Decisions, Decisions..

September 06, 2016:

Nathaniel comes aboard the HMSS to try and solidify things. Starfire's crew is not so convinced.

//HMSS Starfire //

Hovering above Metropolis in spacial borders.


NPCs: K'tten Orn Depalo



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That was a rather unfinished conversation. Actually, two conversations. But it takes Nathaniel about fifteen minutes to reorganize the equipment he was working on, and reconfigure his neurokinetic outfit into an armor. Only then he can consider catching up with the women, and he has no idea where Bluebird went.

But he tracked the teleporting beam back to the spaceship, so he 'beams in' right away, looking for a certain redheaded princess.

When Nathaniel beams in and materializes on the landing pad the few terse words do not stop, as anyone with access, well… Their privvy.

"You cannot simply offer up unknown aid, Koriand'r. What is the end game in joining a group again. You told us of your past Titans. Where are they now?"

K'tten looks cross, but she is not glaring at Depalo for once, or shying away. Instead she is reclined back, feet on the console and arms folded acoss her chest. She looks like the kitten that got the cream. "You risk and offer a lot for little. We're from warrior races, not from peacekeepers. Peace and seeking it only got us damned, Kori."
Orn is standing by, but he remains silent as K'tten's last refernece was towards his people and what they did to theirs, but he was no exception to their rule of concern.

"You all agreed we needed a home. Having one means protecting it, even if it means by being a speaker…" Kori states, standing before them with her own arms folded across her chest, spine straight but nothing about posture even gives that she is uncomfortable about the discussion. "Nathaniel." Stated with a small uptilt of one corner of lips and a glance back.
The helmet is off, so the crew of the Starfire can see Nathaniel hesitate for a few seconds, and then offer a confident smile. "Kori, K'tten," he turns and nods, "Depalo, and Orn. Good to see you all. I suppose the captain has kept you up to date. So… you wish to get involved or do you prefer to remain somewhat distant for a while longer?"

K'tten give Nathaniel a roving sweep of that gaze, one that reflects what she sees back at him in fathomless depths of green. Just him, as he appeared. "I choose our distance. I've seen enough. Now is not the time for an orbiting space ship to come down and reveal a crew of aliens."

"I beg pardon." Orn speaks. "But we did during the invasion of the other on the island."
"Because they threatened Earth, that we have claimed as home and the people we have come to know. I fail to see that now, just hate." K'tten nearly spits back as Depalo simply nods.

Kori unfolds her arms and shifts her stance to the side to look at them all. "I will not force anyone. But the one thing I will not shift on is if this planet and people need saving, you will help."

The silence reigns, but they all nod, an accord struck as it had been. She would not put them on the line, just herself, their lives are their own and they chose to follow her. Kori never made them.

A tip of head and Kori leaves the control room with the hiss of a door that takes her to the Lounge area, the gesture one to offer Nathaniel to join her.

"Right. You are aliens and some of you look dangerous for the average human," admits Nathaniel. "Not you K'tten, you look delicious, they would never see you coming until it is too late." Jokes aside, he finds a place to settle and continues.

"This is what happens when most cultures transition into the space age. It is going to be a generation or two before the bulk of the human population gets used to people from other worlds. But it needs to start somewhere, and you four are a good start," points out Nathaniel. "I have seen Daemonites afoot, and I bet there are Skrulls out there too. It is better if the humans also have some friendly faces. Oh, Kryptonians do not count. They look too much like humans."

Well, seeing as Nathaniel did not leave with her and passed words with the trio, Kori stands in the doorway and leans against the threshold of circular frame. The words to K'tten bring a brow to perk as well as a small smile, even as K'tten's eyes narrow, nostrils flare and she looks like she is about to become a bull in a china shop.

"I am not as friendly, diplomatic, or political as the Princess. If they tried to burn, beat, or toss refuse at me they would not be left standing. They'd see me coming." A slight heated glare towards Kori and K'tten stands, leaving to deeper recesses of the ship.
Depalo and Orn look at eachother and then nod. "Agreed. It is why we remain. Our natures differ. The risk is greater then the reward." Depalo breathes in after speaking, the clicking of the Dominator's withdrawl audible, eerie and insectile… Fitting.

"They move when they want, and perhaps when they choose to they will also choose to reveal themselves, but of their own wants and on their own time. If they do so now…" Kori shrugs. "But I am sure none would object to a good old fashioned hunt…" In reference to the Daemonites, or any other possibly harmful race

Nathaniel looks at Depalo and Orn, and sighs. They look scary, but they aren't. Compared with the typical Dominator or Citadelian, that pair are saints. Which is why they are in many regards better suited as first contact for humans than K'tten. Speaking of which.

