Family Reunion, Take 2: It's (fake) pizza time.

September 10, 2016:

The Maximoff Twins reunite over fake pizza. Guest starring: A witch and a super woman!

Pietro's Apartment

A pretty place, mainly dedicated to its owner's music appreciation, but also used for partying in times like this.


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Fade In…

Pietro's apartment is a nice sound box. He didn't pick it lightly, after all. The acoustics are just sublime! The sound flows flawlessly, while perfectly contained to avoid his neighbors to hear anything from inside. There's plenty of free space, which generates unwanted echoes occasionally, but that's a work in progress. For now, one of the free rooms has been turned into a mini gym. After the recent events, Pietro has been doing something he had abandoned for a year: To prepare himself to fight.

But you can't just do that. Without music.

'Don't Stop Me Now', by Queen, rocks hard in the place. Every guitar riff is properly amplified by a state-of-the-art sound system, tearing the air as the mutant delivers seemingly invisible punches and kicks to training dummies and sandbags placed randomly around the place.

He started mere two songs ago, and most of them are broken already. Yes, Xavier's gym was better prepared. But that's another work in progress. And two songs is a long training, if you hit beyond the speed of sound.

Still, Quicksilver is far from tired. In a few moments he has taken a shower, and just a heartbeat after, he is already wearing a matching Queen shirt, simple jeans and he's ready. Everything while shouting the lyrics (he has a pretty good voice, by the way) and finally dropping on a coach in the living room.

And then, there is a sound that doesn't come from the song. He knows that song from memory, every single note. Yes, is it… a ring?

"A bit early, huh? Or is the pizza?" The silver-haired Maximoff mutters to himself in pondering tone. "Anyway, it's open, come in!" He says lazily without even raising. It is always open, in fact.


Wanda has brought back-up; two lovely ladies who can help out in a fix just in case this is a trap. After a year of silence to suddenly get an invite to a pizza party where one Pietro Maximoff is involved…all very suspicious. It's not as if people don't know he exists and can use it to recapture Wanda. She stands at the door and takes a deep breath; this witch is clad in simple jeans, a sweatshirt and a scarlet jacket. A smile to Fairchild. "Can you go in first?"



There's a beat, then Caitlin realizes Wanda's asking her to head in ahead of her. "/Oh/. Er, yeah," Caitlin says. She tugs on her hair with one hand, the wealth of cascading red held back by a simple black headband— she's found jeans that fit and is wearing a lightweight zippered hoodie with comfortable skater shoes, far from a 'partygirl' outfit. She reaches down and twists the doorknob, then pushes the door open and peeks into the apartment.

"Er… hello? Is there a party going tonight?" she inquires, her tone a bit soft and higher-pitched with uncertainty.


Witchdoctor probably cuts the least of an impossing figure, but at least she'd swapped the gown or the skirt and blazer look for something a little more understated. Jeans of her own and a simple blue tank top, the blonde woman was wearing a white leather jacket of her own unzipped. Her long blonde hair is down rather then pinned back and she stands back from the door as Caitlin steps in, glancing at Wanda. "I'm sure it'll be fine. We've got your back."


"A party? There is always a party, but what do you—" Pietro's eyes widen immediately. "Oh, yes, absolutely." Which could have been a 'Was that today?!' perfectly.

In a way, this is a trap. One he had prepared for so long, and yet, where is his head lately?

The mutant disappears from the coach, just to reappear beside his sound system's control panel. Surprisingly, what is being heard is a vintage, though perfectly preserved, vinyl. The volume goes down, though not completely. You can't just mute Queen. Pietro can't, at least. And, even if this was disguised as a party, this was targeted to a very specific person.

"Wanda Maximoff?" Quicksilver inquires, casting a sweet smile and a nod to Caitlin, who is the first to join. "I mean, please, come in. You caught me off-guard," he chuckles, "But I promise the pizza is coming soon. My name is Pietro, by the way." a glance is given towards two other shadows standing behind Caitlin. "Pietro Maximoff."


"Pietro?" That would be one of the shadows behind Caitlin squeaking out that word. Wanda steps out from behind the giant redhead, staring incredulously at the speedster. "Is that you?" She trembles with fear that this is all some kind of joke. Her eyes moistening with tears as she steps warily towards him. Slowly in case her movement breaks the dream. She reaches out to touch his face and a smile slowly appears. "You bastard" she teases even as the tears start to fall. "I thought you were never coming back." And then it is hug time! Wanda sobbing against her brother as she hangs onto him for dear life.


"No— Caitlin Fairchild." Caitlin smiles at Piotr and points at herself, then points at Wanda. "/That's/ a Wanda. You can tell, 'cause she's shorter," Caitlin says, and … if she's trying to be wry or sarcastic, it's absolutely missing from her tone.

"It's nice to meetcha." Caitlin's smile is a bit reserved, but friendly enough, and she loops her fingers throug her pockets. Up close, it's obvious how friggin' /tall/ she is— inches beyond six feet.

"I hope so, I haven't eaten in like, an hour, and… uh." She blinks in confusion when Wanda darts around her, and her look to Witchdoctor is equally confused and wary.

