Offerings To A Volcano Goddess

August 28, 2016:

Primal Force and Ryden head to Hawai'i to locate the missing Leyline (emits by Fenris)

Hawai'i and Hawakiki


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Who says that magical problems never happen in nice places. It's summer in Hawaii but that just means it's hanging around 90 degrees. So long as the humidity's not up, it's no big deal.

Well, it's hanging around 90 degrees at the shoreline. Primal Force has a mystery to solve - namely why the Akua apparently stole an entire ley line from the Oregon coast and took it to Hawaiki - and to do that they need to access the only route to Hawaiki that can be managed without a skilled interdimensional teleporter.

Which means they're going to the top of a 14000 foot volcano. Active volcano. So the air is thin and a bit nippy. Oh and there's Lava. They're going to have to get much closer than tourists are normally allowed so hopefully the Primal Force (plus Ryden) has some transportation options.

I have a dream I hope will come true
That you're here with me and I'm here with you
I wish that the earth, sea, the sky up above
will send me someone to lava.

Uh yeah. Zee's been singing that as they approach the top of the Volcano. Don't ask where she heard the song.

Dressed in all black leather, she's got a bag that contains a rather nice bottle of whiskey. One of the offerings to the Volcano god. Getting close enough isn't a problem for the young mage, but she knows Misfit prefers her own methods. Ryden might too. "I'm going to teleport to where we need to be. I can take you all with me, or meet you there. May, I think it's best you stick with me." As much because … teleportation as May and Zee generally make a good team.

May agrees with Zee about sticking together for the trip up to the volcano itself, even if the tune that the younger woman is singing to herself has earned her a particularly flat stare.

If she was given enough time, May did indeed go request a bottle of … anything from the cellar of a particular meek witch. If not, well, Zee's prepared. May turns to look at Ryden to see if he's going to stay with them or make his own way to the volcano's summit. And he had BETTER be dressed more suitably this time.

Ryden is staring at Zee's back with a bemused expression. What the hell is she singing? The lorekeeper is sweating and freezing at the same. He'd exchanged his club wear for designer jeans and navy gucci men's sweater. He's also wearing very new, modest black hiking boots. Not his usual kind of garb at all. Seems he may have taken Zee's suggestion to dress better to meet the Volcano Goddess to heart. Damnyou is not with him but Ryden has travel pack slung over his shoulders and the Eye of Aggamotto is hanging around his neck. "Please, take me with you." He sucks at teleporting and doubts puking at her feet will impress the godess. He also has an offering. A hundred and nine thousand dollar fifty year old bottle of Yamazaki. The lorekeeper grins and winks as he catches May looking at him.

Charlie, aka Misfit, is poking a stick into some of the hot lava and watching it burn. She is in her bat-gear so is both insulated from heat and cold. "I do like me some lava…." she looks up and over then nods "I'll meet you there once you go get there.. just ping me to let me know and I'll hone in to bounce to you." she grins at that. She filched some of Fenris's Asgardian mead. That should work right.

There's no need, of course. Zee teleports the group to them. And then there they are. Standing on what could be a moonscape but for the scrub and the bubbling pit of Lava a quarter mile across. There's power here. They can feel it. It's… watching them. Whatever it is though has not yet chosen to reveal itself. Even with Misfit poking at the Lava.

Mays flat look gets a slightly merry one from Zee. She knows that the song is probably annoying people but it seems appropriate. Ryden's manner of dress gets an approving glance before she murmurs the words of her teleport spell.

As they all arrive, her letting Misfit know where they are, she gazes around:

I have a dream I hope will come tru—-

The song dies on her lips as the power is felt and she takes in a deep breath "Greetings. I am Zatanna Zatara. I seek audience with Pele. I come bearing gifts." holding out the bottle of now revealed whiskey, she glances at Misfit to do the same.

She's suitable respectful without being too submissive in her approach. Hopefully this works.

