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March 23, 2015:

The Hand attempt to attack members of Umoja international and several heroes rush in to the rescue! (Emits by Morien/Ozymandias)

Lower East Side - NYC


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Ariella Reynold, Chief Operations Officer of Umoja International is standing outside by her car a dilapidated warehouse that her company has recently purchased in the Lower East Side in another attempt to gentrify this part of the city. This is where Morien find her, when he pulls up in one of their over-size security vans.

Morien doesn't need his mystically enhanced intuition to realize that something is already is off with this meeting, and that is why he brought the van.

Ariella Reynold laughs as Morien approaches her, "When you said you wanted bother one of the company's vans, we didn't think you would have the same van for over six months now. I think our clients would prefer meeting you in something more stylish than our vans. You can use one of our armored luxury sedans like the one that I drives. Ariella points to her sky blue sedan, before turning back to speak with Morien, " Did you pick Stevenson on the way here?"

Morien raises his right eyebrow as he casual tries to scan the area without her noticing, "Whoah, Stevenson said that he would meet me here, and that he had something important to discuss with the two of us. I thought it was about the warehouse. Morien didn't think it was about the warehouse, but sometimes the best way to find out what sort of trouble you are in is to stick your hand towards the darkness.

On the various rooftops, there is a faint sound of footsteps as shadowy figures begin to get into position.

Ariella Reynolds shakes her head, "No, Bill told me that he wanted to talk to the both of us away from the office about some account discrepancies that I brought to his attention.

Morien grinds his teeth as he opens the door to Ariella's car, then he explains calmly to her, "I do not believe Mister Bob Stevenson is joining us. I need you to quickly get inside your car, and get out of here. Once you are far enough away, call the police and make sure that they arrest Stevenson for embezzlement, and attempted m.."

Morien's words are cut off as he notices an arrow in the driver's side view mirror. He pushes Ariella down as the arrow misses, he screams at Ariella, "Go now!" Ariella quickly climbs into the vehicle and slams the door as members of the Hand descend on to the street, and reveal their presence on the rooftops.

As Ariella attempts to flee, Morien alters his voice to Ozymandias as sends out a distress call, "This is Ozymandias of the Justice League. I just received a distress call for assistance from someone being attack in the Lower East Side. He gives the address as he repeats the call on other frequencies.

A streak of red a flash of white and Rocket Red peels in ready for a fight. What at first looked like a comet of some kind crashes into view at mach 7 tearing up a small swath of the men on the rooftop and throwing them down into a nearby dumpster. It's quick and violent with that thunderous crash fallowing behind.

Gwen had been having a heck of a day.

After encountering the crazy horror movie like mutant known as Shift the day before, she had suffered through a night of nightmares when she had an extremely busy day ahead of her.

She had woken up, unable to sleep and went out on a little web-slinging fun to distract herself running into a couple of odd men trying to take down some thugs; she couldn't help but think to herself that the two MIGHT even be dead if not for her.

She was in no rush to run into Contingency-C and Spearhead anytime soon.

A few hours of studying at the library had been followed up with what should have been an awesome band practice.

They had all pooled together a $1000 to rent a small recording studio in the Lowest East Side for the day, but in-fighting had brought the session to a close rather quickly.

Depressed and annoyed, Gwen went to get pizza. Then the pizza joint got robbed. She ran out after the crook, ducking into a near-by alley to change into her Spider-Woman costume and even caught the thief.

Of course, when she tried to return the cash register, the angry foreigner who owned the place started screaming Spider-Woman robbed him and he was calling 911.

Gwen knew she had forgotten about something as she sat on the top of a freshly defaced billboard with the tag 'SW' upon it. Her phone began vibrating in her pocket.

She looked at the text and sighed when her date cancelled on her because she was late for the third time this week.

Her spider-sense begins to tingle as members of The Hand start to attack Morien and his associate but she doesn't seem overly interested in joining in.

A loud sigh escapes her lips as she looks in the direction of the confrontation, "I suppose I can't just ignore it." Her eyebrows raise beneath her mask as she considers the option, "…or can I?"

Gwen definitely had other stuff she needed to be doing right now.

Kwabena has been troubled, ever since his encounter with Lunair and the Spider-Folk the evening prior. Memory lapses were not his style, save for those moments indoors with a thick bottle of bourbon, but… those nights were different.

