Attack On The Consulate

September 07, 2016:

A group of terrorists hit the British Consulate in New York - Rescue and SHIELD attend

New York


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The alerts go out. There's been an explosion at the British Consulate General in New York. Half of the front of the building has been taken out and reports are filtering in - this appears to be a terroist attack.

Whatever it is, there's casualties. Innocents who were working in the building or just passing by. The NYPD have their hands full just trying to run crowd control. They've called in help.

At least part of that help comes in the form of RESCUE and Rescue One is in the air. They're still a few moments out. SHIELD has also been contacted.

Aleksandr doesn't keep up with the news like most modern people would. Instead he relies on subtle shifts and changes in the streams and flows of magic in order to know where he is needed. An explosion causing panic and chaos has certainly altered the patterns of nearby streams and is something that would bring the socially reclusive golemancer out of hiding.

Jumping into the scene from a nearby leyline Aleksandr appears with his cobbled-together optical golem Lexei. "Strange alchemical smells. Let's go Lexei the people are in danger!"

With that Aleksandr and Lexei are running towards the scene of the explosion.

Another person appears out of the ley line just a moment after Aleksandr and Lexei run toward the scene of the explosion. The moment she steps away from the ley line, May taps at the commlink she seems to always have on her person. "Scramble support teams, this is not a drill." And then she's off toward the consulate as well.

Rescue Two and Three this is Rescue One on station. We have multiple fires at the British Consulate. There are active shooters, repeat there are active shooters.

Nick is peering out one of the side doors of Rescue One as it circles the conflagaration. The main building's west end has collapsed in and the gate has been blown open. There are british soldiers battling men in black and white uniforms with assault rifles. Whomever they are there's near two dozen of them and they're very well armed.

"Brin we're going in closer. There's wounded in the main building."

Brin looks just a little nauseous as Rescue One banks closer. "Got it, Nick." She's already kitting up, ready to rappel from the ambulance into the carnage below. "I can cover us, if you get us through."

Hooking herself onto the rappel line, she throws her friend a tight smile as a glowing green and shield appears around them. That will allow them to get the ground, safely, at least.

"On your mark…"

Aleksandr reaches the gates of the consulate in horror of the destruction and chaos. A wide eyed mage asks, "What have you people done?"

The gun fire and ongoing battle in front catches Aleksandr's attention. Turning to his small companion, "Lexei, your big brothers aren't here so you'll have to start looking for survivors. Go into the building and start marking locations for the any who are helping."

The golem jumps and points nervously at Aleksandr's arm. He smiles "Do not worry I won't have need of it for now. Go! Help the people."

Lexei runs off into the building to do as it was commanded. Meanwhile Aleksandr assesses the battle in front of him. Judging by the uniforms he guesses that the men in black and white are the assailants in this battle and thus must be removed. Reaching into the flows of magic Aleksandr commands two golems to rise one from the rubble and metal and a second from the raging flames. The golems stand just above Aleksandr's head the earth golem being of considerable size and weight while the flame golem is more human shaped in proportions. Looking at his golems "Disable the men in the black and white uniforms." Aleksandr adds with the sternness of a seasoned battlefield commander "Defeat is not an option."

Both golems spring into action the earth golem barreling towards an assailant at full speed while the flame golem begins to float in the air preparing for a strike.

Melinda May catches up in time to see the two golems rise up out of the rubble of the building. She starts to pull a weapon, then hears the man's instructions. Okay then. She pulls her ICER from her jacket and after stepping past the golem-controller she takes a snap-shot at the nearest black and white clad assailant.

One of the black and white clad men goes down. They're wearing full 'head stocking' masks and berets. It makes individual identification hard. The British Consulate guards are pinned in against the main building, unable to advance as LMG fire pins them down. An RPG strikes the flag pole and sends it and the Union Jack clattering to the ground to the cheers of the terrorists.

And then a rubble-golem smashes into their right flank. Unsurprisingly there are suddenly a lot of people shooting at it. May's got a window to move while their attention is diverted. Reinforcements enroute Agent. Comes over her radio.

In the building Nick comes in right behind Brin. There's gunfire here too in the next room and the room after that. Sounds like some of the baddies got in.

Brin glances over at Nick, sticking close to her friend, glowing green and gold shield encompassing them. The sounds of the weapon fire causes her to flinch, but she presses on … pointing to the first lot of people they come to. Who are just through the door, in the room where they can hear weaponfire. "Cover me?"

She's already moving. They may need help to move them out.

Brin and Nick will see a small one feet tall humanoid golem with one eye running between rooms and gunfire. As it passes their view the golem's eye emits a bright blue light painting a glowing arcane symbol onto a pile of rubble. Lexei immediately after notices Brin and Nick and runs up to them only to run into the shield and bounce off like a toddler. When it recovers Lexei jumps up and down pointing at the rubble before running down the halls marking more rubble and people with the same symbol.

Meanwhile the earth golem is attempting to bash each baddie over the head with its rocky fist as the fire golem streaks by building controlled walls of flames to prevent any escape of the assailants. Aleksandr the looks over to see the same agent from the coffee shop some weeks past. "Agent" he nods with respect to May as he studies the battle in front of him waiting for containment until pushing into the building with his own reinforcements.

