A Good Start

September 15, 2016:

Tandy just got her powers and is stalking drug dealers without much of a clue

Brooklyn warehouse


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Fade In…

Night is falling over Brooklyn after a rather pleasant late summer day. More pleasant to some than to others. For instance, a couple young drug pushers are returning their provider with pockets full of cash. It has been a relatively pleasant day for them, even though they had to stay in dirty alleyways most of the afternoon, dealing with druggies and hiding every time a police car came close.

But the day is over, and they are tired, distracted and thinking what they are going to do with their cut of the selling.

It's a nice day for Tandy. Though it would've been nicer if she wasn't spending her time exploring parts of the city that weren't meant to be explored. It's very easy to stick to the nice parts of the city. A lot harder when you're actually looking for trouble. But at this point, she's not going to be able to find a job over the weekend… especially a holiday weekend. So she's spending the time she has looking for something else. The people who were experimenting on her. Finding drugs isn't /that/ tough. Finding the people that would kidnap someone and use some special experimental drugs on her? Much harder. It involves finding the dealers, but then finding where those drugs are coming from. So she's been watching a corner most of the day and now she's watching them going back to where they get more.

The pushers lead Tandy to a garage in an old building, there is a black van and a couple bruisers looking around. If they see Tandy, well, she doesn’t look like a cop, or anything dangerous, so they dismiss her without a second glance. The pushers start talking with someone at the driver’s seat in hushed tones. Bills of cash are counted and eventually some envelopes change hands.

Well, that's the next step. Maybe not the person she was looking for. But the van is definitely a lead. She doesn't get close enough to listen in on their conversation and with guards around, she doesn't even want too be seen. She might have powers, but she's not bulletproof. Creeping around behind some boxes, she does try to get a better view of the van however. And to get an idea what they do in this warehouse.

It is rather clear what they are doing. Money for drugs or the other way around. They probably got there using cellphone messages, the pushers have used them several times during the day. While the pushers chat, or maybe argue in hushed tones with the van driver, one of the thugs seem to have spotted something and heads in Tandy general direction.

Tandy isn't sure that she's been spotted, but once the thug starts in her direction, she shifts to move behind some more boxes. She doesn't want to fight if she doesn't have to. She hasn't had a ton of practice with there powers yet. She doesn't know if there's anything she needs to know about them. For now though, the plan is to get to another position and if she's found, just throw as many light daggers as she can (hopefully stopping them). None of the pushers she's found so far look like any of the people that kidnapped her though. So right now, her best hope from all of this are some thin clues towards the general drug supply in the city.

Certainly the kidnappers looked more… sharp? Cold? Older? Hard to pin it down. Some were well-dressed, and then there were some men in lab gear. These are hardly like that, but the first thug at least has sharp eyes. And he is a large guy, vaguely Latino. When he gets to Tandy's former position, he stops and says "I saw you. You better come out now. If you make me look for you it will be worse."

Well, since he put it that way… no, of course Tandy isn't going to come out at that. She's going to continue hiding until she's found. There's no reason for her to come out of hiding. If he finds her? Well, that's fine. But for now? More creeping. Hopefully she'll be able to slip around to either a better position or even back to the van if she's lucky. But no way is she going to reveal herself so that she can into a fight with a bunch of people.

As the thug starts looking, the pushers seem to be getting nervous, glancing at the side of the garage Tandy is sneaking. It is too dark for them to see much, but the thug pulls out his cellphone to use it as a flashlight. “You sure there is someone there?” Asks his partner. No response, but the man is getting closer to Tandy and there is no more space to hide.

With it being so dark, Tandy holds back. The daggers she can use are so bright that they'd be a nasty surprise even if they didn't also hurt in the first place. Without even coming out from behind the boxes, she frowns to herself. Looks like there's no running this time. Swinging her hand up to launch a 'dagger' from her hand, she gets to her feet and starts running the other way, letting the projectile find its own way to the man who was closing in on her.

The thug us hit on the chest with the dagger and falls on his back with a groan, paralyzed. Tandy’s dash, however, is seen by the others which react in different ways. The pushers running towards the exit. The driver, turning on the van engine. The second thug pulls out a handgun and aims in Tandy’s general direction. “Hey, stop! Hector, you okay? Hey!” He shots the gun, but misses by several yards.

