The Clue Master Returns (again)

August 28, 2016:

A gangfight breaks out in the East End of Gotham. The Clue Master returns and so does Spoiler.

East End - Gotham


NPCs: Clue Master



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She'd gone to talk to Batman. And spotted him keeping an eye on trending Twitter feeds. Part of her fangirled. He really DID read her tweets! Another part wondered why he still bothered. She wasn't tweeting. But others were and some of those that followed her back in the day still used her hashtag to say wehre bad things are going down. Obvious things, like gang violence.

Stephanie hadn't come back to put on the cape again. Honest. Really. Someone has to believe her!

Seeing the Tweet had her sighing, going to find her old suit and things, and then heading out to try to find the trouble.

@SpoiledBat LF #GangFight - #SpoilerAlert I'm here already! #ChillOut

Alright. Let's do this.

Kane hadn't told Spoiler of the incipient gang war between Gotham's entrenched, mundane criminals and the shadowy Medusa syndicate that has united most of the spookier aspects of Gotham's dark underworld. Which is understandable, Gotham's druid barely knows the young woman.

So no, he hadn't mentioned that the Yakuza are tangling with the Greek Mafia which is mostly run by Minotaurs and furies these days. He hadn't mentioned that the Ton Ton Macoute is getting into it with the Russians over control of the docs.

And he really hadn't mentioned that someone had contracted the Cluemaster to burgle an upscale antiquities shop that just happens to be owned by the Marconi crime family.

Okay, well, he didn't know that one.

This is the kind of place where the silent alarm doesn't go out to the police. It goes out to the family's enforcers. The Cluemaster made his entrence ten minutes ago, covered by some shady types waiting in a couple of cars across the street. When the Marconis pulled up and piled out of their own vehicles a standoff had started, which very rapidly escalated into a gunfight.

And then someone, somewhere, threw a fireball that melted one of the Marconi SUV's clean through the middle.

It's getting a little out of hand down here.

Twitter is a mildly useful medium but not great. Full of trolls and false information. Oh, and the youngsters who just wanted people to watch them. Oracle knows that but she does monitor the feeds, even as her own far more high tech systems gives her verified information.

Information that makes her sigh deeply. The Cluemaster had won his freedom from Arkham recently and here he is! Right on the scene. Along with his daughter. His very untrained daughter. Who is wading into the middle of the war that Babs had warned her was being waged.

Batgirl had been out on patrol on with Fox, they'd been visiting the scene of the police deaths from earlier that day. Now the redheaded Batgirl is crouched on top one of the nearby roofs, in the shadows, watching the mayhem as it breaks loose.

This is Oracle. Gang fight, Gothams East End. Stand off between The Cluemaster and The Marconi's. Supernatural in nature. Who can attend. Batgirl already onsite.

There's a set of new ears listening to the channel that she uses. Hopefully they'll have someone available to respond.

As the fireball goes off, the redhead peers around … where the hell did that come from. She'll take out the casters first.

Having heard the goings on, May moved to assist with situations exactly like this one. There's a group of WAND-affilliated spellcasters in the arriving quinjet with her, but until she sees proof that magic is being used, she doesn't want them out on Gotham's streets where it's honestly pretty dangerous. Mages tend to be exceedingly squishy.

Landing the quinjet on a convenient rooftop helipad, May looks down at the ensuing chaos and uses the new comm channel set up for her very recently to use specifically in Gotham. "This is May. How much prejudice am I allowed here?"

Behind her face mask, Stephanie's eyes widen. He's.. out? It feels like she literally JUST checked on him! He was safe. He was being good! She hadn't checked to see if he was maybe getting out on good behavior soon but… That Cluemaster showed up, doing his usual, made a tremor cut through Spoiler.

Then fireball.

Spoiler drops back from teh heat and the explosion, before she looks back over the chaos to figure out the best way to get it to stop, and then knock Cluemaster out with as little damage as possible so she can drag him back to Arkham. She spies a fire hydrant and a car whose owner had abandoned with the gang fight broke out.

Breaking from her cover, Spoiler sprints for the car, gets in with the door still partially open, turns over the engine and gets ready to plow the vehicle INTO the firehydrant to break it open and get water everywhere.

Right after this fight, Stephanie is totally going to Tweet @LifeProof #SpoilerAlert OMG waterproof case is #TheBomb diggity

Okat, maybe not diggity. That's super lame. Right now, Spoiler has to get this car up to top speed then dive out right at the last minute so she doesn't got SMASH into the steering wheel and windshield.

#WhatBatComChannel? Spoiler did not grab that comlink tonight. #OutToProveShit …maybe.

