Mutant Activation?

September 08, 2016:

An illness is sweeping Haiti, SHIELD is called in and the Brotherhood gets wind of something strange. (emits by Aspect)



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It came to their attention rather different ways, truth be told, but the result is the same for all of them. There's a localized illness sweeping Haiti centered in the Fond-des-Blancs area. The symptoms are shockingly generalized but highly persistant. It's drawn the attention of a number of medical organizations including a charity affiliate of Doctors without Borders financed in part by the work of the Extropy institute.

It's also drawn the attention of a number of unsavory types, the state of Haiti being what it is ever since the devastating earthquake near Port-au-Prince virtually demolished the country's govenance. Local bandits and crime syndicates have been raiding medical convoys into the area and it's gotten bad enough that several agencies including SHIELD have finally been asked to step in.

Of course, there are rumors. Rumors around the brotherhood that this illness isn't at all natural, that it isn't what it seems. Unsubstantiated rumors but Brotherhood Agents in Haiti and the DR insist that there's something off here.

They just can't say what.

Whatever the case, the local hospitals and the ad-hoc medical centers set up by the forigen doctors are filled to overflowing. The main coordinator for the international efforts, a man named Jean St. Coix is hard at work in one of them. Understaffed, out of supplies and occasionally shot at.

Hopefully those appeals to SHIELD and elsewhere will bear fruit.

As soon as SHIELD was called in, May assembled a team and prepped a quinjet. Instead of the usual combat complement, though, it's ninety percent supplies, ten percent personnel. Mostly medical professionals that volunteered to go on this mission and are making sure the supplies don't get jostled overmuch.

As the quinjet banks to land on the roof of the building where they're supposed to meet with St. Croix. "We're about to land," she tells the jet's passengers so they can finish up last minute preparations.

Mystique is already on the ground in Haiti investigating the lead fed to her by the brotherhood. She has been spending some time looking for leads in the impacted area, while also keeping an eye on the interested external parties. They could provide a clue as to what is really going on. Through.. ways… having heard about the SHIELD flight she made her way towards their landing site and is watching said Quinjet land through macrobinoculars.

As the Quinjet lands, Jemma is one of the first ready at the door. When it opens, she'll let whoever greets them, guide to St Crois. Really, she doesn't want to waste anytime is providing assistance. It might be a nice change to the creations she's been working on, in her lab.

The team that has been assembled not only has supplies, they've bought some of the equipment that is used in their R&D labs - hopefully it will be useful.

May's troops immediately move to establish checkpoints and a secure primeter. In the mean time one of the locals takes Jemma and May to see Doctor St. Croix. The red headed slightly balding but rather fit man seems to be doing forty things at once. "You are with SHIELD? Good." He's got a notable continental french accent.

"Hopefully you can secure the roads and Airport. Our medical supplies are being stolen regularly by criminals seeking to sell them on the black market, or back to us at five times the cost." He shakes his head. "It's hard enough trying to cure something we can't even diagnose without dealing with that."

Outside, along the road, Mystique can see a number of technicals gathering out of sight of the SHIELD checkpoint. There's going to be trouble in a minute.

Mystique sighs. She scans the building listening with a shotgun sensor built into the unit and then down to hte technicals out of sight. With a shake of her head she walks to the edge of the roof and drops down to the ground with a bit of Parkour. It is a short walk around to the front of the facility .. suddenly a fit young male SHIELD agent in uniforn. "Hey guys I think I spotted something suspicious over that way…" because well SHIELD isn't the enemy and they may actually get to the bottom of this 'plague'.

Melinda May nods a greeting to the doctor and at his explanation, she considers. "I'll call in more support teams." Secure that much ground is not the kind of thing SHIELD is designed to handle on such a short notice, but they'll figure something out. "Doctor Simmons is here to help you figure out what this is and how to counteract it. Leave the rest to me."

May turns to go back to the quinjet and stops at the young agent's report, her eyes narrowing. She doesn't recognize him as one of the team that she just brought. But still, if he's honestly reporting something hinky, she can't ignore it. "Show me where."

Jemma smiles faintly at St Croix and looks around "If you could show me to the patients?" Glancing over her shoulder at the young agent, she frowns. "Do they usually get this close?" She's more concerned for the patients than for anything else, if that's the case.

