Japanese Telekinetic Mutants /Love/ Green Ice Cream

September 21, 2016:

Let it glow, let it glow…. let it go.

Mutant Town

A food fair un Mutant Town


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Food festivals are always amazing. Some of the most strange, delightful and unexpected food is right there, waiting to be tasted. Waiting to be admired. And some of them may exhibit even more strange food, surroundings and people. In some of the strangest of places.

Mutant Town. An undisclosed point of the evening.

"You have not met any place's people until you've tasted their food. That's the first, and last thing I do when I'm traveling. And that is how we met, so experience shows it is as wonderful as it sounds." Pietro Maximoff smiles, holding Darcy's hand as they walk through a food fair. There's is not such thing as a normal booth around, no! From their decoration, to the obviously mutant looking chefs, to the food itself, everything is eye-catching around! "So, I thought that Freak Town is a place I want to know better. And maybe we can find a good, unexpected meal here. Are you ready for the ride?" He winks and lowers his head, as a little kid with bat wings flies by, eating a green colored ice cream.


Green eyes peering baout, Darcy smiles at the atmosphere and the smell of food and that her hand is being held. Last time she was here, she had beers with Drake. Bobby Drake. Best damn cold beers, ever. Hands down.

"What kind of question is that?" Dracy demands of Pietro, lips kicking up in a mischevious grin. "Of course I'm ready for a ride," she adds as she tracks the bat-kid flying by. The green ice cream makes her smile and so she adds, "I want what he's got. Green ice creams are bombin'."


"Ok, green ice cream. How could I say no to that? Now, though, we have to figure out where it came from…" Quicksilver glances around. It is difficult to spot anything specific. There are lights everywhere! Fireworks, in part, but many of them must be mutant-powered. Looking through the crowd is somehow problematic at times, for some attendants of behemoth size are slowly walking around. Mutant and proud, that's what this place yells.

"I heard there is a booth of Japanese telekinetic mutants just around the corner. And it is universal knowledge that Japanese mutants /love/ green ice cream."

He is absolutely sure of his own words. If it is universal knowledge, or something he just read somewhere… or something he may have overheard in a bar… is something unknown, for the time being, at least.


Or it could be Pietro being Pietro, meaning that he zoomed ahead to find it when Darcy had her eyes closed for a blink. In either case, she just smiles and nods brightly, unpreturbed.

"To the japanese mutatnt booth!" she crows.


Scott Summers arrived a little time ago, dressed in civilian clothes and walking his way around. He's a fairly well-known figure, as one might expect in the mutant community. Hell, he's fairly well known nationally, as an advocate for mutants, a hero and, to some people's view, a terrorist. He doesn't have much patience for the latter view.

He's certainly being more light-hearted today, judging by the laughs from a nearby booth as Darcy and Pietro go by just in time to see Scott stretching his mouth around an oversized meatball sub, complete with napkin tied around his neck.


Maybe it was Pietro being Pietro, after all.

The booth was placed just where he predicted. A neon purple stand, with a big sign on the top:


It reads.

A young girl greets them with a shy smile and a respectful nod. "Makoto desu. You can call me Mako." Whatever her mutation is, or even if she is a mutant at all, it would be hard to tell. She looks perfectly human by all means. "Hi!" Quicksilver answers, peering at the impressive amount of all kinds of food carefully arranged in such a small place! The meal display is astonishing, and everything looks delicious. "I've heard things. I cannot betray my sources, but I've heard Japanese mutants love green ice cream. And my girlfriend," He gestures towards Darcy, and for a moment his smile brightens even more, "Wants to taste the best green ice cream in town. I hope you can help us?"

At the sight of a fellow X-Man around, Pietro extends the invitation to join, "Scott! Enjoying the best food festival in NY? Do you want to join us?"


Hand in hand with Quicksilver, Darcy smiles at the bright booth and the bright sign and the bright greeting. All in all, bright moment. So shiny! At Pietro's comment that she'd the best green ice cream in town, the very normal human nods her head.

"Doozo," she says to the girl. Her accent is terrible but her sincerity is impeccible. She even bows lightly. She turns to follow Pietro's invitation to a Scott. She doesn't know a Scott.