Thus, the Ghanaian has been trolling the streets of lower Manhattan. He hasn't slept; having stayed awake on a rotation of cigarettes, coffee, and whiskey.

At some point in the evening, he popped into a cell phone store. Pre-paid wireless simply has so many advantages to mercenary life, but there was a message to be sent. And send it he did.

However, while leaving the cell phone store, he'd been in the perfect spot to witness Spider-Woman's heroics at the pizza joint. In his street clothes, he might be a bit difficult to recognize. Finding his motorcycle where he'd left it, the Ghanaian hops aboard and, like a clever little mercenary, tracked the vigilante. He's his normal self at the moment, with no intentions of violence or confrontation, just mere curiosity.

This is how he ends up at the end of the block, Harley-Davidson Iron 883 idling, when the streak of red comes into town.

"…. hollllllyyy shit."

Samantha is above the city she calls home, her head tilting slowly as a part of her she still doesn't understand picks up the JLA signal. She just looks mildly confused for a long moment before the sonic boom takes out all those poor windows and the suited gentleman takes out all those poor ninjas over yonder.

Calculates start to flow through the Nyx part of Samantha and assess the entire situation. That suit isn't much to look at true, but the speed is definitely an upgrade, the materials to survive that speed are also likely useful. Interesting.

With a tilt of her brilliant white energy wings, formed from contained particle beam energy, Samantha dives along after suited up mutant towards The Hand and problems.

Unlike the Justice League, J'onn had to rely on his senses to know when trouble was brewing. Luckily, he's a Martian and has a couple of extra senses- trouble is brewing in New York. His eyes open as whatever repose he had been in ends, and he begins to fly towards a particular warehouse in New York City.

Bobby would like to say that he doesn't come down here much but actually he lives down in Lower Manhattan. And, you know, shops here. Eats here. Has fun here. Mutant Town mostly but it's not that far. So when his X-Red comm picks up a garbled JLA signal he's actually kind of surprised. X-Red doesn't do the vigilante thing. However they do have a standing contract with Manhattan Police precincts to provide 'aid and services' in any civic emergency. A JLA member calling for help sure sounds like one. The ice nerd ices up and ramps off in that direction.

The thing with New York is that it's super easy to get around. The other thing with New York is that it's also super easy to get lost when you get off at the wrong station or set off in the wrong direction.

That's pretty much how Kamala ended up in the Lower East Side, crossing Delancey, stopping off for some really delicious veggie pot stickers (a dollar, you can't beat that) and, apparently, running into a freaking ninja fight.

Luckily, it's become pretty standard for Kamala to run around wearing her uniform under her clothes. That means it takes less than a minute for her to shrink out of her hoodie and jeans, embiggen back to her usual size, stuff her stuff into her bag, put on her mask, and sprint out of the alley again.


The Ninjas that on the roof are quickly taking off guard by Red Rocket's attack. The Hand members on other rooftops quickly move to surround Red Rocket and the approaching Nyx. Two of the members try to tie up Red Rocket's arms with his chains as the other begin to fire arrows at him.

Ariella Reynolds begins to drive off as two ninjas jump on the roof of the car. A sword penetrates the roof of the car as Ariella slams on the brakes, and one of the Ninjas falls off. The other holds on to the sword and lands on front on the windshield. Ariella makes a mental note to make the vehicle with a thicker set of armor.

Morien speaks in Japanese to the Hand members that are closing in on him, "Isn't this a bit of an overkill?" The leader shouts in Japanese, "The Beast wants the Snake's Kushite as his servant. Morien looks at the numbers of ninjas and sighs mockingly, "I am afraid I going to have to disappoint this beast. Morien throws down a smoke bomb and using his superspeed to make it the inside of his van.

The Ninjas that have been not effected by the smoke bomb have noticed the arrive of both Spider-Gwen and Shift. "Anyone that interferes meets death! Those worthy will be reborn to serve our master." 14 members of the Hand quickly approached the Heroes just as Ms. Marvel exits the alleyway appearing a few yards closer to the Hand members than Gwen and Shift.

For the moment, the rest of Hand are unaware of Ice-Man and the Martian.

