The Return and Fall of the Blackest Knight

September 16, 2016:

The Hood gang brings Nathan Garrett back to (un)life, the Avengers show up to stop them

The Church of the 13th Apostle, New Jersey


NPCs: Part of the Hood Crime Syndicate: The Hood, Melter, Boomerang, Grey Gargoyle, Ironclad, Black Talon and the long dead Black Knight (Nathan Garrett)

Mentions: Black Knight


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The ‘ionic energy detector’ was considered a failure since although it detected a few ion energy trails, it has failed to find the Black Knight lance. Or maybe they had not activated it yet. Or maybe it was not in the New York area anymore.

Well, the right one was ‘they had not activated it yet’. A few minutes ago, they did. A few minutes ago the call went for the Avengers to assemble, in New Jersey. Those super-criminals didn’t even more the lance more than five miles since they stole it, for shame.

The place where the ionic energy trail leads is an odd place for super-villains to hang out. The Church of the 13th Apostle, abandoned since the 90s. Nice, Gothic front, not too large. Conveniently derelict, so hopefully no one will get too angry if it gets blown up during a battle between supers.

That is why the Avenger One is landing (well, hovering real low, it never really ‘lands’) over the cemetery at the back of the church. “Scanning, hmm… yes, five inside.” States Nathaniel, at the pilot seat. “I think one of them is the Melter, I recognize his armor power signature. Two of them give me strange readings I had never seen, probably metahuman. The three other read human.”

No ride on the Avenger's jet necessary Spidey has been pulling overtime and was not far off. Several web-lines later and he is landing across the cemetary grounds Iron Guards voice being patched through by Lyla, his personal assistant and computer AI.

"I'm here, I'm here. Melter? No idea who that is." He isn't the original after all and any of his knowledge is way off the mark. History for him was re-written in a horrible intentional manner to obscure the past.

Crouching on top of an angel statue a Spider-Man 2099 is almost impossible to tell from Spider-Man of now, the reds and blues a disguise to keep up the gimmick that he is the real deal. Someone has to fill in for Parker and keep the legend active.

Star has never met Parker, let alone this Spidey. Twenty something or 2099, as the Avenger One comes down to a hovering landing Star is already scoping the 'scape, sweeping low to drop Roy in an undisclosed location to come in from behind… No pun intended!

While Roy ninja-archer's his way, Starfire sweeps low, coming in along the shadows cast by the monolithic building, pausing in a hover as she spots the Spider perched upon a statue. "We have a bogey on watch just outside of the X'Hal House. I will take him down." Someone watches too much MuFlix.

A sudden burst of movement and Starfire is headed towards Scarlet Spider in a manner that may just quaterback sack him off the statue.

"How the H*LL is the Melter out? He was captured in the act on the scene of multiple murders." Captain Marvel opines very sharply. She's also in a very bad mood because someone decided they were a better pilot than she is. Patently untrue, obviously. But that's what they decided. She growls and levers out of the bench seat, making for the rear hatch as she hammers the control to get the hatch open, then starts marching down the ramp and walking towards the church. She's not even glowing … yet. It won't be long. With no need for introductions, she just offers a nod to the rest; some she knows, some she assumes, others she doesn't know at all. But she's here. It needs doing. "Let's get it done."

Why the Melter was out, Roy had a nagging suspicion. A revolving door at Belle Revue or something? There's been rumblings about some sort of amnesty program, but it couldn't have taken place -that- quickly, could it?

Too much MuFlix, apparently, but Roy wasn't about to say anything, doing the Sneaky Ninja Archer Thing, after all.

Still, when he's in position, Roy finally speaks up. "Here. So, when things explode, we're going in, right?"

“Someone busted him out a few hours after we captured him, Captain,” replies Iron Guard. “It has been happening the last year in the New York area. Some captured super-criminals vanish from their cells hours, maybe a few days after they are captured.” He gestures to the church gate. “Maybe we will find some answers here. I hoped the Black Knight would be here already, but we should not wait for him,” stepping forward, he pushes the doors open.

Sure thing, Melter is there, and not alone. “Them again!” He shouts.

There is a man with a hooded cloak in red, and he pulls a gun right away. “That is fine, we can handle them.” The Hood.

