Perk: Coffee

August 25, 2016:

The perks of living in NYC? The coffee. And meeting interesting people.


A local coffee shop in NYC.


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Friday afternoon. Sometime after lunch but before tea time.

Walking down the street is Darcy. She's in a black busines suit. Under the jacket is a white blouse. All of it is very Ready To Wear; a mix of WalMart and Lane Bryant. The coat is only on one sleeve. The other arm is casted knuckles to elbow. The professional attire is marred by the duct tape covered in ducks to make Duck Tape which is wrapped about the cast. Her hair is pinned up in a bun and a over sized purse is on her shoulder. Some one is out of work early!

Manhattan. How longer has it been? Certainly, not enough. But the young mutant walks the streets as any other citizen would. There is an air of confidence around him, and an ever present light in his eyes. Yes, those deep blue eyes, now floating around relaxedly, trying to hide the curiosity this city inspires in him.

Pietro wears a hoodie that partially hides his silver hair. What can be seen of it, though, is clearly unruly. He didn't take too much time to fix it. He never does. Music flows to one earphone, while the other hangs on his chest. His attire is that of someone who practices sports. Nothing fancy. Nothing rememberable. Perfect for him.

"Oh, excuse me," the man says to a woman passing by. A little smile is drawn, matching a spark in his gaze. There is accent in his tone, that's for sure. "If you would like to buy a coffee, and maybe you want, where would you go?"

An interesting question when directed to a stranger, and while his gaze would seems to have remained fixed in the woman's eyes, he has taken enough time to examine her in detail.

"Oh, I'm sorry, that maybe sounded… weird." He grins.

Darcy's eyes had scanned past Pietro, noted the athletic attire, and then moved on having caught nothing of note. That he stops her to talk pleasantly and politely has Darcy stopping and smiling at him.

"Perk. Great coffee, awesome little cakes. And no. Not as weird as some other things I've been stopped and asked. Nice accent," she replies, tone pleasant and mild and not at all wary. Her phone is in her hand. The screen has Pokemon GO on it, waiting for her to continue her stroll.

"Perk sounds like a good name for a place to get a coffee, that I must admit." The mutant smiles softly and nods to the woman. "My name is Pietro, by the way. Which is a name of someone who may not want to hear those strange questions asked by strangers in this city." He laughs briefly, seemingly entertained. "And thank you, about the accent. I am new in town, so to speak."

Quicksilver gazes at the phone, but it would be impossible, or at least really difficult for a normal human being to notice he even moved his eyes from hers.

"What kind of monsters would we find in Perk?" The man pulls a phone, and would be fair to say it looks to expensive for him. He does it naturally, nevertheless.

"Darcy," replies the woman, not noticing that Pietro looked at her phone. She motions with her head, a wordless invitation to the silver-haired young man to join her.

"The most horrible kind: Caffeine Addicts. I'm not one. I can quit any time I want to," she says, because without knowing her peeked at her phone, she assumes he's talking about people, not pokemon.

Quicksilver nods at the silent invitation, answering with a brief but warm "After you." and then paying close attention to her words. His left hand motions upwards, pulling back the hoodie and freeing his hair from it. The headphones are now in his pocket, thanks to the same motion. Only, many times faster than the rest of the movement.

"I love how you answered without mentioning a single Pokemon, Darcy," he laughs again. "I may actually be one of those monsters, but I will let you find out. And we will see what other monsters can we catch." Pietro raises his phone, showing the now open app, but the mischievous grin as he does is more than evident.

Turning to lead the way, Darcy's steps are unhurried and calm. Slow even for the normal human that is Darcy. Her headtilts, green eyes moving to peer at the screen while her bright red lips quirk upwards in a grin.

"I have a tazer," she says simply, shrugging carelessly.

"Place is a stop, and usually lured. I caught a saw a Rabadash there once, but it ran away on me."

The silver-haired man grins at the mention of the tazer, while lowering the phone to focus on the way ahead. Not that he needs to, but he is clearly enjoying the moment. "And I am here, so that should suffice. No monster would do you any harm meanwhile. At least I wouldn't, if I were one." He chuckles and shakes his head at the next sentence. "Really? I hate that. But it seems you visit the place frequently, which is good to know."

