Moving Out Day

August 27, 2016:

Carol stops by the Lakehouse to check on Caitlin and finds that she has already decided to move out.

JL:A Lakehouse - Midtown Metropolis

Lavish without being ostentatious. Expertly decorated without losing the basics of comfort. This is the Lakehouse that 'belongs' to the JL:A (though Kate Bishop's name is on the paperwork).

Once through the doors, the foyer opens up to a large foyer, decorated in deep rich hues. Stepping through, the living area is comfortably appointed, each chair, each couch with its own set of throw pillows. Coffee tables and end tables dot the room, each with its own work of art, and coasters for drinks. Windows overlook the pathway to the slip to the lake that lies beyond.

A professional kitchen is attached to a grand dining area, the great glass and shining metal table able to seat 20 without difficulty.

Upstairs, four bedroom suites can be found, each with their own 'theme', each with their own balconies. Past the suites, five large master bedrooms, each with their own grand window and walk in closet are available.

On the roof, a helipad.


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Fade In…

Tonight, Carol shows up on foot. That means no perimeter or air flight warnings, so the first thing Caitlin would know of Carol's arrival is when she arrives at the street entrance and badges in. Then she heads for the Lakehouse front entrance and actually rings the bell before unlocking the door and stepping inside. Tonight, she seems to have come straight from work, as she arrives around seven in the evening, dressed still in a midnight blue pantsuit and matching flats. "Hey, Red. You home?" she calls out, curiously.

"Yeah! Hang on!" There's a predictable beat, then a *thumpf* of something falling
then a curse, then a loud *THUMP* as something— or someone— very heavy falls on her shapely rear, and then Caitlin fairly staggers sideways out of her room, fetching up heavily against the rail against the walkway that overlooks the Lakehouse common room.

"Carol! Hi! I'm fine, it's all fine. The usual," Caitlin says, a bit breathlessly. "Tripped over an extension cord."

She rocks herself to her feet, wearing calf-length yoga pants that end in loose bells and a thin hoodied zipped up to her collarbone. Her hair's held back by her black hairband and a pair of scunchies hold it in a ponytail.

Three boxes are by the door, labelled 'Cait's Books', 'Cait's Clothes', 'Cait's stuff'— the last one upside down, by accident.
"Ow, Cait. I know you don't bruise easy, but I have to wonder at the divots you put in the flooring and walls when you do that. Watch where you're walking, honey." Carol offers, even though she knows saying it will make the redhead duck and cover. She can't help trying to offer guiding advice, even when she knows it won't go over as well. She does hate upsetting her friend and protege, but these things do need to be said.


"I thought I'd drop in and see you, since I missed you the other night. Of course, you missed all the sushi I brought by for our enjoyment. And your houseguest didn't help out much, either." Carol sounds a little displeased by that, though it's hard to figure out exactly which part is perturbing her. "Looks like you talked to her?"
"I try, I try," Caitlin mumbles, embarassed. She rights herself and picks up a box, and carries it downstairs to stack with the rest of her things and stuff.

"I'm sorry, I was out running errands. I didn't even know what was up until Kara texted me later." She shrugs helplessly at Carol. "I woulda grabbed an Uber but it was like… thirty bucks, and traffic…" She sighs. The little red sign comes on over her head, again: 'Someone please invent Uber Aviation'.

"I… guess you talked to Kara," she says, tenatively. "We talked the other day. About.. her… situation," she fumbles. "She told me she wanted me to have her apartment in Metropolis and I realized that if Kate ever gets around to billign me for back-rent, this short-term thing's gonna cost me about as much as going back to grad school. Kara's rent is paid up, so…I'm gonna move into her old apartment," she says, with a bit of a rush.

Carol nods, and reaches into her briefcase, fishing out something jangly, which she then extends towards Caitlin. "That's OK with me. She talked to me about it." Carol frowns momentarily, but banishes it soon thereafter. "She gave me the keys that night, too." Which Carol now hands to Caitlin. "I confess, I thought you'd stay here. But I promised her we'd keep up the place, make sure it was still there for her when she comes back." Carol promised that they wouldn't let the lease expire, and that they'd keep the place clean, etc.

"I, uh… I kinda wanted to ask you a favor, actually," Caitlin says, stammering a little. She turns a positively incadescent shade of pink, rather quickly, her cheeks and ears blooming. "I've… I mean, I've never /not/ had a roommate. And this place—" she gestures around her. "Is a lot like a hotel, it's not really a … home?"

"Err… anyway," she says, eyes looking anywhere but Carol's baby blues. "I'd feel a lot better about it if there was someone I knew, there and it's a big apartment, like… two bedrooms and that giant living room. So, er, you know, if you wanted, you could move in there," she says. "If you wanted to live somewhere. Maybe you'd like having a roommate… too?"

Carol chuckles softly, and reaches out to hug the more casually dressed, much taller younger woman. "Cait, honey, thank you. Thank you for thinking of me. But I have an apartment." A very nice one, thanks. After all, Carol is a well-paid journalistic editor and a woman with a good collection of investments. "I thought you'd visited my place?" she queries, curiously.

"Er, well, yeah, I mean, I have," Caitlin says, hugging Carol back reflexively. "I just— I dunno," she admits, looking a bit defeated. She digs a sneaker toe into the carpet, staring at the pattern she makes. "I just thought, 'hey, my own place', and that… kinda scared me. I get scared, 'n… kinda… think.. you," she mumbles, the words almost inaudible.

She clears her throat, swallowing, and forces a smile, looking quickly up at Carol. "uh, I mean, anyway— it's fine. I just thought… just thought I'd offer. I guess it'll be okay, right? Having… a place on my own."

Carol reaches up - up - up! and ruffles her hand through Caitlin's hair. "Hey, honey. You don't need to be scared. Yes, getting your own place is new, and that can be a little unsettling. But it should also be really exciting." Carol hugs Caitlin briefly, trying to settle her nerves. "I am really proud that you think of me when you are trying not to be scared. But I need to get you to the point that you think of /you/. Because you are awesome. Just think about all of the things you can do if it's your own place, all by yourself." Decorating. Wandering around in underwear. Planning and decorating. Shopping for one's own menu.

Well, Caitlin won't ever pass up a Carol-Hug! She hugs her mentor back, and the quick affection and reassuring words jar her from her moment of internal strife. "Okay. Okay." She takes a big breath and exhales skywards, her bangs trying to reach for the ceiling momentarily. Caitlin beams at Carol.

"Yeah. It'll be good." There's a jangle from her back pocket and she digs out her phone. "Oh! There's the truck," she says, picking up her boxes and trying to juggle four of them in two hands. "Just one small load after this— then I'm moved into my new place!" She takes another steadying breath, but flashes a smile at Carol. "I'll seeya later this week— I think Kara and I are going out for one last bash before she hangs it up. Two day trip— tops."
"Stop, Kiddo. There are two of us, with four arms." Carol admonishes. Then she helps get two of them into her own arms, and follows Caitlin out to the truck. "Just give me a call whenever you like. And if you decide you want to talk about decorating, or cleaning, or whatever, you know how to reach me."

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