"You have a temper," he agrees, standing up since Kori seems to be waiting for him. "There are still places you could go, and many interesting things you could do without getting into a fight with anyone. Or maybe even getting into a fight. You three could visit Mutant Town in New York, the mutants there are humans, but not particularly concerned about appearances." He walks closer to the princess, 'you wanted me?' He murmurs.

The pair only want to live. Saint is … Not correct in the slightest. They're living the only way they know is not in chains or dead.

K'tten's exit is followed slowly by the other two, a pause, glance back and they go back to their own spaces.

"They're known below. They helped rebuild what the backdraft from Hell's Gate did, but they were seen there before as well. Small fear, a little apprehension. It made those with that worse, though even there we are more welcome then not. They've seen what comes to me when I go out sometimes anymore. They would not tolerate it. I don't blame them."

When Nathaniel walks closer and murmurs her smile is light while eyes narrow. "You came here first, I was trying to save you from having to argue with my crew. You're not in your helmet."
"Oh, that is something you do not need save me from, princess," replies Nathaniel with a wry grin. "Maybe what we need is an embassy of shorts, where humans can go meet aliens peacefully and without fear. But I suppose that is still a few years away."

The helmet is not something he often wears inside the ship. In fact, neither is the armor, so he is reconfiguring it into a more fashionable jumpsuit. "I also want to talk with you about that magazine you have in mind, but I need a break first. I have been working since dawn."

"Way I see it, it may be, but not always my crew. They kinda like you. So it won't be too bad." The wry grin wavers when he mentions an embassy, thought flickers and then her head shakes.

"With those like Gordon Godfrey running for local candidacy… That will not go well. His backers are many and best avoided if Alien or even associated." She already had one incident that was enough and hearing th man scream out his hate was nerve wracking on its own without the echo…

A tilt of her head towards Nathaniel and she looked puzzled. "You have interest?" She seemed confused for the moment but then nodded. "Later then. Come. Quarters are still yours. Eat, sleep and we can talk later."

"Of course I do and…" food sounds a good idea, but he is not sleepy. Too many ideas running amok through his brain. Still, he follows her. "Wait, Kory Anders was the name you used?" He has also been running searches since she mentioned modeling. "I suppose I should search the nets for the pictures, I am quite the fan, as you know."

Kori pauses when he mentions her modelling name. Pausing even with his 'wait', peering back at him and folding her arms as she comes to face him in that hallway.
"Apparently not hard to find. Most are from years ago when I first came here. I have only started again with the agency before the retail holiday… Christmas. Years ago mutant was an acceptable assumption." A shrug and when he mentions being a fan, she smiles and turns continuing to walk at least towards the area made into a small dining area.

Nathaniel hmms. How old was Kori back then? Mid-teens? Still tall enough to do serious modeling. No one expected an alien, "did they even suspect you were a mutant or meta? Most of the pictures are doctored and your eyes are not seen. I guess you have some friends in that business." He grins, "you make friends easily, which is one of the reasons I think you are going to be great as public voice for aliens and hopefully the Avengers."

Depends on how you defined age. Kori had been through torments as a 'child' that most took years to even -know- existed. With Nathaniel's inquiry, Kori pauses and a single shoulder rises and falls, sliding that long red hair free of bared slope of skin to join some of the mass down her back. "Lighting was toyed with, but not enough to lie, truly. They knew, it was the new exotic to them and I was a friendly face as well as… perception back then. They like me, yes." Friends, though? How questionable that would be when it is a manner of who is scratching whose back. Now, though, she is playing it not only for herself, but for others.

The final statement though has her tilting her head, turning to face him and leaning back against a counter, folding arms over her chest in the repose. "It is not just aliens anymore. The devastation opened eyes, but it opened more hatred - a hatred that should scare anyone different." Her eyes did not leave Nathaniel, that deep emerald flashing with the waning smile.

"A voice, or just an image. I do not have the softness I used to in most respects. That is why it should not just be me on those pages. Everyone has a voice, or a … look."

Nathaniel nods, stepping into the starship galley. Mostly Earth food in the low entropy storage, but the cooking machines can also synthesize some foodstuff from raw materials. Almost feels like a far future kitchen. He programs a protein drink for himself, and grabs… hmm, Chinese carryout? This must have been Lunair. Good enough for him. "Do you want anything?" He offers.