It's not that anyone is shooting at Spoiler just yet. It's still most definitely not safe though. None of the people involved here are exactly trained marksmen and all of them are wielding ridiculously illegal automatic weapons. There's a lot of lead in the air and her moving about in a cape and purple suit is bound to draw someone's eyeline eventually.

And then it does. Okay. Now somone's shooting at Spoiler.

Another fireball slags the other Marconi SUV causing the criminals who were using it for cover to scatter. Then fog begins to creep up the street. Really thick fog.

"There, Agent." One of May's magi points out. "They've got two, maybe three witches and… maybe something else. Not sure yet."

"Look, there's a Quinnjet. They work fast." The Fox murmurs as he unsheaths his blade. "Got two witches, a minotaur and a lot of guns… Who the hell is that in purple?

"Told you she was good." the green eyed woman in the batmask murmurs back to The Fox "That's Spoiler. You met her already. The young blonde you picked up at The Clocktower?" She shakes her head. These kids are going to get themselves killed and turned at some point.

May, Batgirl here. Good to have you here. That's not a voice that May will be familiar with. Babs uses a voice modulator in her suit. That way Oracle, Babs and Batgirl are three separate entities. Maybe the woman will need counselling some day. Two witches, a minotaur, lots of guns. And Spoiler. She'll probably need help but not thank you for it. I'll move to work with her and focus on the weapons. And I've got my usual bag tricks. Meaning she has the OracleNet if its needed I'll trust your judgement on how much prejudice you need.

Spoiler doesn't have a Bat Comm, at least not that Babs has given her one, so its not surprising she doesn't. "Take care, Fox. Dinner at my place when we're done for the night."

With that, the redhead tosses a flashbang at the thugs that have just opened fire on Spoiler, followed by a Batarang targeting their weapons.

The WAND team disembarks and splits up, the majority of the team moving to confront the witches. The rest of the team seem to be working on keeping the chaos contained, and May is apparently making a beeline for the minotaur. By the time she reaches the creature, she has her black Partisan-made meteor hammer in hand and she aims to tangle up the minotaur's feet.

And now there's gunfire! Lovely! Spoiler stays low, and when the care is up to speed, she shoves herself out of it, rolls, and gets to her feet. The motion is definitely not as graceful as it could have been. Silly flashbangs! She looks up, to try to see where it came from before turning her gaze across the street and toher father. Must… get… the Cluemaster! A quick run, grabs a dude and flip him over and into another vehicle and Spoiler drops behind said car to keep from getting hit again. She repeats this, workign hard to get closer to her target. This is complete chaos.

Barbara's batarang deflects one of the rifles pointed at Spoiler and as she rolls out of the car. That car crashes into the hydrant, cracks it and sprays water everywhere. Then the fog overtakes them, making it impossible to see anything more than about ten feet away.

Not that this stops people from shooting. Bullets are still skipping and whining off the concrete as the Minotaur fixes on Spoiler. It stamps, scraps the pavement… and then faceplants as May tangles its legs up. The creature whips around and throws its axe at her moments before a blade flashes out of the fog with the Fox on the other end, piercing it's shoulder. "Agent May! Little help here!"

From the direction of the shop there's a sound of shattering glass. The Cluemaster is making his exit.

As good as Oracle is, she can't dispel fog. Hopefully one of the WAND mages can help with that.

Batgirl is still perched on the roof, watching as The Fox engages The Minotaur and Spoiler makes her wild dash. "Damn girl is going for her father …" she mutters into the comms. Oh, yeah, she hadn't mentioned that to The Fox.

With the gunmen clustered together, it makes her job a little easier. Taking 'sleep pellets' from her utility belt she pitches them at the nearest group of shooters, firing her rapple gun at the guttering on the next roof and letting her momentum swing over the top of the group, booted feet aimed for heads and shoulders … designed to drop them to the ground.

The fog, in this instance may be godsend.

With the fog making it hard to see, Spoiler does her best, not realizing a creature from Greecian myth had targetted her and was stomping toward her. Nor is she aware of who stopped it. What did the Fox say? That familiar voice calling for Agent May has Spoiler knowing that in addition to one of the Bats, there are more friendlies here than she was ready to expect. Steph will absolutely not look a gift Spirit Elf in the mouth.

Flipping over the last car, Spoiler sees Cluemaster disappearing into the haze. Having to stop to defend herself from some morons and then diving behind more cover as yet more bullet splatter about means that Stephanie has lost him.

"Where's my clue, Master? Give me a hint so I can track you down again!" Stephanie calls out into the night. The frustration hangs heavily in her voice. He got away! Again! When he was SUPPOSED to be safe, and being good! She was going to swing by in the morning… Drop off two of the cookie Alfred baked for her. She had four left. After eating one herself and giving one to GrumpBat. She was going to drop two off. In the fog, Spoiler spots another gang member and so leaps for him, ducking once before punching him in the gut, stepping around behind him, and cracking him inte h back of hte head to knock him out.