There is a huge metal man, too. Ironclad. He steps forward to stand in the way of the heroes.
There is another man in a light armor, blue and white. He has a silly, weird helmet and a large number of boomerangs attached to his form. He is Boomerang. Not a captain, just Boomerang. He is the fastest of them all, tossing half a dozen spinning boomerangs in the general direction of the heroes, and then jumping behind Ironclad, not being the bravest of them.

There is guy with a blue cloak and a crested hood (which makes him look like a chicken) and he, well, moves slightly to stand behind the Black Knight.

Yes, there is the Black Knight. Not Dane. The old Black Knight with the square helmet and his lance, the lance that was stolen. Only his eyes glow red behind the helmet. “Yes… but where is my nephew?” His voice is hollow, hoarse. He sounds like Darth Vader.

"Incoming a whole lot of TNA, wait, no that's one of us. Ease down, Firestar. I'm on the roster? " Spider-O'Hara waves his blue and red gloves in a friendly standoff manner towards the extraterrestrial. Peering past Koriandr the S-Man makes a final gesture as if informing her hes about to make his way that direction and does so, hopping off in two bounds to land in a crouch to Captain Marvel's left. He recognized her at least, shes one of the heavies for the Justice League, or was, or is? He is still confused at that one. "Right, villain team is special on the menu today? "

fwip fwip fwip fwip

Spidery reflexes snap out and like a gunslinger Spider-Man shoots from the hips, every thrown projectile by Boomerang is being web globbed.

The dodge from 2099 has Starfire taking out the angel statue, in a manner that leaves behind only a pedastal and her hovering above it. A swift spin at his words and pupiless emerals eyes narrow in the set, but when he lands beside Carol and commences fighting the other that reveal themselves…

Well… *Dimple!* "So sorry.." But the apology seems to fall flat before she slowly rises and from hands that perso glow gathers.

"Towards the entry, Arsenal. You have the upper hand for now." Coming in from the back while they have distraction, at least!

"Starfire." She corrects as the energy is aimed foward in a low-charged warning shot that leaves a small crater at the 'Black Knighs' feet but a spray of earth in front of him.

"Dorrammed DEO." Captain Marvel doesn't explain her invective, but she says it aloud anyway, whatever her reasons. She stomps along ahead, confronting the targets without any apparent concern. Bold? Brash? Reckless? Or just pissed off?

"I told you before, Melter. So you know I'm not kidding: Surrender. All of you. If you don't, I'm going to get some exercise, and have some fun. How long it takes you to recover from your injuries is really not my problem at that point." Apparently, Carol is in a very, very foul mood right now.

"Last chance. Stand down. Or don't."

"You got it," Roy grimaces. Sure, the powerhouse fliers, a man in an iron suit, and a thwippy dude, and they send the non-superpowered guy right in through the front entry.

Well, hit them with what they'd never expect. So there Roy is, standing there, in the entry, bold as brass. "You know, I'd listen to the lady. She's not having a good day, especially when people don't stay where they're supposed to. And if you don't want to listen to -her-, you could always talk to the -other- lady…"

Roy motions somewhere towards Starfire's vicinity.

The Black Knight staggers back when Starfire blows up the floor, but only for a second, then he brings up his lance and fires a blast of energy to the alien woman. “Wheeeeere issss Daneeee?” He asks again, his voice louder and definitely inhuman.

Ironclad charges, “surrender? Make me!” And Melter fires his microwave blasts to Carol, eager for some revenge to the last time, when she sucked-punched him. He still has bruises.

The Hood begins shooting at Spider-Man while he moves, by the third step, he goes invisible.
Iron Guard remains behind. “Something is missing. I do not get readings of the Black Knight. Where is the sixth…” And that is all he can say before he turns into a stone statue.

“That would be me, the Grey Gargoyle!” Which was hiding by the gates, and looked very much like a statue. “And with your Iron Man’s wannabe gone, heroes, you are badly outnumbered. So maybe it is you who should be surrendering!”

Then Roy bursts in from the other side. Boomerang and Black Talon are there. “Just one of those archer dudes,” says the Australian. “I’ll handle him, no worries,” he takes off, because he wears jet boots, and tosses a couple razor sharp boomerangs at Roy.

