Limited and Suffocated

September 19, 2016:

Nathaniel and Starfire discuss a few things in regards to current circumstances.

HMSS Starfire


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A couple hours ago Nathaniel returned from talking with the police and DEO agents, and he went straight to a computer console to write an After Action Report. He was also watching the latest in Glorious Godfrey, so when he spots Kori at the deck, he turns to glance up at the young woman. "Kori, how are you feeling?" He asks.

A hand sweeps through the elongated mane of flame hue as Kori comes back on deck. Post-battles of a physical and verbal kind she is worn. But it hardly come to the surface save at this point in time where she wants to do just what a warrior should.

The armor is there, but not in full force, tawny huen skin shown in a span where the small strips of amethyst armor come across to strap and covet.

Nathaniel is not expected, a pause coming to pace while fingers twine into that ruby mane. "Is exhausted enough?"

"You look tired," confirms the young man. He is not very tired, as he spent all the battle petrified. And he really doesn't sleep much compared with the humans of the 21st century. "Maybe we can talk next morning. I just saw some more of Godfrey speeches. He really has the whole demagogue handbook memorized. Pretty nasty."

Star's spine goes ramrod straight at that name. Godfrey is a thorn in her side, and the only spine Metropolis seems to be supporting, aside from Lex.

"I prefer not to speak his name in my ship. Kind of like that televised work of fake, umm… Not be named man or we are cursed?" A tuck of hair behind her ear and she nods.

"How are you feeling? Being stone must not have felt…. Must have felt… Limiting? Suffocating."

Nathaniel Richards says, "No, no… I felt nothing," admits Nathaniel. "Skipped an hour ahead, it was strange. I have no idea how he managed to do that. Perhaps he only replaced me with a stone duplicate. But I checked past reports and petrified people that was shattered ended up dead. I would love to study how that ability works, honestly.""

"Well. you aren't dead. Thankfully." Star exhales and looks at Nathaniel, her pace guiding her to the console where readouts are uploaded from where he was stone to that of now, a skimmer droid passing over him to get the current readouts.

"You may want to get with Depalo in a couple hours once he can gather the data and let you know what is reading in regards to your life and death transformation. That is not my specialty.

A brief pause and she looks at him. "I am glad you are still here."
Nathaniel smiles, palms up. "Only my ego got hurt. We were reckless, too. Something to learn for the next time, hmm? Yes, I am glad to be here myself. And… were you monitoring during the battle? I really want to review those records." He has been working from reports only. If the ships systems were watching, he can do much better.

"Regardless. Due to the fool that shall not be named and other events, I think we should push forward the, hmm, awareness campaign," he adds.

An incredulous look is passed to Nathaniel when he asks if they were reading the whole occurrence. It almost looks offended in the way corners of her eyes drop despite being narrowed.

"As I said, ask Depalo in a couple hours." Kori almost seems offended, but the captain of the HMSS hits a few keys and a series of beeps sends a readout.

"They are to stay on the ship. Otherwise the code is set to decode and formulate an irregularity much akin to a virus." Star has dealt with compromise before, and her trust has run thin when it comes to US or UN,especially when she deals with the allegations by Godfrey.

"Awareness campaign?" Her voice is low and her fingers curl into fists, although here, no personal light emits. "I do not like this man with the rodent on his head and hatred in his heart."

Nathaniel shakes his head, "no, I am not giving the readouts, not even to other Avengers, just writing a report." It has nothing to do with Godfrey, anyway. That is a different problem, although it is related to his idea the Avengers should have a good public image when possible. "As for… hmm, you are really upset. I think we should talk about it tomorrow."

"It's fine." Kori's two words come out clipped, but upon an exhale that shows her desire to go no futher in regards to certain subjects is all.

"Maybe you did not end up dead, because you are not a genetic signature that his morphism relates to." A shift of gaze towards Nathaniel and a brow lifts with a corner of lips, the small smile semblance of her returning.

"You know… Not from here.."
"Hmm, are we talking about the Gargoyle?" Far less upsetting than Godfrey, he guesses. "No, it is not that," Nathaniel brings up a data file on the villain at the main screen. "No one dies from his petrification unless their stone forms are tampered with. It is inexplicable by current human science. I have a few theories, but I would need to see him in action to confirm. For now I have set my armor to respond automatically to his proximity by shielding the area of contact. It should protect me. Everyone else in the team should remain at range."

Kori, then, decides to fold into her chair as Nathaniel speaks, one leg slung up over an arm of the Captain's Seat.