"A Duck tape, by the way." Maybe he never seemed to have looked at it, but he did. He smiles with an air of amusement and follows Darcy.

Leaing the way, Darcy tags the stop the moment she's in range of it, talking as she does. "Means a lot. Thanks, Pietro." Her smile warms, turning welcoming as she continues on without speeding up. "I go whenever I can. I pour their coffee into Starbucks cups to troll the Front Desk at my office. Their faces when they get actually Starbucks is hilarity." her eyes track down to the cast, and her lips form a wry smirk.

"Yeah. I got tired of Hello Kitty and it annoys a guy at work. Winnig."

Pietro follows, paying close attention to all of her words. Grinning constantly at the mention of the coffee prank, with a childish interest. "You must be the popular one at work, of course." A brief pause while he tags the stop on his phone as well. He does it without looking at the screen. "May I ask what do you do for a living? It looks like a fun place to work, if you ask me!"

"I AM popular. I get love letters on a daily basis telling me how their work can't be done without me," Darcy says, all self-confidence and grins. That Pietro hits the stop without looking at his phone is impressive,but Darcy doesn't say so aloud.

"I work for SHIELD. It's fun some days. Other days, not so much. Exhibit A," she says, holding up the broken arm to point at. The motion is a little tight with Darcy not bringing the arm up quickly or really all that terribly high or forward. It is as if something was restricting her torso's range of motin.

One could think his smile could not intensify even more, but somehow, it does. His eyes burn like bright blue fire as he listens to Darcy.


Quicksilver lets his word fade for a heartbeat or two before continuing.

"That's, well, interesting."

His gaze follows her arm and then returns to her eyes. For a moment, a bit more intensely.

"The same SHIELD that puts villains in jail? With heroes, monsters," he grins while looking at Darcy's phone, "Soldiers… mutants…" the last word is difficult for him to say, or even pronounce, but he manages to. "That SHIELD?"

A sigh escapes him, but then Pietro returns to a more relaxed state.

"And yes, I'm sure you get many love letters at work." No sarcasm, but only honest amusement.

Darcy returns her arm to her side, noting how Pietro seems… a little odd about it. She tilts her head faintly, the smile turning more polite though no less warm.

"If it's warranted. Mostly response. And yes. Sometimes with all of those. Mostly with normal people. Although, if I'm being honest, who the hell gets to label people 'Normal / Not Normal' anyway? Seriously, some of the legislation being bounces around is down right retarded and some 'special interest' lobbist need to be taken out back and kicked.

"I work the supply room mostly, thoughget field assignments. I really enjoy working side by side with metas. Some of the coolest, down to earth people I know. They don't mind that my mouth gets ahead of my brain sometimes. Hanging around them really makes me feel… like I belong, just one of the crew," Darcy rambles, stepping forward to reach for the door as they make their final approach.

"They're supply requests. More pens! More paperclips! I'm out of staples! Honestly! 21st century and the need for paperclips is staggering," she quips, grinning broadly.

His words turn more serious. Always warm, and now tinted with more trust towards her. "From where I am, tagging people as 'normal' and 'not normal' is the common practice. And you would be surprised of how people tend to be when around others they consider… well, strange." Yes, it is indeed uncommon for him to be this serious, but he finishes the sentence with a new smile. "Do you know why I love traveling? I love it because that way I am always the stranger. The alien. But even if you are always the stranger, you are always strange in a new way." The Maximoff sighs, shakes his head, and laughs softly.

"You work beside Meta-Humans and what surprises you is humanity's need of paperclips?"

Quicksilver leans to a side, motioning in an inviting way for Darcy to enter the place first, holding the door.

"Of all people I could have asked for a good place to have a coffee, and I did to a nice person who also happens to work in SHIELD! You may see it as normal, but it's not. Starbucks is normal. SHIELD is…" Pietro's eyes shine a bit more. "SHIELD must be one of the most interesting places to work in. Anything that makes you see the world in a new way, anything that opens your eyes more each passing day, is worth dealing with paperclips."

Darcy's headtilts the other way at Pietro's words of the tagging of people as normal. A political science degree and an interest in the subject in general provides her a list of potential places and more than a few that have her kickign herself for not memorizing better.

