A Transian Food Night

September 29, 2016:

Darcy and Pietro enjoy Eastern European food after a visit to the Planetarium. Definitely not kittens!

New York

A Russian and Transian restaurant, near New York's Planetarium.


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"I told you, it was amazing." A silver-haired mutant says, with dreamy eyes, to Darcy Lewis as they walk out of Hayden Planetarium. "The view, the stars. And by the view I mean you, of course, but the light show was /awesome/." And he really means it.

It is night, and after watching galaxies and wonders from space, the couple is greeted by another sky lightened by sparse stars, though easily visible at the absence of clouds. The moon is full and radiant.

"Did you like it?" His voice is a little shy, happy. "I got the idea from the books I've been reading at your apartment. It was my first time here, but I loved it. I would definitely come back." His black jacket is zipped to the top, because it is cold outside and his attire is casual as always. And he seems very happy with Darcy, too. As always!


Hand in hand, Darcy walks with Pietro. Her lips are pulled up in a wide and relaxed smile. She's got on a red knit hat, looking old and well loved. Over her sweater dress is an oversized jacket with a fur lined hood. Warm tights on her legs are of a pattern and color that do NOT go with the dress. And clearly Darcy does't care.

"Well, thatnk you. I am a celestial body," she says, trying to deflect the blush at the speedster's complement.

"I really liked it, yes. So much more interesting than astronomer black on white slates of sky fields," Darcy says, grinning and managnig NOT to snark at Pietro getting the idea from Darcy's horrible taste in romance novels.


Quicksilver nods his head in approval fashion. "A very pretty celestial body, that is also just about to eat the best Transian food in this city." A wink goes to Darcy. "I promised I would let you taste the food of my country. And I'm afraid my own work would not do it justice. But, the restaurant we are just about to visit, on the other hand, is surprisingly accurate and immensely exquisite." His accent is marked, as always, and his words are full of delight.

The restaurant is, indeed, very close to the Planetarium. A few blocks away, it is a humble place with no distinguishable name outside. It looks pretty and comfy when you give it a chance, though not fancy at all.

"The staff is actually Russian," Pietro adds, "But Transia was part of the Soviet Union for so long, that our dishes have heavy Russian roots. And this restaurant has captured so much of it. You will see Vodka is not all we eat and drink in Transia." A small moment of pondering. "We also have Vodka with /other/ food, too." The speedster smiles, holding Darcy's hip and kissing her softly before they reach the entrance.


Darcy's smiles broadens at this, how delighted Pietro is by this. The Not Fancy doesn't bother her in the slightest, and she leans into the kiss slightly.

"I'm really looking forward to it. The Vodka, i meant. What else are Russians good for?" she quips, teasing her boyfriend with a wink. There! She thought it. Boyfriend! Plot gods better not strike and have a long lost wife of his turn up and demand him back.


"Communism. And Vodka in many different flavors." Pietro answers with a grin. "We will also have Vodka. But not that Smirnoff-something, just REAL Vodka. And delicious food. So," he looks inside, the door already opened, "Relax and enjoy the ride."

As they get in, the smell is everywhere. And it is good.

There are about ten visible tables, with a set of stairs that leads to a different area, seemingly closed right now. A waitress guides them to an empty one beside a window, illuminated by the sober light of the place and the radiant light from the moon and stars outside. The menu is written in Russian, Transian and, in little letters, English. "This is how awesome this place is." Pietro comments lightly when he spots that detail.

"Stolichnaya Elit, please?" He then asks to the waitress, before they have decided. "Now, that's real Vodka." The last comment to his girlfriend, who happens to be the best girlfriend ever. It's important to mention it at this point. "You can ask me what each dish is like, or you can trust your instinct, pick something random and live at the limit? You would be surprised how many good foods I've discovered like that."


Moving in, Darcy's eyes take in the ambiance of the comfy eatery. She settles into the chair at the table with Pietro. There's a soft chuckle-giggle at the awesomeness of the detail.

"The same, and some water please," Darcy says to the waitress, trusting Pietro's vodka taste.

"I, actually, have a system." Darcy states of Pietro's offer to explain the dishes. "I'm going to order soemthing and after the waitress is gone to place it, you tell me what it is." Best of both worlds. Darcy's reserving the giving of titles so as to prevent jinxing things.


The menu doesn't show many entries, but all of them are known for its outstanding quality.

Sweet and Sour Cabbage
Solyanka Soup
Beef Stroganoff

"Sounds fair." Pietro admits easily, leaning on his seat and smiling amusedly, just as two glasses of the ordered drinks arrive, followed by another filled with water. "Did I mention you look beautiful tonight? That's something important," his eyes move to the waitress, who seems to be waiting for their order. "Oh, and please use your system to pick my meal." She trusted his Vodka taste, and he will trust her good luck.


Darcy smiles, closing hte menu without looking. Her eyes are on the waitress.

"What do you have that's just about to run out because everyone's been ordering it today?" Darcy waits for the answer, having no idea what she said (Pirozhki) and then nods. "Two please. Unless there's only enough for one. Then, one of that, and then one of the next thing you're about to run out of." And the menus are handed over.


"Clever." Quicksilver mutters as Darcy makes her move.

Unfortunately, there is not enough Khinkali for both, so Pietro will have Stroganoff instead.

"Ok, so now I will explain. When the kittens are still little, fresh, and soft, it is a Transian tradition to raise them among select vegetables, so they absorv their flavor and the general mix gains texture and—" He can't do it anymore, and laughs a bit teasingly. "It's actually dumplings of ground beef, served with cilantro. But, the secret is the cooking process. The beef is cooked while it is already in the dumplings, so all the flavor is mixed and remains intact when it is done." He sips from his glass and a smile is inevitably drawn in the process. Many words of praise are spoken, in Transian, and many other cute ones about Darcy's beauty and awesomeness. In Transian, with a subsequent English translation. Just as the restaurant's menu.


Darcy smiles at her own cleverness, eyes turning to Pietro… the expression starts toward that shocked look of horror as he starts in about the kittens and then he's laughing. Darcy lets out her breath. Then very dilberately digs into her purse for two pennies. These she throws at Pietro with enough force to make contact but not enough to sting.

"Trying to show off a tongue to match your hair is not going to work tonight, Maximoff. Gotta do better after trying to convince me we were about to eat kitten."


Pietro laughs with clear entertainment. He could have easily avoided the pennies, but no mutant-ness tonight! Or not yet. At least.

"Oh, I will do better, trust me." He concedes, still grinning childishly. "You should have seen your face!" He shakes his head still laughing. "Ok, ok. No kitten tonight. We will stick to regular, Vodka-accompanied, traditional Eastern European food."

The service is really quick! Maybe that's a Transian thing.

A plate with Khinkali, still hot and carrying a delicious scent. Definitely not made using cats. Or by cats. But who knows. And then Pietro's Stroganoff joins the table.

"Bon apetit." Quicksilver whispers.

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