The arrows slam into the surface of the soviet powerhouses crimson red, and white armor, dinging off of the mate painted plating. The chords wrap around his arms binding them to either side of himself. Finally speaking up in a completely robotic voice Rocket calls "Surrender fiends, this day you will not win." the deep and robotic voice again sounding as something one would more expect from an early version of Microsoft Sam built for the Russian market. A few rockets pop up from his shoulders and fire off into the ground an attempt at making something of a smoke screen between himself and the Ninjas.

Spider-Gwen had totally not arrived, she was more like a casual observer some distance away from the battle.

While other heroes may have had a reason or inspiration to fight, she was searching hard for the opposite at the moment; any excuse not to get involved. This was way out of her league.

That all changes when a few arrows go flying towards her despite her non-involvement. Two thick streams of gooey webbing are fired at the archers and she calls out, "Seriously? I wasn't even doing anything to you creeps!"

The moment those Hand members have noticed him, Kwabena frowns. He glances from Ms. Marvel and Spider-Gwen, before grimacing. He leans forward and transforms into black smoke. Jeans, leather jacket and all fall into the bike.

The kickstand drops, seeming of its own accord. Nice touch.

When the man reforms, he's just through lifting the mask into position, the uniform of gunmetal gray now covering all but his mouth and chin.

Upon which, the frown becomes a smirk.

Shift goes walking toward those coming at him. He doesn't increase his pace, nor would it appear he's ready to fight.

"Bring it on, shit-faces."

Guess he doesn't like to be threatened?

Nyx lands hard, near Red but outside his smoke from the missiles. She seems to not be worried about The Hand throwing chains around her wings for some reason. Then again they slice more effective than any plasma cutter. The assessment is made that this may not be an advantagous time to try to harvest the technology, all below Samantha's concious mind, and the girl is allowed to focus on the Ninjas. "Right… come on then.. let's get this party started!" she punctuates that by throwing a Ninja that happened to be by her brutally hard towards Ozzy.

The Manhunter smiles as he notices the attackers here are Ninja. That he can work with- Shadow Warriors had nothing on a man who could phase through walls, actually turn invisible and who's very body could become a weapon. Oh, and the vast psychic powers. He lands on an roof occupied only with Ninja. "Lay down your arms! I will not ask again." he says as his glowing red eyes focus on those fighting men. "Your weapons and skills are insufficient to assist you in this endeavor. You will lose and be brought to justice for your crimes."

Bobby comes in at an arc sliding over a low rooftop to see… Ninja? Okay he's seen a lot of things in the past year but Ninja. Really. He throws a hand out and creates a halfdome near Ozymandias and the presumed civilian. Cover. He's not done yet. Looking for Ninja warriors that aren't yet being dealt with (and finding them) the ice nerd slings about a dozen baseball sized hailstones in their direction in rapid succession. Ninja! Honestly.

The "oh gosh oh gosh" reaction of seeing a bunch of heroes she's TOTES seen on the news is at least mitigated moderately by the fact that ninjas are after her. Well. After some people over there. But still. Business first!

Ms. Marvel stands her ground, bracing herself and whispering "Embiggen, hands! Embiggen!" as she reaches out toward the Hand guys racing toward Spider-Gwen and Shift. She snatches at two of them, grabbing and holding them as tightly as she can without actually squashing them.

"Surrender!" she shouts. "Or I'm going to put both of you in time-out!"

The Hand approaching Kwabena quickly realize Shift happens. Shift appearing in costume, then give pause as a couple of them recognize the mercenary. One of them speaks English to him but with a slight Japanese accent, "Stand Down Shift! The Hand has no quarrel with you today, and believe me you do not wish for the Hand to point towards you. Even as this Ninja speaks of not wanting to engage Shift, the other Ninja move around to flank Shift with their swords drawn. Ariella Reynolds starts to drive again and quickly hits the break, causing the Ninja to finally lose his grip. The ice wall created by Ice-Man prevent more ninjas from attacking her, and also hindering them from attacking other areas of this side of the street. The ice balls take down a bunch of ninjas that are not already engage in attacks with others.

