Warehouse Investigation

September 08, 2016:

Given an investigation assignment by Batman, Spoiler heads to the Gotham Docks to collect evidence in a gun smuggling case (scene narrated by Rachel Dawes)

Gotham Docks, Pier 47


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Batman


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Fade In…

It's a truism about the Gotham Docks that there's around the clock activity there. Most of it is seen and out in the open. Much of the activity, though, is in the dark and better off left unknown to the authorities. And such activity is happening at a warehouse on Pier 47 as a group of men stand guard throughout the Pier. All the men are Asian, wearing concealing jackets and with hands in their pockets, watching the surroundings attentively. The warehouse is dimly light inside, and the occasional shadows glimpsed through windows and open doors indicates movement. The warehouse itself is known to the GCPD and various other concerned parties as being owned by a front company for the Jade Fang Tong. Two mid-level members of the Tong are currently under investigation for weapons smuggling, but the evidence is thin. Perhaps there's a concerned party that might be able to make the evidence against the men a bit more hefty?

Surveillance and reconnaissance. Spoiler was told to just head by, gather what information she could without disrupting, and keep it on the down low.

Does Batman realize how hard that is for Twitter-fiend @SpoiledBat?

Spoiler slips onto a nearby rooftop. First, case the place. She counts the men, the doors, the windows. Should she go in? See if there's evidence? The logical answer is: Probably not. The overachiever answer is: Are you daft? Of course she's going to try to get in and get evidence! Just give her a minute, alright?

All told there's 8 men outside. Closer examination reveals bulges under the jackets; looks like these guys are packing more than Saturday Night Specials. The warehouse roof is close enough to jump to, and the goons on the docks aren't really looking for trouble from above, either. On the warehouse roof, there's lots of skylights that could provide a safe glimpse inside.

Seeing the roof just inside jumping distance, the once-cheerleader backs up so she can sprint, flip onto the lip of this roof then spring over to the other. Spoiler lets her body curl into a tumble to break her fall. Back on her feet, she sweeps her gaze about to make sure exits are still safe. Batman would be proud!

No one looks up to see the figure of the young girl gracefully sailing through the night sky. The landing is quiet and the tumble brings Spoiler close to one of the skylights. A quick glance down reveals a warehouse filled with crates and more men inside. Some are patrolling around, carrying sub machine guns in a ready position. And six others are sitting around a table, playing mahjong and smoking. There's other skylights on the roof, and a smaller window that's propped up. Judging by the positioning and what Spoiler can see, it looks like that window is over the warehouse office.

Open window. Perfect. At the first skylight, and all others on the way, Spoiler takes flashless pics through the window. Instagram pays off. At the open window, Spoiler pauses to peek in. How far is the drop down? Is there something there that she can use to leap back up once she's inside? Are the lights on?

The office is dark, illuminated only by the lights from the warehouse. It's not a terrible drop down, and there's a desk that can be used for a jump back up to the window. With the available light, a file cabinet, ledgers, and a computer in sleep mode can be seen.

Under the full face mask, Spoiler bites her lower lip. A quick glance about the roof, and she slips through the open window. A heartbeat to dangle, and Spoiler drops as soundlessly as she can. Computer first? She's not a hacker, so if it's password locked, there's nothing she can do. Wait. Windows? If she wakes up the screen it will glow. Spoiler looks over a shoulder for a window.

The computer is set in a corner, so the screen is facing away from the window overlooking the warehouse. Any glow from the screen probably won't be noticed. There's lots of papers around the computer, and a post-it note on the side of the monitor. These guys aren't too big on security, because there's login information on the post-it. Looks like they're not getting security advice from Ed Snowden.

ohmygod, really? Spoiler reads the info and logs into the computer. Okay. Evidence. She fishes 128GB cell-phone sized SD chip from one of the pouches on her belt, slips it into a USB converter and sets the computer to download important looking files on the the new flash drive. Meanwhile, time for a quick scan of the ledgers.. by the measly light coming in from the windows. Camscanner App! I choose you!

The ledgers at least are in Chinese, so these guys do have some precautions. Lots of pictures to take, though; it would be a couple minutes to get full scans for the ledgers. The computer comes to life, the screen flickering on to display a picture of a nude asian woman as the wallpaper. Looks like all the labeling on the windows are in chinese as well.

With the drive in place, Spoiler looks over when the computer boots up, and she looks up at the ceiling in a 'why me?' moment. #Google Translate FTW Switching Apps quickly, Spoiler knows she's running out of time, and she quickly tries to decode enough to file dump as much of the damn harddrive as she can fit on that thumb drive before she'll go back to scanning the ledger.

With some help from Google Translate, Spoiler can maneuver through the files and system. The file transfer is about halfway done when there's a loud shout from out in the warehouse. There's the sound of chairs being knocked over and more shouting in Chinese.


Spoiler frantically moves to kill the transfer before yanking out the USB. The ledger she flips back to… damn! What page? Too much funny squiggles! A few clicks, and she hopes that's sleep mode. Phone and USB dropped into their pockets on her belt (not to be thought of as the fanny packs they likely ARE), Spoiler heads to the desk. Must get out. Must get out. Abort! Abort! Danger Will Robinson! You've watched WAY too much Netflix, Brown. Way too much!

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