Experimental Botany

September 10, 2016:

Tigra goes exploring Gotham's gardens and ventures into the hidden lair of Poison Ivy. The villain decides to use the intrusion to test out a few toxins for those with hybrid DNA.

Gotham Hidden Garden

The current hidden garden of Poison Ivy


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Fade In…

Early evening in Gotham City. After spending some time trying to follow up on a lead in a place she's not found in very often, Tigra's attention has been diverted by a place that stands out amid a sea of buildings and grime. It's a park of some kind, nowhere near as large as Central Park over in New York City, but not many are.

The cat-woman is sure to stand out and draw some stares, even from the citizenry of Gotham, but she probably likes the attention as long as it's not the violent type. It's less of a bother that way. Bare feet transition from concrete sidewalks to softer grass, and her striped tail flicks a few times in apparent enjoyment of that. She has a look around, checking the air for any scents that stand out.

Gotham had far too much in the way of grim and gutters, but there were still patches of green here and there. Overgrown parks and neglected gardens were wild and choked by weeds on the outside, but those who would risk delving deeper? They'd find more. Beneath that 'hedge' shroud the garden beyond was neat and yet wild, flowers and exotic plantlife filling the air with sweet scents. Some didn't know of this place, others knew better then to try and venture for fear of a certain criminal…but it was here that Ivy was making her home for at least a little while.

Laying slung in what could only be described as a leaf-hammock, the chlorokinetic lays lounging, her form wrapped in it's own floral 'clothing'
Tigra is the exploring type, or at least, she's the 'follow your curiosity' type. Probably, her senses clued her in on something beyond the areas of the park that looked like they were in need of attention. Nearly silent steps bring the striped feline in the direction of the hedgelike section, a hand passing over this and that before a small pass through is found.

This is how the tigress ends up venturing within further, her attention drifting easily toward certain scents that are sniffed at openly. Cats do like to smell everything, don't they?

Then, the natural hammock is noticed. That, and the woman resting atop it. A squint follows.

The plantlife itself? It's more then decoration. It's eyes, ears and fingers for the redhead woman who seems to be otherwise lounging unbothered. "You know," the woman speaks, eyes still remaining closed even while her honeyed voice seems to echo through the enclosed space. "When someone puts up a fence, it's generally because they don't want people just randomly coming in to visit them." A pause, Ivy finally opens her eyes, rolling onto her side and resting her cheek on one open hand. "And you're certainly not the 'cat woman' I'd expect to have dropped in to visit me either. What are you doing here?"
While Tigra eyes Ivy, the surroundings are alerting the woman to the presence of the intruder. Is there recognition on the feline's part? Might be, but she hasn't been around Gotham quite enough to be an expert on who's who. Her head tilts toward one side at the mention of a fence, another 'cat woman,' and then the question posed. It leads to her glancing around the area again before refocusing on Ivy herself. "I didn't see a 'Keep Out' sign, and cats are curious sometimes," she answers more lightheartedly than not. Sometimes? "But I found the park and I thought something smelled nice over this way."

"Mother nature's keep out signs aren't so plain," Ivy says with a shrug of her shoulders and a smile, the air still thick with warm scents of sweet flowers and the slightest mind-clouding edge. Pure humans would find it hard to concentrate, who knows how the feline would react. "And some of the deadliest poisons smell sweeter then you might think." Swinging her legs around, the 'hammock' lowers the redhead to the ground like it were a living thing commanded, leaving Pamela to step bare feet onto the soft grass. "But you're here now, what will you do?"

A few seconds pass. More scents are picked out, sniffed at whether subtly or not, and Tigra's eyes blink just a few extra times. The tip of her tail flicks as well. She looks as if she's trying to sharpen her focus, a brow going up at the other woman's smile before she watches the hammock help Ivy down to stand upright. "Poison's not so good to deal with," she says, stating the obvious before her head angles just toward one side. "My feet are a little sore from all the walking. Thought I'd relax for a little while, where it's quiet."

"Poison? Only to those whom are ill suited for it. One man's medicine is another's poison after all." The woman steps forwards, drawing nearer to the feline while tracing her fingers down the length of one particularly large blossom. "So you've come to my garden to rest and relax? This is not a vaction spot…far too many who trapse in here are disruptive, destructive…" she trails off, tilting her head to one side. "I may allow you to stay though, for curiousity's sake. Of course, you know what they said about that and cats…"
Tigra continues to study the woman wearing just plants for decency, a contrast to her own fabrics that don't do much to hide the stripes. The sizable blossom draws her focus when it's singled out, then she shakes her head. "Didn't come here to destroy anything," she explains, inhaling slowly. Seems she's trying to keep her thoughts clear. "Yeah, heard that one before," she adds regarding curiosity. "But..it's a nice garden."