"er, uh… is this a … bad time?" she inquires, after a sobbing few moments have passed.


Well…it doesn't seem to be a trap. Or it's a good one! Either way the Witch holds back while Wanda embraces her sibling. Left standing beside the much taller Caitlin she bites her bottom lip and reaches out to pat the other woman's arm. "Take your time."


Quicksilver, as many have called him, has turned his head for a moment while his fingers swiftly slide through his vinyl collection. It's hard to choose, and one of the few things he doesn't perform at mutant-level-speed. When you are so fast, taking your time for things you enjoy is a bless.

"Please tell me one of you is the pizza guy." He says casually, with a Transian accent he tries to hide, but that never goes completely away. "Caitlyn, it's a pleasure to meet you. I will be with you in a second, just let me find that disc." Where is it? Why don't just use his phone and hit a playlist? His mind is a whole mystery.

"And yes," He answers Wanda's question, still unaware of who is asking. "I know it's an uncommon name, but you pronounced it very well. Congrats. Seriously. You would be surprised by how people say it. At some point I decided to ask people to just call me Quicksilv—" One second. An entire second. And this, a whole second, is potentially an infinite time for the speedster. He stopped abruptly, pondering and hesitant to turn again… Could it be? That voice…

The mutant, slowly, turns back, facing the door.

"You…" There is a spark, his eyes burn in blue fire, and that smile that is drawn is the sweetest of all. "You?…" Speechless, in pause, not something he is used to. "How could… Is it…" His eyes, now crystalline, make difficult to see anything around. But he doesn't have to see. It's in his heart. He knows, finally, who is standing there. At last.


Surreal, there is no other word.

There are so many questions. So many answers that can wait, just for an instant more. Only a hug more. How could he do anything beside trapping his sister in a warm embrace, secretly hoping for it to never end?

"Wanda I… I'm just here?" Speechless, indeed, but in the middle of the tears, a bright smile finds its way. And then, speaking to all of them, an inviting tone is heard. "No, it's not a bad time. It's actually… the best of times. Seriously. Come in, please."


Wanda has forgotten the other women are there. It is just her and her brother as she holds him. A smile forming as she realises he remembers her…though it will probably be as temporary as the last time. Gone the moment she is out of his sight. So best not get out of his sight! Witchdoctor's hand on her arm causes her to lift her head and offer a smile of thanks to the other witch before she turns back to look at her brother.

"Da…best of times" Wanda nods in agreement before quickly wiping the tears from her cheeks and trying a more enthusiastic smile. This is a party after all! "Where have you been?" she asks through a nervous laugh. "You had me very worried. I was having bad dreams about what happened to you but I am glad they are only dreams." A gesture to the two women. "They are my friends. They came to support me just in case this was a trap. And they like pizza…very much."


Caitlin looks a bit uncomfortable, and seems to be easing back towards the door. She's visibly torn between supporting Wanda's happiness, but the tears of joy seem to be throwing the stalwart redhead for a loop as she tries to figure out precisely what they've stumbled into.

"Er… well, mostly for the moral support," Caitlin hastens to clarify. "Not just for pizza. I mean, pizza would be nice, but I can get pizza anywhere."

"Not that your pizza won't be awesome!" she adds, hurriedly. "I'm sure it'll be great, y'know, when it gets here, but meanwhile, you guys can um …" She wiggles an index finger at Wanda and Piotr.

"This, y'know, all of this looks… good? So keep doing this, and I'll go… stand over here, until the pizza… uh." She seems to realize she's babbling and bites her cheek, then finds something fascinating out a window to examine.


It's a powerful, moving moment…in a way that's more unnerving then if it had been a trap. Fights are easy, being third-wheel to a reunion is a little trickier. "I'm Alyse," she offers, starting with introductions to cut into the babbling of the redhead and offering her best smile. The witch herself slips her fingers into her pockets and seems to be hanging back just as much. "Wanda and I work together on certain shared things…and I'm quite fond of Pizza myself."

Talk of dreams, lost time? She can't really contribute, but that doesn't really stop her from smiling at the reuinion.


Somehow, as if an act of magic (indeed) memories from the past are flowing, raging, as an endless river. A few minutes ago he couldn't remember anything. And now… what has changed? There is only one way to know, after all.

"I… I didn't even remember your name. I couldn't see your face in my mind. I looked for you, but I was clueless. I was lost. I even…" He grins, "I even made up this false 'pizza party' when I knew there was another Maximoff out there…" Pietro quickly turns to Caitlin and Witchdoctor, "Don't worry. The party was fake, but the pizza is coming." That part is absolutely true. The blue gaze returns to his sister. "Why can I remember you? Actually, no, I mean, I /do/ want to know that, but there are many things I want to know first. Mainly…" A half step back is given, looking directly to her eyes.

"How are you?"

To her questions, there is so much to say! To say his excitement is evident would not make justice to the truth.

"I… left Xavier's Institute. I needed time to think, to find myself. And to find you. I returned here, to New York, where my search began in the first place. And… Well, I had some savings so I decided to make a new life. So, here I am." Quicksilver was a thief for a very long time, specially after his sister left Transia. But not the pick-pocketing kind. And robbing powerful criminals, who also happened to be very rich, proved to be a lucrative activity.

