Double Clint - Double Trouble

September 06, 2016:

Clint calls in some friends to get some help with the Fashion Warehouse

New York


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The Trip Trap is a tavern run by a nymph. It caters to the supernatural but it's not particularly obvious about it. Firstly there's a fair amount of normals who come out after work hours to grab a drink and a bite to eat thanks in no small part to the fact that Nymerria is a wonderful cook and her pub burgers are to die for. Secondly, virtually everyone who goes there who is a bit on the spooky side keeps it well hidden. House rules. No upsetting the mortals who are just there for dinner.

It's also the place that Clint has asked Melinda May to meet him. Why? That's a bit complicated but it has to do with the fact that he needs help and he found out that a certain woman he's run into a few times in the past with some fairly decent talents lives and works here. She may be surprised when the archer steps into the tarven, pulls up a seat and orders a burger. He didn't exactly call ahead to say he was coming.

Mari's not far behind Clint. She might have come with him, or simply arrived at the same time. Hard to tell. What is clear though, to those that know her, is that she's dressed down. Jeans, T-Shirt and a light jacket - the fox headed pendant visible at her throat.

Taking a seat next to the archer, smirking slightly as he orders a burger and adding one for herself, she glances sideways at him. "I suppose you'll tell me what this is aboout eventually." She's used to the messages he sends: Meet me here. We need to talk.

Shakira is dressed in her usual, fur bikini and leather, bone and claw necklace. The dark haired barbarian is leaning against the far wall eyeing a table with a trio of said mortals who've had a bit too much to drink. They get any rowdier and she's going to introduce them to the exit. Somewhat violently if the scowl on her face is any indication.
Occupied with work it takes her a few moments to notice Clint, first it's voice and then her nostrils flare, searching for the scent and finally blue eyes with a tinge of yellow focus on the archer and she blinks a bit. He is not someone she'd expected to know about this place. Interesting. Oh and the powered woman is with him. Her night is about to get more dangerous perhaps. Or at least, less boring. She has not ran into either without some sort of trouble right behind. Shakira grins and strolls over. It could be a coincidence but she rather doubts it.

Meet me here. We need to talk.

And isn't that typical of Barton. May studies the location of the tavern indicated, and after taking her leave of the Triskelion, she checks in at the nearest leyline to see if it'll be worth the quick hop. And… okay, that's a resounding yes. Even more odd.

May enters the tavern not from the front entryway that most Muggles would likely use, but from that back hall that every tavern has that leads to restrooms, store rooms, the manager's office… and in this case a small, walled-in riot of a garden at the back of the building. Kind of a pleasant change, actually.

A garden with a fountain actually that is the intersection of two small leylines. Very small but noticeable to May.

Clint waves to May as she walks in and looks up at the fur clad woman. "Shakira isn't it? Have a seat. I actually came looking for you. Well. We." He gestures to Mari as she has a seat.

His burger comes. They're always quick. It has blue cheese crumbles and all the fixins. It looks delicious.

"Hello May. What do you know of The Hand?"

If nothing, both she and Shakira are about to get a bit of an education.

"Hello Shakira." Mari greets the bikini clad woman and then nods to May as she arrives. If the ex-fashion model is surprised by the fact that the Agent arrives through the back door, she doesn't show it. Maybe she's getting used to all that.

With Clints Burger, Mari's arrives. Slightly more modest than the archers "If you're going to keep meeting in places like this, we're going to have to get into more trouble. I need the extra running to work off the food."

At the mention of The Hand her face darkens a little and she gives Clint a quick glance.

Shakira smiles a greeting and pulls a chair from the nearest table, turning it so the back is touching Clint and Mari's and sitting back wards so she can rest her arms on the chair back and lean forward. She frowns slightly in confusion but appears interested. "The Hand? Of whom?"
The feline woman eyes May's arrival with interest. How had she known to come in that way? She seems human as far as Shakira can tell, though there is a strange hint of magic scent about her. This night is already looking up. "The food here is very good. Not full of strange things and it's fresh." Simple but good. Running things off isn't necessary for Shakira though. If anything its the opposite. She has to ensure she eats enough to keep a proper weight with all the excercise she gets.