Spider-Gwen's webbing takes down two ninjas and stuns a third that is stunned by one of the ninjas falling down via the webbing. The two ninjas are taking completely off guard by Ms. Marvel's attack and quickly stop fighting inside her grip. The only problem for those two heroes is that there are still four ninjas coming towards them, and another five near Kwabena.

ed Rocket's smoke attack allows him enough to break the chains, but after overcoming the smoke attack the ninja's still advance on Red Rocket minus the one that was thrown off the roof by Nyx. The one thrown off the roof bounces off Morien's van on to the ground. The rest of ninjas, "Kill her, she is worthy to be reborn!" As some of the ninjas begin to consolidate their numbers to attack the van and those on the rooftops, they begin to start to stop and surrender their weapons. It is an almost like a domino effect until it stop as one of the leader of the Ninja eyes turned bright red, "The Beast will not be stop!" The mystically enhanced ninja mind reaches out to battle the Martian.

Morien is trying to change into his costume while dodging swords that are cutting into the van. "Definitely Overkill!

Rocket pauses letting the ones going to surround him come closer before silently walking forward into them trying to make it look as if he'd been hardly inhibited at all despite the quick stumble on the chords. As the two meet one another the ninjas running right up to him Dmitri fires off a number of tiny little darts at the ninjas trying to stun them with needle sharp tranq darts.

Spider-Gwen tumbles through the air acrobatically after a precisely fired arrow manages to slice away her webbing, landing behind Ms. Marvel in a crouch. She recognized some of the other heroes, but she had never seen her before.

One of the remaining thugs rushing towards the girl is dispatched with a sticky wad of webbing shot towards his face and Gwen remarks to Marvel, "Nice costume!"

The only place Ms. Marvel had probably seen the new 'Spider-Woman' was on the side of ads proclaiming her to be a menace. She was just a friendly neighbourhood spider though.

Gwen leaps over the shorter girl and drop-kicks another one of the remaining thugs. Two for her, two for Ms. Marvel, it only seemed fair especially considering that Shifty guy (Shift) was in some sort of trouble.

Leaping up onto the wall like an arachnid she scrambles up towards the roof and uses her webbing to slam another pair of thugs together; whether they were down or not wasn't her problem. She was only trying to even the odds a little for shift.

Since Iceman was here and he actually knew her VERY Secret Identity, she decided it might be time to go. Another shot of webbing is fired, this time towards a building away from the commotion.

Gwen had school tomorrow, she would leave the clean-up to the real heroes. Fighting Ninjas was more than enough action for one day.

He goes a few more steps following the warning, but eventually, Shift comes to a stop.

"Oh yeah?" He draws his arms out to either side to show that he's unarmed. He points to each of those flanking him. "Den what's de deal with dis?" The Ghanaian cocks his masked head. "You want to tell me who yah quahhrel's with, or do I need to find out mahself?"

A smirk draws across Shift's face. "Nevah know. You might be fucking with one of my clients."

Beneath the mask, silver eyes glance about. He sucks on his teeth and says, "You guys sure are getting yah asses handed to you." Head darts briefly toward the thugs taken down by Gwen, then follows the path just quickly enough to catch her swinging away. Then, he's looking back toward those flanking him. "I think you boys ought to back off."

Nyx looks bemused shaking her head when she hears the kill her and worthy business. "So.. is that supposed to be a compliment.. I mean seriously… also where the heck do all these ninjas come from in New York City?" she lets her wings snap out of existance the energy fading. Then she steps in and starts to snap out punches and grab and throws at Ninjas. She isn't distinigrating them but she is tossing them around like juggling balls in the meantime. "seriously Ninjas…?"

There is a tug. A shift. J'onn looks suddenly towards one of the 'leaders'. That one who's reaching out with his mind. On another hero it might have been very effective- but The Martian Manhunter is trained in combat psionics. His eyes brighten a moment as his own mind lashes out, an invisible force. That mind-weapon using Ninja finds himself suddenly inside his own mind, the Martian Manhunter standing across from him in a vast darkness. The Manhunter fades from his view. Shifting. Changing. Growing until he is like a Chinese Dragon of legend. "The Beast is a powerful entity. I can feel it in the recesses of your mind… as I can see other things. Ah.. yes.. Your home town. Your first kiss. The day you joined this… Hand. All the crimes you have committed." As the Manhunter mentions each thing that void around them shifts and changes- matching those memories. "However, this connection is not appropriate. It gives you strength that is not your own. Anger. Rage. Hatred. No.. This will no due." The Dragon-J'onn turns towards the Ninja, all this happening in seconds as he opens his mouth and roars. The world around them shudders then shatters as that connection to this evil Beast is severed wholly, and completely.

