A Risky Move Or Two

September 07, 2016:

At'la'tique are attacking Surfacer shipping lanes. Ulani is recalled to work with Atlantis to get this sorted out.

Atlantic Ocean


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A month or so ago during an attack on the New York harbor the Blue took one Llyron into custody. The rebel Atlantean anti-monarchist had been a member of At'la'tique - itself a radical anti-monarchist movement. That movement has only been strengthened by the simmering undercurrent of hatred for the surface that runs through large segments of Atlantean society and imprisoning one of their heroes did the Blue no favors.

Three days ago, quietly, Japan recognized the Blue as an independent nation and formalized diplomatic relations with them becoming the first nation on earth to do so.

Yesterday, At'la'tique published a manifesto against the Blue and launched a series of well armed, well organized attacks against Blue shipping and villages along their common border. To say that this has strained relations with Atlantis is an understatement and it's for this reason that Ulani has been recalled temporarily from surface duty to meet with the Atlanteans on the topic.

It's one step forward and another back… Ulani might be a little frazzled. Arriving at the city of Atlantis, she's been escorted to one of the Capitol buildings.

She might be accompanied by Rowan, she's certainly requested that he join her. Diplomacy might not be the Blue Warriors thing, but he brings a unique perspective she's come to rely on.

"Yes, I know it's At'la'tique doing this. What my government wishes to know is what Atlantis is doing about it." It sounds like this isn't the first time she's said this and it's starting to wear a little thin.

Already in the meeting room designated for this occasion, Mera looks like someone dared to yank the last urchin of a snack away from her and squash it in front of her. But far more seriously angry. She's looking at an image displayed for anyone in the room to see of a map of the territory between Atlantean holdings and Blue lands. Little red dots pepper mostly the Blue side of the image, and they are currently the focus of her ire.

The attacks have mostly taken place along the border between the Blue enclaves in the Carribean and the Atlantean kingdom though many of Atlantis' client states further south are reporting suspicious activity and it could be that At'la'tique is preparing to carry that fight into the Pacific.

Rowan is present and he doesn't look happy. He's knows that if these get too bad too quickly it'll provoke a clamor in the Blue councils for military intervention… right into Atlantean waters. Which will just not go well.

"Look…" Ulani finally says to the gathered Atlanteans, looking over to Mera as she does "If we can't reach agreement here, there are factions within the Blue Council that will look for military intervention. And that intervention may threaten your borders." She's being brutally honest "It is not something that I wish to see."

"At'la'tique is a danger but it is not something The Blue can address. Not while they operate within Atlantis' borders." The Blue Envoy turns to Mera "I've been authorised to offer our assistance. But we will need explicit permission from Atlantis to bring our troops in."

Mera looks at Rowan and Ulani squarely. "Here are our terms. Your military works in conjunction with ours," she ignores the expressions of surprise and possibly unhappy surprise from the other Atlanteans in the room, "to no only repel the attacks from the At'la'tique, but to track down and deal with them, regardless of which side of the borders they chosen for their hiding places."

A cross border policing agreement is probably the best solution and it's no surprise that Mera has gone to that off the bat. It saves face for Atlantis and it prevents the Blue from being backed into a political corner. However it's not going to be easy. There will be factions in the Blue councils that insist it doesn't go far enough. That's going to be Ulani's problem to deal with.

Mera's problem to deal with will be the hardliners in her own court and government. She has it easier in some ways, being a monarch, but her subjects are among the more ornery and rebellious in the world. Push too hard in one direction and At'la'tique may see a groundswell of support, making the problem worse.

"The Second Fleet is probably the best placed for that." Rowan advises Ulani. "Our diplomats are under intsense pressure from the surface to end the attacks on their shipping though. At'la'tique seems to be trying to create an… incident." And it's all in Atlantean waters, mostly against US and European shipping.

"Agreed." Ulani is quick to accept Mera's terms. They're sensible and decisive. Rowan gets a nod from the Envoy "Second Fleet then and a squad of Elite." probably her squad. They know Mera and the Blue female trusts them.

