The Call of Yor'Garloth

October 02, 2016:

A trading card game tournament is interrupted by the awakening on an ancient and powerful evil

Mutant Town

Mutant Town


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Mutant Town.

The place where everything is possible, mostly everything is dangerous, and you can't play your favorite TCG without getting into a near-death experience.

And that, Trading Card Games, is what is happening right now. It's not just another competition. This is Mutant: The Gathering's great regional finals, being live streamed and receiving a great attendance, from players and expectations from many cities and countries.

There are play games on the side, intended for casual gaming, for those who are not competing, waiting for their turn, or suffering from disqualification.

And, where is this happening?

This is Mutant Town, where everything is unexpected. And, for first time, it is an open-air event. How awesome could it be? Many people, passing by, can't resist to get a game or two against new and old faces. Decks are unexpensive and sold everywhere, so there is no excuse not to join the fun!

And, today, there is one more new thing.

In the main plaza, where the main fights are currently happening, the cards are taking new life. Quite literally. Because huge holograms, being projected by a mutant with an amazing ability, mimic the actions of their summoners. The fights are dire and intense, as giant dragons fight monsters for everyone's amusement, in duels of strategy and precision.

But, are they even holograms? That last fire-breath felt a little… too realistic.


It was dorky. It was silly. It was ALL Pietro's idea. Darcy isn't into card games. She's a derby girl, not a nerd girl. Though, she knew a few Nerdy Derby Girls in her day that would not be happy if Darcy made it sound like she didn't respect nerds. Which she did. Darcy just didn't count herself among their number.

Pietro, clearly under no such complusion.

So, at the Mutant Gathering Card Game… "Why are we here again?" Darcy is asking Pietro, who's in his usual attire but with what might be a Harry Potter sorting hat on. It's his wizard hat. Darcy is not going to comment more than she did at her apartment when he picked her up.

"Ooookay. That's a ittle. Are we sure that's… why aren't people running and screaming again?" she asks, eyes on the fire breathing dragon, hand in Pietro's, her shoulder against his shoulder.


Nathaniel is among the crowd, curious about the whole game and the whole party. Is he a nerd? Probably he qualifies, since he likes strategy games and he is pretty good at them. Add mutant powers and you make a tourist out of him.

Dressed down to blend, Nathaniel's armor has been shifted into regular clothes and he is not paying much attention to the sensors because Mutant Town is pretty confusing. Too many powered people. Only when the holographic dragon starts feeling a little too warm he focuses and requests a power analysis to his armor.


So Colin decided to go and explore one of the parts of the city that he hasn't been to yet, and that is Mutant Town. Of course he is out walking in the city, in his standard 3 piece suit, case dang it spies always look fashionable! Sure he feels naked without the other suit that he wears, but he does have some weapons hidden on him, invisibility tech for the win! One does not go to mutant town without weapons of course.

But the guy stops to watch the game, sure he's not a nerd or anything like that, but well he does like the strategy aspect of it. Plus with the holograms, it's definitely very interesting sight to see. Also make mental note, make some weapons that can use holograms, those can end up being very useful.


"You are the best. Girlfriend. Ever." Pietro says with a huge smile, holding his Sorting Hat with his free hand, "You had the best idea ever! Who would think you would invite me here??" Things /might/ have happened the other way around, but it doesn't matter right now! The Transian brought his best black/white deck, featuring cards he almost made crimes to get, and some he actually did. But that doesn't matter either.

"Look, TehMonadoBoy is facing Babyerika on the main stage! It must be the finals, because both had a great season so far. I might get an autograph if we catch them after the show is over. And you can get one for yourself too, of course!" He squeezes Darcy's hand and glances curiously as the giant red dragon breathes fire and the overall temperature intensifies. "Huh, who needs Stark technology when you have the ArchCaster in your staff? Yes, I read about him online. It seems he can project his own imagination in a very… realistic… way." The speedster's words suffer some delay, as he doubts about the holographic nature of the show.

Power analysis would reveal a big amount of plasma concentration in the main stage, and certainly, the fire is real.

Also, the organizing staff is everywhere around. Fittingly wearing black tunics that hide their face in shadows, with runes that glow bright blue. It's Mutant Town, after all.


The name drops mean nothing to Darcy, even if BabyErika gets a grin. Her eyes trail to her boyfriend, rolling as he comments that she brought him here, before her eyes goes back to the 'holographic' show.

"You know that I'm off the clock, right? And if that dragon gets loose and starts causing havoc I'm going to have to go ON the clock?" Darcy tells him, having heard way more than she could digest about white black decks. She managed not to be immature through most of that. Somehow. It was a miracle.