The gun might've missed, but it's enough to get Tandy to rethink her strategy, turning behind a box before moving to make another throw, this time in the direction of the van. The fact that these daggers can go around corners is really handy and thinking about it now, she probably should've just done all of this from where she started. Then again, maybe putting some distance between herself and these people might be helping her out right now.

The dagger hits the van. Or rather, it goes through the driver’s window and hits someone there! It also makes the thug take cover and shoot several more times. The van itself was turning around to head out but now stalls and sloooowly, hits the wall closer to Tandy. Apparently the driver was knocked out.

“Shit, Shit! Boss!” The thug runs towards the head of the van to check with the driver, his gun empty.

Meanwhile, outside, someone else has heard the gunshots. Nathaniel happened to be flying over Brooklyn and now is coming down to investigate.

Tandy doesn't know that the gun is empty. But she doesn't know that the driver is unconcious either. And she doesn't especially want to let it get away. And so while she's running, she's climbing over boxes and trying to get a better shot at seeing the driver. Of course, he's in a car also and she's just running, so getting a good point of view isn't especially easy right now. Though if she happens to get her eye on anyone else around the warehouse who might be working for these guys, she'll be tossing a few more light daggers.

The van has blackened windows, but Tandy can vaguely see the driver through the lowered side window, and the daggers all home on him. Good thing they can’t really kill him, because he got a facefull.

The last thug sees what she is doing, and changes curse to hide behind the van while he reloads his handgun. Then he aims at Tandy and shoots. Once. A second later there is a flash of light and a repulsor blast smashes him against the back of the truck, sending him rolling down and unconscious.

An armored man just landed by the garage gate and fired the blast, and now he is moving quickly inside. His armor is red and silver, with gold pool of light at the eyes, chest and several other points of his body. He scans the area quickly and then looks at Tandy’s hideout. “Hello, are you alright? It is safe now. Everyone here is unconscious,” pause, “hmm, this one is wanted for failing to show up at court.”

Tandy wasn't expecting to be shot at again so quickly, but she also hasn't really stopped moving yet. But when someone flies down from the sky and blasts him and the truck stops moving, she decides that it's okay for her to stop moving too. Standing up on one of the boxes as gets a better look, she raises an eyebrow as the armored person calls out to her. "Isn't this kind of thing a little… under your radar?" Since when does Iron Man go after drug dealers? Or enforce bench warrants.

“I heard gunshots,” explains the armored man. “Why would it be under my radar?” He turns unconscious thug over, making sure he is not seriously injured, then considers the van, forcing one of the back doors to open. “Drug dealing?” He asks, looking at Tandy again.

“And you aren’t injured, good.” He stares for a few more seconds, trying to make sense of the readings his armor is giving him. “Nathaniel, code name Iron Guard,” he states, “and who are you?”

"Oh. Iron /Guard/", Tandy answers with a skeptical look. She'd assumed it was Iron Man, but really she probably shouldn't have. There are enough of these people running around in armors that it's not like she should've made that assumption. "Ehhh… I don't really have one of those names right now." Well, obviously, she has a name. But she's not really looking to get her name associated with fighting with drug dealers. Maybe she needs to come up with a code name. A costume might be a good idea too. The superhero thing always seemed a little crazy, but then, she never had any powers before this. She peers past him into the van, looking for anything that might help in tracking down the people that kidnapped her. "And thanks for the help, but you don't really need to worry about this. I think I've got this now."

A glance at the driver and Iron Guard pauses a moment. "Hmm, I suppose you did. This man is… some kind of psychic shock?" He looks at Tandy again. "You are glowing," he notes. "So I suppose you 'got this'. But you are also pretty new at 'this', are you not?" He tilts his head and the helmet retracts from his head, letting Tandy see his face. A dark-haired young man not much older than she is. "Say, are you willing to wait for the cops and give a statement?" He has an odd accent, it is faint.