Ivy seems to have lapsed into a comfortable silence, one of contemplation as she regards the woman. Certainly she'd met Selina, messed with her now and then, but never before had she actually encounted an individual with actual feline DNA. She'd toyed with humans, Kryptonians even, but this was something different. Another scent seems to leak into the air as Ivy sets herself down, laying out on that soft grass as smaller leaves of green starts to flower between each blade of grass. Leaves oh-so-similar to 'catnip' with a few modifications. "All gardens can be beautiful, if one knows how to appreciate it."

Tigra continues to study the blossom, then the woman, her tail still flicking this way and that behind her. Eyes then pass beyond her and toward the hammock, then something else draws her attention back toward the reclining woman. She sniffs a couple more times, eyes fluttering. Even a few fingers curl at her side and that tail lashes once, twice as she quickly wets her lips. "Very..beautiful," she agrees, looking initially confused. It's an unusual feeling building.

That scent is only getting stronger, with Tigra's bare feet? She can't exactly avoid making contact with that feline-affecting plant. A soft sweet scent slips through the air as Ivy stretches her back to an arch with a sigh, her own pheromones mingled with the plants. "And hidden," she murmers lazily. "This place isn't one where I would want everyone venturing, ruining my privacy. Yu can keep a secret can't you? Little cat…"
Tigra inhales a few more times, whether she's trying to help herself or not. The effect of the catnip is one thing, leading to a hint of a distant look to her eyes. The pheromones? Something unknown to her, and her toes curl briefly in the soft grass and earth. She studies the way the woman poses, a few fingers rubbing against the side of her snug shorts, and her head bobs slowly. "Can keep secrets, of course," she murmurs back, and she turns a brief circle in the garden. Seems she's noticing more of what's around, but it's also becoming obvious something in here is affecting her judgment.

"Good girl," Ivy purrs, rolling once more onto her side as she watches the feline, flirtation practically pours of Poison Ivy, it had always been the case, but behind that there's a scientific curiousity to her while she watches Tigra's 'symptoms'. "You still haven't told me your name…" she murmers, "Or how you intend to relax either. Are you shy little tiger, or trying to be rude?"

"Tigra," the woman replies, eyes blinking a few more times as she studies you, a hand rubbing at one of her ears before she nearly purrs herself, slowly lowering to inhale at the grass, then she rubs a cheek to it. From there, she turns toward the larger blossom again, sniffing more closely toward it. That was also a source of interest for her, and her nose touches it. "Good girl?" she questions, that tail flicking a little more animatedly. "Thought I'd..mmm." Sniff plants, apparently.

A little chuckle from the plant-woman and she watches the cat bend down towards the plant and rub against it, getting another burst of those same pheromone-laced scents point-blank to her senses. "Good girl," Ivy nods, rubbing her thumb over her own lips before she tilts her head to the side, crimson hair spilling over half her face to obscure her features. Making a small gesture with her fingers the plant-life starts to twist and move, small vine-shoots carrying smaller versions of those flowers starting to creep up the cat's legs.

Tigra's eyes grow somewhat distant as the pheromones hit her full-on as she's nuzzling at the blossom. "Oooh.." she exhales, then another long breath brings another whiff of the potent scent. She turns back toward you and blinks slowly, keeping her balance with both hands in the grass. Before long she can sense a tickling sort of sensation at her legs, causing her attention to shift that way as her tail flicks a few times. "Vines?" she wonders, within a few feet of you now.

No answers from Ivy, but the vines continue their tangling snare, keeping up the potent mixed doses of pheromones and catnip alike while they keep her feet firmly in place. Those green tendrils start upwards, drifting over Tigra's thighs and starting to criss-cross in a neat woven pattern broken only by those flowering plants. An ordinary person would probably be begining to panic…if they weren't dosed up by Ivy's powers and pheromones alike.

Creeping vines that decorate more of Tigra's body, adding green to the orange and white, the black stripes. Her tail lifts upward a few times, a flicking motion, and she actually begins to rumble in the back of her throat from the effects of the catnip and those pheromones. Her eyes, somewhat glassy at the moment and definitely more than a little distant, take note of the way the vines continue to adorn her, only making the effects of the scents that much closer, that much stronger. "So gooood.." she exhales, a smile forming as she even kneads at the ground a couple times with a hand. Panic..is not on her mind.

That tail is left free, but those creeping vines seem intent on immobilizing every other limb. Tigra might be unable to move, but that doesn't stop the vines from lifting her, leaving her to feel her body hoisted from the ground and carried towards Ivy where the chlorokinetic waits, watching the 'effects' with a gaze holding all the curiosity of the scientist she had been once. "Well well…isn't that interesting…" she murmurs. "I'll have to file that little 'mixture' away…"

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