"ArchCaster totally sounds like an evil villian name, by the way," she states as the couple walk past Nathaniel and Colin.


That is not a hologram, decides Nathaniel. Not just a hologram. That mutant is not just able to create light, also raw plasma. Still, there is no reason to worry too much, right? As long as this 'ArchCaster' guy can control his powers. But… in the case he can't, Nathaniel is moving to position himself so he can quickly stand between the dragon and the crowd.


Yup this is definitely interesting. Colin is tempted to put on his mask just to see what it is able to tell him about this. The heat is definitely real, or is it. The guy could just be an illusionist, telling people what he wants them to see. "See this is why New York is better than London, we don't have fun stuff like this over there." He doesn't say that to anyone in particular really, but just talking.


TehMonadoBoy is offering a great fight, and an astounding show, but his last monster is weak and Babyerika places three more creatures on the field. Since they were just summoned, they can't attack right now, but it looks like it's only a matter of time. If TehMonadoBoy's dragon (the one which spitted fire before) is defeated, the grand prize will be granted to his opponent.

But this is Mutant: The Gathering, and anything can happen every turn.

«Is this the end for the competitor from Brooklyn? BabyErika has no cards in hand and finishes her turn!»

The broadcaster's voice can be heard everywhere, full of excitement as both players clash in this final duel.

«TehMonado draws a card. And look at that face! Is the luck on his side?»

Whatever card it was, the young boy seems happy to have drawn it!

«Could it be… No, this is not possible…»

Pietro Maximoff exchanges a troubled look with Darcy. The audience, full of cheers and emotion until now, falls to silence as the broadcaster's voice is so full of hesitation… and horror.

«The Call of Yor'Garloth? Did TehMonadoBoy draw The Call of Yor'Garloth??»

An observer would notice as Babyerika, terrified, turns back to say something to the judge. Whatever it is, the judge gestures her to return to her spot on the battlefield, with just a short exchange of words. She doesn't seem happy for that, either.

"That card is some… urban myth." Pietro tells his girlfriend. "People say it was crafted using actual magic, made by some sect that believes in ancient gods of some sort. It's the 'One Ring' of this game, but it isn't supposed to be real."

If some of our heroes, heroines and spectators are close to the event staff, obscure murmurs will be heard. Malevolent prayers, muted under the shadow of dark hoods. The glowing runes of all of their tunics, simultaneously, turn red.

The red dragon explodes in a bright explosion as the rumored card is placed on the battlefield. It is offered as a tribute, because the creature that is coming is so powerful that you must sacrifice other cards to summon it. Four, to be more precise.

«Are BabyErika's monsters being offered as tribute as well?!» The commentator shouts, as they disappear in a similar fashion.

The sky, clear until a moment ago, turns darker. The runes are drawn on the battlefield's floor, drawn in fire and blood.

"I'm sorry… they have my mom… I have to… I have to do this…" TehMonadoBoy, whose voice is also amplified, manages in the middle of sobs and eyes full of shame, but mostly, fear. "Yar'thul, Yar'thul, em der tuhs Yor'Garloth…" He recites.

The sky opens with the sound of thunder. And vicious dark tentacles begin to emerge from the bloody runes from the floor.


Darcy has no idea what's going on at this point, but she stands with Pietro, hand in hand, and nods at his explantion. She's smiling too. Until glowing blue flickers red. The smile fades and she looks at a nearby staffer. Lips purse in a pout: That's not good.

And then the frightened voice of the young male competitor, TehMonadoBoy, rings out and Darcy looks back over. She knows that that is definitely not good. Anyone who feels they have to do something because someone else has their mom, is never a good sign.

"It's like the Army of Darkness with less skeletons," Darcy quips in trepidation as her eyes go to the blood red runes on the arena floor. Look. She's not a nerd, but she did know nerds, as was mentioned before. What was not mentioned was the two months of hot steamy nerdiness that happened with Glitter*Pop, Nerdcore's main jammer, in which much nerdy happened. Hot steamy nerdy… and Bruce Campbell movies.

"Get those kids out of the arena," Darcy tells her boyfriend as she pulls her hand from from him so he can run.


Nathaniel is no longer in lazy-relaxed mode, and the second the dragon and the other monsters are 'sacrificed' he begins to armor-up. That energy is not an illusion and it is going somewhere… like, right.

No, he didn't expect tentacles. That is probably against the game's rules. Just against the rules. Period.

The neuro-kinetic suit speeds up the deployment responding his commands. Armor plates cover him up, then smooth over, becoming like liquid metal. The helmet comes last, covering his head completely. Then he hovers up a few yards, firing repulsor bursts only if the tentacles attack the crowd.


