SItuation Emergency GEar

September 03, 2016:

Siege a mercenary from the future is sent back in time to apprehend and or eliminate Miguel O'Hara but runs in to a setback.


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Mike O'Mara is not the most socially outgoing individual as such his friends list in the era of 2016 / now is very very small. Though, he has to admit it is surprisingly larger than expected, Doctor Strange, a certain D.E.O. Agent, a Marshal, a SHIELD Agent, the Avengers… rather important people but that is more business. Almost all business so when he found himself asking Jemma Simmons out for a lunch he had to double check himself and argued with Lyla that it was not a date. Then she read him some psycho-babble about humans needing companionship and connections which resulted in her being grounded again (powered down).
New York is a rather wonderful day weatherwise, clear skies, warm yet a cool breeze sweeps through the busy streets. Perfect for just walking which is all he asked Agent Simmons to do, just take a walk with him, maybe an icecream.
"So, this flavor is Superman? Why? We have flavored paste like this back eh… home? Its not as sweet. I always hated food you can't sink your teeth in to." Flash of smile from Mike, those fangs show briefly. He isn't hiding them from the SHIELD scientist, shes on that list of 'those who know'. Casual wear today, a brown almost bomber style jacket, a green tee shirt that says "Tell Your Mom I Said Thanks" and some jeans.

just a normal day right? No. Never is and Jemma Simmons is, from everything Miguel has learned a damned trouble magnet. This particular Spider-Man has no 'Spidey-Sense' to warn them of incoming danger.

Jemma hadn't expected a call from Mig and she might need a Lyla lecture. She isn't viewing this as a date either, walking and ice-cream are good cover to discuss business. A certain Archer taught her that. Well maybe not ice-cream, it would likely be hoagies or something.

"You know, I don't know why is called Superman…" Jemma peers at the red and blue concoction "Could be something to do with the colour, don't you think?" She's teasing, of course. "I'd ask you to tell me about back home, but that's probably breaking some rule." Some might say the biochem is single-minded… Some might say focused. All, however, would agree the woman is a disaster magnet.

Some lucky people spend the Saturday in dates (or business meetings, according to SHIELD) and some unlucky people spends the Saturday in the lab, trying to get around the limitations of the 21st century technology. And also with an eye in investigating interesting temporal anomalies.

Iron Guard did send Lyla a message for Miguel, but someone has turned off his personal assistant A.I. (what a jerk).

Surprise, surprise, just where the temporal anomaly is happening, Nathaniel finds the two usual suspects. Miguel in his civies, and he seems to remember he has a secret id or something silly. So it is Jemma who gets a greeting when the armored figure lands in front of them, much to the consternation of the normal people around them. "Agent Simmons, good to see you. I am very sorry to interrupt your date, it looks like we have an incoming temporal event. Hmm…" he double checks his sensors. "Hard to pin the exact moment, but very soon."

"Why not call it Spider-Man then? I mean, red and blue, Superman isn't the only one… I suppose the flying and the superchin trump a skinny guy in tights crawling around walls making bad jokes. Really bad jokes. You met that other guy? Such a geek." Mike stops in consideration of what she is saying, "Maybe. Honestly I don't even know what the rules for all of this time travel garbage is, I just know a lot of it is taking place and it's directed towards fixed timeframes. Like now…"
On queue Nathaniel shows himself, full gear and in broad daylight. "No surprise you two know eachother and…" A glance around them and Mike grins, "Oh no! A superpowered mugger, someone please help us! He is talking crazy things too… " The sardonic tone sounding worse as he speaks in a higher pitch, trying to mock being terrified of Iron Guard also making a point of his own, they're in public in civvies.
"Of course there is a temporal anomaly nearby, look who my company is!" Both hands wave like is flagging down an airplane towards Jemma. "I think sailors once upon a time invited one of your ancestors on their ship. This is where that superstition began… "
A chuckle follows, "But… did you also know that if that woman was topless it was completely fine, she could 'shame the stormy seas in to calm'. Wild, huh?" Pause. "Not that I am saying you should strip any part of you down to calm the temporal waves of /what the shock/."

"I suppose you have a point. It could be spider-man but I rather suspect the sales wouldn't be as good. Of course, I doubt they've met you. " Jemma is trying not to laugh. "I can't say I've had the pleasure of meeting the other guy, no."

Distracted as Iron Guard lands "It's not date… " She's quick on that one "and it's Doctor Simmons, or Jemma, if you'd prefer." His words sink in as she's talking and she blinks. "You can detect those?" Maybe she should be more worried that it's imminent but… Science!!

Well, Science!! And Mike's talking… Causing her to gape just a little as a slight blush creeps over her cheeks "Well I'm glad to hear that you're not recommending that because I doubt my… assets… would be effective."