"I agree compeltely," Darcy says of travelling, having done her own fair share of it. As of working with metas and her feelings on paperclips, Darcy nods.

"Ninja bus-drivers prefer hippotomus shaped ones," she says so matter of factly that she can't be making it up. "I'm using some budget to special order some for my SO's birthday. She may be surprised enough to crack a grin. I'm a glass completely full, half-liquid half-gas, kind of person."

WIth Peitro getting the door, Darcy thanks him as she steps past and into the amazingly wonderful smelling cafe whose staff wear t-shirts which a display states are for sail which read 'Respect the Coffee Gods'.

"Aw, thanks, Peitro! I think you're nice too. And there is no way in HELL I think SHIELD is normal. But you're not wrong. It's helping me continue to see the world in new ways and is almost as interesting as digging through high-frequency radio signals from space looking for evidence that an Einstein-Rosenburg bridge is totally a real thing. I used to go to conferences and see how many astrophysists noses I could make bleed by suggesting a nip-slip." Brain to mouth filter is still missing.

"I don't know you from before, but I would say your gift intention is genuine!" Pietro laughs loudly as he listens to her. "Which is amusing, to say the least." He grins again and follows her inside the place.

It's clear he had never been there, and by the look in his eyes, perhaps the full concept is still new from his perspective.

"Astrophysics, and physics in general are interesting subjects. It's fun, because we were just talking about our perception of the world, and there is never a better example. Sometimes, in day-to-day scenarios. I'll ask you something,"

The mutant looks at the section of the store were the shirts are exhibited for sale.

"If I have my phone's screen unlocked, with Pokemon Go running, and if I could run near the speed of sound while the load screen is happening, just to take one of those shirts and return here… Would the load screen last less time than usual?" He smiles. "I mean, time is relative, and the phone would carry my own speed as I go to take the shirt and return, so in a relative position to itself, the phone would load normally. But, you as spectator would think it loaded faster. Or maybe not, because it would depend on the physical capability of the chips to process the info, and that would not exceed its own limit. But, anyway… I digress. Sometimes I think faster than I speak and weird things happen."

Pietro hands her the shirt he was looking, previously located at the other side of the store. Now in this hand. When did it happen? How could it be?

"But you can keep a secret, don't you?"

Darcy is smiling at Pietro, leading the way toward the counter only to slow and stop as he starts in on General Theory of Relativity. Her smile falters by centimeters, edging its way toward the expression she'd give a former 'boss' when she'd get a little too excited about space stuff and thus would end up forgetting that Darcy was NOT a physics major, but was rather a political science major.

"Um… Ask Google?" Darcy fails at the smarts, especially when Pietro sets one of the shirts from behind the case into her hands without any discernable indication of him having had it previously, nor of him having asked someone to get it, nor of him even having moved. Not even May's little bloop-bloop necklace thing does this.

"Yes.." she says, somehow sounding not at all as unsure as her trumbling mind had her feeling.

"I'm glad you can, because otherwise it would be," Pietro leans to a side while extending an entertained smile, "strange." Both hands gesture upwards, as an illusionist would do to show there is nothing in them—Actually, there is nothing in them. Nothing. "Boom." He concludes while moving to lead the way to one of the nearby tables, pulling off a chair for Darcy and waiting there for a bit.

"Oh, and I already Googled it. If you search for "Cell Phone General Relativity Theory, there are 539000 results, in 0,62 seconds. That is why it was not my first option." The mutant smirks while looking at his own phone, which now lays on the table, with Google opened and that specific search being displayed. "Too slow."

Following Quicksilver to the table, Darcy takes in what he says, settles into the chair, puts her phone in her purse, her purse in her lap, and THEN says: "I take it you move fast enough to make ADHD seem like a pot haze."

Pietro grins openly as Darcy hides his phone, waiting until she has settled and only then proceeding to mimic her action.

"I don't do it all the time, of course." His accent a bit more evident, perhaps. That happens when he is relaxed enough to stop fearing for being spotted. "Reserving it for special occasions is what makes it… special." His eyes wander around with intense curiosity. And then, at her last sentence, he just laughs and shakes his head. "Boom." he repeats.

