Of Gorgons and the Zodiac

September 15, 2016:

After the Zodiac fight Strange and Talisman meet to discuss a few more things.

Oblivion Bar - Fringes

"The only known universe with its own happy hour."

Elsinore Brew? Blood infused Pißwasser? Fairy Dustschläger or maybe just a
good cup of coffee. The extremely comfortable and Occult elite Oblivion Bar
s here to cater to its unique clientele from all over the world and many
beyond. This classy bar and lounge has a stage, three pool tables, eleven
group tables, booths and a well stocked bar. There is also several backrooms
for private meetings, very lavish ladies and mens rooms and an office. A
phone that has its own area code that can call across dimensions or planes
thanks to a Gemworld stone and free internet access that is always
operational! Always.

The Oblivion Bar is club membership only and acts as a complete neutral
zone, an Elysium for those of the supernatural or mystic origin.

One of the best parts is beyond its relative safety it is accessible from
almost any point in the world (and some beyond) by those who know how to
find such things (magical sight) as it is located in its own pocket

The only rules? No Muggles and no violence. If you do not have access to the
mystical, supernatural or occult sphere, you are not allowed within this
super secret clubhouse.


NPCs: None.



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Fade In…

Not long after the meet with the few members of the Zodiac and their mechanical golems, Talisman needed to recoup, relax, and apparently get up to par with the knowledge of the landmarks of the United States. At least those nearby.

The DEO had some files, but where better then local databases and rumor mills as well as history to look? A laptop sits before Elizabeth upon the table, the chair propped against the wall so she could keep her eye on the room when she glimpsed up occasionally from the glowing screen.

Well, the Zodiac has always been there. Or so it seems from the files. 'Always' meaning in the late 50s the CIA and other agencies learned there were was a clandestine, international organization of weird, but heavily armed, astrology-based criminals. Not a huge organization like Hydra, Leviathan or others that came later. But they existed, and they did illegal things that sometimes got them into conflict with law-enforcement agencies.

With the years a few of the 12 leaders were identified. Some got killed, some got replaced (and probably killed, but the corpses weren't found). Those identified came from very diverse backgrounds. Mercenaries, scientists, mystics, businessmen.

Now, almost sixty years later, some are also super-criminals. Libra is Gustav Brandt, a French ex-mercenary turned martial artist. Supposedly involved in Vietnamese enlightenment cults for a while. Apparently the DEO put him up there with Lady Shiva and Taskmaster in the danger scale. 'Do not engage in hand to hand combat under any circumstance - keep at range'. Still, not much there of immediate use.

Meanwhile Doctor Strange has checked his own contacts and given a careful re-reading to his notes about astrological blessings and how to counter it. It stings a normal human could knock him out that easily. Even if Libra, admittedly, showed a remarkable control of his own Chi and many would say he is a mystic himself. "Good morning, Elizabeth," he greets the dark-haired shaman, "did you find anything interesting?"

"I am compiling files, as to what I have found yet? Not much I want to proclaim as useful until I bring it into a whole." A furrow of brows and Elizabeth sits back, no longer paying attention to the screen as a coffee is grabbed and drug closer instead, already cold from the neglect.

Dark circles are formed under her eyes, as sleep was curtailed for research that she should have had in the first place. With her degree and credentials though, it was nothing to gain files on sites that bear a deeper history as well as the local mapping of ley lines. The grid on the computer screen is laying them out beneath the mapping of stellar constellations.


"How are you?"

Strange takes a few seconds to signal the bartender he wants tea and then takes a seat at Talisman's table. "I am well, and I did sleep more than you, I suspect." Well, not exactly sleep, but he knows how to use meditation to rest his mind. "Do not linger on this unfortunately business; the Zodiac is hardly a priority for people like us. I was concerned about the artifacts they removed from the tomb, but my investigation reveals none of them was truly powerful or easily turned into a weapon."

"Maybe that is what they want us to think." Watching Stephen, Elizabeth is critical in her gaze of bistre back dropped in tones of subtle grey.

"I have not lingered on just one bit of business." Flipping tabs she turns the laptop towards Strange, a braid slipping over bare shoulder as she leans towards him and her tone falls a bit more flat.

"What do you know of Steel City?"

Strange nods. That is a more serious business. "Powerful ritual magic shattered the city and made it inhabitable to mortal humans. This kind of magic had not been performed in nearly twenty five centuries and it is actually pretty pointless by itself. I suspect it is just the first step on a more complex plan I am not seeing yet."

He pauses, considering the younger magician. "I believe the Gorgon are involved. Which means they have escaped Hades, or have been released. I am would expect the spirits of the city would know for sure."

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