With a slash of pink and purple smoke, Misfit makes her own appearance after the others. She is lookjng around distracted until Zee gives her a look…which gets her to scramble and pull out the Asgardian Mead bottle and profer it out into clear view. "right gifts"

May remains still and calm at Zee's side, her Leyline Pendulum hidden under her shirt again, just in case Pele might take exception to it. When Zee greets the sensation of being watched, her eyes keep scanning the area alertly even if there's really quite literally only three things out here to see: black rocks, lava, and sky.

"Madame Pele, Great Goddess of fire, wind, and lightning. I, Ryden Sable, last of the Lorekeeper's, Wearer of the Eye, Guardian of Magic, Protector of the Seven Spheres, Champion of Agamotto, greet you and offer this gift." Ryden lowers his head in a gesture of respect, drops to one knee and holds the bottle of Yamazaki out before him.
He can be serious, and formal if the occasion calls for it. It isn't every day you get to meet a goddess either and they definitely need her help. Hopefully she is pleased. Also, he really wants to get the frick out of this volcano. Holy crap it's making him nervous. He's definitely on his best behavior in here.

There's a surge in the lava and a rumble underground and for a moment it seems like it might be about to errupt in a big way. A blast of lava shoots upward and forms mid-blast into the shape of a woman. The shape quickly solidifies into a dark skinned young woman in a reddish wrap.

"Mmmmm, you come bringing offerings. I do so love good whiskey. And attractive men." Ryden gets a look. "Is he part of the offerings as well?"

It takes a moment for Zee to control her expression. She might have been expecting that question. She's been reading.

It might have been why she insisted that Ryden dress so nicely.

Casting a sideways glance at the book mage, the young mage hands over the whiskey. "If he wishes to be, he can be." So … it's not no. That depends on Ryden.

"Great Goddess, we come seeking entrance to Hawaiki. Will you let us pass?"

May, Misfit and Ryden can add to the explanation.

May bows respectfully to the embodiment of Pele in the manner of a Thai citizen showing respect to a religious figure. She remains silent as the others offer their explanations, figuring that Pele would recognize her as the guardian type for the others. And, well, it's true in this case. She's ready for anything at this point, even if her hands are still empty. Please let them through peacefully.

Ryden gives Zee a sidelong look, suddenly understanding her insistence. He seems a bit shocked but it doesn't stop him from grinning at the Goddess and blushing faintly. "You honor me beyond all measure fair and wonderous Lady. I shall endeavor to live up to it." 'Ohgodi'mgonnadieinavolcanobutholycrapwhatawaytogo!' Wouldn't be the first time he'd been served up by or died honoring a pretty lady, won't be the last either, Ryden's sure.
"I only ask you please grant us passage first and allow us to complete our task. Some spirits lives and well being depend upon us." And the gods that stole they ley line need an asskicking and probably some kind of help too. Of course he'd rather stay and see what happens here…but.. Ryden sighs inwardly. 'With great power, comes great responsibility.'

Charlie points to her own gift "Asgardian Mead. Super strong. Makes gods tipsy. Icing. she wanders closer to stand by Zee "We are here to defend the earth. Primal Force." shifts and shows her Ruby Pendant then tucks it back away.

"Mmmmmmmmm…" Pele looks over Ryden and then over the offered alcohol. And then over Ryden. And then over the Alcohol. Then she picks up the alcohol, stashing May and Zee's offerings somewhere and uncapping Misfits. She takes a sip. Looks like she's chosen whiskey.

Whether or not Ryden should be relieved or insulted is an open question.

"You wish to journey to Hawaiki. Why? It's not every day we get visitors there and my fellow gods are not always known for their aloha."

Ryden might want to think that Zee is some young innocent, but she's a woman grown and she's picked up his … prolictivities.

As Pele takes the whiskey and sips it, the Mistress of Magic smiles faintly. That's one step forward.

"A Leyline from the Pacific Northwest of the realm that we protect, has apparently been taken there. It is hurting the spirits of that area and will eventually cause problems for the Earth." Taking a deep breath, the mage steps forward, holding her head high "We wish to learn more. Why it was done and to request its return."