Well okay this just totally got even more interesting. Of course Colin doesn't have all of his gear on him at this moment, but he does have something just as good. The plane that can be summoned, that will have his gear in him. Good thing he keeps it nearby whenever he goes out. But of course he does need to stay alive before it can get here. Well he drops the invisibility on his weapons, and grabs his mask at the same time, putting on them. Sure he only has his katana and some shuriken on him right now, but he just needs to stay alive for a few minutes. "I did not bloody sign up for giant tentacles in the sky though." Totally taking it back, London is better and they have good tea there!


The show has just started, but the vast majority of attendants are running in fear. There is chaos all around, chaos and confusion, but naturally, there are those who stay to witness whatever is happening.

A wretched tentacle wraps around TehMonadoBoy, while Babyerika manages to dodge and join the running crowd. The event staff, covered in their evil clothing, move closer to the awakening being, unharmed.

The judge, or whoever was acting as a judge, takes the mic and whispers in solemn voice.

«Three soulless creatures have been offered, but a purer blood is still needed. Old life must rest, and the dreaming Yor'Galoth will dream of new worlds, with eyes open to see scarlet wine being poured to wipe the sins of the nonbelievers. Suffering will dance with joy, and angels will take us home, for our promise will be fulfilled and the realm of men will be purified by fire. But don't be afraid, my children. For the traitor will share your fate. Justice, always, prevails.»

Two cultists throw ArchCaster to the floor, binding his neck to a black chain. The mutant who gave life to the game's monsters struggles to free himself, but it is useless.

The Judge pulls a glowing green dagger from his tunic, slowly walking towards the enchained caster. TehMonadoBoy fights, futilely, the tentacle that warps him, stronger each passing second.

"I… I never watch Army of Darkness." Pietro says to Darcy, leaving her hand. "If this is not the end of the world, we should watch it." He says in a comforting tone, before dashing to the arena. Since the girl is already running to safety, he focuses on the trapped boy, but as he gets close, a new tentacle hits him (yes, at super-powered-level speed) knocking the speedster out of the arena for now.

Unholy chants are sung by the cloaked men, and as they grow in volume, the remaining tentacles start to move. Heavily, at first, as if the creature was waking up from a long sleep by the songs of the cultists. There are 5 of them, exactly, standing in a circle around the arena. No other attendants have been taken, yet.

From the sky, an enormous egg, or what is apparently an egg, floats slowly down. Two giant Pterodactyl-like creatures, surrounded by electricity, fly around as if protecting the object.

"Birdie… She's back…" Pietro mutters, getting to his feet and spitting blood. His eyes burn just as high as the fell runes on the floor.


Darcy watches as people scatter, leaving them to run. That Pietro gets knocked aside and spits out blood is taken personally. She asked him to run in there after all. The cultist/staffer standnig next to her is glanced at and then charged. A bull rush and a shoulder tackle. Darcy seeks to impact the nerdy guy hard, drop him to the ground, then use his shoulders to bash his head into the ground so he'll stop moving. The flying power armor is nodded, and so Darcy calls out to him, "Can you target the tenicles?" And she's pushing to her feet and pulling her tazer from her purse.


Iron Guard was ready for the tentacles to attack, so when they grab TehMondaoBoy, he shoots the repulsors at them, and flies closer. "What have you done? What are these creatures?" He asks the man. If the repulsors weren't enough, he attempts to grab the gamer with a hand and forms a blade with the other arm, to cut the tentacles.


And now the plane arrives, yay for the remote controlled plane! It drops a line for Colin that he goes up. It doesn't take long for him to dive back down in his full costume and gear. Okay now time to target something, and the tentacles do appear to be out of his league. But the cultists those are a different story.

As he slides down the rope with one hand, he tosses some shuriken at a few of them. They are designed with tasers in them, so they get a double does in case they hit. "Well okay here, lets see what the hell we have going on here."


As Darcy hits one of the cultists, the others flinch for a moment. And, as an eager observer would notice, when they momentarily stop the chanting, the tentacles stop as well. The cloaked man on the ground is unconscious, and won't wake up for a good while.

"I had to! I /HAD/ to!" The boy in the tentacle shouts at Iron Guard. The repulsor is not enough, but as the blade touches the tentacle, a furious scream comes from the sky. The blood that falls is dark and ill-looking. "Don't save me! You have to kill me! Don't you see? The egg is the guardian. The birds are the angels. And I am the vessel." The blade is more than enough to make the tentacle drop the boy on the floor, but he keeps shouting and shaking, victim of a panic attack.

The giant egg touches ground, as an evil gift from the sky.