"And this is a trap. Absolutely. You have to admit it was a good one. Who would say no to pizza? Clearly, not you. And your friends." His smile is casted towards the two companions, softly followed by a chuckle. Caitlyn reaction is adorable. "My pizza is specially awesome, let me tell you. I've found a wonderful place, their pizza is the best from here to Transia. And they are very close, so that's a plus. Why do you think I moved here?" The rush of happiness is palpable. "There is also beer in the kitchen, sodas, chips, everything you want. Feel free to take a look." and this is another truth. His fast metabolism makes him eat very frequently, and that's something he enjoys. So delicious food is one of the things Pietro's apartment is known for.

"Alyse, it is also a pleasure to meet you. And it's nice know you work with my sister in certain shared things." He doesn't inquire about it, but there is curiosity in his words. "It seems we all here love pizza. It's destiny, I tell you. Destiny."

Wanda gets his attention again, as it couldn't be otherwise. "Do you want anything? I'm so, so, so happy! Just… I don't know, I've got that stew you loved. Do you want some? Well, this is /your/ home, after all!"


Her brother always talked fast…that way he gets out more. Even though Wanda is spending most of her time catching up with his words and then getting worried about her friends. "Both of you stay. I want you to stay. To be here with us so that you can confirm that we found each other again. Hopefully he will not forget me this time." An affectionate rap of her knuckles against the side of Pietro's head.

Wanda shakes her head in disbelief at her twin. "You are rich now?" Her eyes pull away to take in the apartment and the fancy sound equipment. "You always did like your rock and roll" she smiles fondly, memories filling her mind as well…though she never forgot in the first place. Her eyes open wide at the mention of the stew. "You did not!" She seems incredulous but happy. "How? If you could not remember me then how did you remember that?" Whoever put this block on Pietro has a lot to answer for! Another tight hug before she steps back to remove her jacket.

"I am better now" Wanda replies to his concern for her welfare. "Not as rich but I usually give my money away. I am in X-Red and I hope to be in a coven with Alyse. So much has happened since you went away."


Caitlin still looks a bit baffled, and she leans sideways towards Alyse. "Who /is/ this guy?" she mutters, quietly, slipping her words in between the chattering of the two siblings rediscovering one another. "First it was a trap, then it was a pizza party, now it's… a reunion?" she says, looking thoroughly baffled. "How do you forget your own brother or sister? I don't even have one, but I have a feeling I'd remember mine," Caitlin says.

Then she seems to remember something— something painful— and her eyes suddenly go a bit downcast, and she leans back from Alyse's periphery.


"Her brother…I think," Alyse says quietly under her breath, a sidelong comment towards Caitlin while she still remains resting back and just sort of akwardly eaves-dropping. The comment from the towering woman who slips away a little makes her turn her head with a frown. She might not have any siblings (that she knew of, who could be sure with Fae?) but the doctor wasn't exactly blind to some sort of pain.


"About that," Pietro raises a brow, "Why do I forget you? And it looks like you… remember… everything." He ponders it for a moment. "Am I the only one here that forgets /everything/? I would prefer to forget about every Pink Floyd song, and that is /huge/ than to forget about my sister." So much sadness in his voice, and yet he is so happy and excited. A curious cocktail of emotions, indeed.

"And I am not rich. I just use my money in very specific things. I am like Robbin Hood. Take from the rich criminals and give to the poor. And take a share. Like, you know, Robbin Hood." Pietro grins. "Or I used to, anyway. I haven't… done that… in a good time. And that scares me, because at this rate, I will end up being one of the good guys. Like you." a new grin, a sweet one. His words fast as always.

"And no, I couldn't remember your face. Even less your food tastes. But I cooked it because I love it too. And…" a new tear drops slowly. "And now I remember the reason."

As Wanda removes her jacket, the speedster uses the time to re-arrange a bit the place.

He dashes from a place to another, like a blurry gust of silver wind. The beers, sodas and snacks he was talking about? They are now on the table. The stew he cooked? Four plates are ready. The door closed. Clothing out of place that could be in any visible spot? Cleared. A selfie with his sister? Of course. Using his mutant ability for heroic deeds is something he does from time to time. Using it for joy is something he always does.

And, while dashing around the place at supersonic speeds, he had time to notice certain things. Certain expressions that could be easily ignored for a normal person. A curious look goes to Caitlyn, with a bit of worry, as she looks to be down for an instant. "Your favorite pizza?" He asks her casually. "And yours?" Now to Alyse. At least he knows something they have in common. Why not use it for good? And he didn't order just one. So, there's a good chance the answer could fit what he ordered.

"X-Red?" Now to his sister. "As a matter of fact, I am just in the process of joining the X-Men. I won't move to the mansion, but I will join the team. Isn't it a bit ironic? In the best sense of the world, of course." His voice is always warm, but there's a spark in his eyes that speaks of the dream-like sensation he is experiencing. "And a coven, huh? I love how you find more /magical/ people." Is there a more specific term? Not that Pietro knows. "I wish I could understand more your magic, and you know it. But you also know I will always support you, and protect you. Actually… Where are you living?" There is always concern, which is understandable, after so much time.