She doesn't say that it was stolen. The 'request' in her statement, might be loose too.

Charlie nods "What she said…." she seems pleased at the acceptance of the booze. She figured hte booze would be a good pick. No offense to Ryden. "We would be very grateful and stuff. We just want to save the world and all."

Ryden sighs and makes a regretful expression. Secretly he's pretty amused she chose the booze, also slightly relieved! Not likely to ever admit that though. The lorekeeper does still give Zee an occasional sideglance. He's still surprised. He might know that she's not a kid anymore, but knowing it and actually accepting and seeing it are two different things.

Pele's expression gets dark. "I see." Clearly this is not actually something she'd heard of but then… she's here. In the Volcano. And not on Hawaiki. So perhaps no one told her.

"Well I can send you through then. No promises about what's on the other side." The woman 'steps' aside and gestures to the lava. She… uh… clearly means for them to jump in.

Inclining her head to the Goddess, Zee murmurs "My thanks, Goddess." Glancing at the others, she raises an eyebrow. It's to be a leap of faith then.

Maybe they'll survive it.

Waiting for May to join her, the Mistress of Magic takes a deep breath and steps forward towards the lava, feeling the heat rising from it. Please, oh please, don't let them be burnt to a crisp.

Is trusting a Volcano Goddess foolish?

May offers Pele another respectful bow and then steps after Zee, and for once her expression is easy to read. This is … SO not something that was ever in the SHIELD brochure. But, this is the mission, and at least this would be a (hopefully) quick way to go.

Once she's at the lip of the lava, where her hair should really be crisped and gone already, she steels herself and forces her feet to not break their pace and just carry her directly into the lava.

Ryden looks at the lava, glances at the others and then back at the lava again. He gets to his feet and takes a few steps foward before stopping a moment under the guise of resettling his pack. Since there are ladies about he refrains from exclaiming in dismay over the fact that certain vital parts of his anatomy just crawled up into his stomach to hide and he isn't sure they'll ever come back out again. Oh this is totally crazy! He'll come back if this his kills him but the others.. maybe he can magic up some kinda heatshield.
That might offend the Goddess though and Zee's already going in there and ohgods…this is so not cool and he can't even yelp in alarm in front of them women and he's pretty sure Damnyou is laughing his ass off wherever the little bastard is hiding-Ryden's eyes narrow and he's temporarily distracted from his fear and worries as he zeroes in on the goose's location. The lorekeeper doesn't even notice as he steps into the lava, busy yelling "That little shit! He's asleep in the quinjet!" And shaking his fist and promising revenge. By the time he notices, well, its a bit late to freak out so he just holds his breath and dives under the rest of the way.

Once again. Mischief .. I mean Misfit just wonders if she should have just bounced into this other realm. Not like she can't just do that… but well Teams… when in Rome… or Hawai'i as it were. Anyhow. Charlie darts along and charges after Zee "Wheeee"

It's perfectly natural to expect searing pain. There isn't any thankfully. It seems as if the lava is merely a 'shell'. They drop through it into open air and land on what seems to be a shore not far from a thatched hut village. There's a fire there and music and the smell of roast pork in the air.

Everyone seems to arrive more or less intact except for Ryden who seemingly arrives a bit disheveled in his clothing and Charlie who…

… well let's just say it's entirely possible her inner chaos has interacted with the portal.

There are definitely people moving about that village but no one seems to have seen them yet, and the entire place resonates with magic. A fairly… mellow kind of magic actually.

Zee lands with soft whumpon the ground, ending up in a three point crouch. Straightening, brushing her clothes down and pushing her hair back from her face. "Well, that was exciting." she looks over to May and then the others "You all ok? At least it smells good. And it's not our skin that's sizzling."

