Warm Welcomes in Dark Times

September 14, 2016:

Pietro decides to finally join the X-Men.


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Breakstone Lake, Xavier's Institute Grounds, Westchester County
Just after 7 PM. A pleasant night, cool but not cold and barely a breeze.

A small gazebo overlooking the dark waters of the lake around Nate and Charles is old, perhaps holder than Xavier himself, restored several times over its looks are deceiving. Comfortable, secluded, a perfect place for meditation outside of the X-Men HQ proper and the mansion itself.

"Concentrate, Nathan. You are much stronger than your realize… " Jedi have nothing on the telepathic master seated in his wheel chair across from Nate Grey, a member of X-Force, the 'X-Man' and a dimensional traveler. Also child of several of Charles' first students. Both men currently occupy the gazebo, eyes closed as they focus inward and outward.
"As soon as you can calm your mind enough, let go of the anger you feel towards Apocalypse we will attempt Cerebro, I have faith the two of us, together can find them… "

There are difficult things and then there are impossible things. Like telling Nate to stop feeling rage and hate towards Apocalypse. And this is Nate being calm, even if his calmness has been forced on him. It has been a few very crappy days as the nanites tried to kill him. Worse thing is no one knows what was wrong, or why now he is recovering. The guy the X-Men had that would have figured out was the one Apocalypse brainwashed to spread the 'plagues'.

The nanites ran out of power before killing him, so he is much better, although still kind off run down for his usual self. This is probably part of Apocalypse 'the fit will survive' and Plague nanites won't quite kill healthy adults. Fortunately Nate is pretty fit.

"How about we seek Rogue or McCoy, Prof? You know, someone I don't utterly loathe and didn't kill my whole world," he offers.

Through his life, Pietro Maximoff, also known by some as Quicksilver, has been running from a place to another. From a trouble to the next, with many dreams and hopes in between. Perhaps this Institute, in which he spent a time that could be brief, but enlightening and helpful to find many answers in himself, has seen many of those days. Many of those run. And, who knows, it will probably see a few more.

The young mutant's silver hair is messy, falling lazily almost to meet his burning blue eyes, now freed from the pair of risen googles. His attire is purely casual, wearing smile jeans and a black shirt that direly contrasts with his silver (of course) jacket. His smile is sharp and always present.

Last time, the young mutant faced Xavier showing his most overconfident mood. Many times he has seen as arrogant, but for someone who has fled from people his entire life, it was just an armor of cautiousness. But tonight it is different. Today he is another man. A whole year has passed, and every second can be infinite in the eyes of a Speedster.

But there are things that never change.

He may have took his time to think about joining other mutants, but when his decision is set, his will doesn't fit the one of others. That is, he goes to talk to Xavier, even if the time is appropriate… or not.

"Am I interrupting something?" The question is merely rhetoric, but he is clearly curious about the meditation time! It is also a question casted by someone who just, seemingly, materialized beside the pair. Walking at normal speed is not the best way to find someone in such a big campus, so he has been dashing around, from a place to another. But finding them in a lake, is something that only sparks his curiosity. "And I don't want to be rude, but I /may/ have overheard something. Are you talking about Apocalypse? The same who sent that freaks who almost—Hello, Nate! Feeling any better?" He drifts from a topic to the next with a bit smile and a nod.

"Professor." The second nod is given with even more respect, and a tone of solemnity. Yes, time has changed Pietro since they met last time.

"So, I think I already interrupted. And I'm sorry. But I'm curious. It is /that/ Apocalypse we are talking about?" Yes, 'we', because the slightly older of the Maximoffs has just joined himself into the conversation.

A sigh escapes Charles, he knows Nate is tired, recovering from sickness and as weary as the Professor himself, if not more, "That is what we are attempting Nathan. Try and not be too literal in this, I understand your hurt, your fear, your rage but you must find a way to compartmentalize this as best as you can, they are masked by Apocalypse' tech, it is beyond us and as such will require our combined effort. If we can only find them and breach their minds, find 'them', we can do as we were able with Warren and give them that push they require to return…" Any further words Charles is about to press forth are cut off by the speedster's arrival.

Almost as if expecting the young mutant the Professor gazes over and offers a slight tilt of his bald head in acknowledgment, "Pietro, it is good of you to join us in these calamitous times, we were indeed speaking of that very same man." Xavier subtly stresses the word man to them, they must not believe En Sabah Nur to be a God as so many are mislead towards it would weaken their resolve when and if it confrontation is to come.
"Is this a visit?" That one perhaps not as subtle, an open inquiry.

"I am not afra… yo, Pietro," Nate nods about the whole Apocalypse thing. Of course he heard in TV about the ultimatum. And… that is why the living room needs a new TV, too.

"I am okay, just tired. Nothing that coffee won't fix. And Xavier has a plan, so we are moving soon." He glances at Xavier. Right? Because if not he is going back to that island in Japan and see what he can break there.

"… Of that very same /freak/." Pietro corrects, still projecting that sense of hatefulness he feels every time he remembers their encounter with the Horsemen. The mutant was heavily hurt, but nothing compares with the suffering his ego experimented.

Still, he sighs and lets a few seconds flow, closing his eyes to let the bad blood fade.

And it works. His wide smile of before returns promptly. "Oh, Professor, this is a visit, indeed." The blue gaze pans across the lake, as if trying to search for the appropriate words to continue. "I wanted to talk to you about a thing or two. Maybe… well, probably three."