It's a good thing she bought her field kit with her. That thing never seems to be far away.

It doesn't take but a moment for May to be shown. As the 'young SHIELD agent' begins to do just that the technicals roar into sight, machineguns blazing. They're not horribly accurate but the tac agents at the checkpoint at the front of the are forced to take cover and return fire.

As the firefight starts to truely develop, those pickup trucks bearing down on the town, there's a scream of pure fury from the street behind May and the agent and just outside the Doctors Without Borders hospital. A young man standing in the street, fists clenched, surrounded by a blinding golden aura that already seems to have scorched the earth at his feet and is baking the mud on the streets in a circle outward. He extends both fists in front of him and a beam of energy as tall as he is lances out and cuts one of the technicals in half. It also nearly does the same to a pair of SHIELD agents.

Something is very wrong. There are no reports of mutant awakenings in this area at all that Mystique is aware of. Whatever happened, it's getting ugly. There's still plenty of bandits and SHIELD agents exchanging fire as the former try to force their way into the town and the latter try to keep them away from the hospital.

Mystique in the guise of the young Agent ducks behind cover and gets a good view of what is going on. Well at least it wasn't some sort of false alarm. The mutant terrorist pivots back to the cover to the technicals as she stares at the young man. Not matching any profiles at all. "Who the hell.."

Pulling a 1911 pistol and taking a single shot at one of the incoming terrorists while ducking behind cover, May actually startles at the young man near the hospital literally cuts through some of the attackers. She tries her best to tell him in Spanish to be careful of the SHIELD agents, but, well, there's a reason why her primary languages are all from the Asian continent.

"What on earth …" Jemma exclaims as she watches the mutant 'explode. Casting a look at Dr St Croix she's already hurrying out, drawing her ICER pistol and loading the darts.

Taking care to keep to cover, the biochem edges her way around the area, trying to get an angle on the poor boy. She's going to tag him with an ICER if it's at all possible and hopefully knock him out.

It gets worse. It get's so much worse. The golden aura around the boy - he can't be more than sixteen or seventeen - glows so bright that it's hard to look at him and beams start shooting out everywhere. They're mostly shooting forward but they're also shooting off to the sides, putting holes in buildings, cars and occasionally and very unluckily, people. It's not clear if Jemma's ICER rounds actually hit the boy. Maybe they were aimed right and just got disintigrated by that aura.

The SHIELD agents have had to abandon their cover now, which is bad news as they seek something a little less in the line of fire. The good news is that the bandits are having just as much trouble. Several of them have been sliced, burnt or transfixed by cauterizing energy beams ranging from pencil fine to the size of a telephone pole around. The bad news to that good news is that the bandits aren't really the main threat anymore, though a pair of Technicals are trying to ram through the SHIELD jersey barriers and onto the main street now.

"Oh for F*#@ sake…" says the male agent from his spot in cover. He pops up and points a very non-shield issue energy pistol at the pair of Technicals and snaps off two shots right into the engine blocks and then two shots through the front window at the driver's. Then he is diving off into one of the side streets at a fast run, planning to circle around behind the local youth and perhaps new Mutant.

May has to scramble for different cover as well, and she also takes a pot shot at the Technicals as she's doing so. The boy causing all the chaos, though, that's extra troublesome, and she's hesitant to just try to shoot him. Mostly because that's shades of Bahrain right there and … she just can't. Putting one hand to her comm, she asks of any Agent that can answer, "Can anyone ICER the boy in front of the hospital?"

On the ground, it's chaos. Two sides in a hectic shootout, one of those factions now struggling to escape… and then someone dropped a distinctly boy-shaped WMD into the mix. From far enough overhead, however, it's serene; even beautiful. The gunfire all but inaudible, the lightshow brilliant and dynamic, its havoc felt but unwitnessed; at least, until a figure surreptitiously drops from that high-altitude vantage point for one nearer to Earth. The Master of Magnetism likely still goes unseen, unheeded, floating with deceptively leisurely ease over the conflict below.

When he acts, it is a substantial understatement to call the electromagnetic surge intense, crackling into the visible spectrum in coruscating, seemingly electrified waves as a bubble surrounds the young metahuman(?) in the throes of meltdown. All of Magneto's substantial will is poured into containing that barrage, seeking abrupt abatement of the assault on both sides; or perhaps simply to smoothly levitate the fellow upwards, should he succeed.