"Enlighten me please, Darcy, about what should I order here? I've trust you with a glimpse of my," Quicksilver looks directly at her for a heartbeat, "Magic! So trusting you in regards of the best coffee variety is something I'm gladly willing to do."

"It'd be pretty lowly if you did, I'd think. I mean, if you're always moving that fast and no one ELSE is moving that fast, then logically there'd be no one else moving that fast for you to interact with," Darcy notes. She chuckles a bit warily, finding hte 'boom' to be odd. But, he's a speedy gonzalez and so his brain is going to seem even more nonsequiter than hers does. She just does it on purpose because she gets bored. He actually thinks through things that fast. …and then gets bored.

"I get lattes," she says, grinning at his magician's flair.

The mutant silently agrees with the lattes, while inspecting her expression a bit more. "Maybe I don't move fast, Darcy. Maybe it is, indeed, magic." He looks at the, now distant, shirt on the shelf. "Trying to define, or explain, magic, is what takes the /magical/ aspect out of it. But, IF everybody could move so fast, then I guess I would opt to walk slow. Not because I'm some sort of counter-cultural being, but because otherwise it would no be," He takes a moment to ponder his next word, "impressive."

"What is your favorite song, Darcy?"

"True enough," Darcy agrees, chuckling hat how much he goes on about magic. The waiter comes back to take the orders, giving Darcy a way to leave one subject for another.

"Depends on my mood. I swing from Kesha to Brittany to Katy to Glenn Miller and Metallica."

As the waiter comes to take orders, Pietro naturally opts for the latte, also adding little cakes to the mix. His silence lasts until they are alone again.

This may take a while, so it would be fair to say it was noticeable that he moved from his place and came back. Perhaps he just looked blurry for a second, but only for someone who would be directly looking at him. Thankfully, there might not be too many of them right here.

A pretty sounding Kesha song starts to play in the place's sound system.

"I hope you are in the mood for that." Pietro adds. "Take anything that makes you different and use it to make people happy." His voice is soft, lacking the joking tone he may have had before, but always warm and confident. "So, now that we are just not a pair of strangers, I think I can ask this. How was your work day today?"

Darcy blinks at the slight blur to Pietro's frame, and then the song and then him adding something that would be said by a guy trying to impress by programming a jukebox to play said song. Darcy turns her green eyes to FIND the jukebox (becasue she had no idea where it was) before looking back at Pietro.

"Sure. Work was thankfully dull. Just paperwork and supply requests to fill out."

Pietro looks pleased as Darcy turns to see the jukebox, making no further comment about it. Instead, he pays attention and gives a new look around.

"Well, it sounds good. Would you mind if I ask a little more about your work? And, you know you don't have to answer this, but I think I have to," Yes, one could tell he is talking about something serious and personal at this point, just by the tone of his voice. "I know you have seen many things, and people with incredible abilities, but… Have you seen anyone like me? As in… specifically… like me?" He laughs quietly at himself for asking that, and for doing it so bluntly, but still continues. "I know this is a shot in the dark, and this is a big world, so I should not keep my hopes high, but… I have a sister. I don't know who she is. I don't know how does she look like… I don't even know her name. But she is my twin, so there is a chance she looks like me… Or she may have something," A new glance around, just in case anyone could be overhearing the conversation, "… something different, strange, like… me."

Darcy shakes her head at Pietro asking permission to ask about more. She's inhaling to tell him that something have security clearance and that she can't talk about those things when he's just rushing on forward and comfirming that he understands that she might not be able to talk about some things. The seriousness of his tone is what wins him Darcy's sympathy and complete attention. Someone, like him? Darcy takes a moment to study Pietro, to really LOOK at him. Her lips purse in thought.

"I'm giong to level with you, Pietro," Darcy says leaning in only to lean back out when the coffee arrives. She waits then, smiles at teh waiter, then leans back in again. "i'm going to level with you. I know a girl. Co-worker. Doesn't really LOOK like you like identical twin look like you, but… She does things I can't explain and works all the magic stuff at the office. You seem to be keen on the magic stuff, so… I don't know if it's her, since she's never mentioned family but.. I can call her? See if I can… set you two up." Becasue THIS is important!