He may be fast with his words and fastest with his acts, but he is not a disrespectful person, or at least not purposely. Another smile goes to Nate, and his words are received with attention. "A plan, you say?" The words of the speedster are almost a whisper, serving as overture for a spark that shines in his eyes.

"Look, before you say anything, please, /please/ let me be part of that plan." He looks at Charles for a heartbeat. "I have had time to think. And, when I thought I would die at the hands of the horsemen, but instead had the chance to fight beside Nate -by the way, you did it great -", and he means the impromptu compliment, "I, for first time, considered the benefits of teamwork. And I'm serious. So, if your team will be the one to kick those freaks out of this planet, which I really hope you do, I /want/ to be part of that."

Rushed as always!

"And I'm fast. I'm sure you need someone fast. And, if you happen to have someone faster, then I'm sure I am cooler. So there's that."

"We shall break for now and make further attempts after we have both rested." Charles informs Nate while turning himself to better face Pietro, he is quietly patient as Quicksilver fires out his verbage salvo. "By all means, Pietro, talk as you please."

A moment of consideration as Xavier tries to keep up, "The X-Men can very well have use for you, as I had told you before, you are welcome within our ranks, our family. I simply wished you to make that choice on your own. It would appear you are truly ready. This is fortuitous news and you will be a great asset in the upcoming struggle." The Professor does not say this last part with as much zeal as welcoming Pietro to the fold, he had wished it was under better circumstances but this is what the X-Men are about, they are warriors for peace and Apocalypse is one of their greatest challenges and threats.
"I must inquire, however. Is the only reason you wish join to 'kick the freaks from our planet'? There is more to being an X-Men than just battle. I hope you understand this, Mister Maximoff."

Nate nods, although not looking very convinced. Resting is not going to help him put away all his issues with Apocalypse, they run too deep. But he is determined to keep trying until it works or they can come up with a better plan.

"Hey, kick the freaks from our planet is also important," he points out. "Look at me. I am not a student or a teacher and they still let me raid the kitchen."

"Yes. No." Quicksilver sighs. "I told you there were another things I wanted to speak about…" It's not easy for the proud speedster to ask for help, after all. "Look. It's been years since I had a family. Or even someone to care about. Well, my sister, but…" His phone is pulled, screen unlocked, and for a fraction of a second, at the sight of Wanda's picture as wallpaper, his gaze becomes crystalline. But the tear disappears quickly. The sadness… not so quick.

"For years, all I've had is my sister. But, thanks to some… magic spell… All my memories of her are erased, until I look at her. Or her picture. But, the rest of the time…" He manages a painful smile, turning to face the lake. "The rest of the time my family is lost."

His Transian accent is more evident as he speaks. Why would he try to hide it, anyway?

"I don't know if you can help me. And I didn't come here to ask for help. I am here to offer my hand. Perhaps I am lost, but I've been lost all my life. But even someone lost can help those who are in need. And I would like to have a family, for a change…" Maybe he has a heart, after all.

"Oh, and I don't care if those freaks were your friends, but I will seriously kick them. I've been training, and next time Beast will feel what it feels to be hit beyond the speed of sound! And—-Kitchen? Yes, I want to have kitchen raiding privileges. And a dorm room. Can I have one? I have an apartment, but having a place to sleep here when I'm around would be appreciated. But the kitchen benefits are not negotiable."

Xavier listens then offers a slight yet warm smile, "You have the makings of a great X-Man, Pietro. Both of you are two of the most passionate young men I have ever met, the spirit of belonging and family are what embody the X-Men at the core, the dream."

Silence creeps over Charles as if he is considering, "I will let you have a dorm room of your own and yes, even kitchen raiding privileges and once we have helped our fellow X-Men in need, then we will see where else we can help one another. The mansion is and always will be a school, all those who live under its roof are students, even myself and we still have very much to learn."
Rolling past the two X-Men the Professor descends the ramp in to the grass, "Come, you both are screaming of hunger in your actions alone, lets see if we can raid together. Perhaps I will make the two of you some of my Pad Kee Mao… "

"Scott and Jean will be informed immediately of your presence here and you can begin training with the rest of the team." The final bit of business Charles will speak the rest of the night, what remains for them will be light and full of food. Even in the darker times there must be some enjoyment for tomorrow is always a new day and a new battle.

If pushed into a corner and forced to say the truth Nate would admit he has learned quite a bit about the subtler uses of telepathy during his scarce meetings with Xavier (and also from Jean). And there is also the Danger Room, of course.

"Some more coffee would be great," comments the young psion, following Xavier. "Say, isn't your sister in X-Red, Pietro? I think I saw her once or twice at their HQ. Scarlet Witch? And who put a spell on you?"

Charles' words are flattering and comforting but—Kitchen privileges /and/ the room? That's more than Pietro expected! "Boom." He says to himself, grinning broadly. "It is an honor for me to join your family, Professor, and to fight beside honorable and strong people like you, Nate. Thank you for this opportunity. I will not let you down." the quick mutant follows Xavier.

To Nate, he smiles and his hand holds the phone tightly. "She is, indeed. I have a big X-Red poster of her on my wall. That way I can always remember her as I wake up. They call her Scarlet Witch. And, about the spell… That's something I don't know. But I will. And then we will have someone new to kick." It's not easy for him to touch the subject, but he feels comfortable enough to do so.

"Oh, and one more thing." Pietro adds. "And I will understand if you stop me with your powers, or if you try to. Otherwise, there will be no food by the time you get to the kitchen." He teases and dashes, leaving a raging gust of wind in the place where the new X-Man was an instant before.

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