The World to Bow

September 14, 2016:

(NEWS) Dark Riders and Apocalypse demand the world kneels.


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Morning News - 06:03 AM PST.

Following the MRC incident in Scotland mutant terrorists designated 'Dark Riders' are claiming responsibility for dozens of attacks around the world that have been perpetuated in the past week, they have already killed several hundreds of people in a quickly rising death toll. These violent extranormals have promised this is only the beginning.

"The Son of the Morning Fire walks amongst you lowly mortals once again. This world's true master seeks only to usher in a new era, an era of the worthy, an era in which the weak shall perish in fire and blood and the strong shall rise beyond the heavens. Subject yourselves to our High Lord, accept his sovereignty and be spared, accept your inevitable fate with dignity and stand beside the rulers of a future world, a world of Apocalypse. Those who refuse shall rightfully suffer our divine wrath."

There are reports an 'oath of fealty' has been delivered to every major nation of the world, inside this 'oath' it demands the leaders of the world release control of their armies, rid themselves of all weapons and kneel before Apocalypse. If they refuse he will 'quote' send his agents of destruction and they will enact his will. It is unclear what his agents of destruction are but it is speculated they threats beyond these Dark Riders, supposedly even more powerful extranormals capable of crippling cities, states, provinces to possibly even entire countries.

Also connected to this new threat posed by 'Apocalypse' several NASA satellites that were used to map the moon's lunar gravity (some conspiracy claim monitored) the moon have been destroyed in a display of power. It is unclear of the energy bursts used to destroy these satellites was generated by natural means or 'other'.

It brings to question, how serious is this threat? What is 'Apocalypse' and his cadre capable of? Should we be afraid? What is their connection to Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants if there is any? Who is supporting them? Have any countries sworn fealty?

More to come, please stay tuned…

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