Life with Pietro is always a blur and it takes some getting used to again. At least Wanda does manage to smile for the selfie before he is gone again. "I did not know I was magical until I came here" she notes to her brother - no point trying to look in his direction. "I just thought it was other things…like the voices. Have you seen the Transian government here? They tried to…umm…when they take you from the country you are in to send you back where you are a criminal. But then they let me go and I still do not know why."

"You will be an X-Man again? That is nice. I hope that you do not get your heart broken this time" Wanda smiles before looking around the apartment to see if there is any trace of female company. It is not often that Pietro does not have at least one girlfriend on the go. A nod to Caitlin and Alyse. "He is my twin brother…the older, uglier one" she grins. "We have not seen each other for a year and someone is trying to keep us apart by taking away his memory unless we are together. It is…strange. But, yes, let us have pizza! Anything you like, Robbing Hood is paying."

A shake of her head to Pietro. "I am no hero. I just do what I can and try not to destroy the world when I do it. It is a close run thing sometimes" she laughs before plonking herself down on the couch. "Come sit, Alyse…Caitlin."


"Everything with everything," Caitlin says, instantly. One might think her a gourmand— Caitlin just eats without much prejudice. She flashes a smile at Piotr's effort to cheer her, and the downcast expression is gone a flickering blink later. Only Piotr would read it.

"But lemme throw a few bucks at you," she says, digging in her pocket for a crumpled wad of bills, and handing a $50 to Piotr. "If you can just add like… four more pizzas to the order, that'd be great, otherwise I'm gonna get hangry before too long," she says, with a wry grin.

Without explaining why Piotr needs to order that much more food, Caitlin moves to sit— but the sofa gets a dubious once over and she instead reaches for a sturdily built metal-framed chair, settling into it slooooowly, and exhaling when the chair creaks in an alarming fashion but doesn't break underneath her. She sits a bit awkwardly slouched, knees together, heels kicked out, and watching the reunion unwinding.


"Something with cheese, and lots of meat." Alyse answers. Real meat was a luxury in her world and time. Here? It was so plentiful and casually obtained! Mention of passing a few bucks Pitor's way however earns a shake of the blonde's head and she fishes into her pocket, drawing out what appears to be a credit card. "Here, let me. 'Miles' and all that," she winks, truthfully planning on using her little 'fairy gold' trick once more rather then actually paying for things. It was just a little harmless fraud! Digital currency was so easily manipulated.

"Hangry?" Alyse repeats towards Caitlin like the term were alien to her as she moves to find a seat for herself on the sofa, looking between the two twins. Clearly plenty had happened, before and during their seperation. She was all too happy to let the pair of them catch up."


Pietro shakes his head a little, now with a more serious tone. "When you close that door, this is the safest place I've seen. Soundproof, bulletproof" he is not kidding, "And we are so high that someone getting through the window would be unlikely. And then they would need to break it. Good luck with that. You know? People should love me, but there are those who don't. Specially the ones who unwillingly payed for this place." His voice relaxes, fading into a grin.

"Heart broken? Ouch." He frowns teasingly, "I learn from my experience, so no mutant love, no. Actually, I do have a girlfriend, who is wonderful, you will love her." Signs of clothing that does not belong to him were erased in the previous swift-cleaning.

The description Wanda offers is very accurate, but he clarifies a point. "Only older by… minutes. Probably seconds." He seems to agree with the rest, laughing and nodding approvingly.

To Caitlyn and then Alyse, a new shake of head is given. A gentle one. "Don't worry. Robbing Hood is paying. I already tricked you all into a fake party, so the least I could do is invite everything." the mutant chuckles and takes seat on the coach. It is ample enough. "So," his phone is pulled, "Let me add to the order. One with everything and everything." A few taps. "One with cheese and lots of meat." A slide, then more taps. "Make it two of each… and…" He turns to his sister, partly waiting for his answer about what other pizza should he order, and because there is something else he wants to ask.

"Wanda, you should move in here. I mean, the only reason I have an extra bedroom is because I wanted to find you. Unless you are happy enough with your current home, of course, but I would love to have you here. Your friends are always welcome," Alyse and Caitlyn receive a smile, "And I would never forget you…" It faded again into sadness. It's inevitable. It's hard to know this happiness will eventually end, and he won't even keep the memories of his sister.


"Move in here?" Wanda bites on her lower lip as she considers it. "I will think about it." It's not as if she hates her brother - far from it - but the both of them in the same place means they will be an easy target no matter how secure this apartment seems to be. "I live at X-Red and I am almost the only one who does now…and Gabriel too. I would not want to leave him alone. He is an alien and trying to get used to everything and I am helping him." Maybe a little blush in her cheeks at that. "We should find out who is blocking your memories and do something about that."

Wanda giggles at Caitlyn trying out the chair like that. "But we should talk about other things too. Like Caitlyn's love life and if it has got better" she teases before shaking her head at her brother. "Why am I not surprised you already have a girlfriend. You move quick with everything. Well…maybe not /everything/ or you would not have a girlfriend." With Alyse nearby she reaches out to give that woman's arm an affectionate squeeze. "How many credit cards do you have now?"