"I get to meet friends, finally?" she quips in teasing at the silver haired man at her side, daring to hip bump him lightly.


Scott Summers raises a hand to Quicksilver, handing the rest of his sandwich to a grateful young mutant with those googly eyes on the ends of stalks. Not a fun mutation. But at least he had meatballs now.

"Pietro. Who's the young lady?" he says, ruby-quartz lenses hiding his eyes, "Scott Summers, pleasure to meet you," he says, offering his hand.


The hip bump is received with a smirk. "Of course. And, now that you'll meet Scott, that's about half of my friends." Pietro grins teasingly. But, in truth, he doesn't have many friends, so it wouldn't be too far from reality. "Scott, let me introduce you to Agent Darcy Lewis. AKA, the most wonderful person around. And, Most Wonderful Person Around, let me introduce you to Scott Summers. Also known as Cyclops and an X-Man. Which is very awesome as well, if you ask me." Introductions made, Quicksilver smiles broadly.

Mako, in the meantime, nods briefly, heading to the back of the stand where the secret green ice creams must be contained!


Darcy offers her hand and gets beat to making an introduction. She seems used to Pietro beating her to doing things. Except skating. he will never win against her when he comes to skating. Ever.

"I like that you called me young. Thank you, Mr. Summers. Can I call you Scott? It's a pleasure to meet you. Pietro's told me absolutely nothing about you. Unless he said it too fast that I thought he was convulsing. I tend to ignore him when he does that. If I notice at all, that is," she says, seeming to ramble about topics as they come to mind.

"I think is is my first time meeting an X-Man, so: Kudos!"


Ravager has been picking up jobs and readings on the Merc-Net again. With several things going on between the groups she was (is) affiliated with the money is there and prices are on the rise.

…For headshots.

Waking in her little abandoned loft of sorts she looks out onto the street, the 'Little Badger' X-Caliber by Chiappa & KSA is swung up, the scope clicked into place and… Mutant Town is a festival.

"Fuck me running." Ravager might be who she is, but with children licking green ice cream and holding balloons in her vantage, she has no option but to fold - the weapon is collapsed down to something that can be carried across her back in a manner less threatening. The half mask of black is tugged from her face and with a toss of platinum hair away from her face…

The door groans open, chains slide into place, lock clicked down tight and she steps from the alley into the light, hustle and bustle.

Ravager has not been a direct X-Man in some time, but when you go Black…

Booted footfalls carry the strapped leather with a groaning cadence into the chaos that is a food festival, a cart bearing hot dogs and some questionable looking relish is thrusted her way and she is waving her hands as well as shaking her head in rejection. "Yeah… when I know what species slimed that phallic thing… I might be okay…" The backpedal though, ends her nearly backing into Scott.


Scott Summers smiles to Darcy, "Well, I'm sure it won't be the last," he says. "I don't know that there's much to know about me. If you know the X-men, you know what I'm about pretty much," he says. It's true, the X-men are Scott Summers' life and that isn't likely to change anytime soon. He's been fighting for the cause for as long as he can remember.

When Rose almost hits him, he turns quickly, holding up a hand, "It's okay, no worries, tight packed people. Ah. Hello, Rose,' he says softly. "It's been a while."


"You may be surprised, or maybe not, but you're not the first person to say that about me." Pietro grins at his girlfriend, speaking somehow rushed in that Transian accent of his. "But there's no one better at speaking about Scott Summers than Scott Summers, so I just wanted him to tell you about himself."

Oh, Sake, there is a bottle next to some cans of Happoshu and some Japanese beers.

"If you drink them, you may glow in the dark." Mako clarifies as she notices Quicksilver is looking at the beverages, while holding a big box with a "Top Secret" sticker on top. "Green Ice Cream. How many?"

Pietro sighs in satisfaction, quickly returning a "Three, please." quickly followed by a "Four." as he sees Scott has met someone else. He has not met the newcomer, but his introduction can wait for them to greet each other first. "And four of those Happoshu, too?" The question being cast to the others around. "Glowing in the dark. Neat. I love mutant town." Words he has never said before. But he does.


