It Pays to Green Card

September 15, 2016:

After a public debate against G. Godfrey, Roy and Star discuss the feeling the hate inspires and… Green Cards.

Metropolis Ampitheatre


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He'd been there to basically provide moral support, -especially- since it was one of his suggestions in the first place.

It'd been a nerve-wracking experience, mostly because G. Gordon Godfrey, if nothing, was -extremely- xenophobic in his comments. Not to mention misogynist. How Kori managed to resist the urge to not blow his head off, Roy wasn't sure.

And yet, when it was all over, and Roy managed to slip to backstage where he could meet with Kori, he had to admit… it wasn't a -total- disaster. At least, he didn't think it was. Greeting Kori with a hug and a kiss, Roy pulls back, relaxing his embrace just enough to grin up at her. "Great job, babe. I think you had him on the ropes a bit, with that -bit- about Superman. Didn't expect him to try to make an -exception- just because he -looks- human, but you handled that pretty well."

The disaster was the podium. Not that any of the media, or onlookers could see, but there are handprints blackened and charred into the wood where she held fast as G. Gordon Godfrey managed to keep his head. What'd she picture in her head? A small slug like creature eating his (possible) wig… Then his head, so she did not have to do the dirty work.

The smile she bore split purple lips that frame ivories and tilted those alluring alien green eyes, taking from the fact that their facets bore no pupils. A suit jacket was worn, as well as a flowing button up shirt, mated with a pencil skirt that covered to that of feet encases in black heels, ones that buttoned and zipped up the sides to capture ankles. Stockings bore a stripe just up the back of calves to disappear beneath the skirt. Looking the part of bureaucratic business-woman and ambassador for Aliens and Heroes alike….

But she still wanted to roast him on a spit, and when the debate (debacle) was over the man coming to clean up had to double take at the craters burnt in hands prints into the wood….

"Superman is no different. He moves with less grace, but that gives no right!" A huffing exhale and the hair sticks that held the flame huen hair into a large bun atop her head are pulled fee to let the hair spill to the floor at heels.

"At least I tan, I mean wha—" Roys kiss and has her pausing even though fingers splay and curl from tension working its way through.

Looking down at Roy she smiles back, the sticks clicking between lightly arched fingers. "He doubled back, but he was caught in front of hundreds and the recordings made it hundreds of thousands right? They cannot follow him and keep hating us. Right?"

"I don't know, hon… people have a way of hearing only what they want to hear. Doesn't matter if science says not, or mathematics, or even actual -facts-," ROy has to admit, clicking his tongue in sympathy, as he looks back towards the stage from where Kori'd come from.

"Although now I'm trying to picture Superman with a tan. I could -kind- of see it, but you know, the thing with Superman is that he -looks- like the American ideal." Roy makes a face, more out of a bit of sense of jealousy than anything. "Though you probably fill a lot of -ideals- for most of them out there too. Just, uh… Kori, you -know- what he meant by a 'green card', do you?"

"But…" Kori wants to protest. She is clinging to the fact that if she does ths their Avenger's will triumph, his DEO will lay off, and the threat to everyone, to Lian… Will be less. The hands holding the sticks are now her focus between them.

"Why would I need to have a green card? I was given plenty of others to get what I needed by my agent… Visa Card. Master Card. Discover… I was told that one has points and we can go away… Vacations… Beaches… Maybe we should Discover Card. The Green Card sounds too…. Limited." A shake of hands and the sticks snap, a look around and she hides them in her suit jacket.

"He said I don't belong here. But… I belong…" Her jaw firms then and she looks up to Roy, the uncertainty there despite those solid emerald eyes.

"Yes. But in these times, right now, what we need is to -hold- to the ideals, that people can work together." Reaching out to steady her hands and help her clasp the sticks together, Roy grins a bit. "You know how it's a lot harder to break sticks when they're banded together? That's what people need to be reminded of. And I thought you did a good job out there. It's probably a good thing you're not sure what a Green Card is, though… he was basically saying you were sleeping with people to stay here."