Blue/black eyes scan the village and she shrugs, gesturing to the others she starts moving forward. "I'd say this is the Polynesian version of Olympus or Asgard. Maybe. Are they gods or … " the Mistress of Magic might be slightly amused. "It's so laid back, can you sense it? May, reach out through your pendulum, you should be able to sense it." Zee knows that Mays connection to her pendulum is … interesting.

Moving slowly in the direction of the first person she can see, Zee smiles broadly and calls out "Hello there… " she really doesn't want to have fight another god.

Charlie looks mildly puzzled. She is standing with some very traditional garb, with a touch of modernization. Flowing ruby red skirt with a fringe of palm leaves. Very .. uh hrm… skimpy wrap top just covering her decency and little else. Hair pulled back with several key flowers tucked and woven to keep her red hair tucked, white native flowers. This does expose her features clearly without the bat outfit. Her ears have a slight canine point, or elven, and her eyes also seem a bit canine without her goggles on. "Say what…" oh and she is much too tannned to be a Gotham Avenger.

Melinda May lands very similarly to Zee, and can't help but be relieved to not be one solid third degree burn. Sticking to the magician's side, she does as suggexted and… duuuuude. "It feels like this place should have a permanent smoke haze." And then they're approaching a 'local' and she again uses the polite Thai bow greeting, as it's pretty universally polite.

Ryden shudders and straightens his clothing a bit before settling his pack again. The calmness of the area does a great deal to settle his frazzled nerves and annoyance at Damnyou. The lorekeeper checks over his companions, boggle a bit at Misfit before quickly looking away.
She's *way* too young for him to want to see her dressed like that. He's also probably thanking all that's holy and sacred that it isn't Zee. He does not that image in his head! "Uh." The magi mutters inteligently, looking around wildly at everything but their redressed companion. "Hey is that food? I smell food. Are you guys hungry? I'm suddenly starving. We should go for pizza after this. Or chicken. Or something. You all alright? Should we stop and take a breast?" He blinks. Ohno. "Rest! Rest! You know, make a man. ohmigod Plan!!" He's just gonna step over there and shut up and wish the lava had burned off his tongue at least now. When the local crosses his vision he just turns a deeper shade of red and hopes no one else overheard.

The motion in the village stops as Zee calls out. The man who she called out to calls back to the people there in a tongue no one knows and shortly there are several men running out with spears. The most impressive of them is a man with a feathered head-dress and a very large koa wood weapon.

"How did you get here? Who are you?" The man snaps. Shortly after a woman in a grass skirt comes running up. "Ku! What is- oh my. Visitors."

And not divine visitors either except.

"Daughter of Dragons…"

How exactly these guys know who May is, let alone that specific title is something of a mystery. Misfit also gets a curious look. The woman steps forward and pushes Ku's spear down. "I am Haumea. Who are you and why are you here?"

Giving Misfit a quick glance, the outfits not bad, Zee holds out her hands, akimbo to her body, palms out showing that she is unarmed.

Of course she is. Totally.

"I am Zatanna Zatara and we'ld like to ask some questions." With them recognising May, she steps back taking up a position behind May and slightly to her side.

May can explain this time.

Melinda May watches the approaching warriors warily, until the woman arrives and … damn. THAT again? Of course, that doesn't show on May's face, and she offers the woman the respectful bow.

"Haumea, I am May. My colleagues and I have travelled here to request assistance. A section of the lands we are sworn to protect have … lost their magical focal line The spirits there are in pain without their focal line, and if we can't ease their pain it will spread. We've managed to trace it to this realm, and were hoping to approach those have located it here to ask their help in returning the line to the land where it belongs."

Well Charlie is.. complicated so it is unsurprising she gets a look but no clear labeling. I mean. So many distinct unusual together signals. "This is.. .well wierd.. I am trying to figure out though if it is cool or not cool…" she considers here outfit "I think I will go with cool." she grins up to the others and then ohs when she spots all the locals "Oh hey hi!" she waves all friendly like.