"Doctor Simmons is not a temporal anomaly," deadpans Iron Guard. The helmet helps. "At least not yet," that is added because, well, it looks like a question of 'time'. "Now, it might be a good idea to clear the area. Half the temporal disturbances I have seen so far have been lead to violence. Too many time travelers in the same timespace coordinates, I suppose."

"Yeah, so not a date. I think."
"Coulda fooled me." Mike responds to Nathaniel, "Also, I have been doing too much reading lately, lets talk sometime about your name choices and Romania 1927. That should be a fantastic conversation." The word fantastic is drawn out by the civilian disguised super-arachnid.
"How are we to know they wouldn't be effective until you tried it? JOKING! Joking. Man, my filters today. Maybe it's all the sugar and caffiene."

"Miguel O'Hara!" A booming voice amplified by electronics shouts down the city block. "Surrender yourself peacefully and I won't have to atomize you." An Iron Guard clone? No. It is another hovering humanoid looking robot. Anti-gravity systems keeping it aloft in the air, a propulsion system engaging to fly the shiny silver 'Iron Man' towards them. No, it is not one of the Mark anythings. It is something different, something from the year 2099.
"Shock, is that T.O.T.E.M. Again?" No need to squint past those yellowed glasses he wears, Mike has amazing vision. "Nope. Doesn't look like the last guy. I am guessing that is your temporal anomaly."

"Of course I'm not the temporal anoma—… What do you mean yet?" Iron Guard is doing well at distracting the woman, there's a few who would like to know his secret. They'll use it to stem a Jemma Babble.

Mike's 'joke' gets a bit of a flat look and she's just about to say something when that voice rings out "What did you do, Mike? Rob a comic book store in the future?" She's peering at the 'Iron Man' in fascination, though and frowns one last time in Mike's direction "What's T.O.T.E.M? And… do we need to run?"

"No kidding," states Iron Guard at seeing the armored robot. Atomizing, uh? Maybe he is not a robot. Who would seriously use the world 'atomize'? Or maybe it is a fashionable word around 2099.

"Running might be a good idea if Mr. O'Hara is not going to surrender peacefully. Something tells me he is not going to respect SHIELD's authority." Regardless, in the case atomization is imminent, Nathaniel flies up to stand between the newly arrival armored guy and Miguel. "Nice armor. Personal anti-gravity is pretty advanced for 2099." He tells the newcomer. "But very primitive for the 30th Century, in the case you are wondering. Do not start anything violent, please, you are badly outdated from my perspective."

"Damnit, I thought we had this conversation once… " They didn't. Mike grumbles at Jemma, "So, quick break down before we start running… because thats what we're going to do, Tin Man has this… anyways, the T.V.A. Temporal Variance Authority are a bunch of assholes who monitor timelines, they self-righteously think they can decide what is good and not for whatever, whoever, them, us, I dunno. I'm still learning this stuff too but T.O.T.E.M from what I have learned is the more violent arm… they don't arrest or relocate, they straight up erase. I honestly have no clue beyond that much. I haven't had to deal with them for several months now, I thought maybe they forgot about me, us, this timeline… " No, the Chronomonitor in charge of Earth-626 and it's timeline is very much aware of everyone engaging in temporal activities, Paradox, Blaquesmith, Kang, S-Man, even Agent Simmons of SHIELD, Professor Justin Alphonse Gamble and a number of other individuals of this reality who are out of time sync or on the verge of.
"And Jemma, my sweet lady friend, if only… yeah, just… " He can't much respond to the comics thing. Everything is digital in his era, either uploaded directly to the brain or you live it through a holosim.
"Running it is." He isn't about to just change in public, not unless he really needs to.

"30th century? Right. Get out of my way or I'll show you the full ability Stark-Fujikawa and Alchemax's Situational Emergency Gear… SIEGE, Miguel O'Hara is a criminal and he can either die or come with me. I have orders, one says kill him the other one says capture him, being this is a joint venture I'm allowed my own decision in the matter. I'd rather not have his blood on my hand so, get out of my way you, relic." Apparently he really doesn't believe Nathaniel. The visor of the helmet shows a man's face behind, he looks stern, serious and to emphasize this the repulsors on his hands light up as if prepared to fire.

"Wait, you thought this was a date?" Who could blame Jemma for thinking otherwise?

As Mike breaks it down and Iron Guard issues his own challenge, Jemma nods "Running then, I'm good at that and this guy is a Time Cop, right got it. For a not so nice branch of… Yeah"

As 'Iron Man' speaks, the biochem stares "Did he say Stark-Fujikawa and Alchemax? He did… They're the not nice guys?" She looks to Mike, eyes narrowing a little. "Uh… I think we should run now." Not that she's going to leave Mike (and all that lovely tech) behind. "Come on." She urges, tugging on his arm as she moves.

"Stark-Fujikawa working with Alchemax? What did this O'Hara person, did he steal Thor's hammer?" Nathaniel is not moving, but happy to give SIEGE conversation until Miguel can hide and change outfits, and while his armor sensors scan and deduce the other armor's capabilities. "And you are confusing me with Iron Man, are you not? I have to admit he was my inspiration for the design of this armor. But this is a neurokinetic battle suit from the distant future, appearances are deceiving."