Pietro's eyes are wide open. Words have been said, the waiter has come and gone (with a smile in between, as it couldn't be otherwise), and some seconds have passed in complete silence. Yes, eyes wide open. Flashing, burning, sparking intensely, while a slow smile begins to fade in. For being someone so fast, Quicksilver is really taking his time to process what he has just heard.

"Are you… I mean…"

The words fight to come out, but he can't organize his thoughts. Whatever it is, his big smile now matches the bright of his eyes.

"Darcy, you are an angel. You serve another latte. Or two. Or three more. You won't have to but any other latte in your life. Oh, and cakes. All the cakes you want, because you deserve it!" Finally, he lets a laugh make its way, full of excitement.

"Well, there is only a possibility that she is not… But if she is like me… So she is beautiful and knows magic tricks! So she can put music out of nowhere, and makes things appear and disappear, so it could not be bad!" He jokes, trying to contain a bit of the storm of emotions he is experiencing. Yes, his mood explodes as fast as he runs. "Haha, not really, but I don't know what to say! Well, I know what I want to say. I just want to say one thing."

"Thank you, Darcy."

Darcy watches Pietro get so excite. Like watching a puppy, tail tucked down low suddenly leap up and wag so hard his whole body thrashed from one side to another. It makes her smile, even as she holds up her right hand to try to slow the speedster down. "Whoa there, Tornado. I know it's hard, but you gotta try to slow it down. She might not even want to come meet you, or even be anyone that can help you find your sister. But I'll call, and I'll talk to her. And, if you'll let me, I'll see how far I can press my new clearance level. My SO's likely going to find out and want to know why. I hate keeping things frmo her because she's a good person, but if you're not comfortable with it, I'll take whatever comes to me from poking my nose into files I probably shouldn't be poking at."

"Wait." Pietro turns completely serious by now. "Who in the world would like to /not/ see me?" He laughs then, dismissing it with a sip from his mug. "Well, in the extremely rare case that someone wouldn't want to meet me, you would still deserve many lattes and many little cakes. But that would mean you would have to accept many invitations from me." The mutant listens attentively to her, and the music.

"If you have to tell her about me, I don't have a problem. What would be the worst scenario? An organization trying to catch me to experiment with me and take my powers?" Quicksilver's gaze seeks that of Darcy, "Been there, done that. But I run quickly." A chuckle and a new sip. "I trust you. It may sound strange, but not /so/ strange after a coffee. Or in the meantime of one. But I trust you. And if there is even a slight chance of succeeding, then it would be worth anything."

Darcy was reaching for her coffee with Pietro turned serious. Again she parts her lips to reply when he charges forward, and the idea of him giving her many invitations has her chuckling and grinning broadly.

"You'd have to get my phone number for that, and I call you zoom-zoom-boom-eppa-eppa-Speedy-Gonzalez'ing it from my phone to be cheating," Darcy quips, bringing the coffee to her lips thus leaving her purse temptingly unguarded by her arm for a full five seconds. WAY more than enough time for a speedster, one would think. Regardless if he takes her phone or not, Darcy's smile turns into a scowl at the mere mention of someone trying to experiment and take his powers.

"That, I'm sure, SHIELD would never do. And if I ever caught wind of them considering it, so help me, I will march my clearance straight to WikiLeaks and the Congressional Floor. The worse scenario would be SHIELD takes your iPOD and you get it back only after working with them for months." Darcy is so completely serious about taking the politcal route against SHIELD if they started meta-human test subjecting…

Five full seconds is indeed WAY more than enough time for a speedster to take a phone. But still.

"I already have your phone number, and you already have mine." Pietro lets out while tapping his fingertips to the mug. Then he laughs. "No, I didn't do that. Do you think I could be /that/ kind of person?" He sips calmly, examining her expression for a bit more time. "Well, yes, I am that kind of person." His image blurs again, but if anyone watching him would have blinked at the same time, would have probably missed it. "And /now/ yes, I just did." A confident smile is offered. "Pietro Django Maximoff" He clarifies, just before adding, "A pleasure to meet you, Darcy Lewis. Now, officially."

At the words of meta-human experimentation, he shows a look full of respect and approval.