"I would say it was strange that they chose now to attack, just after Japan recognised us." she grows thoughtful "What do they get by creating an incident…"

Mera nods to Ulani and turns to one of the Atlantean generals who, thankfully is one of the least surprised of the bunch. "Assign a fleet to meet with the Blue Second Fleet, and send a squad of Royal Guard as well." Likely her personal squad, who would probably already know Ulani's Elite, seeing as they're thrown together frequently enough.

"They get unrest and discontent. Surfacer relations are always a touchy subject." The words 'especially in Atlantis' are left unsaid but quite clearly implied.

"They also get to 'punish' us traitors." Rowan points out. "Which fires up their base of support. Action always does. And if they can keep ahead of us, they get to make Arthur and Mera look weak and ineffective which sabotages any efforts Atlantis makes with the surface and puts them at risk for a coup here, worst case scenario."

It's not a bad idea really. International relations anywhere are always a bit tricky and forcing two nations with differing cultures and opinions to come to an agreement on a thorny problem is a good way to make political hay and drive a wedge between potential allies.

"Thank you, Queen Mera." Ulani responds, before turning her attention to Rowan, nodding at his observation. "They also get to rally those who aren't happy. On either side." The 'in Atlantis' might be right, but there were still sections of The Blue that weren't happy with dealing with the Surface.

"Then we need to move quickly. Nip this in bud if we can." The Blue Envoy casts a look around the room of Atlanteans before looking to Mera "You'll need to keep your ear to the ground…" she's using a Surfacer idiom "… listen for rumours and signs of unrest. It might keep you and His Majesty one step ahead of them."

Mera nods. "That will be done. There is also the matter of having a … discussion with the At'la'tique insurgent we apprehended attacking the Surface." She doesn't say it outright, but if the Blue want to be a part of that, she'll figure out a way to make it happen.

Llyron is presently being held in a secure Blue detention facility but is pending transfer back to Atlantis itself to be tried for his crimes there. "I'm sure our people would love to know what he knows of At'la'tique's' operations." Rowan says quietly. "Before whatever happens to him… happens." He's not sure the man is going to survive his Atlantean trial but then he doesn't know much of atlantean law.

"He is in our custody and The Blue are in the process of transferring him back." Ulani confirms, nodding to Rowan as he speaks. "If your Majesty doesn't object, the Blue could question him before transfer. I can arrange for some of your people to be present. Or perhaps, you'll permit some of ours to observe the interrogation."

She's not entirely sure what the penalty for treason is in Atlantis. But within The Blue it is treated very seriously.

"Considering recent events, I will petition that Atlantis not pursue Llyron's extratition." Again, some of the other Atlanteans in the room are unsettled, but less than with the first proclamation of the meeting. "If you will allow Atlantean presence while you are questioning him, it would be greatly appreciated." She is not sure how harsh Blue justice is compared to Atlantis, but she suspects that he's not being let off easy.

Not after his compatriots attacked the Blue directly no. There will be no going easy on Llyron. The biggest concern at this point is security. At'la'tique can clearly mount militant efforts. Keeping his location secret is the best way to make sure he doesn't get sprung.

"Sounds like we have work to do then. Ulani, did you get everything you need?"

"Of course, Your Majesty." Ulani bows her head towards Mera. The Blue don't 'answer' to the throne of Atlantis but they do recognise it. Besides, Mera has become a … friend … of the Blue Envoy. "Ambassador Kraye will be your liaison for that, please have your people contact him to make arrangements. We won't delay with the work, there."

Turning at Rowans words, the Blue Female nods. She got everything and a little more than she needed. It's not going to be easy and she expects a fight with some factions of The Blue government but that's life. "I did, thank you Rowan. We should be leaving."

"If there's nothing else, Your Majesty?" If not, then the two Blue will depart.

"That is all, Emissary. Rowan. Thank you both." Mera watches the pair depart, then turns to deal with the dissention in the throne's advisors. Because they've all got to be on the same page for this to not become a disaster.

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