"Oooh, no no no," Caitlin chuckles uneasily, shaking her head and waving her hands back and forth in front of her. "My love life's more like a depressing Sylvia Plath poem, at this point. It's okay— really!" she assures Wanda. "I'm just glad you and Piotr reconnected, it sounds like you two have, um, had some hard times," she says, cautiously. "And this is a really nice place! I haven't seen the X-red building, but— y'know, there's a lot to be said for your own room," she tells Wanda, smiling quickly.

She politely makes no mention or remark about the discussion about ill-gotten goods— it's not like Wanda's the only person in the room with a sibling who dabbles in the black market.


"One…one at a time anyway," Alyse answers Wanda with a shrug and a wink. "Or none, depending on how you look at it." Topic shifting to lovelife makes Alyse's eyebrow raise and she glances sidelong at Caitlin, but she doesn't know the woman well enough to comment freely about it, instead there's merely quite a bit of curiousity in those big blue eyes. Ill-gotten goods? Alyse was a former criminal herself, but crimes were a little different where she was from. Now? She was doing the right thing mostly…as long as you weren't the IRA.


"Just," Pietro casts a smile to his sister. "Think about it. No rush." One does not need to be a speedster to note the blush. They are twins, they know each other, so he smirks and doesn't press the subject. But he takes mental note. Last time he had an interesting meeting with Iceman, but that is something he won't mention right now. He just tilts his beer.

What beer? Some would wisely ask.

Pietro now has a beer in his hand. An eager observer, very eager, would notice his image blurred for a fraction of a second. But now everyone in the room has a beer by their side. It's good to have a speedy mutant around.

But then, he can't help it and laughs, luckily before drinking!

"Being a speedster is a matter of knowing when to be quick." He smiles over his glass, "And when to be slow. That's the trick. But I will take it as a compliment, dear sister." He chuckles even more.

Now, talking about Caitlin's love life is something beyond Quicksilver's reach, since they met just tonight, but her reaction is amusing. "Wow, that's an interesting comparison, though a bit bittersweet? Something like 'Thalidomide', or more like 'The Disquieting Muses'? And there's so much in between. Or should I remain silent, maybe?" a grin is offered, apologetic, as if knowing he shouldn't ask. But that's what he does. He never stops. "But, see?" Carrying the momentum of Caitlyn's words back to Wanda, "This is a nice place. At least admit it's tempting."

"What kind of question is 'how many credit cards'?" Now curiously looking to Alyse. He is clearly not judging. On the contrary, he finds it most entertaining. Her answer is satisfactory enough, though, so that's another subject he won't press for now.


Wanda smiles at Caitlyn's blushes and stammers but they can talk about it later…in private. Hopefully it all went well with her secret crush…or is it someone else altogether now? "Alyse is very clever with her magic" she explains to her brother. "She does things I would not think to do." Maybe because Wanda doesn't have a criminal bone in her body…except maybe all that pickpocketing and theft when she lived on the street but that was survival not crime.

Wanda stares at the magic beer before poking at the can. Not really a beer drinker. "Disquieting Muses?" That has her just staring at Pietro and wondering who replaced him with someone with an education. "It is a nice place, da, but that is not all that counts. It is what you feel is home. If this is your home, Pietro, then that is good. Would you move in with me or would you prefer to stay here?"


"Uh… I don't know," Caitlin tells Piotr, pinking across her high cheekbones at his smiling ease and casual expertise in the realm of poetry. "Nothing that dark, I guess, but… sometimes it does feel like an almost existential angst. It sucks, then it's gone." She wiggles heavy shoulders back and forth, her fierce orange-red hair dancing across her back with the motion.

"It's … a really dark poem, Wanda," Caitlin explains to her friend. "But, uh, like I said, nothing I have going on is really worth talking about— I just focus on work," she smiles, a dimple appearing under one cheek. "And the League, of course, but that's a dream job anyway."

She takes a polite sip of beer and immediately makes a face, setting it a bit out of reach.


"The league, Red-X…you all make me feel a little self-concious of my lack of employment," Alyse grins, leaning back in the embrace of the couch and chuckling a little to herself. "But it is good to have goals, friends to count on? Life without those sorts of things? Tends to be unpleasent." Wanda's complement to her magic earns a shrug and a wink at the other woman before she glances at Quicksilver. "It's always come to me easily. As easy as breathing really." As if to punctuate her point she waves her fingers, a light flare of shining energy taking the form of a small butterfly for a moment before it's gone. "Second nature."


Quicksilver is a beer drinker, unlike his sister, but mainly because of the flavor. When your metabolism is so exotic, getting drunk is tricky, at best.

"I would rather be with you." He says plain and honestly. "We've lived in so many places, and I have called 'home' so few of them." He sighs, raises his glass but it is lowered again shortly after. "Tomorrow I will wake up and I won't remember any of this. So, yes, this place is wonderful, but is not yet a home." Silences are so uncommon in him, that they are louder than his words. Now is one of that moments.

"But I will listen to Bowie in high quality, so that's something." Even now, he finds a way to dismiss it, at least apparently, and laugh for a bit.