Ryden just stays quiet. He's a bit surprised that one of them recognizes May but really glad the woman stops the guy with the spear. Sheesh. What a dick. He wonders if these are the ones who stole the leyline and is using his Amulet to look around for any trouble or anything hidden or out of place while they are distracted by May. I mean, they didn't just go to all that effort for shits and giggles right? If these are the ones who stole the line, maybe he can see why. It's worth a shot at least.

The god and goddess look at one another. Ku, the war god, waves the warriors away. Haumea looks rather disturbed. "Come with us." She says as she moves back toward the largest hut in the village.

The Eye detects quite a bit but nothing hidden so much as subtle. They're definitely in a godrealm, a pocket dimension controlled by powerful beings and the least of the 'villagers' is a supernatural being on par with demigods.

They are surrounded by power.

Interestingly, the power is just a bit… unsteady. Like it's wavering. Like… actually like it's being maintained by something.

The inside of the hut is clean and bright. There's no real furnishings but there are straw mats to sit down on and food that is freely offered to the guests. "The ley line. We can't give it back." Haumea says. Clearly it pains her to do so. Ku stands by her. He's put his spear up, not that it makes him look any less intimidating. "We need it."

Zee can sense the magic wavering, but not having been in many godrealms she's not sure if that's how it should be or not. She suspects not, but you know.

Folding into a seated position on one of the mats, the young mage cants her head. "You need it? May I ask what for?"

Charlie looks all around as she follows everyone into the hut. "Probably to power this place… huh…." she frowns. "What happened to the original power source I wonder…" tact, not much. Direct. Yup.

Ryden studies the area and denizens then leans against the wall inside the hut to listen. He narrows his eyes at the two gods and crosses his arms in front of his chest, radiating an aura of disapproval and disappointment with the woman's admission. They should have done better by those spirits and you can't just steal magic from the earth and expect to be allowed to keep it or not face any consequences, gods or not. Something definitely seems off here but their solution isn't the right one.

That's what May was afraid of. "Perhaps we can help you so that you can return the leyline without leaving yourselves lacking." She has no idea how to manage that, but if that's what it's going to take to get that leyline home, she'll do it.

"Several weeks ago something breached the far end of Hawaiki and all of the power that sustains this realm begin to flow away. We tried to shut it, but were unable to do so." Haumea says, rather ignoring Rydens disappointment.

Ku takes up the narrative. "Magic makes up this entire realm. As it flows out the realm begins to unravel and all that lives here begins to die. Things have gotten so bad that we needed a direct flow of power to stabalize the outlying islands. The only way to do that was to take that power directly from the only available source." The earth itself.

So yes. Something happened and they stole an extension cord from planet earth, it seems.

Several weeks ago is, interestingly enough, right around when the battle at the World Tree occured. This may be related to Rindr's mad plan to break fate. Which is exactly why those sorts of plans are dangerous.

"We don't know what caused the tear. We only know that it seems to open up into the Void."

Zee winces at the story and looks around her friends. This is why Fenris called Primal Force together. "The Void…" she breathes as she lets out a sigh. "… that explains much. Have you tried to patch the tear and can you show us where it is?"

Her mind is already racing, working through the options. Mending a tear in the fabric of reality … is not easy. The four of them here though, might be able to ward it and stop the drain on this realm in the short term.

As tempted as she is to reach out to Fenris and ask his advice. She won't. Yet.

Melinda May looks back at Zee, noticing the time frame as well. This is so, so not good. "We're recently helped repair damage elsewhere, perhaps we can help you as well." She can only hope they'll be able to. Otherwise it's either Oregon or this entire spirit realm that'll end up suffering. Or both.

Misfit walks over and pokes the wall of the hut and then walks back to the group. "Well holes in reality to voids sounds mighty bad. We can definitely see about helping. Especially since the leyline is just going to dump in here and then swirl around and drain out this hole to this void thing. Seems like bad news and not a fix."