And if he has to, Roy will hold tighter on that hands if she starts to slip like she's going to go burn G. Gordon Godfrey where he stands.

Lifting his chin a bit to look up at Kori, Roy tilts his head a bit. "What did you think of him, by the way, now that you've seen him in person?"

"I -am- holding on… And they break in my hands," Kori's breath exhales as if she revealed something, and would have let them go if it was not for Roy's assisted grip to keep her held-fast.

Kori pushed the broken bits together and with an application of heat to the solid plastic they reformed, albeit lumpily - together.

"Sleeping with?" A tilt of Kori's head and she looks at Roy.

"Sex?" Her head tilts and those eyes reflect Roy, a brow rising. "No one does that to stay anywhere." Shows what Kori knows of Earthen culture.

"Is that what they think?" Now her brows dip at outer edges as she looks at Roy, stepping away a bit, but as that occurs the cuffs of that suit jacket begin to come to a red glow of eating cinders of flame, her head shakes avidly…

Roy's final query brings pause despite the embrace she holds on herself, having tried to pull away. "He is just another one seeking to make anyone alien lesser." And that meant even mutants, mutates, witches, gifted….

"He is an ugly human." Kori looks at Roy now as she slowly picks parts of the burnt suit away in strips. "Maybe you need to show him…."

Continuing to hold Kori's hands, Roy grins just a bit. "Then we just keep adding more and more sticks till they won't break."

And Roy waggles his eyebrow. "Well, we -know- that, but people use sex like a bargaining tool. Money, power, whatever it takes to get them what they need. And if they think like that, they think other people think like that too, so it can be hard to… convince them otherwise."

Stepping back a bit, Roy releases her hands as she plucks her suit off, freeing herself from what society dictated she wear to be taken seriously. "Show him what…?" he asks, a quizzical look in his eyes. "That we should do the same things he does? Nah. The important thing is you stood up to him, and make him back down a bit. Though I'll bet you, soon as you're out of his sight, he'll be trying to spin everything his way. Probably convince them that you -will- be paying for some space wall."

Kori swallows and then looks at Roy. "You don't believe it, though? Right?" Looking over her shoulder, no one was watching, the field beyond where media and people had gathered is emptying save for the litter. In the end? It meant little to her. She'd still save what they stood on, because they lived, and she was home here. And that took her back to Roy… And this 'spin' he spoke of.

"I don't bargain. It is either all or nothing. Apparently that is what this Green Card really is?"
Kori's head tilts then and she steps closer to Roy after he had relinquished his grip, taking his jaw into her hands and lowering while lifting him, the kiss now reciprocated - lingering before falling away.

"Is that what I must do? Buy my space to give us peace since sex will not?"

"Don't be silly, that's ridiculous." Roy rubs his head. "A green card just means you've got permanent residence. It means you're planning to stay here and be an American citizen… there are a -lot- of ways to get a green card. I think you working here -as- part of the Avengers pretty much means you should be getting some version of one anyway. Honestly, never really gave it much thought - you're here. You want to make it legal and official? Rub it in his face—-mmph!"

Surrendering to the taller woman's kiss, Roy just goes with it. Sure, maybe his pride might be hurt a bit, but really, who wanted to argue with a kiss like -that-?

And then when his lips are freed, it takes Roy a moment to recover what wits he had.

"Buh…. uh. What, sex? Sure…"

Okay, maybe another moment.

"Uh, space. Right, uh, space sex sounds good."

"Who said I did not plan to stay?" Kori's fingers never left the tentative hold on Roy's jawline.

It was a display that left even those behind the scenes staring, but Kori did not seem to notice, even as Roy recovered his wits - her eyes roved over him and the smile only balanced teeth upon lower tier of deep purple.

"Is it just sex, then? After do you give me a Green Card, Mr. Harper?"

How's that for pride?

"Let K'tten know where home is… I want to go there with -you-."

It's enough for Roy to come back to himself at a perfectly timed cough. Keeping his arms around Kori's slim waist, the archer has enough presence of the mind to tap his comm.

"Hey K'tten? Can you beam us right to our quarters? And uh… turn on the sound nullifers."


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