, Power Girl has had just about enough as she snaps back at Batman, "well, they've never been sued because of me, and that Tony guy got a lovetap at best…his head is still on straight, and there's no mark on his face, right? So what's his excuse? Power Girl punched me and didn't even leave a mark? That's very beliveable…I shatter buildings with a punch," she snaps.

Batman just /stares/ at Power Girl. As if trying to decide if she's being flip with him.

"You need to educate yourself on our world, alien," he tells her, finally. "Putting your hands on someone is battery. The use of force to coerce or intimidate is legally assault."

Those white eyelenses stay focused on her face. "You and Superman and the rest of you aliens can 'shatter buildings' with a punch. A smart lawyer would claim you menaced Tony with lethal force. Everyone in the world has seen how hard Superman can punch, and if you raise your fist at someone it's legally no different than putting a gun against his temple."

"Yeah…? Does that offend you?" Power Girl asks noting that slightly more intense stare from Batman, smiling a little bit for a change. Even if still in anger. "That wasn't coercion or force, that was education."

When he brings up Superman she just laughs in his face, "Superman? Are you serious!? Superman wouldn't hurt a bug! A freakin' bug! He deals with everyone like they're fragile and precious, even scum, so don't go telling me about Superman, okay, Batboy?" Yeah, he's starting to hit buttons, and she's starting to think it was a huge mistake wanting to meet Batman in the first place. "Go back and look at Tony's face, you tell me if it looks like he got punched or not…anyone ever tell you how asinine you are?"

"Frequently," Batman replies to Power Girl, looking utterly unfazed by her attempt to get a rise out of him.

"But never wrong." He considers Karen steadily.

"You might get away with it this time. Maybe next time there's a GCPD officer nearby. Or a security camera aimed at that intersection. Or just some bystander with their cell phone taking camera coverage, or someone is baiting you to smack them in the face so they can sue you and the League for reckless assault."

"And maybe I'm not an idiot, and I have eyes and ears, and I am aware of what's going on around me, okay? Maybe that too, sheesh, you suck life out of life," Power Girl snorts, "no wonder Gotham looks the way it does, if everyone out there are like you," she hisses as she takes to the air like a rocket.

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