Melinda May nods to Barton and Mari and Shakira and joins them at the table. She doesn't order anything for herself, as this isn't a social meeting. "The Hand. Pretty much only what's on file with SHIELD. Organized group of assassins using the techniques and guise of the ninja of feudal Japan." She was able to read between the lines on those reports, and knows that the Agents that did the investigations were hesitant to actually name occult practices in their documentation. But, the hallmarks are there. "Why do you ask?"

"I can add to some of that a little. The Hand has some legitimate supernatural something and they worship an entity called 'The Beast'. Exactly what that is and whether or not it's even real I can't tell you. I can tell you that they've been actively expanding into the US from their traditional operating areas in the Far East for the past couple of years."

Clint pauses to make sure everyone's on teh same page. Or maybe he's pausing to take a bite of his burger because it is so damn good. Either way, really. "A bit back Vixen and I discovered that the Hand had leaned on one of the organizers of an upcoming New York Fashion show and are now storing something in his warehouse in the same area all the fashion stuff is being kept. It's guarded twenty four seven. No idea what it is or what they want it for but the fact that they had to leverage someone to put it there tells me that they want it in the city rather badly. I want a look at it, but I'm going to need some help."

Mari would smirk if she knew Shakira's thoughts. Her comment to Clint had been a snark. The pair of them run, a lot.

"It's an organisation." Mari comments to the catwoman falling silent while Clint explains. Whereas Clint tends to tear into his food, Mari is a little more delicate and savours her.

"It's true." Mari adds when Clint finishes. "It's one of the biggest shows on the East Coast and there'll be a lot of fashion houses there. I'm launching a line at the show and will have a presence there. If it wasn't for the rumours that are being circulated to discredit my business, I would pull out. But I really can't afford to."

Shakira rests her elbow on the chair back and then her chin on her palm and considers. She likes Clint. He was nice and fed her as a cat and she's helped him and Mari out before. Mari is interesting, Clint knows where good food is. This sounds like fighting and fighting is fun. She idly flexes her other fist while thinking.
'It is part of my obligation to the Overlord.. these hands sound as if they are a possible threat. I should at least take a look, yes?' And a chance to do some fighting against adversaries that aren't weak, boring, humans sounds pretty great to the barbarian. She nods and grins at the trio. "Yes. I will do this."
Shakira doesn't have anything to add to the fashion stuff, can't imagine why there are warehouses and shows devoted to such a thing. She doesn't understand it, wears mostly the same outfit and a few things her landlady has urged her to buy or that people have given her. Clothing isn't a something she has any interest in.

And this is likely why Clint asked May to be here. She simply looks at him for a long second before saying evenly, "How much help, and when?" She can think of a couple of SHIELD contractors that would likely be willing to step up and help, including Rain and maybe either Grifter or the Aussie with the tattoos. Maybe she can ask Oracle to 'borrow' Misfit for an evening. The kid's random as hell but quite useful.

There's a few, yes. May's got connections to the kinds of people that Clint wouldn't have dreamed of being able to call upon before he left SHIELD and that's aside from her own considerable skills. "As much as we can get on short notice and either tomorrow night or the day after. I want to get in there before it sits there for too long or before it gets moved. We may need…" Shakira gets a smirk here. "We may need to crack some skulls. I'd like it to be quiet but I'm not counting on being able to keep it that way. Shakira do you think you can be free in a night or two? And May who do you think you can get?"

Mari gives Clint a very flat look and adds "If it goes like most of our missions, we'll have to crack skulls. And run, a lot. We could do with an Overwatch too." she adds to May. "Too many times we're caught on the back foot because it's just us on the ground."

Whether they can get one, she doesn't know, but it's high on her 'want' list.

Shakira listens to the planning curiously. She's not used to such things but isn't stupid and can see the advantages, especially when its not just one or a few people on their own. She's used to being on her own or.. with a partner? That thought seems familiar though she has no idea why.
Well, she can follow anothers lead easily enough, so long as it makes sense, and leads to something she wants. In this case a good deal of fun from the sound of it. "I'll be ready when you are."

"Tomorrow. That's cutting it a bit close, but I'll see what I can do." May is sure that the two mages she'd tap first are currently extremely busy elsewhere…

Do you want me pull any gear in particular?" she asks of Barton, knowing of the others, he'd the be one most likely to know what SHIELD might have that he'd consider useful for this kind of excursion.