"Well then…" Jemma looks at the pistol as she shades her eyes from the aura. She's not missed a shot since she returned through the portal. "I already tried, Agent May. I believe the aura disintegrated my darts…." She's not going to waste another one just yet.

As bullets ping in front of her, she's caught by a piece of flying shrapnel - opening her cheek as she ducks down again, just in time to see the magnetic maelstrom descend.

Thankfully though mysteriously, the shooting beams of disintigrating death are contained by… something. It's not clear to anyone on the ground what. And then the boy begins to float.

It takes all of Magneto's considerable power to contain this. It's like attempting to contain a minitureized CERN. It's that potent and a lot more constant. He can lift the kid but he probably can't afford any distractions.

Speaking of distractions the bandits are losing the fight and pulling back. Stealing the meds simply isn't worth it but a pair of them have heavier weapons and they don't want this miniature whatever it is shooting them full of holes any more than anyone else. Two RPG's head right toward the now magnetically encapsulated maybe-mutant. They deflect up, off Magneto's field, without detonating and head right toward the Master of Magnetism before two SHIELD agents shoot the bandits responsible dead.

The ground is chaos but May's people have the situation secure. Except the kid. Where the hell is he going and how is he doing that? No bullet shot at him, if any, seems to get through whatever seems to have surrounded him and from the look on his face, he's not doing it himself.

"Secure the perimeter." May is watching the kid being pulled upward by a force that she can't see having a source. She doesn't even try to raise her weapon to test whatever's going on. It simply never occurs to her. She watches, only flinching the slightest bit when the RPGs actually deflect away from the boy.

Magneto has little intent to carry his sentient supercollider far, foaming at the mouth as the boy is. The moment the youth is scooped up in that field his bioelectric field comes under assault; but the bleeding hearts can be calm. It's far more elegant and less invasive at the end of the day than a barrage of tasers and ICER rounds, the Master of Magnetism's effort to soundly short-circuit the boy's brain and render him unconscious.

With any luck, that aborts the out of control reaction even his own powers can scarcely contain— with a tad more beyond that, it might even be in time to prevent disintigration rays from leaking out when he waves a hand to send those rocket-propelled grenades spiraling off to detonate in midair. Regardless, his next step is to reinforce containment and redouble the youth's flight skywards.

Jemma still shelters from the gunfire. Trying to peek upwards, she has to cover her eyes again, shielding them from the bright light. "Can we get the youth?" she speaks into her comms, oblivious to what's playing out abover her.

Well she was, until Magneto manages to snuff that light, alerting her with it's sudden absence.

The reaction does indeed go out and with no further interruptions Magneto is free to make off with his prize.

Which leaves a bunch of simultaneously relieved and befuddled SHIELD agents below but at the moment the mission is accomplished and it's time to rescure the town so international aid shipments can resume. Jemma might be inclined to ask more questions but at that moment Doctor St. Croix pokes his head out. "Doctor Simmons, I have a man coding in here!"

May… might want to give chase. She has a plane. Or she might simply make like Elsa and let it go. Her call.

There's no way May can get to the quinjet and get going fast enough to catch up with whtever's going on with the kid. And as much as it rankles, she lets it go. She does, though, make a mental note. The kid will not be forgotten. May won't allow it.

It may be a hat trick to try to hone sensors to that fluctuating cataclysm of electromagnetism that arcs skywards and soon vanishes into the clouds as if never there. It would all but certainly be even more challenging to actually chase after the mutant Master of Magnetism as he shoots towards Earth orbit.

Despite all this, Magneto knows a thing or two about SHIELD and specifically, the group's tenacity and technological capacity. It's probably this, more than magnanimity, that leaves the Agents their conolations prize: the fleeing raider vehicles serendipitously snapping axles one after another, tires flying off in all directions as the already confounded operation is treated to several dramatic wrecks.

Jemma just stares at the sky, not quite sure what she's seeing. Shaken from her reverie though, she turns to Doctor St Croix and follows him inside. There's work to be done… immediate work. She'll follow up on the boy and just what's going on here … later.

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