The words from Carol give Star a moment of pause, a moment that has the comets trail of flame leading her in a tracers path to hover just above and beside Roy but that only seems to bring the fire of the other Back Knight his direction.

A swift jerk upright has her twisting mid air and meeting blast with a reciprocal blast of her own to draw it away from Roy, who she had gone to in defense of words stated and the amassing of enemies.

Melter fires, and Captain Marvel just steps into the microwave blasts, arms raised as the blasts hammer into her body. It's not that they don't hurt. They do. But she takes it, gritting her teeth, as the glow builds around her fists, and the fury builds in her eyes. "I gave you a shot. Now, I'm going to break you."

Honestly. Carol's a hero. She shouldn't let herself get this angry. But right now, she's going for permanently debilitating injuries. Maybe if they can't walk or breathe without help, they won't be escaping from prison.

"You asked for it, jackass." Captain Marvel calls out, as she twists her hips, then launches herself again forward, leading with her glowing fists as she seizes hold of Ironclad, twists in mid-air and throws him into Melter.

"Starfire, Firestar, sue me, I was close." Spider-Man offers his best apology which isn't much of one at all to Kori. Captain Marvel sounds serious and scary, S-Man can say he digs it. He likes serious in these sort of scenarios, no room to play around for the badguys, they don't really ever deserve it.

A foreward handspring and Spidey is dodging bullets, twisting like a breakdancer and springing for a kick at the end of his spin towards the Hood who is no longer there. He isn't capable of Spidey-Senses like Parker's brood but he makes up for it with super senses all around, eyesight, hearing, a shuffle of feet is very loud to someone like him. Crouching low he sweeps around, splaying out like an arachnid ready to pounce.

O'Hara still has no clue where (or who) Arsenal is, right now his focus is the Hood. He'll play team support as soon as he takes out his immediate threat.

"Just one of those -archers- dudes?" Roy exclaims, going for the explosive arrows, and firing away. They're boomerangs, they come back. Roy's handled enough of those to know, and anyone chucking them around, well… they're not -coming- back. Unless they're on fire. Or something.

Ironclad is a powerful super-criminal, in many regards the equal to the Thing. But in others not. Like for instance, the Thing is a better fighter and could have grabbed Carol back. Ironclad was too slow. He goes flying, and although Melter tries to jump out of the way, the impact of the metal man shatters the ground and the old church pews and sends Melter rolling towards a stone wall.

The Black Knight growls when Starfire counters his blast, but refuses to be pinned and jumps forward, sending short burst of force or fire both to Carol and Kory. “Where is my nephew!?” He screams. “I need his blood to live again!”

The Hood has vanished, but the bullets keep coming. Spider-Man sees them, and he can hear the muted detonations of the guns. Just enough to dodge. And to make things more interesting, the Grey Gargoyle is also chasing him. Iron Guard is a stone statue already, and he plans to add the arachnid to the collection.

Arsenal is right, the boomerangs need to be dodged twice. Boomerang is pretty good with those things. He didn’t expect the archer to shoot an arrow while avoiding the boomerangs, but he is quick in those jetboots too. He avoids the arrow, but not quite enough because when it unexpectedly (for him) explodes the shockwave hits him pretty hard, and sends him crashing against a column.

That leaves Black Talon alone, and he runs back to the others. “Garrett! Help me!” And the Black Knight tenses, like a puppet on strings, and turns back, aiming is lance to Roy.

With Ironclad tumbling through Melter, Captain Marvel has an opening, and she uses it, turning to unleash a pair of heavily charged photonic blasts at Grey Gargoyle's back without warning, as she sees him going after Roy. Enough ganging up on the archer!

"I did tell you morons to surrender." Carol growls, as she takes the blast from the lance, her own glow growing brighter. "You want the kid's blood, you can't have it. But you can have a knuckle sandwich or two. They're cheap."


Black Knight Sr's raging response does not seem to phase Kori. He staggers and fires back and then commences a follow up at Roy. Carol coming in with her own warning leaves Starfire with a couple options, and the mistaken S-Man also left to his own with Nathaniel in stone.

A fired boomerang aimed for Roy in rebound is grabbed from mid-air, chucked towards Blck Knight with a momentum that hopes to impact and send him right into Carol's fist… A salute to the woman.