Clint shakes his head. "Whatever you'd bring for an op with extreme unknown factors. It's really hard to tell what's going to be what with these… ninja." Normally it's swords and theatricality but Clint's… seen some things. Some very serious, very strange things. He wishes that woman in Red hadn't just vanished. The fact that he doesn't know what she's doing makes him nervous.

He's about to say more when the door to the Trip Trap opens and in walks… Clint Barton. Literally. The spitting image of him down to the fact that the clothing is rumpled and ever so slightly stained.

"The fu- that is not possible…" Clint growls as he ducks slightly to avoid notice.

Mari is quiet as the discussion continues. She'll be there, ready to run and all.

When the door opens, she looks automatically, her hands pausing over her plate still holding the burger. With a slow look to her companion and back to the door, she moves to block the newcomers view of Clint even more so.

"Your twin brother?" She asks.

Shakira's eyes narrow at the newcomer. She doesn't seem pleased by this development. This building is her home. She would protect it for that alone, but it's also her job to do so. The people here are under her protection, it's a safe place.
One thing for Clint to come looking for her, it's not as if she's made it a secret but some stranger magically appearing as him? She's not having it. Most of the time, Shakira abides by …most of the laws of this land. The ones that make sense at least. The ones that will keep her out of trouble if she follows. The barbarian is quite willing to make exceptions as needed though. "Should I take him out back and get rid of him?" Her tone suggests she means in a rather permanent way.

May doesn't let whatever reaction she has show, even though internally she's just started cussing in Japanese. With a 'stay here' glance at the others, she simply moves to stand and meet the just-arrived Barton. She knows the archer doesn't have a twin brother, and considering the somewhat recent events, if this turns out to be another LMD she will decapitate it here and now. And then apologize.

"Barton," she greets in her usual manner.

The curious thing is that there's no 'magic' to this whatever it is at all for those who can sense it. It looks, moves and sounds like Clint Barton though. To the point where it might be come a really good question which Clint is real… if either is.

"May." The newly arrives Clint says, oblivious or seemingly so to the look that he's getting from Shakira.

"That might be difficult. I don't want there to be too much trouble here, but…" Clint's already reaching for sidearm that he's got hidden at the small of his back. Only Mari and Shakira can see him doing so.

"Sorry I'm late." The Clint talking to May continues. "Glad you're here though. We need to talk. What do you know about the Hand?"

"Not your twin brother then? Or do you just owe him money?" Mari says, keeping herself between the … two Clints.

"Don't be a fool." she hisses as he reaches for his weapon. "Let May handle this. I want to finish my burger."

listening intently, catching the conversation between the other two, Mari … waits. This is usually where they start running.

Shakira doesn't look at the Clint at her table but she is growing suspicious. If this isn't magic.. what is it? How can she tell which is the real one? The barbarian listens to him talk to May with growing unease. That… that is very strange. What in the worlds? How would he know the exact things to say? What should she do? Knock them both out? Tie them up and then.. what?
This is interesting but confusing and there are many innocent bystanders about. She doesn't want them to get hurt…welll, aside from that trio nearby. They could definitely stand a good beating. Overly drunk, obnoxious idiots are not her favorite clientle to deal with. She has no intention of running anywhere. This is her territory, this building. Shakira does wait though, keeping to her relaxed position. May has the manner of a warrior and the barbarian is interested in seein how she handles things.

"A bit. Walk with me," May says whole letting her eyes flick toward the trio of obnoxious drunkards as if she suspects them of something. She's going to lead him back out the front door and hopefully away from the general public. This should also give the others freedom to follow if they choose. And if things get ugly, she can pull him through a convenient ley line to someplace safely away from general populace. Like that open wheat field from a couple of months ago.

"Uh sure, but weren't we going to meet in the building? There was someone I wanted to-" Clint is letting himself be led away by May. Up the stairs that lead down to the Trip Trap, onto the sidewalk and then down the street. The other Clint immediately starts to move, headed out the back. There's a little gate at the far end of that garden, right? He thought he saw something like that ealier when he was scoping the place out. "Follow me."

As Possibly-Fake Clint and May move, the other Clint almost runs through the back garden and into an alley. He's moving to intercept.

"Good. They're up to something. I think they may have deployed an agent that-" Boots on pavement draw newcomer-Clint's attention and he looks up to see here-already Clint coming up the alley, .45 in his hand.


