On The Dockfronts

September 07, 2016:

The Clue Master is seen at the docks in Gotham. Oracles sends Misfit in to investigate. (emits by Kane)

Gotham Docks


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Oracle/Batgirl has a lead on Arthur Brown aka the Cluemaster. The last time he was spotted he was in the company of some Greek Mafia goons (some of whom were distinctly not human) robbing a pawnshop that was a front for Falconi Crime Family business. Today? Today he's been spotted down at the docks fiddling with some of the containers. Interestingly, it's in an area where the Russians have been doing business, the Russians being one of the major groups opposing Medusa. And it looks like he's got an escort again. What is he planting?

Hard to say. The camera angles in that part of the docks are awful.

Oracle doesn't always get out as Batgirl. She still has enough to keep her busy as 'Oracle'. Today is one of those days. I've got a lead on The Cluemaster. I need someone to head there. Down by the docks. Respond with your status. she sends to the Batfamily.

The camera angles make her grimace. It's an ongoing effort trying to get enough camera's out there … the docks are a real battle.

There is a response Sigh from Misfit's comm. Why is it the docks these days.. also don't say it is the artery through which the life blood of Gotham flows.. you'll totes sound like Batman.

After a pause I can pop down there and kick Cluemaster in the teeth sure. Especially since he is all Medusa-ing it up these days… any intel on any escorts? with that Misfit pops to the docks, near the edge, onto the top of one of the loading cranes that keeps mysteriously breaking down but has an excellent view of the docks themselves, halo.

It's because right now the docks are controlled by two groups who hate eachother and things keep kicking off there. The Cluemaster seems to be planting little magnetic boxes on the edges of the containers. They're pretty easily missed but something's… off. Misfit can feel some kind of aura coming off them.

Wait. Are these… like her unluck stones?

As Misfit arrives she can see the Cluemaster plant another box and leave a little scrap of paper wedged in behind it. Just a little one. Then he rises and starts walking. With his escorts. There's four of them. Two of them are quite large. Like, NFL linebacker on steroids large.

"When would I say anything in that fashion? But, he isn't wrong. Just prosaic. We're in a gang way, Misfit and the rival gangs are fighting for control of this. That's why it's always the docks." Except it's not just the docks, it's everywhere.

Watching the screens, she peers as the the four come into view - sort of. She's missed Cluemaster putting out the paper - the cameras don't cover that view. "Four bodyguards. Two look like Minotaurs. But my camera angles are so wrong. Proceed with caution."

Gang way…. arrr avast… and hey I think he is actually doing something that will manipulate fate down there… probably greek magic of some sort.. stupid monsters… I bet you are right and those two thugs are like Minotaurs or mayeb the butt of a monsster… like they will merge together like that movie into a Hydra… she trails off Wasn't hydra a villain group.. whatever happened to them I wonder…

With a bounce back to her apartment Misfit snags her Potents Staff and charges it with a thump-um <tm> spell. Then she is bouncing back to the crane lookout. One little two little three little minotaurs… well two… I bet the littlier guys will do something neat. and with that she leaps off the crane … building momentum before teleporting this time #bounce … and bringing the magically infused druid staff down hard on the back of one of the thugs heads.. not the top.. bulls have horns and hard heads… nope the back… and with a pivot tries the littlier one on the same side. "Vengeance!" … she wasn't about to forget the battle cry.

Rather unfortunately for Misfit the moment she teleports downward the unluck aura grabs onto her. It doesn't do exactly what was planned though. That's the thing about chaos magic. Throwing spells at it is rarely a productive way to do anything.

It might do something unfortunate, it'll just be unfortunately unexpected.

All the same one of the big guys stumbles. That thump-um spell hits hard. Everyone turns on Misfit. The little guys seem to also suddenly have horns.

Crap. Satyr.

There's also the brief sensation of fingers in her belt but only for a second and it doesn't seem to have done anything. In any case Misfit is being charged. Oracle can see the Cluemaster already booking it fast the other way.

It's a good thing that Babs is fond of Misfit or the constant, and sometimes inane, chatter would drive her mad. "Just be careful. This is Medusa we're dealing wi—-" Yeah, too late. There are the Satyrs. "Cluemaster is getting away."

With a motion of her hand over her console, a crane swings into action, moving to plant its load directly in front of the fleeing man.

Well shoot. The bounce was effective to get her to the Minotaur. Which she thumped hard while the unluck tries to get a grip on her slippery self. Misfit really underestimated the radius of the bad luck aura from Cluemaster's activity and dove in maybe too fast. Crap… that… maybe a luck spell in my armor… she goes for another bounce Got him… and nope she does not have him.