Tandy shrugs at the armored man. "I guess?" She honestly has no idea how the daggers work. "It's not like I usually ask how it felt after. More like 'bright pointy things shoot out. Bad guys go down.'" At the mention of the police, she gives him a sour expression. "I'm not really big on cops." Not that she's done anything wrong that she could get in trouble about. Aside from the vigilantism. "Maybe next time?" She climbs into the van in the meantime. If he insists on police, she's not going to have a lot of time to look around.

Nathaniel chuckles. Vigilantism, indeed. “Next time, of course. I will give a statement, though. I am an Avenger, and I am trying to do this by the book.” Which unless Tandy is following the news closely or is a super-hero fan, probably means nothing to her. “What should I tell the police about you? You need a codename.”

Tandy frowns as she explores the van. Most of this is useless to her. Normal street drugs. She doesn't /like/ it being pushed. She was never a real drug user, but considering how her life got to where it is now, she has an especially bad vibe about it. "That'd be great. Thanks", she says quickly, turning back and offering him a polite smile, trying to sound sincere. "Tell them that next time maybe I'll have a codename." She works her way up to the driver and starts rifling through his pockets checking for weapons and possibly a wallet.

The driver has a handgun, and a shotgun under the seat. And he has a very fat wallet but nothing to identify him. Also a cellphone, but it is codelocked. Iron Guard is watching her curious, but letting her go through her investigations. Not very by the book, since she is probably contaminating evidence and all that. But drug pushers are probably under his radar, anyway.

Tandy frowns as she looks at the phone and realizes it's locked. Not that she'd have the resources to go through the phone and track down every number in it. Or any number in it. "Do you have anything for cracking phones?", she asks, tossing the phone over towards him. She just needs a few moments to slip the bills from the wallet. The job search hasn't gone especially well so far (and she hasn't been looking the hardest to be honest). She smiles to herself at the phone tossing distraction idea. Living on the streets for how long and she's already getting good ideas like this. She's more streetsmart than even /she/ realized.

“Done,” that took about fifteen seconds. So Tandy is still pocketing the money. “It will not lock down again,” he offers. “I could track down the last few calls too, but they are all to other cells, probably burners.” He smiles, isn’t he nice? “Are you sure you do not want to give me a name? I want to help.”

"Huh. You'd think that'd be tougher", Tandy comments, thinking about how she also expected it to take longer. "No, it's alright. I'll figure it out", she answers. "I've got plenty of time. And I'm okay without names. I know /I'm/ not supposed to be here. You're probably not either if you start getting into these guys' rights, so it's probably better just to skip the names for now." She pauses before adding, "But hey, thanks for the help!"

“Not for me. My armor can easily scan and hack simple computers at a very low level,” replies Nathaniel, handling her the cellphone. “Why shouldn’t you be here? Would I find you are a criminal if I run a face-recognition program?” His smile probably means he knows he won’t already. He steps back. “Fine, no names. But I would like to see you again, regardless.”

Tandy gives him a look at that. "No. You wouldn't. But you're not allowed to just go around beating people up either. Even if you have special powers and even if they're dealing drugs." At the second part though, she nods lightly. "Sure. I'll be around." She's playing it cool. And why shouldn't she? She's completely in control of things here. She's even coming away from it with a wad of cash (and a phone that might come in handy). And that's not even taking into account the fact that the first real test of her powers went just fine.

“I am allowed to make citizen arrests and this man was firing a gun,” replies Nathaniel. “I am also trying to work things with the local authorities, so I am, and my team too, on call in the case super-criminals appear and they feel they need help. There is, actually, not much reason to be so shy about crime-fighting. Think about it. And okay, I will try to find you. You should leave now; the police is just two minutes from arriving.” She can hear the sirens, actually.

It probably would've been better if Tandy had some more time to investigate the warehouse, but she's not about to stick around long enough for the police to arrive. She doesn't want anything to do with any of that. "You're probably right about that. Well, I'm sure I'll run into you again some time." She's not /completely/ sure of that. Though maybe. She could get used to this kind of thing. It was exciting. And even a little fulfilling. Maybe /this/ could be the job she was looking for. "Anyway, thanks for the assist. Gotta run!" And with that, she starts to jog off towards the exit with a wave. If she can hear the police already, they can't be too far and she wants to be long gone before they start asking questions.

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