"Probably not. My life is full of weird," Darcy admits to Scott with a smile to match his. She mentally files away 'Check SHIELD DB for X-Men and Scott Summers' when she gets back to the office tomorrow. But for now, she'll just enjoy the atmosphere. And people bumping into people whom they end up knowing. It IS a small world after all. With the ice cream showing up and a drink that could make you glow int he dark, Darcy laughs.

"How long does the glow last? I have work in the morning, and I am NOT going to deal with Medical poking at me because I luminess," Darcy says.


Tracers. Pietro will make them, and Rose will watch - while glowing herself. The offer is made and Rose nods in acceptance, her hand that had rested on her rifle withdrawing after the (near)bump.

"Yeah. Been busy." A sidelong look towards Scott and her mismatched gaze is cast towards Darcy and Quicksilver. One eye is a deep blue, the other, pure white whie the skin around the single white occular bears fading scarring, none the less evident of her past.

"Life full of weird? That's normal." A passing response and the girl is leaning against the stand, awaiting her toxic frozen sludge.

Quicksilver gets a glance once more and then back to Scott. "How's things?" Loaded question.


Scott Summers glances over, 'Yeah, our life tends to get weird pretty quickly, insofar as being an X-man is concerned," he says. To Pietro's question, he responds, leaving Rose on the table for now, "Busy, as usual. Schoolyear's geared back up again, so Jean and I have been neckdeep in scheduling, counseling, teaching, organizing, re-organizing, putting out fires, both proverbial and literal. Programming simulators. Occasionally stopping to save the world. Y'know. X-men stuff," he says.


Mako answers as it was purely muscular memory. Many people have asked it all night. Are Newyorkers so out of touch that they don't know a traditional mutant Japanese glow-in-the-dark drink? "Just a few minutes. An hour, tops. But if you want to skip work, the Sake's effect can last a day or two." The luminous effect, perhaps, but she could be talking about something else. Who knows.

The box she carries opens itself, or so it seems. Four green ice creams float in the air, getting to each of them. "Oh, telekinetic, right." Pietro mutters in remembrance. Mako was a mutant, after all.

Quicksilver sips from the already open can of Happoshu—When did it happen? And how? Well, Mako has her tricks, but a Speedster does as well. The money is also waiting for the Japanese mutant on the shelf already and the three other cans are placed in front of the rest.

"Normal, indeed." He tilts his drink at Ravager. "My name is Pietro Maximoff. It's a pleasure to meet you. And I see you are Scott's friend." The glowing doesn't happen immediately, so he drinks a bit more to speed up the process. As usual. "Oh, Scott, I may help you in X-Men stuff eventually. Some days ago… I sort of joined the X-Men. Now officially. So I will be back in the mansion. I won't live there, permanently, as I did a year ago, but we will work together again!" He smiles happily, leaning on the booth's wall.


With assurances it will only last he night, Darcy takes the Glow Drink with a grin. Always up for trying something new! The SHIELD Agent cracks the drink and chugs with one hand, the other takin gthe ice cream.

"Mansion? Is this that school you told me about, Peitro? The one you were going to take me to skate at and you still haven't?" Darcy pokepokes at the BF. Rose's comment just gets a grin, because she has a point. Weird is the new Normal and Orange is the new Pink. She offers Rose her hand when the glow drink is done.

"Darcy Lewis. Nice to meet ya."


The floating toxic dessert is eyed, but the wariness is limited. A second at best before she is scooping up the 'promise of glowdom' and partaking.

Everything seems kosher until Darcy mentions the mansion in regards to Pietro letting it out, coughing and pinching the bridge of her nose…

Rose is faking a brain freeze but when her unoccupied hand lowers the hilt of a blade is evident. Xavier's is supposed to be secret, protected… At least last time she was there… And considering they gave her back 50/50 vision plus, she is going to protect it.

Nevermind the fact she felt cott hung her out to dry and Jean has been an absentee mutant 'nother mother. Nate still lived.

For now.

And she believed in them and their safety.