Misfit appears behind one of the Satyrs. Which is good as she isn't where the minotaur was charging to save his friend. It is bad though because she had planned to bounce behind the Cluemaster and choke grab him from behind with her staff… spinning to use him as a shield. .. .. So yeah Satyr in hand with staff choking him too her… Charlie's nostrils flare "Hey…. you smell great…" damned Satyrs. Of course she smells like Wolf Death God… but still.

He really does smell great. He smells like a hundred summer nights dancing around the fire, and midnight runs through the forest and other things that might appeal to Misfit. As Oracle drops a crane load in front of the Cluemaster to block his exit she's treated on her other scene to the sight of the second Saytr picking himself, up, waving the Minotaurs off for a moment and grabbing Misfit from behind.

"So do you doll." He smells great too.

Damn the luck. Literally.

"…" It takes a lot to fluster Babs. She's seen a lot in the time she's been doing this. But this Satyr… Misfit … Satyr. Just. No. "Uh, Misfit. You need to concentrate. Or I'll be forced to dump cold water on the pair of you." She quickly recovers her aplomb.

She's watching Cluemaster on the other screen. Did she manage to stop him?

But.. they smell amazing.. you should come see O… maybe the water isn't a bad idea. Then Misfit snuffs the Satyr in front of her while shifting her footing, then pulling back on the staff trapping him she growls and bites where his neck meets his shoulder. Sharp teeth too. It isn't to damage but it may just spook the hell out of him. Yeah perhaps water…. can Babs manage that from afar? Let's hope so…

"Oh god…" Babs … is horrified by what she's seeing. Kane is likely never go to hear about this. Or maybe he will. Rubbing her temples, the redhead sighs and skillfully maneouvres a crane bucket to dip into the harbour … and then over the chaos muppet and her amours.

Dirty, stinking, cold water is dumped over the three.

The musk of the Saytr is somewhat suddenly made much less appealing by the addition of stinking Gotham Harbor water. The Minotaur stand there shocked. And soaked. The Saytr stand there shocked. And Soaked. None of them can believe that just happened.

And they may all regret it.

Charlie spits out sea water, for gods sake stinking Gotham harbor water at that. She was chewing with her mouth open even… guh spit. The growl this time is not…at all friendly. "Yuck!" and she is in motion not bothering with bouncing as she archs and moves to throw the Satyr she has in a chokehold over her head onto the other Satyr.

This is followed by a low spin sweep with her staff… and thumpum… which will either trip them or clock them in the faces since they are in a heap. "Yuck yuck yuck…."

One and two. That's two Saytr down and stunned both thrown and thumped for good measure. Then the Minotaurs are coming. Heads down, horns pointed at not quite opposite directions. They seem to be meaning to just gore her and have done with it. Certainly they don't seem to be any happier about the harbor bath than she.

As for the Cluemaster, Oracle's lost sight of him. She had him stopped, but without a follow up he's probably just found another way out, one not covered by cameras.

Thank goodness for that. Babs wasn't sure that would work and seriously, she's not had to … disengage … folks before.

It worked though, and now Misfit is delivering a drubbing. "We've lost the Cluemaster." she's not happy about that, at all. Still, she turns her attention to where he was working, leaving Misfit to deal with the others.

Well Oracle isn't the only one unhappy about the situation. Misfit fishes out two oil slick pellets and tosses them to mix with all the harbor water right in front of the charging Minotaurs. Then she slip slides herself out of the way to watch the goring ensue. "This is disgusting…" she notes and then Sorry… they used magic… yuck…. also why is he planting unluck.. bad luck stuff… I can probably just pop to him once I shake the spell Oracle… she flings her staff out and down thumping a Satyr in the head idly.

The two minotaurs smash together and… well the results are predictable. Both were moving fast. Neither can stop. Misfit's going to have to give the area a wide berth in order to shake the aura and-

Hey… what's this? Someone slipped a piece of paper into her belt. It's soaked now but there's writing on it. Unfortunately it seems to all be in some kind of code.

"I know." Oracle would sigh, but the digital disguise strips it out. "Don't worry about it. We'll find him again, soon, I'm sure." Afterall, it's not like he's trying to hide when these things go down.

Charlie glances at the piece of paper as she thumps the less wounded minotaur with an overhead swing, one handed but the spell really helps back it up. Wierd.. I think someone slipped me a note… can you code crack this thing? she is staring at it with her Goggles.. aka HUD.. aka Video feed all on to the information goddess.

Oracle looks at the note through Charlies camera and sighs. "I can, but it will take a bit. It's a Playfair cipher and I've seen it recently. Give me a few hours, I should have it." beat "Well, depending on what else happens tonight."

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