Two more cultists fall, thanks to Colin, and their blood runs to meet the mysterious object. The tentacles are weak, squeezing, uncontrolled. Two cloaked men remain, both chanting and holding the ArchCaster, as the Judge grabs him from the hair, pulling the mutant's head back to reveal the neck. The dagger shines under the fading sun.

«Purer blood is still needed.»


"And this is why I need SHIELD R&D to make me GO-GO already," Darcy gripes to herself and she sprints for the 'press box' where the Judge, two cultists, and ArchCaster are located. Tazer in hand, she brings it up and thanks to firearms training, she doesn't hesitate in squeezing the trigger at one of the cultists as soon as she's in range.

"Hey! Wannabe! Your cosplay's horrible. Where'd you buy it? Dollar Tree?" Darcy calls out, eyes on the Judge, hoping to draw his attention. Is that ill-advised since he has a dagger in his hand? Maybe. But hopefully a twitchign cultist dropping one side of ArchCaster and being insulted will keep the mutant alive a little longer. maybe years longer!


Iron Guard ignores the crazy gamer rants and pulls him well away from the tentacles reach before turning to the remaining cultists. He is too far to risk a shot, but close enough to create a magnetic field and pull that dagger out of the cultist hand.

And now they have a giant egg too. Never a dull moment in Mutant Town. Well, first crazy human sacrifice dudes. Then giant alien eggs. Priorities.

Colin lands on the ground, and gets the katana out, cheers for the british ninja! Of course there are still two cultists left to take out, once those are done they can focus on the big problem, he hopes. So of course he needs to do something to get rid of the other ones. He leaps at one of them, and with the sword in hand just slices at him, "Listen, I don't really feel like being dinner for a Great Old One tonight, okay?"


Another cultist drops to the floor, thanks to Darcy. The Judge is indeed distracted. By that and her words. He pulls back his hood, revealing a face full of serenity. He manages a smirk that drinks from the chaos and confusion around.

"Courage is what I see in you. Courage, fire. And your eyes…" He murmurs in slow madness. "We will die today. But you will live enough to see the world burn."

The dagger flies from his hand, and the CTG finalist is taken to safety, while still shouting incomprehensible words of surely evil meaning. The final cultist is taken care of by Colin, and the tentacles fall heavily to the ground.

In the confusion, ArchCaster takes the opportunity to get up and glance around. His eyes glow red and an evil smile is drawn. A card is pulled from his pocket, depicting a giant red dragon.

The drawn beast materializes in the air, just as it happened in the card duel from before. A gargantuan, winged lizard, with eyes so full of hatred that could perfectly be those of ArchCaster.

"Do it." The Judge challenges both the mutant and his creation. "There is no purer blood than that poured by someone who is ready to die for his conviction. Do it."

The Judge's last words are interrupted as the dragon eats the upper half of his body.

New blood meets the egg, which violently cracks, freeing a shadow that flies to the sky. The two electric Pterodactyls escort it as it gets lost in the firmament. The sky cries as a slow rain starts, melting with the blood on the floor.

"You should have killed me." TehMonadoBoy whispers before falling unconscious.


Everything goes a bit too quick. For a second Iron Guard thought it was over and was just checking for the readings of the alien egg. Then the hostage murders the kidnapper. He blasts with his repulsor to ArchCaster before he can get ideas about killing more of the cultists, but too late. The shadow escapes… where is the air force when you need them. "Great. I do not think this is a win for anyone," he comments bleakly. Still, he will stay to talk to the police. They are rarely around when needed in Mutant Town.


Uhm that was totally unexpected and all of that stuff. "So uhm now, what the heck do we do." He goes around and starts checking on others in the area to make sure that they are okay. "And is that thing coming back? Whatever the heck it was?" Give the guy arms dealers and other spies and stuff to deal with, this type of thing is just out of his league.


ArchCaster is hit by Iron Guard, and as soon as he loses consciousness, the dragon disappears. But the damage is done.

The aftermath is full of uncertainty and horror.

Everything considered, the victims were scarce and almost everyone resulted unharmed. But the real consequences are yet to be seen. And an evil that should have stayed dormant, is now free.

"I don't even know what happened…" Pietro answers to Colin, getting closer and looking for Darcy. "Have you seen… the girl… with the tazer…" His blue gaze scans the area. She is not far, and as soon as he spots her, the speedster dashes to hug her and make sure she is fine.

The police arrives and the young man by the name of TehMonadoBoy and ArchCaster are taken into custody. The car that takes them leaves a place were blood and foul magic are present, but before they are far, a shadow leaves the young finalist. A shadow that crawls to the night. A shadow no one could see.

But there is something more, left behind.

A card depicting a red dragon, now more red, covered in rain and blood.

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