Ryden refrains from sighing or rolling his eyes but he doesn't look impressed at all. Of course it never occured to them to do something like, ask for help. Gods. They're such a pain in the ass. This void stuff is definitely worrying. He really doubts the effects of that stupid woman's madness are going to be over with anytime soon and it isn't like they have nothing else to deal with. Steel City, a potential war between the Others and Humanity, an Acient evil rising up from the darkness. And now this.
"They're are people who do such things. We're all among them." He comments softly. Misfit summoned it up pretty nicely. He's not surprised by this though, anyone chosen by Fenris must be pretty good at figuring out things and while she might seen a bit crazy at times, he's well aware appearances don't give the whole picture. Just look at him for instance. Of course, he's still desperately trying not to look at her. How did she end up dressed like that!? He does wonder if he can find a wrap like that somewhere for himself though…

There actually really aren't people who do such things. There's the Sorcerer Supreme and Primal Force. Primal Force has existed in its current form for less than two years and there's any number of reasons why one might not want to invite the Sorcerer Supreme over for dinner when something's wrong with your realm.

"It's at the far end of the island chain. I can take you there." Haumea says.

Ku makes as if to object but the mother-goddess hushes him.


It's been a day for moving around, apparently. The goddess raises her hand. Instantly they're on another island. The sea about a hundred yards out is just… draining into a hole in the world. A big, black, hungry hole.

Zee casts Ryden a glance at his comment. She'll sort that out later. There was a reason the Vishanti chose three and made them Protectors.

As they arrive on the next island, the Mistress of Magic peers at the hole, shuddering as she detects its properties.

"Well, I we might be able to patch it today, but we'll likely have to come back though to fix it fully. Something caused this to happen and it might still be occuring." She looks at Haumea at that before looking to the others.

"Ryden, tell me what the eye sees, please. I'm looking for the best place to anchor the patch…" Her gaze lands on Misfit and May "And this is what our pendulums are for. We can focus the power and one of us can weave the spell. I can do that, but…" maybe Misfit or Ryden could too.

She's already building her magic, letting the blue energy writhe up her arms, seperating thread after thread. Those will be used or focussed - depending on what the others decide.

They just need to do this.

Charlie wobbles and ..well she is still dressed for an island vacation. She gets her footing under her "rrrfk.. definitely do not like.. other people's teleporting.. urgk…" she takes a few moments to catch her breath. "Good.. right… I'll totally charge it but gods help us if I weave..anything… I mean really… gods may need to help us…. I'm better at boom now patch jobs…"

The lorekeeper isn't sure what it says about himself that even now all these years later he'd like to think the best of people and believe that the other mages and gods in the world would have come here to fix this if asked. Realisticaly he knows most people don't care or don't have the ability to look beyond the here and now and realize this kind of thing is a potential threat to the entire world. They worry about themselves and the people the care about, not the world as a whole and gods, gods are.. he just shakes his head and studies the mess up ahead.
"Well, shit. That's definitely a pickle." Ryden nods at Zee and moves over to her side. He murmurs softly to the Eye in a strange tongue, asking it to show the others what it's showing him. Rays of revealing light spread out from the amulet to illumaniate the hole. Ryden has plenty of power for Zee to draw on as well, more than he can ever manage to use at once. He's a far stronger channel for others than he is an actual mage. His survival and the trip to this earth did not come without cost.

"That… doesn't look good. May looks at Zee, and she might actually appear to be worried, until Zee seems rather certain she knows how to fix this. Then she lightly rests her hand on one of Zee's shoulders to give her a more direct conduit to share her leyline pendulum's energy with the magician. And the physical contact also means that she can tell if Zee is starting to physically falter.

Zee, Misfit and May all have Ley Pendulums which allows them to functionally 'share' power. All they have to do is will it. Ryden's a mage, so he should be able to tap the weave.

The Void, though, is hungry. If there's anything that'll confuse for a bit it's chaos, but they're going to need some very clever weaves and a lot of willpower.

Good thing they brought May along.

"In your own time."

At least Zee and Ryden have a lot of juice to work with. They're going to need to work fast though.