May's mages eventually manage a counter spell and the fog starts to clear. In the half light and shadows Batgirl might see May and the Fox double teaming the minotaur. A silhouette of a sword intersects with the creatures neck. It's not going to be getting back up.

The gunmen on both sides are scattering. Some of May's team have them in custody. A number of others are asleep thanks to Batgirl. Looks like one of the witches is down, hard to say down in what manner though.

Spoiler's assault goes without retaliation. As the fog clears something flutters out of the air and leands nearby. It's a piece of paper in her father's handwriting. A quick glance, though, reveals it to be in code.

Batgirl uses the rappel gun to make the safety of the next rooftop and turns to survey the fight. Seeing the minotaur go down, she casts around for the woman in aubergine (not purple, if you please) and dropping herself to the ground near her. They might have broken up this street fight, but there's still work to be done … and she sets about ziptieing the thugs at her feet.

"That was dangerous." she speaks softly to the young woman, the voice modulator changing her voice. "These aren't your usual thugs, in general. When these ones kill you, it won't end there." She won't lecture, Babs doesn't do that. "What's on the paper?"

This is Batgirl. I've Spoiler with me. Status report please.

The witch … she'll check on her in a moment.

Spoiler reaches out for hte paper, gloved hand closing on it. She knows this handwriting, intimately. The words make no sense on a casual glance.

"A cypher. It's going to take me a bti to get it sorted out," Spoiler states, so completely confident that she'll be able to do it that it almost sounds like she's urked that she can't immediately read it. Her masked face lifts to peer at Batgirl, fingers folding the paper to tuck safely in a pouch.

"Everything we do it dangerous, Batgirl. It's just a matter of staying a step ahead and hoping for the best." There's a beat, Spoiler's head tilting. "Thanks for the flashbang." Because this had to ahve been the Bat. Spoiler takes a moment to look around, taking stock in the supernatural hijacks that found their way into what otherwise would have been an easily taken gangfight.

Okay. Maybe not EASILY taken, but easily taken is what Spoiler is going with right now.

Beneath the mask, Stephanie presses her lips together, before she turns away.

The other mage has been shot. It's not clear which side did it. Could have been anyone with a gun in the fog. Fire discipline was never any of these guys strong suit. WAND is cleaning up, though there's not much to clean. Mostly it was the wounded that didn't get away, half a dozen mobsters from both sides.

The Fox is walking over wiping his sword off. There's blood on it and as the fog clears that supine minotaur quite clear.

"The Greeks peeled off when their inside man made his run. The last witch, probably another two or three men with guns. They're in the wind by this point." He glances over at the shop. "We should probably figure out what was taken. The target was too specific. They must have been looking for something."

Spoiler gets a curious look as the druid sheathes the claymore across his back and grabs for his shotgun. He breaks it open and loads what look to be a pair of purple crystals in it instead of shotgun shells. Without looking he points the weapon behind him and fires. Twin bolts of flame lance into the minotaur and set it alight.

Can't very well leave that laying around.

"Believe what you will." Batgirl says to Spoiler, looking over at the cypher. "Looks like a Playfair cypher to me …" Of course Babs would be able to recognise the type at a glance. It will take her longer to crack it, and even longer still if it's layered. "But I'm sure you've got it." Of course, should the young woman ask for help …

"The Greeks inside man was someone known as The Cluemaster. Failed gameshow host turned criminal. Leaves clues behind .." she nods to the note in Stephs hand. The blonde can add to that if she wants.

As the minotaur goes up in flames, the redhead flinches and her jaw sets as she checks the witch "This one won't be bothering us again."

Looking towards the storefront, she gestures "Lets take a look then." She's already tapping on the device on her right wrist. Kane will know that she's accessing the security system, trying to find any footage that might point them in the right direction.

Spoiler turns her face from Fox and the now burning minotaur. There's nothing she can find to add just yet so she just replies to Batgirl.

"I'm sure. I'll start with Playfair, and go from there," says SPoiler before she steps away. She's not interested in what her father may or may not have taken. She's only interested in figuring out where he's going next so she can get there first and spoil his crime. She tugged out her phone as she goes.

@SpoiledBat #BackInBlack #SpoilerAlert Got my Clue.

30% battery already? Damn this phone sucks. #Time4Upgrade

The footage shows the Cluemaster breaking into the upstairs office which is rather suspiciously not monitored. Whatever he took, it was small enough to fit in the leather satchel he was carrying. The Fox grunts. "We'll have to do some more digging. Come on. Let's get out of here."

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