"So then, what does it matter of the data reads gathered during the battle? I am not concerned for myself, just our team, and if we have it down pat…."A waffling gesture and when fingrs touch upon the screen it goes dark and the data is no longer before them but sent back.
Nathaniel turns to look at the woman, tilting his head questioningly. "The Avengers are doing well, within limits - most of them are going to be financial. But we have visibility and with the bulk of the team not having secret identities I think it appears open and friendly. Or you mean the crew up here?"

"Oh, my crew? There's no concern here. They are not as nice as we want to appear to be." The truth in Starfire's words comes with an ease and no concern what-so-ever. She may want to mesh, meld, fit, and find a niche of acceptance for those of her 'xeno', but she accepted the tender approach. They don't have to.

"Well then, seems all you have to let me know is where I am needed, aside from standing in the middle of a movement. That's not what I was raised into." Though even that is questionable.

"You know enough about politics, Kori," points out Nathaniel. "And quite a bit about American culture, and what you don't know, you can find out easily. You do need to build up some emotional detachment, and I guess that is really difficult for a Tamaranean." He sighs. That pretty much means not letting her confront Godfrey, which he suspects it is also going to go against her instincts. But he will try. "Anyway, you can be in the center stage if you want. And dazzle everyone. Are you sure you are not trained for it? You do it very well."

Starfire stares at Nathaniel. Long and steady enough for those pupiless eyes to bear back his reflection and shw no ripples, all the while the bunce of orange-hued leg stops its bounce over the chair leg.

"I know enough about politics to get what is wanted from them and to know at the bottom of that abyss only a monster is there." A rock of head back and it rests against the high-back of the chair.

"Dazzling people is something I did for my own joy and the humans. It was mutual. Was. I was a warrior before, you know? Not some runway especial, not someone who bowed her head…" A quick exhale and she looks away, closing her eyes and smearing her palm over her face.

"I try not to put my emotions into this all, but all I ever wanted to show and feel here is love. Not what I felt before, not what I completely was; but that's what I know and who I am."

A long pause and when the hand slides down it forms a perch for her chin, though she does not look back at Nathaniel. "What do you know, Nathaniel? You aren't of here either. How can we work together and not make it more difficult then it already is?"

Star came here to start again and wanted peace. There is 'No Peace,' because right now no one 'Knows Peace.'

"Pretty much the opposite for me," comments Nathaniel, sighing. "I came from a time of peace, tranquility and ennui. A galaxy without warriors, without explorers, without adventurers and without danger. Just… perfection. My life, and the life of my generation, and that was about a hundred young humans in the whole planet, should have been an eternity of self-enlightenment or self-indulgence. I think most humans choose the second, I wanted to be a scientist, because there were still a few mysteries to solve in the universe." Pause, "I am glad I came here. Here I have a purpose."

Starfire's face crinkles, a wrinkle of nose and speculative narrow of eyes. Nathaniel gets an up-down and a small laugh. She doesn't believe him.

"That sounds truly boring, and what planet would *not* have warriors, conquerers, rulers, and enemies?" Her head shakes. "Enlightenment and indulgence, sure, but you cannot have those without the mentioned." Obviously, Star knows no better, even here on Earth. Earth was just seen as better.

"How did you not have purpose before? You are smart, you are a warrior. You should have been Lifted towards (your) X'Hal there."

"Humans outlived all the gods, Kori," replies Nathaniel with a small smile. "It is hard to imagine that right now, hmm? I have to admit something. I lied to the Outsiders when I said I was born in the Thirtieth Century. I come from far, far in the future. Thirty eight millennium from now, Kori. I guess my world was a place far more alien to current Earth than Tamaran. But humans are still humans."

"So they still have hope?" Kori's eyes seem to light u with a hope that had seemed to be gone for days, now. After Godfrey, her own hope had diminished, especially when she saw those -with- him.

"Gods do not die. They are borne again, but never truly gone." She may not get it but it will never fully fit in her world or beliefs. X'Hal is light, warmth, acceptance, and a scorn unfelt in a blistering sensation that can leave everything barren. As long as there is light, there is X'Hal no matter how small. There's hope.

"Lies are simply coverings due to discomforts." A pause and Kori smiles at Nathaniel. A thing that is not warrior…at all. Almost seems as if it never had seen blood at all in its past. Innocent.

"I do not expect the truth from everyone about themselves, as I have not given that much - nor has my crew. I just want acceptance, and belief."

"Hope? Oh yes. Actually, for most humans, for most people, it is a perfect world," just not for Nathaniel. "Oh… discomfort, sure," mostly, it as distrust. Time travelers usually lie about where they are from. It is a survival trait. And he just broke it. "But I trust you. Just… keep the illusion I am from just a thousand years in the future, please. Easier to believe and understand." He stands up. "I will tell you at length about my world if you are curious. Otherwise I better beam down to work."

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