"I can't think Sylvia Plath herself had a love life comparable to her own works, actually!" the speedster leans back for a moment. "An interesting reading, though. But trust me, I know what you mean. You can ask my sister, she had to deal with me in very dark love times." Oh, sweet summer child. "

The butterfly that appears and disappears is amazing, and it's clear Pietro thinks the same.

"My speed serves to many cheap tricks, some of them with better results than others, but I feel I'm the only one here who is not a real magician… Caitlyn, can you do that too? Suddenly I think this place is not as safe as I thought." again teasing, clearly! "Other than that, I'm in the unemployed group too." A fist bump is offered in Alyse's direction. "Not as bad as it sounds."


"I cannot say I noticed Pietro's dark loves" Wanda smirks, "But I was always jealous. He would have all the girls love him and I would have…everyone…frightened of the strange girl with the strange gifts who would always hear the voices." A shrug. "But that is all in the past now. Things are different now." Though she says it like it has never changed. "I do not think I met this Sylvia Plath girlfriend of yours. I am sorry she was dark and miserable."

A nod of thanks to Caitlyn's explanations before Wanda looks at her with a curious expression. It sounds like the big woman is alone again and that makes the witch sad.

"X-Red" Wanda gently corrects Alyse. "But we will work together in a coven, da? We will be partners…compatriots…whatever word they use. And we are already friends." A smile at the butterfly. "See! I cannot do that."

And then sadness returns as she nods to her brother. "Da…tomorrow you will forget me so we better make tonight a lot of fun. And we should have a really big photo of me on the wall before we are done."


"Me? Oh gosh, no, I can't do anything like that," Caitlin says, shaking her head rapidly back and forth. "I wouldn't even know how to try. I'm just, y'know— me," she says, with a small, almost shy smile and a shrug. "Wanda and Alyse are the only magic users I've ever really met, though I did bump into Zatanna that once. But… no, I hang out with Supergirl more than anyone," she admits. "I'm good at lifting stuff up and setting it down, but magic just… I don't grok it at all."


"Supergirl?" Witchdoctor repeats, laughing a little. "That's hardly nothing. She's certainly…" The witch trails off, simply grinning a little at the thought and distracted by Wanda's words, leaning for her smile to only widen, if not take on a flirtatious edge. "If I had of known you were jealous of female attention Wanda, our first meeting might have been a little different," she winks, punctuating the expression with a perhaps exaggurated look over the other woman's form before comment of forgetting things snaps her back almost lightswitch-quick to a more professional manerism. "Anterograde amnesia? Truly?"


"The strange girl with the strange gifts who would always hear the voices AND with the best ideas." Pietro notes. "A big photo on the wall! Now, I don't have a… printer… because it is 2016 and all. And tomorrow I would not remember to print it. Which doesn't mean there's not a solution." The speedster peers at Alyse and Caitlin. "One of you, or both, can print it and bring it here." A brief ponder and then he nods approvingly at himself. "Please?" It's a plan. Even if he forgets about her, not everything is lost.

To Caitlyn, a smirk is offered. "Team magic-less for the win. Well, not really. I actually admire you, magic casters. What you can do is… so impressive. So many possibilities. But still a great responsibility." Spidey would concur. "And you, Alyse have another advantage. You will be 'covener'," a word just coined, but it still sounds arguably well in Transian accent, "with Wanda." And then she just grins at her words to his sister. "See? You are just ignoring your possibilities." he sips and continues grinning.

"Antero… Anterogr—" The speedster gives up quickly. "/That/ amnesia… Is that what I suffer? Is there… a cure?"


"Selfies," Caitlin offers, after Pitor's question. Realizing she's spoken without being an expert, she shifts, but drives on. "Umm… you can't make memories, right? I'm not a brain… thinker… surgeon," she struggles, "but I'm really scattered sometimes. So I leave post-it notes around, and message myself, an' stuff," she says.

She clears her throat, hurrying to her next point. "Er, so, what you do is every day, you do kind of a… brain dump," she tells Piotr. "You take photos all of the time, of everything. Write it all down. Keep a journal. Then, at the end of the day, turn on your webcam and leave yourself a little video log," she tells him. "People you met, things you promised to do. Put important pictures everywhere with little nametags next to them. So you could get like, a picture of Wanda, and hang it on your Memory Wall, and go look at it every day. That way you'll see her, and at least know who she is."


Wanda nods to Caitlyn's idea. "Like in that movie? I think Pietro tried that once already. A year ago he took a photo of me on his phone but I do not think it is the same phone now. If he loses the phone then he does not remember I was on it." A frown and a shake of her head. "I think I will just try to figure out how it has happened and I will fix it…Alyse can help." If she noticed the wandering eyes of her fellow mage she made no comment…maybe casually moved a bit to help her out.

Then Wanda's eyes go wide. "Oh! There are big posters of me! They are hanging up on the X-Red building…we are a very public organisation. I am not a fan of seeing myself like this so I do not mind if it comes here. We can write 'I am your sister' on it."