In the non-thought world, the Manhunter is still. A moment of thought and the job on the leader was done- likely sending him to dream-land. NO permanent damage done, of course. The other Ninja are looked at eyes narrowing. "The choice has been made. Prepare to be apprehended." The Manhunter then zips towards them, fists ready and raised.

One masked woman seems to be on her way out. Another he knows. The manhunter he recognizes off the TV, so there's that. And Morien too for that matter. And Shift. Huh. Bobby decides that his best play here is to cut off avenues of escape… which might be tough with ninja. They tend to be slippery. Still, he'll give it his best go. Ice walls, barriers and - if he can pin them down long enough - cages begin to appear. Iceman has a pretty good imagination for this kind of thing. "NYX! KNOCK 'EM DOWN, I'LL KEEP 'EM DOWN!"

See, this is one of the tricky things about being an awesome hero. What do you do with bad guys once you've caught them?

Ms. Marvel starts by drawing her two ninjas close enough to look at, frowning and settling her stance. "Okay. You two REALLY need to rethink. Look at your life. Look at your choices. Ninja Life is not where you need to be. It's not that I can't see the appeal! Ninjas are pretty sweet. But this is a bad scene, guys."

She raises her voice, calling out to — OH CRAP THAT'S THE MARTIAN MANHUNTER — "What do you do with bad guys once you've caught them?"

Spider-Gwen's attack definitely shifts the favor towards the heroes, before she escapes, but will her interference cost her in the future?

Rocket Red's darts find their marks as catch a couple of Ninja in mid-flight, causing them to crash hard on the rooftop. The rest dropped to the ground as their arrows fall to the street below.

The Ninjas' attacks are futile against Nyx's skin and her unorthodox fighting style is enough to defeat the Ninja up the room close to her. If they had more numbers, it might have been a different story.

ice Man cuts off the Hand. who are trying to flee from the Martian Manhunter's swooping down to attack them. The fear of his attack overcomes their training, and they slipped and crashed into the ice. The Ninjas shout Japanese curse words at Ms. Marvell as she holds them tight in her clutches.

Morien was going to finished putting on his costume, but since the other heroes are doing such a great job of defending him. Moren decides to continue to play their helpless victim until the last Ninja is put down. When the main leader crumbles to the ground.

The leader that was speaking to Shift draws his sword, "Tell the Snake Worshipping Kushite, the Beast will have him as a servant. Even he cannot escape us forever, and as for you and your friends, you are only together now. But The Hand is always together, and each of you have made an enemy of the Beast, and the Beast does not suffer enemies! He raises his sword and a purple gas expels from the sword, and quickly engulfs the Hand members that are still standing and the one leader that was knocked unconscious by the Martian's mental attack. When the thick gas dissipates, the Hand members are gone.

"I will always be together as a Rocket Red!" Rocket calls out in that robotic voice broadcasted out louder but not exactly what one would consider yelling. He takes a few more steps off the roof dropping down like a rock to the ground level his rocket boots keeping him from making any sort of real hard impact as he walks over. In his suit Rocket is a lot larger then he looked before quite an imposing suit of armor with bright red and white colors.

When that Hand member draws his sword, Shift's teeth bear in a snarl. A crackling sound fills the air around him; he's hardening, steadily and steadily, until his super solid state is firmly in place. The exposed skin of his face no longer resembles flesh, but rather, matte black obsidian.

Having expected an attack, the members simply disappear. The snarl dissipates, and the super-solid mutant scoffs. "Just… just like dat?" He throws his arms out to the side again, then lets them clap against his legs with the sound of stone striking iron. "God damn ninjas."

Nyx was about to throw a Ninja by the leg when the purple gas rolls out of over the battlefield. The ninja she was ready to throw gone from her grip "What the hell…" she tilts her head slowly and looks her hand over now and then over the rest of the battle. She looks to the suited man and then around. The dark part of her calculates now would not be a good thing to try anything.

Purple gas and ninja going away- the fight was over. The Manhunter lifts the knocked out man, looking over to Ms. Marvel with a quiet smile. "SOmeone calls the police. And then they're handed over." he informs the girl to whatever question she didn't ask or did ask. Maybe he read her mind sometime during the fight- difficult to say. He lifts those Ninja he 'apprehended' and removes all their weapons. Luckily, they're all carrying grappling hooks. STandard ninja gear. EAch is tightly tied up in a knot and placed on the street. "This gentleman here." he says, looking towards Morien. "I'm sure has access to police."