That's both of them at once as gunfire from both Clints whistles through the air.

"Oh for heavens sake…" Mari follows her Clint out the back and up the alley, shaking her head. This is going to go so wrong. It generally does. "I'm going to assume he's your twin then…" She doesn't believe that - she's just not sure why.

As they come face to face with the 'fake' Clint and the guns fire. Her pendant glows as she concentrates, the glow of a rhinocerous surrounding her and she steps in front on the Archer. This is gonna hurt… but it might stop Clint getting shot. again.

Shakira does follow and the instant she's out the back door the feline woman drops to all fours and shifts, instantly becoming a large black panther clad in a leather and bone collar. Yellow eyes gleam as she pads silently along through the darkest parts of the yard and creeps towards the alley.
The sound of gunshots increases her pace but Shakira pauses upon rounding the corner, needing a moment to decide just which of them she's leaping for. Maybe she should just try to protect the smaller woman? Getting in a warriors way is never a good idea though..

At the perfectly mimiced warning calls, May does indeed promptly duck out of the way (fingers crossed), and in almost the same motion moves to disarm and immobilize the Barton right next to her. If he ends up face down on the sidewalk, that's his call, not hers. She just hopes that the other two women think to do the same with the other Barton. Dopplegangers are ALWAYS a pain in the ass, and they have to figure this out. Quickly.

Bullets bounce of Mari's morphogenic field but only a couple because the other Clint is promptly disarmed by May. And then lashes out at her too fast to be human. It will come as no surprise when the first punch misses that it goes clean through the brick corner of a building without slowing down. Okay, well, maybe it's some surprise. At least they know which one the LMD is.

The bad news? It's the one next to May and it's trying to grab her.

Ouch. Ouch. The bullets might bounce off Mari's skin, but they still hit with enough of impact. Maybe this is why she's an ex-fashion model. Too many bruises to show.

Eyes widening as the other Clints fists hit the wall, Mari moves, raising a hand to grab … whatever that is, and throw him away from May. Hopefully, the spirit of the Rhinocerous is enough to protect her if he decides to gets handsy.

Knowing the real Clint is human, that is all the panther-Shakira needs to see before bounding forward and then leaping for the wrong Clint. She has no idea how this one is so strong without magic but it doesn't matter at the moment. She's heavy and fast and going to land in a way that knocks him to the ground without being fatal.
If he tries to aim one of those freakishly strong punches at her though she'll likely switch to simply attempting to claw his head off. While Shakira does have a pretty good healing factor, she is not immune to pain. The feline is also rather pissed off. She is not fae but the woman who owns this place is and you do not walk into a fae dwelling and then attack one of the guests. Even if they are technically outside of it now.. Shakira knows that isn't likely to matter. He came looking to grab or hurt May. Even if he gets away, Shakira suspects he might end up very regretful some where down the line.

Whoashit. May draws on her Pendulum to hopefully move fast enough to get clear of that punch. The first one takes out the corner of a brick wall instead of her head and she uses the distraction of both Mari and the panther she knows is Shakira pouncing on the LMD to try and get out of grabbing distance. Oh, and pull her taser batons while she's at it. No one likes getting zapped.

That pendulum briefly surrounds May in an aura that moves her out of the way of a bone crunching blow to the ribs much faster than she should have been able to. And then Mari and Shakira are both on the LMD. The force of the twin impacts knocks him down but oh god is he sturdy. It's like running into a steel beam with ground beef packed around it. Soft. And then very very very unexpectedly hard.

The shock makes the new-Clint jerk but not shut down. To be fair it wouldn't do that to SHIELD LMD's either. New-Clint grabs Shakira by the tail and tries to simply throw her at May as he tries to also throw of Mari. One armed. He's strong enough to do it, the question is does he have the leverage.

"Holy crap." Mari winces as her fist hits … something hard. "That hurt, you jerk." As she follows him to the ground, trying to pin him. But he's so strong.

As he flexes, she doesn't have quite enough purchase to hold the man … and she's sent sprawling, on her back.