"Depends on the cause," Alyse answers, humor replaced with professionalism that only came from the 'doctor' part of her streetname. She -was- a surgeon after all, even if technology had been a little further along where she had come from. "Trauma related could be healed with the right treatment. It would likely not restore lost memories, but it could make sure new memories remain…" trailing off she considers, a smile and nod given to Caitlin's suggestion. She's on the money after all.

"Perhaps we could make use of…alternate medicines. The right spellwork might heal you, but if not then a phylactery containing impressions and memories could be used. A box containing memories you can 'unlock' each morning…you might just need to write 'open me' on it."


There are big posters with Pietro's picture, too. Mostly in Transia. And mostly offering rewards. But those are old pictures and he looks better now, or so he firmly tells himself every morning.

"That is a very good idea." No sarcasm, the idea about selfies, pictures and notes catches his attention immediately. "I lost my phone, but I don't think I will lose a wall. At least I hope I don't. I sincerely hope I don't. And we can at least try… Hopefully I will have my memory back when I look at them, or when I read about Wanda. Until we find a permanent solution… But thank you. Really. I will do that. Everything. And, if the ultimate solution is magic, you can count me in."

There is a ring again. Which could only mean…

"Oh," Quicksilver honors his name, dashing almost instantly to open the door.

Thirty minutes or free? Not today. But still this pizza is worth every cent.

"It seems this was not a /fake/ pizza party, after all." the silver haired Maximoff says softly, with a sense of achievement and delight. And there are many pizza boxes!


"Yeah, I go through phones, like… a lot," Caitlin admits, wryly. "Even the ultramax sPhone. I have to get a new one every couple months— they're tough, but they aren't unbreakable."

"Um, meanwhile, yeah, get a notepad and write in it every day, and I guess… like, an old Polaroid camera?" she offers. Then, Pizza is Here! Caitlin leaps to her feet to help with the pizzas, grabbing a few and setting them aside— and then she takes one for herself, returnign to her seat and balancing it on her knees.

If there was any wonder about her ability to put food away, she surpasses all expectations— Caitlin starts by turning two pieces into a sandwich, and inhales them with shocking speed. She's well through the entire first /pizza/ before anyone but Pietro's through their first slice.


Wanda is also a great consumer of food…it runs in the family. It's probably left over from her life on the street. If you don't know when the next meal is coming from then you take all that you can get. "These are good" she nods, tomato sauce dribbling down her cheek as she consumes the food. "Alyse, maybe you can help me with the magics? We can see what is holding Pietro's mind back. I would rather not be forgotten. Does that sound good to you?" A warm smile for the other mage before it's back to food!

"So it is agreed. We get one of those huge posters of me, put it on the wall and do lots of reminders for Pietro of who I am. This means that if he forgets me from now on then it will be on purpose." Wanda sticks out her tongue at her twin.


Alyse is clearly out of her depth in this culinary devestation. Her pizza is attacked in a much more reasonable rate while she raises an eyebrow at the attack of Fairchild. "How do you manage not to choke?" she asks in pure wonder before Wanda's questions make her nod and smile. "I would be happy to try, but I cannot make promises without knowing more." Another bite, the Witch shrugs her shoulders with a little glance towards Pietro. "But after pizza, no? Magic is worthless if we let the food get cold!"


"If eating pizza is an art, you have certainly perfected it." Pietro solemnly declares to the three other people in the room. He is not a newbie, either, but his technique is more simplistic and tending to the basics. He just eats fast. Though, and in favor of sportsmanship, he is not using his enhanced speed, or the rest could be left pizza-less.

"Oh, snap!" He laughs at Wanda's words. "It won't leave me with many options. And it's funny because we are twins. One would think a mirror would suffice. But you are… red." Yes, she is. "So the poster will do the trick. Will you be ready to get your phone spammed with texts from your favorite brother, though? I can type very quick." And two slices disappear from one box!

To Caitlyn, he chuckles. "Phones are alive and hate captivity. The will do anything to be free. That's what I tell my carrier when I ask for replacement." He is a machine, for another slice cleanly vanishes!

At the talk of magic he pays close attention, without intervening himself for now, but still laughs at Alyse's comment. "Pizza is always an inspiration, so eat all you want. That will fuel your spells and I will have a better chance to get my memory permanently back."


"You are both my favorite and non-favorite brother" Wanda smirks to Pietro. "Just remember to let me answer any texts before you send the next one. You always move the world too quick, you know? I am still on message two when you are on message twenty." A nod to Alyse. "Of course…after food. I do not think we can solve it in a day but we will solve it. We have to."

"I have always been red" Wanda laughs at Pietro. "I am now called the Scarlet Witch. I /think/ it is not meant to be an insult."


"Nothing wrong with being called Witch…and red is your color," Alyse offers as she takes another bite of her own pizza, slow progress meaning she's only onto her second piece where others have finished entire boxes. "People still fear or misunderstand magic, but where I came from? It had became a tool used by those in power to stay in power. This is a preference." Nodding at Quicksilver's words she tilts her head to the other side. "No great works were created on an empty stomach, of that I am certain."