"Hyperbole. I am updating files on you now and making sure it is noted you refused to stand aside in my hunt for a licensed criminal, you will be designated enemy of both Alchemax AND Stark-Fujikawa." Those repulsors lift and Siege tests just how hi-tech Iron Guard is with a salvo of energy projectiles.

"I didn't say it was a date! I thought you said that?" Mike fires back at Jemma. "The good guys? It is complicated and completely depends on what your ideals of good. I mean… bottom line they are all dicks." Already in motion.

"I didn't say it was a date" Jemma huffs, throwing a hand towards Iron Guard "He did." She's placing the blame for that misunderstanding on the future, future man

There's a million questions tumbling through her brain, the foremost of which is //Why is Miguel working for Alchemax? // but even Jemma knows there's a time questions and time to run and now is the latter.

She also wonders whether that anti chroniton inoculation might save her if SEIGE manages to hit her.

"I really hope you have something better than running, though, cause this guy isn't likely to give up. " She flinches as the first salvo of energy blasts are heard and makes her way towards the nearest power box, yanking the door open. "I'm sure Iron Guard has this, but just in case, if I overload this box and you lure him nearer, it may well disable him for an easier time."

Is it any wonder she's a disaster magnet?

Iron Guard deploys his forcefield around himself and lets Siege waste some energy against it, folding his arms. "Your dutifulness is noted," comments Nathaniel. "Mind you, Alchemax right now is a small corporation and it really cannot afford to have me as an enemy. And Anthony Stark, Stark's current owner, would strongly oppose your activities. You have no authority here. Get back to your time, Siege, or I will deploy a tachyon anchor and trap you here forever."

"Not important." Mike states in regards to the status of a date. "I do, yeah, I mean, I could double back and help beat him down I suppose, just… " A glance around to make sure they're not being watched and the holoprojection of clothing fades away to reveal his black and red base costume, mask being pulled up and over.

"Electromagnetic shielding. It's pretty common place back 'home' without disabling it jury-rigging up an electrical overload or even an EMP is out of the question. Heard of the Fraunhofer device? It's the basis of this whole thing and just… " Mike flails at the air to cut himself and stop explaining. A webline fires up and he starts to ascened, snaring Jemma on the way, "Better view up here."
Depositing Miss Simmons on the rooftop he swings off towards Siege and Iron Guard.

"Don't need authority here. HERE doesn't matter." Siege retorts and unleashes even more of an attack, mini-missiles are coupled in as well. "You don't matter." Rather determined he has yet to feel Kang is a threat to him. Maybe the man just doesn't know who he is or is just that confident.

OK, Mick manages to distract Jemma as his clothes change "Doubling back is a good idea" She says just before he snares her and deposits her on the roof.

"Really, Mike. I can help…" but the man is heading away, leaving her perched with a birdseye view. He's given her something to think on though, Fraunhofer device… And how they might combat it later.

"You are wasting energy, Siege. There is nothing in your armor able to crack a Class Ten forcefield," states Iron Guard. The explosions from the missiles outline the spherical forcefield around him. "And if here does not matter, then your actions here would be irrelevant. But… I suppose I cannot reason with you. You are just a little cog in Stark-Fujikawa's engine, are you not?"

Besides, Spider-man is almost on him. So he turns off the forcefield and switch to offensive, firing a short burst of repulsor energy to Siege's chest from his right hand and a barrage of high frequency but low energy lasers from the left. The later designed to interfere with Siege's sensors so he can't detect Miguel's approach.

"Cog? Hardly, I'm an Elite. You probably have no clue what that is." Siege counters, his irritation rises as Iron Guards forcefields deflect his every shot, defensive capabilities are far too high and the SIEGE Armor is outclassed, it's excellent, it can probably best a Mandroid but it isn't exactly on par with Iron Man even, though, it does have a few 'new' tricks that one of Iron Man's armors wouldn't thanks to 'THE FUTURE'.
Siege still doesn't believe he is outclassed even despite Kang's ability to counter just about anything he can manage. The fight will really kick up a notch once Spider-Man 2099 sweeps in to join. Maybe with some added flourish, they do have an audience in Jemma and New York streets below to put on a show for.

Nathaniel would go on trash-talking Siege a little more, but it is not really necessary as Spider-man hits him from behind. Without his force-field a fight with Siege would be a tough one, particularly because the other man is probably far more experienced than him using his suit. But he had time to scan his armor, and it is two against one.

He flies up, deriving all power to his armor 'muscles' and hitting Siege on the right side of the tech, where his arc reactor has a design flaw. Corporations cut down costs, even for the elites. He is sure Iron Man wouldn't have such vulnerability.

After that Siege is down to use the capacitors energy. It doesn't take much for the two Avengers to disable him.

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