Dust and Tears

August 29, 2016:

(CUTSCENE) Apocalypse readies for war. (Cameo by Beast and Rogue, spoofing by Gambit)


NPCs: Apocalypse Psynapse

Mentions: Beast Rogue

Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

A secure den located inside yet outside of Earth reality 626.

"We failed, we are announced to the world now, Lord Apocalypse. Your enemies will be seeking us." The exiled Inhuman noble known as Psynapse speaks in attempted humility. Attempted is the best he can manage, Psynapse is a man who could not even bow before Blackagar Boltagan, the King of the Inhumans. Why begin now.

"Failure? No if I viewed it as failure you would be dead. It is but a gauntlet thrown down, a challenge. Let them gather. No matter their numbers, their might, their ego, they are still belly crawling parasites that can do nothing more than slow the inevitable. They only stubbornly prolong their suffering and we, my Horsemen, my Dark Riders will educate them on this folly." The titan stands before a series of machinery of extraterrestrial origin, sealed inside of it are two new acquisitions, the X-Men known as Beast and Rogue. "My harbingers will awaken soon and the world will quake and have no choice but to bow to my will."

"Yes, Master and what of your promise to me?" Psynapse whispers.

A clap of flesh meeting solid impact follows and the Inhuman finds himself splayed across the ground, ears ringing, blood flowing, jaw hanging open and eyes wide in terror as Apocalypse now looms over him.

"Dare you demand, lowly cur!? Do not forget your place. Your time is not yet upon us." As ever with the External's anger he has grown in size filling the chamber with his bulk. "The seeds of Attilan are already planted and your time will come when I deem it is upon us. No sooner. Do you understand?"

"Y-y-yes, High Lord. I forget my place." Reluctantly prostrating himself Psynapse dares to look towards the two X-Men undergoing transformation, as if to distract from his current show of insubordination, "You are not displeased we could not find the third? He was not there, not at MacTaggerts like Essex claimed he would be. Perhaps Sinister lied to us, again?"

"Such is the nature of serpents." Apocalypse muses.
"No, it is of no concern. Destiny is unfolding as preordained and my final Horseman will join our ranks in due time. Until then we proceed. The pieces are all falling in to place and one by one those who dare us continue to weaken, like many before them they will crumble at my feet, bones to crush on my path towards ascension, no more than dust and tears."

"Then if Attilan is not in your vision next, then it is the Twelve?" Psynapse struggling to hide his ambition presses, yet with much more restraint and humility this time, "Even without the Askani'Son?"

"A mere ripple against a tidal wave, Psynapse. Their time is complete, my time is now. Ready the Dark Riders."

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