There's hostages. That's what Brin's found. Six people duct taped and gagged in a room while people fire out of windows on the British soldiers below. Four of them and gunfire coming from the next room. They haven't noticed Nick or Brin yet.

And then Nick runs up behind one of them and shoves him out the window.

Okay. Now they've noticed Nick and Brin.

The cries of consternation from the front of the building are those of the suddenly assaulted and trapped terrorists. The British security forces start to advance but as they do Aleksandr himself comes under fire. Seems that machine gunner figured out the game.

Melinda May makes her way closer to the consulate over the cover of the golems attacking the black and white clad people, ducking behind cover when someone tries to open fire at Aleksandr. It takes her a moment to get an idea of where the shooter is, and then she's taking a carefully aimed shot. She's not a sniper. She's not using a rifle. Her chances are low. But if she can even just wing the person, that'd be enough for now.

"What the hell was that…" Brin mutters as Lexei bounces off her shield, tracking the thing as it marks the rubble. "There's more…"

But Nicks already rushing one of them. Damn. Now they've got to move fast. Changing constructs takes effort for Brin, but her shield is solid enough isn't it?

With a little concentration, she pushes her shield out at the next baddie, trying to topple them out the window as she sends out a wave of contentment at the others.

Not fear. Fear might get them shot.

With the assailants by the entrance to the consulate sufficiently occupied Aleksandr moves into the building while the golems keep their playthings occupied. Upon entering the building Aleksandr summons two smaller rubble golems about the size of a six foot man as bodyguards. Hearing the continued gunfire coming from the room Aleksandr rushes in with his golems in tow.

What Aleks is treated to is the vision of a brown furred werewolf punching a man hard enough to slam into a wall and leave an imprint in the drywall while someone rushes a young indian woman. At the same time two riflemen turn and open up on Aleks' rubble golems. Which is a mistake but they don't know that. This'll be under control in a minute.

May's first shot actually hits the machinegun itself rather than the shooter. Which is bad for the gun. It jams, the action irreparably wrecked. A SHIELD quinjet roars overhead delivering a tac team to this fracas. All over, the terrorists are starting to throw down their weapons.

"Ack…" Brins glowing green and gold shield slams down once more, right in front of the man rushing at her. It might not stop him, but it will slow him down - even if it gives her one hell of a headache.

At the same, a glowing green and gold whip appears in her hand, and the end snakes out trying to wrap itself around her assailants ankles.

Aleksandr sends his two golems forward to deal with the remaining hostiles. The more slender rubble golems work in tandem with one giving a hostile a strong uppercut and the other following up with a double fisted slam into the stomach.

With the reinforcements arriving by the main gate the flame golem is snuffed out while the rubble golem falls apart into its components. Lexei meanwhile is still bouncing from room to room looking for survivors and helping direct personnel to the injured.

Once Aleksandr has registered what his golems have been doing he immediately notices the werewolf in front of him and cautiously puts his hand on his sword. He hasn't seen a monster like that since the old country. Even if it's fighting the enemy Aleksandr is ready for a fight.

Melinda May doesn't take stopping the sniper-ish person as a victory. There's still more to do. As the SHIELD forces arrive to provide backup, she moves to join them.

Nick grabs the other runner as he actually gets sent stumbling off Brin's shield and slams him head first into a conference table. Which breaks the table and knocks out the man in question. With that the area seems to be secure but Brin will hear a warning chuff from Nick as he notices the man with the sword. "Uh… can we help you?"

The warning chuff is all that Brin needs and she turns to look at the big man. The hostages need to be released, but she's not letting her guard down. Or her shield for that matter. "We're from Rescue. Who are you?"

That much should be obvious at least, they're both in Rescue clothing.

Backing slowly towards the hostages, the brunette starts to set them free.

Aleksandr doesn't take his eyes off the werewolf. "Just an old man. I was helping an Agent May secure the entrance to this building."

He looks around the room keeping his hand on the hilt of his sheathed sword. "You haven't seen a little mechanical golem running around have you? I figure since the battle has been contained I'll be on my way."

Glancing back at his rubble golems Aleksandr nods and they crumble. "I'm surprised to see your kind still alive and walking this earth" Aleksandr says addressing Nick. "I was sure I had done my fair share in exterminating monsters from this world. I suppose the modern man has put them to use rather than killing them."

Lexei comes running in tugging on Aleksandr's pant leg while looking up at him.

Nick siiiiiiiiiiighs. He has no idea who this odd accented man is but the 'your kind' is something he's heard before. "I'm a mutant. And I'm part of emergency services. Sort of." Private company. Long story.

The cobbled together clockwork golem gets an odd look but Nick doesn't say anything. Yet. There's something about this guy.

"Thanks for helping though." Beat. "Citizen. Brin, we should get going I think."

"Nicks not a monster." Brin finishes releasing the hostages and comes to stand at her friends side, putting her hand on his arm. A show of support as much as anything.

"Ready when you are…" she looks up, small as she is - the werewolf makes her looks smaller.

"Uh, I think you're friend wants some help … and yeah, thanks for helping. Tell May, Brin says hello."

With a polite nod, the small brunette leads them away.

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