No Ducks!

September 07, 2016:

He's late! He's late! For a very important date! Okay, so it's only important to the two of them, but the Speedster Quicksilver is still late… and limping. Darcy is concerned and has no ducks to give.

New York

A beautiful park beside a club.


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Five o'clock rush hour. All the office monkeys are going home. Darcy is one of them. She pushes her way out of the Triskelion's revolving doors, all work-fu in her black pencil skirt and matching jacket, her almost too tall for work appropriate high heels, and a slinky white tank blouse under the jacket. Her long unruly brown waves are pinned up with a pair of chopsticks of the same bright red color as her lips and the frames of her glasses.

Oddly enough, Quicksilver is not quick today. And not because he wants to. He is just… not quick today.

Walking through the streets, very slowly, Pietro Maximoff is about to meet Darcy. He is a bit late, which is not entirely strange, but the reason is. A close look would reveal he is limping. Not a lot, and probably someone without prior knowledge of him would not even notice.

His hair is unruly, as always. Not too much, but unruly enough. The mutant wears a black leather jacket that doesn't reveal much of what it's behind. And, while walking heavy and slowly, he manages to cast a sweet smile as he notices Darcy is approaching.

Had they agreed to meet for post-work drinks? Given that Pietro is under age, probably not. Darcy's luck to attract the too-young-to-do-jello-shots crowd. Built in Designated Driver.

"Hey!" She calls out, bright and bubbly, until she notices that slight limp.

"What the hit you? Bus?" because that seems reasonable. Darcy moves over, the duck tape on her cast having been replaced by rainbow peace signs.

Pietro's hair falls enough to reveal the lack of contrast with his skin. He is very pale tonight! But his smile when seeing Darcy is more than enough to make him shine.

"Hey!" He answers, without getting /too/ close to her. It would actually seem as if he was sort of scared of getting /too/ close to her. Not in an awkward manner. Just in an actually worried manner.

And, even if he could be considered under-age, he has not made a living by following many rules. And he has more than enough IDs to be any age he wants to. "I need a drink." He confirms lightly, chuckling. "I need a drink but no tricks tonight. I… have no powers… sort of!" His head is shaken along with a bitter laugh. "And yes, I was hit by something that seemed like a bus. I cannot believe I'm alive by now, but I'm happy to be alive if it involves having a drink with you."

And, /then/ he notices something that changes his look entirely. He turns serious as stone.

"No Duck Tape? No… Duck… I really need a drink. How I miss being fast!" Pietro laughs finally, taking one of Darcy's hands (the one that still works properly) and lands a kiss. And then, just after, he leaves it and walks a step backwards. He shouldn't have done that, probably. "I know this is weird, but I will explain. Later. Now, something more important. How was your day?"

Worried? Peitro not getting up into her business and personal space? Darcy almost frowns at it, managing to cover the micro-expression with a broad smile at the call for drinks. She had her own fake ID in high school. She's not about to rain on anyone's parade.

"Wait. What? No.. okay. Yeah. Tell me over drinks. We can sit against each other in a booth of some place with super loud music and you can yell in my ear," Darcy is rambling right up until Pietro seems distraught that her cast is sans-ducks. That he kisses her hand to cover it only has Darcy quirking a brow and prepping her line of questioning if the drinks fail in loosening the Speedster's tongue quickly enough. She shifts her head to thread her fingers with his so they can walk hand in hand.

"Dull. Uneventful. Reportless. All i nall, perfect day. If dull. But, i can handle dull some days." She's counter with how's yours, but that can wait until the beer.

This could be a mortal mistake, perhaps, but that doesn't stop Quicksilver from taking Darcy's hand. He just has to. And he looks better now. More relaxed. Not to a regular-Pietro's-level, but certainly better than before. "Not every day you can save the world. Sometimes a dull day is needed. And sometimes uneventful is not that bad?"

He continues inquiring about her day on their way to a nearby club. The mutant manages to not limp too much, but before they reach the place, he guides her to stop by a pretty park on the side. There is a bench, and he invites her to sit with him.

"This will be a wonderful night, that I promise. Not a dull night, you can be sure of that. So I will tell you now what happened, and then we will forget it and have fun, ok?" Yes, one can tell just by his tone that he wants to forget everything that happened today, but he really means the 'having fun' part.

"Ok, I had a strange day. At first, I was just doing exercise. You know, nothing beyond normal, just running from a city to another. I was listening to a good playlist I made, which I will of course share with you, because that's how awesome it is, but then it stopped, and I wanted to drink a soda, so I stopped by some little shop near a village… You know… Those little shops that are near villages…" Pietro's description of the situation could be better, but it could also be worse. It could actually be less rushed.

"And then I overheard something. I wish I hadn't, but, deep down… It was better."

The silver-haired youngster leans and takes Darcy's hand, very tight. As if he really needed some extra strength. Had he been so vulnerable before?

