September 21, 2016:

Some people make Good Choices. Some people make Bad Choices. Batman is neither of these people.

DA's Office - Gotham


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Fade In…

Rachel's office lights don't work when she hits the wall panel. She starts to walk to her desk, illuminated by the little pool of light her desk lamp offers— and then there's a sense of movement from one corner of the office.

/Two/ corners. Batman, near the shadows of her tall, overloaded stack of file cabinets— and another, familiar figure, near the windows, hidden cleverly against a shadow cast by a nearby skyscraper.

"Miss Dawes," Batman rasps, before she can reach for the phone on her desk.

When the lights in her office aren't working, Rachel sighs and makes a note to yell at maintenance in the morning. Fortunately, the lamp on her desk gives her some illumination to walk over to the desk without bumping into anything. Although didn't she turn the lamp off when she last left? When the shadow moves, she jumps, yells in surprise….

And pulls out the .38 Police Special from her purse.

"Batman…." she gasps as she lowers the gun, hands shaking. "Jesus, fuck…." Rachel takes a few breaths to center herself, planting both hands on the desk to steady herself. "YOu do know that I can't help Gotham if I'm dead from a heart attack, right?" The smirk on her face fades and she peers at him. "And I thought we agreed that Gordon would be used as a cut-out to insulate the DA's office and the cases?"

Spoiler stood in the shadow as instructed. Just as perfectly still as she could manage. Which, actually, was quite a bit. She watched Rachel move into the office, and Batman shift to reveal himself. She shifted then too; a settling of weight from both foot to one.

And then there's a guy. Spoiler tenses, and waits it out.

Must… not… snark…

"You know he's incapable of NOT making a grand entrance?" Dammit. Failed that Self-Control check! Spoiler's eyes flick to Batman and behind her full-face mask, hidden from view, she grins winningly(?). Yeah….#fail

Batman's eyes are invisible behind his white lenses… but he definitely is glaring at Spoiler. There Will Be Words, later.

"Gordon's a good man. But he's a cop. I tell cops where they can find crooks," he rasps at Rachel. "I'm helping the DA find evidence to nail a conviction. Compartmentalization is key to conspiracy. You can't rat out Gordon— he can't rat out you."

"The Tongs are still dealing out of the docks. There are shipments still coming in and out of the prison." The lenses on his mask seem to narrow.

"I need you to get your hands on his phone records." He seems to be ready for Rachel's immediate— and quite proper— objections.

The comment from the girl gets a smirk from Rachel, although she's a bit disturbed. Now he's using teen girls in his crusade? That has her worried. Rachel sighs and turns her attention back to Batman once the request is made. "So…you're asking me to commit a handful of professional and ethical violations. Any one of which could get me disbarred." Again, there's a sigh as Rachel shakes her head, hands gripping the table. "I can't do that." Rachel looks back at the pair. "I can't bend the rules that much. Can't compromise my position and integrity like that." Feeling very, very tired all of a sudden, Rachel slides down into the chair behind her desk.

"I'd like to help you, but I can't," she continues. "It would be wrong of me to give you access to the server that stores phone records we've collected as evidence, down in the basement. It would also be wrong of me to lead you past the guard change that's going to happen in 10 minutes where the server room will be un-monitored. Further, it would be unconscionable if I left my user id and password on a post-it note in my desk where anyone can find." And after a bit of scribbling, there's a yellow slip of paper slid into the top drawer of her desk. "So, as much as I'd like to help you, I can't."

"Very responsible of you, Ms. Dawes," Spoiler says with a crisp nod of her head. She manages NOT to bounce on her toes as she says it. #win Her gaze flicks back to Batman without her head moving. So Many The Words He Will Have Later! Well… her words from day one stand: Bring it on. (Which really was such a great movie!)

"Glad we had this talk." Batman moves to her desk and looms over Rachel. "I'm glad to know we've got an understanding of where we stand." His cloak shifts and he hands Rachel her hidden tape recorded. It's at least not broken— just off. "Let's make sure we keep aware when things change."

He leans way over Rachel, visibly intruding into her personal space— nothing but a growling mien and featureless, inhuman white eyes.

"We'll be in touch." Then he reaches out and turns off her desk lamp.

When she turns it back on, he's gone.

But Stephanie's still next to the window, preparing herself to take the leap into the dark Gotham night.

She pauses, looking back at Rachel with her blue eyes wide behind her mask— and then there's a growl, and Batman's gauntleted fist grabs the front of Spoiler's outfit and silently yanks her into the night.

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