"You are a good person. Don't ask me why I know it, but I do. And that's not something you can stalk out of a cell phone. I know it because I've met many people, and I've seen how good and bad people are. That is my," he grins once more, "That is my super power. And I think that people like you, who are open to help someone they just met, would always do the right thing."

"And this latte is delightful."

Darcy's silent. For an agonzing ten seconds.

"I'm totally going to give your name to White to hire you as my intern, Mr. Maximoff. You will file all my files in like a minute, fill my supply orders, and have my reports typed before i could finish acup of coffee," says deadpans while sipping her drink. The tone is serious, but the corners of her mouth are twitching upwards slighty.

"I could do that before you finish this coffee, Miss Lewis, but I will wait for being hired before doing that." Pietro's tone is equally serious. Not more, nor less. "Just because I assume said cup would be in my company, and that is not an opportunity I would miss." He sips again, very slowly this time.

"I think we're going to get along," Darcy comments, grinning broadly as she leans back to enjoy the coffee.

"I think we're going to get along," Darcy comments, grinning broadly as she leans back to enjoy the coffee. She's sitting in Perk Kafe in Midtown Manhattan, drinking a latte with silver-haired Peitro Maximoff. A Kesha song just finishing playing and a song by Jewel is starting. Darcy is out early for work on a weekday, and is still in her office-suit uniform. The cast on her left arm is covered in Duck Tape. That is, duct tape with bright yellow ducks on it.

It's never not a work day for May, but she does have downtime occasionally. She's made use of SHIELD tech to locate Lewis and shows up wearing more casual attire than the younger agent — dark colored jeans and shirt, a too heavy for summer black jacket, and aviator sunglasses. She doesn't beeline for Darcy, instead opting to see if this place might actually be able to manage a drinkable cup of tea.

"Of course." Pietro Maximoff, a young man of silver hair and casual, sporty clothing, someone who people, at first sight, would not think to be a mutant, says pleasantly, smiling, while sharing a cup of coffee while a song ends in the background. "I would certainly be honored. And, actually, if it only was the coffees what we shared, even if there was no paperwork to do, I would do it gladly." His words carry a noticeable accent from Eastern Europe, but they are fluid enough. "I may have programmed a few more songs. Or maybe not?" the mug is risen and he sips.

"OHmygod. Really? You're a menace!" Darcy quips at Pietro while at the counter the barista states that they do indeed carry tea stuffs. Hot and iced. Too busy laughing at her tablemate, Darcy doesn't notice May walking in behind her.

"And a flirt. I know these things because I too am a flirt." Darcy, Self-Proclaimed Flirt Expert. (not really)

Tea stuffs. Hot and iced. That is NOT promising. May asks for a cup of earl grey (because that is one of the few things that is generally not butchered too badly), then seems to idly turn and look at everyone in the room while waiting for the beverage to be prepared. For anyone with sharp eyes or time to really visually study, May has something concealed in her jacket. Difficult to tell exactly what.

"I have been called a menace before, but a flirt?" Pietro shows fake surprise, but mainly amusement and can barely contain a wide smile. "I don't even know what a flirt is. My english is not as well versed as I wish it was, Darcy. Would you mind explaining me what 'flirt' means?" His eyes seek hers over his cup, before giving a quick glance around. Not a special glance, nothing uncommon. He does it all the time, but quickly (very quickly) is his attention returned to Darcy.

Darcy rolls her eyes. "A flirt, sir, is what you're doing. Taking my phone and putting your number in it and then saying you're going tobuy me all the cake and that i'd better get used to all the invitations." And even though she's rolling her eyes, she's grinning into her coffee.

Melinda May takes her cup of tea from the barista and walks over to stop and stand directly behind Darcy, still wearing her sunglasses as she takes a sip of her tea and waits for the white-haired young man to say something. Or, for Darcy to notice.

The, probably, only mutant in the place grins and offers a nod in acceptance. "Oh, so you have a word for that? I had no idea." He could smoothly lie, but instead, he smiles. "When you say it so resumed, it looks so simple. So fast." Pietro raises his gaze to meet the newcomer. When you run all your life from people, you get used to be aware of your surroundings. But, even then, he finishes the sentence just in time to sip some more. "Which would be ironic."