Shakira is confused but not slowed by this. You do not grab a cat's tail if you want to keep going on without injury however and she snarls and snaps, clawing at the fake-Clint's throat with a massive paw. Then she shifts back to human woman, tailess and enraged she hauls off and kicks him in the parts. She has never heard of and likely to be comepltely baffled by an LMD. Technology is not one the barbarian woman's strong suits.
For good measure, she jumps to the side, grabs a length of metal pipe on the side of the building and tears it free, whirling around to spear the imposter with it if he's still moving. She might not have a tail now but that just means her ass hurts and Shakira is not amused by this.

May has to again throw herself clear as LMD!Clint tries to fling the panther at her, and now she's too far away for the baton to be of any use. So she pulls—damnit, that's not what she wan… wait. May looks at the small device in her hand and presses and holds the single button on its face. Normally, the little unit can only jam wireless devices within about a one-meter radius. But holding the button down kicks up the feedback, kind of like a low-level EM field. HOpefully enough to mess with the LMD's internals. And, she'll just have to hope her phones survive.

What it does may be rather shocking. Fake-Clint is in bad shape at this point. He's bleeding all over the place and if he were human he'd be down but something has overriden his emulation programming and when May hits the jamming button his eyes go red.

Exactly like SHIELD LMDs when they're going into 'basic functions mode' aka Survival Mode. At that point their only mission is to extract intact. No matter what.

Fortunately no matter what becomes suddenly very moot. Shakira hits Fake Clint with a length of pipe and sends him skidding twenty feet down the road. That should have broken his neck. It kind of looks like it did but now-floppy-necked Clint just stands up and books it without even needing to see where he's going.

Crap he can run fast. He's out of sight in moments.

Real Clint fires a couple of shots after it more in anger than for any other reason.

"Shit. That thing's supposed to be on ice in the Tri. Where the hell did it come from?" Someone didn't… build another, did they?

Mari rolls to her knees with a groan, slowly making her feet and shaking the stun off, turning just in time to see the other Clint race off.

"What thing?" she rounds on Clint. He's not told her the story. "What was it. It wasn't human, regardless …" her words trail off "… is this like those young women clone things we've been finding?"

Belatedly it comes to her to ask after the others "May, Shakira. Are you ok?"

Shakira is not one to run away from a fight. She isn't stupid either however and its her prey doing the running and clearly there's something strange about him. She needs to know more and so doesn't give chase, instead kneeling to sniff at the fake-clint's left behind blood.
"How was that possible? He did not have magic." She would have scented it and while the feline is aware of mutants, she's met several, and heard of metas, they usually can't keep going after a kick like that and definitely not after a broken neck. She seems faintly disturbed. "I am fine, thank you." Shakira moves forward and looks May and Mari over with a note of concern.

Melinda May lets off of the jammer's button. "Fine. That was an LMD — Life Model Decoy. Think Terminator from the first movie. And I thought the other one had been completely dismantled, Barton." She's going to get back to the Triskelion and confirm with her own eyes, though, that's for damned sure. Because just the thought that they have more than one out there is even more disturbing.

Clint grunts. He's clearly perturbed on a number of levels. "It knew you were going to be here, May. It knew about the Hand. It knew about our meeting." He shakes his head and looks to Shakira and Mari. "We need to move. Quickly. I don't know if it's connected with the Hand but something is very wrong. We're going to want to get in there before the situation changes and not in our favor."

Mari looks grim as May explains and then more concerned as Clint voices her next concerns. "Clearly something is wrong. I'm ready to go when you are."

Whatever is going on makes her problems look trivial.

"You look like you need a beer, though." and probably more food. It is Clint after all.

Shakira gives May a blank look. That means nothing to her, she hasn't taken up tv or movie watching since her arrival in this world. Mari's mention of a clone does remind her of the body they found on the dock. A created being? This still baffles her a little. How one can do such a thing? but there's a lot she doesn't understand and won't admit to unless necessary so she just nods. "I will be ready."

Melinda May nods. "I'll tap whoever I can that's free now." May might even ask Coulson to cash in a favor or eight to get extra help. She's pretty sure they're going to need it.

Checking her phone (thank goodness it's okay) she looks at the others. "I'll go get started now. Keep in touch." And with that she heads back to the tavern's little back garden. If anyone follows her, she'll disappear into the ley lines the moment she's back in the garden. There's work to be done.

"I'll take a beer." And the rest of his burger. Clint's a bit shaken but May's on the case and he can't do anything until they've rounded everyone up.

So in the meantime: Food.

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