"Yes," he replies, back into the issue. "Everyone has a voice, and some are sharp like knives. Calm, friendly voices make more friends. A smile makes more friends than defensive posturing and angry replies to angry words. We are not going to fight an enemy that can be punched there. We have to convince and seduce."

Kori shakes her head lightly at the offer, for the moment her appetite has waned. Her goal here is the political end of it, but human politics are not her fortee, at all. Things are not done here like in the cosmic reaches, but sometimes the end games are the same, and it ends in the 'lesser race' in chains. She will not stand idly by to watch it happen or to have history repeat.

"I can only be so calm, I can smile, I can withstand blows and not return them. For myself. Seduction is all politics ever are. But when it harms those I do call friend…" A pause and arms unfold in the show of empty hands with fingers splayed. "It's not anything I will tolerate." Hence her ragtag crew of random misfit-aliens.
"Then some avenging is due," points out Nathaniel with a grin, "which is good for us. And the current laws should allow us to get involved in such conflicts and bring to justice those responsible. And if the local justice is not enough, the international courts could be brought in. Laws there are in many regards more advanced than those in the US."

Kori has concerns. Roy's work in the DEO, their stance…and Lian. That crossfire is one that terrifies her to her core, but speaking of it aloud only empowers it - an old belief and those are ones almost always long lived for a reason. The silence that came with the thoughts, goes with the mention of laws, a rapid blink having Kori stare openly at Nathaniel.

"It's been made plain me and mine are not considered citizens, so tell me how I should desire to follow the laws that will not protect me or mine?" Ever the diplomat… Koriand'r.
"That is hardly as cut and clear as some racists would like to preach," notes Nathaniel, sipping from his drink. "International law certainly protects people that are not citizens of any Earth nation. And social and political pressure can be exerted to clarify and reinforce those laws to protect aliens. But it cannot be done easily from secrecy and masquerading."

That is not what she heard when she found herself in the path of a Godfrey rally. Treated as a with but the only burning was the path she took on exit despite the yells of profanity and clatter of debris. Thick skinned and easily armored.

"I have never been one to hide, but I have also not been subject to tolerate the small minds of smaller beings." The hint no longer there as it was laid out plain as day. A sigh upon exhale as it could be misconstrued easily and Nathaniel could take offense…the majority of those she has come to love or loved. "Those filled with this belief, fear, and hatred - it's all they have and it can be quashed so easily. Earth's heroes have been trying to prove and show for years how to overcome. You, Roy, Dick, Gar, Lunair," The list can go on. "How do you expect me; the major 'thing' they fear right now, to tell them and show them face to face? The magazine has been the reveal, has never lied, but keeps words on paper and the people behind them at a safe distance and those angered just as safe." Maybe seeing, reading, hearing… It'd spark the small bit of doubt to soften the hatred and change it to a different empowerment.

…ever the optimist.

"Especially if some of those in the magazine, are human."
"Oh really? No," Nathaniel shakes his head. "maybe Roy, he is a law-enforcement agent and works in the open, which is why I invited him to the team. But Lunair is a mercenary. She kills people and stays in the shadows. I do not know who Dick and Gar are, but most super-powered heroes are pretty much vigilantes. They hide their faces and identities, they flee when the police comes without giving a statement or report, and without showing up at the trials. They do help, yes, but they are outsiders. Out of society, and often outlaws."

"I.." Kori hears Nathaniel, loud and clear, her lips opening, closing upon the furrow of brow as eyes redirect to the ground.

"We're all outsiders. But we don't have to answer to anyone to do what is right. No one should." The crux of the matter laid out. "Help do what is right and help your politics, or governments. Sure. I never was one to ever agree with them, but I did what I had to when I felt it was right, even if it wasn't. Give and take I still will. But I will never be in chains again or allow it to happen to others."

Stepping forward, Kori cups Nathaniel's face in both hands and kisses his forehead, stepping back and away (also stealing his egg roll in the process).

"I've always been an outsider and none of should expect much less, but we can hope and try for it, it's why I will Avenge with you, but I still have my terms and my duties as Captain, Commander, Princess (to Lian!), and Ms. Anders." A poke of the egg roll at Nathaniel and she turns to exit.

"I'll go unlock your quarters for when you are ready to rest."

"But do you want to be an outsider forever?" Counters Nathaniel. Duties and terms, that is what they are getting, too. But it will be worth it. He smirks at the chaste kiss, and the food theft. But hey, he offered.

"In truth, I am not tired or sleepy," he adds. Kori might have noticed Nathaniel tends to sleep considerably less than the typical human. "But if you want to go to my quarters, I am sure we can find something to do," he teases. He will stay there a few minutes to finish his lunch, though.

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