"Thank you…" Zee murmurs to Ryden, eyes scanning what the 'eye' reveals to them and then drawing the others power to her. May can tell that the hand on her shoulder is welcomed.

Misfits chaos magic causes the Mistress of Magic to shudder for a moment. So very, very, different to hers. But then she remembers how Wanda worked with hers, and she demonstrates it for the chaos muppet - intertwining both flavours of magic together. Misfit will need to take that over though - Zee needs to concentrate on directing the spell.

With a murmur, her spell snakes out, the magic she's wielding being sucked towards the gaping maw. It's a struggle for moment, May will feel that through their contact, before the spell slowly takes effect, the mages hands deftly weaving the threads she holds.

What she needs to keep her will strong though, they can all feel the void tugging at the spell. Ryden may also be able to help by keeping the eye focussed, so they can see the parts that they're repairing and what still needs attenton.

Charlie also has this surge of Asgardian welled in there these days. Chaos and Asgard. Wonderful mix for unpredictable. "Okay.. I see what you did there.. I think…" she doesn't have her goggles with her usual spells god knows lets hope it all comes back upon departure. She hooks her fingers and starts to mutter some Asgardian as she takes over the weave. Channeling her share of juice as she works.

Ryden is actually surprising good at weaving. One tends to pick up a lot of hobbies when they are immortal and it's very soothing and something good to do while toasted. It's just people usually don't appreciate his color schemes. Here, that doesn't matter and he's definitely skilled enough to send Zee power and help out with the spell at the same time as he keeps the eye focused. It's so much easier to multitask when he isn't blitzed all the time.
The lorekeeper doesn't give any sign of this but several parts of his mind are also considering the void and how he might be able to better help at any other spots like this they find. If he can say, find someone who can wield that void power, but some how doesn't belong to it, or want to help it..they could really use that. Such a person needn't necessarily exist, he might be able to create them, even just temperarily. It's a thing to think about anyway.

Melinda May doesn't truly understand what Zee is doing, but she understands enough to 'pour' her will into bolstering what the younger woman is doing. Kind of the equivalent of a strong pair of hands supporting her through a tightrope walk. Charlie's chaos is definitely noticed, but May doesn't touch on that any more than she has to. It's … chaotic.

The Void starts to close. Slowly at first but with increasing speed. As it does it roils and protests and complains and the sea around it recoils from the violence. And from the hole something screams 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!'

Twin lances of darkness lash out at May and Misfit. They're solid, tangible things trying to grab and abduct, but can be attacked like solid things.

"Wut!?" you see Charlie was focused on actually weaving the chaos into the spell since Zee is focused on the other things… she squeeks when the Tendril of darkness snakes around her quite tanned waist "Some of a …." she keeps gesturing with one hand and reaches.. for a utility belt that isn't there "Awww come on!?" she pounds her hand into the tendril in frustration. Though she keeps weaving her magic in "Where is the guy with the wooden thumpum…"

May might be channelling for Zee, but that doesn't mean she's not paying attention to their surroundings. When the Void starts to audibly protest, her free hand pulls her butterfly swords out from under her jacket and she tries to deflect the darkness-lance without actually moving away from Zee or letting to of her shoulder.

"No!" Zee's eyes flick to Misfit. "Teleport. Now."

As May draws her sword, Zee murmurs another spell and her own sword appears in her hand.

This is not a sword that May has seen before. This one is an 'estoc' that's sheathed in aetheric blue flames, angled crossguards with a 'walnut' pommel. Through the flames, the SHIELD agent will be able to tell - if she looks - the blade is not steel. It looks like bone.

With nearly a mind of its own, the blade flashes out at the tendril that's holding Misfit. Hopefully slicing through it. Oshtur's Chosen still doesn't know the full extent of the swords power.

Does the spell closing the Void rent falter? No … not really.