"And you are both my favorite sister and my favorite twin. Can you see how I can always answer sweetly?" Pietro retorts over his new slice of pizza. "Ok, I will let you answer between messages. But that will only prove that /you/ are the one who forgets about your brother." No more everything and everything pizza? He digs through the boxes in search of one. "I find Scarlet Witch a fitting name. And now that you mention, it could be a non-insult. Maybe?" He grins and dashes full-speed to seat on the coach beside Wanda. "People call me Quicksilver. Because I'm quick and I am… I swear it sounded cooler before." The beer reappears in his hand. "So, they named the X-Red after you? Or the mutant population is so big they now sort us by color?"

Now, on a more serious note, he looks at Alyse.

"May I ask where are you from? In my experience, people are always used by other people to stay in power, or to get it. But when it comes to magic… What could be so powerful to use magic wielders as tools? There must be a good reason for magic users not to use their ability to free themselves, I am sure."


"Witch is not a good name in many cultures…like Transian. I do not see people calling a person a witch because they like them. It is not too far from bitch but…da…I am proud of that now. I am a witch and I am happy to admit it" Wanda nods, an expression of pride on her face for a moment before looking sadly at Alyse. She has heard the story of her world before and it is not a nice place.

"That is what Transia wanted of us, Pietro" Wanda sighs. "They wanted us to be their weapons…or cut us up to see how we worked. And the only people who suffered were our parents." She puts the pizza down, her appetite lost for a moment. At least her brother can make her smile again. "No, they did not call X-Red after me. It is happy coincidence."


"Money," Witchdoctor answers Pietro rather plainly. "My…place was ruled my corporations. They controlled every aspect of everyday life. A child with magical potential wanted for nothing as far as housing and education…but they were owned entirely by the people with the bank account to 'buy' their lives." She doesn't go into much further detail, deliberately vague. "You could break free, but you spend your life running."

Wanda's words make her smile and raise a slice in mimed 'toast'. Proud to be a Witch herself. The mention of their parents however makes her frown, taking a slow bite of her food. Different methods, same goal as her time.


Quicksilver sighs, offering a reassuring smile to his twin. "I've always thought… Maybe I was not strong enough. Things could have been different. But, still… Yes, people are always using other people as tools. But not anymore. At least, not for us. That will never happen again, I promise." There are a few topics he would never joke about, after all. And Alyse's words are received with the same respect. "Money. I can understand that, as well." Being a sensitive topic, he doesn't want to dig too deep. "I can only say what I said to Wanda. Never again. For any of us. Never again." The beer is now on the table.


"It was not your fault, Pietro" Wanda whispers with a shake of her head. "It was me who killed our mother when we escaped. It is me who will have to live with it." She stares down at her food for a long while before nodding. "Da, never again…for any of us. I hope they do not try to extradite me again." She's remembered the word she lost earlier. "Money is horrible. I do not like it at all." A deep breath. "I should not waste this food." And back into it she goes.


Perhaps Witchdoctor's own view on money is why her enjoys her toying with the system. Digital 'fairy gold' that eventually would disappear from accounts due to bank errors and computer glitches. Technology made it so much easier for people to let these things go unnoticed. "Never again," she agrees with a bow of her head, chewing her bottom lip but not reaching for the beer. Perhaps she's not a big drinker, or the discussion had made her hesitant to risk drunkeness.


The speedster, very slowly, shakes his head. His gaze lost, facing down, and with the same motion he gets closer to his sister, hugging her very tight. His voice might break at this point, but his whisper is always soft. "It was not your fault. Always remember that. I will… I will eventually forget this words. But no tear is forgotten. And no tear is in vain. Just promise me you will remember it was not your fault." Leaning back, he cleans his tears and smiles broadly to Wanda.

A few Transian words are spoken. Whatever they are, those are words that can only be spoken with a smile.

"So," now talking to everyone in the room, "In a scale from 9 to 10, how would you rate this among the fake pizza parties you have attended to?"


Wanda leans into her brother's embrace; it has been way too long. She does manage a nod to his words before finally whsipering. "I promise." Though whether she can hold to that…who knows. She reaches out to pull Witchdoctor into the hug too…and Fairchild is encouraged to join as well. "Ten" she grins to her twin. "Best fake pizza party ever."


"The real pizza was a nice touch," Alyse offers with a smile, only to look suprised as she's pulled into the hug. The Witch might actually even blush! She might not understand their language, nor have something to translate the exchange that isn't really hers to listen in on. Reaching towards the speedster, perhaps unexpectedly, she tries to place a fingertip on the man's forehead, her eyes giving a faint flicker of pale light. A 'scan' of the man's mind.


How could Pietro feel right now? The mixture of emotions is such that tears of sadness have faded into tears of joy. This is a dream, it couldn't be something else. A dream he will forget in the morning, but still a dream that will remain always in his heart. "Best fake pizza party ever." he childishly repeats while grinning in the middle of the big embrace. He can't articulate many words, which is very uncommon for the speedster. "I'm glad you liked the real pizza. I love plot twists." And there is still more. And more beer, laughs, cats flying around (things might be hard to describe from some point, that may just happen) and who knows what else. And a picture, too. Or maybe many of them. At least one, though, must remain on the wall. A constant reminder of dreams that never go completely away.

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