Sweeping low her hand lowers, an offer to give S-Man and allie-oop in whatever direction he seeks, but making it much more airborne.

Grey Gargoyle? A sweep to the right and Starfire comes just behind in a burst of speed that land purple amored boots right into his ass, an additional boot and directive to head him for Black Knight as well.

Knights make good statues now-a-days.

Bullets are evaded one direction to the next as the arachnid-man angles himself so he is positioned where neither Hood nor Gargoyle can outmanuever him, with Matrix worthy stop motion speed and mobility a quick twist has him slinging a web out that not only snares up a broken headstone but also like a lasso flips it about to swat the Hood.

Grey Gargoyle was to be his next target but why add insult to injury when Captain Marvel and Starfire have the man clearly handled. The allie-op carries him through the air at a higher vantage, ready to aid where he is needed next.

"We got this. I suggest you take up on that surrender that was offered to you earlier, chumps." No happy quips or jokes from this Spidey, not at this moment in time at least. They are much more rare out of Mig than his brethren.

With his stone form Grey Gargoyle can take some hits, but Carol's blast catches him mid-jump and sends him crashing down, conveniently close to Starfire. Before Marvel can celebrate, though, Ironclad rips one of the church columns and attempts to use it to swat the woman down.

The boomerang hits the Black Knight back, as it had turned to face Roy. He wears armor, but it is so sharp that it sinks several inches on the man's back. Surprisingly, there is no reaction, although it does spoil his aim with the lance. He can't ignore the Gargoyle, though. That makes him fall and he loses the helmet.

But although a normal man would have broken bones from the impact with the stone man, the Black Knight doesn't care. He stands up again pushing off the unconscious French villain with surprising strength. And now the heroes can see Nathan Garrett's rotten, almost mummified head. Obviously, he is still dead, but walking. And he picks up his lance, glowing red eyes looking for targets.

And after some fancy acrobatics, Spider-Man lasso hits something unseen but solid, and the Hood stops shooting. Unfortunately he doesn't go visible, so perhaps the villain is still conscious.

Black Talon is seeing the tide turning, and seeks cover behind the under knight. Not enough cover from Arsenal, who hits him with an electrified arrow, knocking him out.

And that makes the Black Knight scream. "Nooooooo…" he raises his arms, and begins to crumble as the magician that kept him undead is unconscious. Through the next ten seconds, he falls in pieces like a rotten doll, skin and flesh turning into dust, and the brittle skeleton shattering under the weight of his armor.

Hammered by Ironclad's church column, Captain Marvel slams into the floor beneath the stone. Then she twists around, and starts swinging, glowing fists pounding into and tearing through the stone until it shatters away in rubble. Then she launches at the armored figure, photonic fists blazing. "I told you to surrender. Now, you go to the hospital. If you're lucky." Carol's not subtle, either. Photonic fists are one thing. But blasts to the crotch are something else. Repeated blasts to the crotch. It's mean. It's underhanded. It's dirty fighting. And she doesn't care at all. She's that mad.

….Well. Ms Marvel has that handled. Something's going to be in a sling later and every blast has Star cringing, a small eye-twitch to a spine-curling shudder. "I think he will be better off changing surnames when he wakes…" Starfire murmurs, pausing, thinking, and nodding, confirming she got that phrasing right.

Though upon landing by their stoney teammate, Star picks it up and carries him like an awkward baby, shaking him a bit as if trying to guess what is in the unwrapped Christmas package. "So… I'll put him on the ship," Her other hand grabs Grey by his nape and drags his form along as well. "And if there is no resolve I will force feed the statue to the god and make it work."

… Someone tell her this is not Tamaran and it might not work that way?… Or be amused.

“Bring it on,” replies Ironclad, confident he can still win despite all his partners unconscious or gone. He can fight with the Hulk, after all. But the Hulk doesn’t fight this dirty! And he is not that tough.

And it is over. Except for the Hood, they can’t find him. The police arrive soon after, to pick up the villains. The reporters follow soon after, to get the pictures of the heroes and learn the story. And Nathaniel returns to normal in an hour, as all the victims of the Grey Gargoyle do. The knight’s lance is recovered and will go back to S.T.A.R. Labs. And the knight himself returns to his grave, and not to a new career of villainy.

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