"There were two monsters, and by monsters I mean /monsters/. Two mutants gone evil, with… incredible power… destroying the town… there were people… dying, Darcy… People were dying…" He sighs. "I ran and took as many as I could… I left them somewhere safe, but it was useless… Many died… I wish I had been faster to save more of them, but…" A new sigh and a shake of head.

"There was another mutant. I can't remember his name, but I met him when I lived in Xavier's Institute. He is an X-Men. We confronted them, but they were just /STRONG/. I was hit and then attacked by some…" Quicksilver leaves Darcy's hand for a moment, taking an instant to stare at his own. "Some strange creatures were flying, like a swarm of bugs, controlled by them. They spoke about the power of Apocalypse, and how they just wanted to destroy everything. Whatever that was, though, almost killed me. I could take the other mutant and save him, I had to retreat. But that cloud of… stuff…" His narration may be confusing, but the whole situation was. He is still trying to understand what happened, "I don't know what it did to me. But now I can barely use my powers. I am… weak… and slow… but…" He chuckles softly, now looking directly into Darcy's eyes. "But I'm alive, and I'm happy to be."

Pietro breathes deeply.

"It's fine if you don't want to be close to me. In case that stuff is contagious and possibly deadly. But you would miss a very fun night." He manages a smile.

The story is confusing, even for Pietro. That the rambuncious, happy-go-lucky silver-haired young man is so… vulnerable has Darcy more than a little concerned. Her eyes narrow as she works to memorize as much of his rambling as she can manage. This information she'll report in to May. First it's monsters in Steel City. Now it's monsters in ….

"Pietro. I'm completely human. No powers. No gifts. No mutations. Nothing. I'm a dud, a genetic blank. Only thing special about me is my horrible eyesight and tencity to bruise way more than a girl my size should for not being anemic. And i'm completely thrilled you're alive." She leans forward into him, further closing the space between them to signal her lack of fear of the things he's afraid of and her complete willingness to stand by him as he deals with it.

"What village was it, do you remember?" she asks, voice soft and comforting, even as she scoots closer and takes his hand again in hers.

"That sounds pretty special to me." Pietro counters softly, even grinning slightly, as she mentions her human condition, along with a few more details. "I think that is your super power. Along many others." He lets her finish and holds her hand tightly.

"It was a village by the Catskills. I don't know the name, but I'm sure we could find out just by watching the news. Or maybe in your work… What happened there, whatever it was, was huge." Quicksilver takes a moment before continuing. He may heal fast, but this situation was very unusual, and it's taking him a while. "They even offered us to join them. They promised more powers and some nonsense. And, trust me, I wouldn't take that if it means killing people. I have done many wrong things in my life. Maybe a lot of them. Maybe I do them all the time. But never to that point. And I never will."

"Just one more thing. I need you to promise something."

Pietro's gaze is focused on that of Darcy. His voice is completely serious, but as warm as always.

"If anything happens and you are in danger, and I mean anything, please call me. Those freaks won't stop, and they are dangerous. Even if I eventually lose all my power. Even if I become slower than normal people!" His lips relax into a smile. "Even then, I will be there for you. Please promise me you will call me if that happens."

Village. Catskills. On the news. Darcy nods to the information, prepared to call it in just as soon as Pietro seems ready for her to let his hand go for a moment so she can text May. That these other monsterous people tried to recruit is highly concerning, and it draws a frown from Darcy even as her brows go up to wordlessly ask for what she is to promise.

"I'm going to be in danger sometimes, Pietro. It's work, and I can't call you in for work. Not unless you also worked for SHIELD. But, if I'm not at work, and I'm able; I'll call. I promise," she says, her green eyes serious and locked on his blue gaze.

"Ok, specifically, if you see a pair of Apocalypse Acolytes destroying the world, and you happen to be near them, just say something like 'I'm sorry, I need to call someone' and it would enough." Pietro grins. "When I faced them, at first, I thought I could handle it easily. But they are… a whole new level. And they didn't even laugh at my jokes. So they are a real menace." Dismissing it with a kiss. His hand caresses Darcy's cheek, very slowly, as if finding hard to believe it could make it alive and be there in that exact moment. He doesn't make a show-off of his ability, trying to surprise her as he has done in the past. He just leans and kisses her. And then, his words are so soft they are barely more than a whisper. "You were warned. If that… spores… or whatever… are deadly and contagious, you can't say I didn't warn you."

"I play derby and work for SHIELD. I think I like to live on the 'you warned me' side," Darcy whispers right back before leaning forward for another kiss.

"Indeed. Being near you is more dangerous than those monsters." Pietro grins while easily accepting a new kiss. How could he refuse? "So, now that you know my perfectly reasonable excuse for being a few minutes late, I hope you tell me your own for lacking a proper Duck Tape. Oh, and I hope you are ready for a crazy night with club dance and whatnot. You will probably need to call Agent May tomorrow and finally use the Zombie Apocalypse excuse. You… are… warned."

A warm laugh escapes Darcy's lips. "I'll let it slide, this time! As for the lack of Duck Tape… it got scuffed and I ran out of ducks. All I had were peace signs. As for a crazy night, I'm down."

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