"No." Pietro answers Darcy, smiling and kissing her swiftly. "It is the one I /am/ going to take you to skate and I still haven't." Once the clarification is done, the glowing finally starts! "It is pretty fancy. It is a school, and a mansion, and depending on how you see it, it's also an army's warehouse… but it's lovely. You will love it. There are not as many mutants as in this food fair, but I'm sure it won't be disappointing."

Quicksilver glances at Rose, "Was the ice cream too strong? That's the charm of it. Secret recipe. Best in town. But I'm sure you know it already." Secret recipe!


Scott Summers reaches out and puts a hand on Ravager's as he sees her reaching for her sword. He may seem oblivious, sometimes, but he's more than capable of reading the tactics of any given situation and he can see that Rose is ready to strike, "We're all friends here," he says carefully but measuredly, so as not to alarm anyone.

"We definitely need to be circumspect about certain details," he says, because the school is, to some degree, a secured area and he didn't yet know Darcy. "Just for the safety of all concerned, of course. There are those who are entrusted to our care, after all," he says simply. "Sometimes whether they like it or not," he says, flicking his attention to Rose. She was partly his responsibility, X-man or not, as far as he was concerned.


With Pietro clarifying, Agent Lewis smiles like a school girl, licking her ice cream. "Cool. Sounds shiny," she quips, eyeing Rose with sympathy. "Oh, man! Brain freeze." Darcy baps Pietro lightly. "That happens when you eat ice cream too fast," she chides, as if it's an on-going arguement between the couple. An arguement which Darcy leaves off having as Scott gets serious with security. The youthful expression falls away into something much more respectful, calm even.

"I understand completely, Mr. Summers. If you and the others in charge of this school think having me there would be a liability and a risk to your charges, just let me know. I won't be upset in the slightest. The last thing I want is for my presence or even knowledge of certain things put any innocent by-standers in harm's way. Though, I'll add that if you do find your school in jeapordy, have Pietro get a hold of me. He has my number and knows where I work. I can't promise a hell of a lot, because my clearance isn't that high on my own, but I still control office supplies for people who do have that kind of clearance and if the cause is good, I've found my SO doesn't say No to me in public. That's what PT hell in the mornings is for."


The words from Pietro get a narrowed look, and the arm bracing, fingers clutching the pommel of a sword, Ravager is bracing, it is evident in the slight lowering of head and the glowing cone is dropped just at the Transians' words with the extension of Darcy's hand.

A click and the hand that bore a glowing promise is now filled with the pommel of a glock, one that can be seen when she takes Darcy's hand and tugs her close for more of a few words instead of a shake.

"Don't bring hell. We have enough." And if Darcy looks down the Glock has already pivoted on the ricochet sling within the sleeves of leather jacket, ending in palm but held towards the sidewalk.

Scott's touch upon opposing shoulder has the sleeve of leaher jacket riping, threads popping against the press of a Cherubim honed blade. "On you, beamz." Rose states before that mismatched gaze slides back to Pietro while the glint of steel protudes through thick threading binding -everything- together.

SMILE! All full off teeth and spoken through them.

"Thanth thor thee ithe kreeme."

Darcy gets a tilt of her head and that empty white eye casts a luminescent blue to mate that of the green, scanning… "Ravager." Beat. "Nice to meet you."

You can't stop a bullet. I'm giving you my trigger but you better never pull it.

A glance back to Scott and Ravager nods, stepping back and away to reveal the slung sniper rifle along her back and rucked beneath the haphazard white hair. Pause. The fallen ice cream is plucked up, stabbed into the barrel of her Glock so she could finish it from there.

"Nice to meet you. Be seeing you, real soon."


"There's no such thing as eating anything too fast." Pietro retorts, but before he continues, Scott's words turn him serious as well. "Oh, I understand." His words very solemn and sober, knowing he may have said more than he should. Then the pause prolongs as he listens attentively to Darcy, remaining silent for the time being.

And then his attention drifts somewhere else.

"Oh, calm down." Now his tone is so sweet that it becomes challenging. Very challenging. "Bullets are too slow and easy to outspeed. And you don't want to see what I can do before you can shoot another." Ravager receives a big smile, his blue eyes burning with unseen intensity. "You don't want to see." He echoes, while leaving the empty can on the shelf.

"It was fun. Green ice cream is always the best."

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