"Wouldn't though?" Darcy quips, having no idea May's behind her. Not until Pietro looks over her head and then just stays looking over her head. Having had a full conversation with the Twitch, Darcy's gotten to notice when his gaze flicks this way that way and then settles on her. The fact that his gaze hasn't shifted yet is telling. Her back stiffens.

"Let me guess. There's a hot asian chick with a tea cup frowning down on me right at this very moment." Darcy waits a beat then drops her head back to look up at May. She smiles, like a teenager caught doing something and so now smiles winningly to try to get out of it.

"Hullo, May. This is my new friend Pietro who likes lattes now and will be buying me all the cakes ever. Pietro, this is May my SO." Darcy makes introductions!

Melinda May takes a sip of her tea while Darcy is offering introductions. It's difficult to tell who she's looking at past those sunglasses, though. "Cakes, hm? I'll make sure to increase your PT requirements accordingly." And then she nods a hello to the young man.

"Oh," Quicksilver carefully rises from his seat, offering a gentle nod to Melinda and pulling a chair on the same table for her to join them. "Pietro Maximoff. It's a pleasure to meet you. I am, indeed, Darcy's new friend, who likes lattes, and will be buying her all the cakes ever." The last words are slightly more muted, as if he was considering to stop them early, but not enough to actually do it. Anyway, he said it and grins at his own words. "I have heard about you. Good things, of course. Please, join us." He gestures at the offered chair and offers a smile to the newcomer.

"And," he adds a bit more quietly, maintaining a serious tone, "I have no knowledge of what requirements are those, but I feel I would agree to that. Increasing them is something Darcy would surely love."

PT. Darcy's eyes close on a wince and she cringes when Pietro volunteers her. She opens one eye at him.

"You are off the cake. Had the baker pipe it all there all pretty, but now I'm scraping you off. Good bye name," she tells Pietro before turning to May and pointing at her arm. "I'm on light physical duties for another five weeks?" Because that's going to stop them if something really important is needed and Darcy's one of hte only ones they have left to deal with it.

Melinda May accepts the offered seat and sets her teacup on the table as Darcy tries to beg off of physical training. "You can still run." She might even allow Darcy to use a treadmill or elliptical instead of running outside for a change. She sets her sunglasses on the table as well and looks at Piotr possibly a bit piercingly. It's not a threatening look, though, just evaluating. "So. Piotr. What do you do besides share latte, cake, and flirting?"

Delighted, Pietro's smile turns sweeter when seeing Darcy's reaction. "I knew she would love it." he adds to the moment. "You can still run." the mutant echoes Melinda's words, while getting comfortable on his seat again.

"Besides latte, cake and flirting," a brief laugh escapes him, with a voice always warm and friendly, "Well, I am a-" thief. Not a pick-pocketing kind. Not a thief that would take your phone, but one that could perpetrate a big-scale hit on any powerful evil person he had set his eyes on, "-an independent businessman. That's how I would define himself." His words are honest, because he would honestly define himself as such. "A varied kind of businesses, yes, nothing fancy, but for now I'm just settling in. I am new in town, so I use almost all my time to that." His eyes drum for a second on his mug. "To be new in town. That's what I mostly do."

"i don't like you any more,"Darcy tells Pietro, the words lacking any sort of bite. "I can still run.." she grumps, drinking more of her coffee. His odd grammar has been interesting to follow, but Darcy's having too much trobule now and she looks over at May like: ummm I totally understood that!
At the hesitation in Piotr's words as to his profession, May quirks an eyebrow slightly. She's heard THAT description before. "I see. Oh, and Lewis, Agent Bryan was looking for you." Agent Bryan, the man in charge of physical training for all upcoming agents. "And you know he doesn't like waiting."

Darcy sighs and puts her coffe down. "Yes maam." she says.

"That means you liked me, I guess." Pietro retorts with a grin. "And I think you are needed somewhere else. But it was a pleasure to meet you." His voice is serious, friendly, but honest, "Really. Thank you."

Melinda May sips at her tea and waits for Darcy to be completely gone before putting her cup down and looking at Piotr squarey. "What's your speciality? Baubles or intel?" The look on her face makes it clear that she won't tolerae lies easily.