Ryden glowers and unsnaps his lightsaber from the side of his pack with one hand. The bright pink light flares into a blade of energy with a buzzing hum. He slices at the tendrils of void very carefully, not wanting to hit Charlie, May or Zee, but definitely wanting to make the void back off until the hole is closed. He's used to wielding the thing and it doesn't take any magic fortunately or he'd have to stop helping to close the opening and they *really* need to move fast now.

Mays butterfly sword deflect the tendril coming at her as Rydens lightsabre slices btis from it. Zee's Sword drops through the tendril like a hot knife through butter.

All the while the spell continues its work, drawing the last part of the Void closed.

"Nooooo…" the voice from the other side fades.

All present can tell that the drain on the magic has gone and sense that the area is stabilising.

It's going to take a while for the mana in the dimension to regenerate, but for now … the immediate threat is overcome.

Haumea breaths out a sigh of relief. "It is done."

Zee glances at her companions and offers a faint smile. The Sword of Bone still held in her hand. May will feel the slight tremors of fatigue. That was a big spell and she had to extend herself.

Someone should ask for the Leyline to be returned.

Melinda May gives Zee's shoulder a small congratulatory squeeze before she steps away, putting her swords back in their sheaths under her jacket. She approaches Haumea and says, "The rift has been closed, and we can return at another time to ensure that there are no remaining weaknesses. Will that be sufficient to allow the leyline to return to its proper place?" She asks as politely as she can, though a small part of her mind wants to get the other three back to Earth where they can all properly rest.

Charlie keeps casting, trusting her friends… the chaos magic.. is very .. very hard to not let it just run rampant and make everything worse. When Zee saves her and then the spell finalizes she just collapses onto the ground "ufff….. … okay… where … who was driving that bus… also that tendril felt like I imagine violation feels like." she pumps a fist into the air "Go team" from where she lays there.

What with the migraine settling in and all, Ryden's glad to let May do the talking. He's also worried about Zee, knowing she must be tired, she'd done the most of the work. He's still annoyed by the gods 'solution' but doesn't really blame them for trying to save themselves and these are sort of primitive gods at that. It really was probably the best idea they had. He flicks off the lightsaber and puts its away, looking out at the ocean with worry. Honestly, facing something like that.. well, whose to say he'dve done much better on his own? Of course, he'dve never tried it alone and.. Ryden's thoughts, all of them, end abruptly and he stares at Misfit. "Um."he moves to help her up, pauses, takes a step back, then nervously holds out a hand while looking over at a rock.

Haumea turns to look at May and nods slowly. "I believe that can be arranged, Daughter of Dragons." There's a slight 'shifting' in the area as the magic balance changes. The Leyline has been sent back.

"And I shall send you back…"

Before all four know it, they're standing at the lip of the volcano again. There's no sign of Pele, either. They're all alone.

Zee, for all that she is fatigued, isn't too bad - certainly not like she used to be. "Well then, shall we go? We can regroup on the Quinjet on the way back."

May again bows respectfully to Haumea, and once they're back on the volcano she reaches to help pull Charlie to her feet. Because laying on those black stones has GOT to be uncomfortable regardless of what the child ends up wearing now. "Pele, thank you. Come on, we should get away from this heat." Before someone's hair singes.

Misfit accepts the hand up "Are you blushing…?" then her nostrils flare "and you smell nervous…" and… well maybe Ryden will be saved by another teleport. Because Misfit makes another urrrk noise as she pinwheels near the edge trying to find her balance… "ffccck"

Ryden blushes even more at Misfit's question. He fidgets nervously and then reaches out to grab Misfit's arm, gasping in alarm as she almost falls back into the lava. He is so ready to get out of here and tired enough to have forgotten who is waiting in the Quinjet, safe and unsinged and probably still asleep. Later it might occur to him that at least he wasn't made fun of for any misteps but right now the Lorekeeper just wants to get home. He needs a bit of medicine and to think before sleeping and all that will wait until he's sure Zee's gotten home alright, the others too.,, especially chaos girl there. He's really not so sure a second trip into the lava would turn out so well. God he hopes she isn't flying them back…

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