Bobby lands on a rooftop and looks up at Nyx, then down around to the others. "I can make a phone call if needed…" But yes, he's sure someone here can handle that part. Really, he's just here to make sure everyone stays chill. He almost iced off the woman with the huge hands… but she seemed to be helping so, whew, bullet dodged there. "Anyone need any medical attention?"

HE TALKED TO HER LIKE A REAL HERO. Don't panic. Breathe. It's cool, Kamala. You just fought alongside a whole bunch of amazing people including the freaking Martian Manhunter. nbd.

Ms. Marvel nods wordlessly, following J'onn's lead and frisking the ninjas for their own ropes and grapples. When she hears them cursing… well, her Japanese begins and ends, more or less, with what she hears in subbed anime, but the tone is enough for her to pause and drag the ninjas close again: "Hey. Do you kiss your mama with that mouth? ZIP IT."

She goes on with tying them up, though, back to back. Hopefully those knots will hold. Then it's time to pull the weapons off them. Glancing up to Bobby, she calls out: "I think things are maybe good!" And as soon as her ninja pair are bound up, she retracts her hands and shrinks them back down to normal.

"Now, if you are not registered as a deputy, this is where you make your escape." J'onn mentions- largely to Ms. Marvel. "You did well. No one was killed, or horrifically maimed." Its praise- although J'onn is not widely known it seems some have heard of him. He smiles simply to Ms. Marvel. "I will watch them, and make sure they do not escape. I will not be seen- you, however, should make haste."

The Martian Manhunter then fades from view, turning wholly invisible to keep watch on the Ninja.

Morien steps out of the van, holding a handkerchief close to his head. Morien looks around at the damage and coughs, "Thank you, I thought I was done for." Morien frowns slightly as he looks around at the heroes, "I guess Ozymandias is too good to help my company now that he is hooked up with the Justice League!"

The police are arriving on the scene as well as an ambulance. Morien looks at his security van that is filled with his sword cuts and sighs, "Definitely overkill."

Cops! Damned cops. Shift curses under his breath; he needs to make a quick exit.

"Hey! Iceman!" Shift climbs back aboard his motorcycle and revs it to life. "Ramp me!"

Because there are walls of ice around, Shift's gonna need to Evil Kaneivel this shit.

Bobby grins and throws up a Ramp. So long as the guy doesn't break like 50 bones, this oughtta be fun to watch. "Knock yourself out Shift." Beat. "Er, actually, don't do that. But have at it."

Nyx looks further afield now, checking out the others remaining. "Well this was exciting.. Ninjas… hey Bobby." she snaps her energy wings back into existance, they seem to flare from between her shoulders there like real wings might. "Ninjas?"

Backing up and stepping around to watch Bobby and his ice rink, Kamala steps around with a little grin. "Ninjas, apparently," she confirms. "How do you do that? With the ice?"

"Worry about de bike!" Shift fires that back before revving the engine again. He kicks back a few feet for extra traction, then guns it. Tires squeal, a trail is left, and the bike takes to the ramp, going over the other side.

Moments later, there's a thud, a squeak, and more Harley-Davidson power echoing across the buildings. Trailed, of course, with, "Whoooooooooo!"

Morien shakes his head as Shift goes over the ramp. He adjusts his tie and makes his way to the police to give his statement.

"Ninjas." Bobby says as he watches Morien and Shift go. "I think I should get out of here. Going to grab a bite to eat if you like." And with that he's off. Nyx'll follow if she wants.

"It's a gift." He grins to Kamala. "Almost literally."

"I'd love t — "

From Kamala's pocket, a phone bleats. She raises her eyes to the sky and groans.

"Raincheck," she says with a sigh. "Definitely. Raincheck. That's gonna be… I gotta go. Awesome ice stuff! Bye!" And then she's dashing off, fumbling for her phone.

Nyx snaps her wings off once more and rolls her bare shoulders in a shrug "I can do with eating…" she can always do with eating there…..

As he continues giving his statement to the cops, he realizes that sooner or latter he is going to need to make a trip to Madripoor.

Morien is about to ask Nyx about how she is, but he gets a call from Ariella. He steps away from the police and begins to talk to her.

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