Maximoff sighs and gives Melinda a plain look. Always gentle, but now more direct. "I run fast." No point in lying anymore, and he won't even try. "I shouldn't say this, perhaps, but… I trust Darcy. And I know she trusts you. So I will extend my trust to you." His gaze floats to her tea, and then to everyone around them. "I run very fast. That's all. I could do a demonstration, but I feel you are not expecting one. Should I," a second passes by, "May I ask you the same question? And I will understand if you don't want to answer, of course."

Melinda May nods. That is fair, after all. "I'm the head of a division of SHIELD that specializes in arcane events. Magical, demonic, and the like. I was originally a pilot and combat specialist." Feel free to ask her to explain that in more detail.

"Wow." That was, certainly, more than Pietro was expecting for an answer. He takes a moment to ponder it over his coffee and examine Melinda a bit more. "Magic, you say…" It is clear he is having a hard time trying to formule a question that is in his mind. That is something he is not used to. And, somehow, has happened more than once in a single day. For now, he shifts to satisfy his curiosity first.

"It sounds like an impressive resume. It clearly is. How did a pilot and combat specialist end working with magic and demons?"

"By accident. Things happened, and I was one of only a few that didn't flinch." May finishes her tea. "You didn't immediately cut and run, so I suspect that you don't run for personal gain." She seems not at all perturbed by his admission.

"I see." Quicksilver's cup remains unfinished, but he leaves it at that point for the time being. "There is no personal gain for me. I don't run because I need it, but I would lie if I tell you I don't take the opportunities that I see. I have always been the freak, the monster, the one child people like to avoid." He says it with some bitterness, not towards Melinda, but towards his own thoughts. Still, there is not a drop of sadness there. "And that's fine. I enjoy my life and I do it all the time. But no, I don't run for personal gain. I don't know too much about myself to do that. I have ran for many reasons, you have no idea. But now, right now, I just want to find my sister." It would be impossible for him not to sigh at this moment. And only now, there is sadness tinting his voice.

"I don't know much about myself, but I know nothing about her. Somehow… I just can't remember. I can't tell you her name, her appearance, nothing. I simply can't remember. But somewhere, out there, in this city, there's another Maximoff with magic in her. Real… magic." The word fades away painfully. This is clearly not the joking, happy Quicksilver of before. "I would give my life to protect someone I can't remember. And I will do anything to find her. That's… That's all the personal gain I can run to…" The cup, somehow, is now finished. A normal human being would never notice when that happened. But it did.

Melinda May goes still for a moment at the name Maximoff, but she doesn't give any other outward indication of recognizing the name. "I have connections in the magic community. I will ask around, see what I can find for you." That's as much as she's willing to offer at this moment. "Do you want to leave any contact information with me, in case I find anything?"

"I would appreciate it very, very much." Pietro says with a soft smile, meaning every word. "My contact information is in the card beside you," The mutant gestures towards a card on the table, that wasn't there a second ago. Literally, it wasn't there a second ago. "And, needless to say, if you could use the help of some really fast person, you can always call me. I am discreet enough and have a good amount of free time. One never knows." He sighs deeply and offers a wide and relaxed smile. Thankfully, his mood turns as fast as his feet. "But, mainly, thank you very much."

Melinda May takes the card and looks at it briefly before stowing it in her jacket. "Of course. And I just might be in touch." She looks ready to depart. "Though I do have to ask one favor."

Pietro nods approvingly as the card is taken. He could have left it in the pocket from the beginning, but he likes the idea of Melinda willingly receiving it. "Anything." He asks with curiosity at the favor that is going to be asked.

"Don't give Darcy too much cake. She should have to earn it." And with that, and a faint hint of a smile, May stands and nods politely to Piotr before taking her leave.

The man of silver hair smiles at her words. Yes, there was some worry before, but it just faded. "I will have that in mind, I promise." The nod he offers is very polite, as well, but even after Melinda takes her leave, he remains on the place. Maybe, even someone who can run and think so fast, needs a long moment to be with his own thoughts.

"It was a pleasure to meet you. And don't hesitate, if you need me, you just have to call me. I will be there in no time." He cannot do anything by grin at himself. "Have a good day."

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