Good-Byes Aren't Forever

August 26, 2016:

Supergirl calls Caitlyn back to her apartment to tell her about the move to Gotham

Kara's Apartment, Metropolis


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It's been a long couple of days for Kara, and it's not over yet. She's been scrambling to get things set up to start enacting her plan. And there's just one thing left to do; probably the hardest part. After her meeting with Carol at the Lakehouse, Kara sent a text to Caitlyn, asking her to come over to her apartment. She made it clear that it's not an emergency.

Caitlin had made good time over to Kara's house, wearing calf-length yoga pants (in her mind, the greatest invention ever), with a stylish red swoop running from hip to inner calf. A clingy, lightweight sweater covers her shoulders, the hoodie draping to the middle of her shoulders.

Knock knock and she walks in, perking instantly and smiling at Kara— her hair held back by her favorite headband and a scunchie pulling it into a ponytail.

"I'm here! Whatcha—" she looks around, blinking at the boxes. "Are you moving?"

There are a few boxes, but not everything Kara owns has been packed up. In reality, she's got two large pieces of luggage, her art portfolio, and 3 boxes of supplies. Still, Kara smiles at Caitlyn and moves over to hug her. "Kind of." She lets Caitlyn in and leads her over to the couch so they can sit down. "You know everything that's been going on. You've been there for me, and I couldn't ask for a better best friend than you. And that's why this is going to be hard…"

Kara takes a deep breath, ready to go on. "There's something off with me. I lost my center and my focus, and I need to get them back. I need to learn how to be able to let things be instead of trying to control everything. So, yes; I am moving. But just across the way to Gotham."

Caitlin looks rather worried at the Serious Talk face. Combined with being dragged to the sofa for a sitdown, she's positively etched with concern by the time Kara gets to the bad news. Caitlin blinks twice.

"Oh! Well, that's… I mean, that's not bad," she says, frowning in perplexitude. "I lived in Gotham for a while after I graduated, remember? It kinda sucks— it really sucks," she amends, "But Gotham's, y'know… not like you're moving to Albany, or whatever," she smiles. "Is… is this have to do with Tim?" she asks, cautiously.

"Yes," Kara says. "And no. What happened with Tim was because I overextended myself as Supergirl. I need to learn how to let others handle things instead of always assuming I'm going to be needed. That's why, I'm leaving my costume here."

"That symbol on the chest, it's more than just my family crest. In Kryptonian, 'El' means 'hope'. That's why it's so appropriate that Superman and Supergirl are symbols of hope to so many people. But recently…I don't feel like I've bringing hope; I'm taking it away. And I need to make things right with Tim again. No matter what happens, I'll be his friend, and I need to start acting like it. When I feel that I'm in a better mental place, I'll put the costume on again. But for now, I need to just be Kara Kent."

Caitlin blinks, brushing her hair back from her face a bit un-necessarily— stalling as she works through the words. "So… you're done being Supergirl. For a while," she says, cautiously. "I… well… gosh." She tugs her ponytail in both hands, heedless of the mess she'll make of her hair in the process.

"I… can't say that I get it," she admits. "I've only been a hero for, y'know…two years. You've been doing this stuff for way longer, and much more high profile. Then again, I'm only technically, like… ten, and you're actually, like, a grownup. So…" She smiles timorously, shrugging at Kara.

"Okay, so— no Supergirl for a while. Just Kara. Which is fine— I like Kara. So, what can I do to help?"

Kara smiles, taking Cait's hands in hers. "Just keep being yourself. I'll keep in touch and make it back here every other week or so. So I will see you. I made the mistake of abandoning a friend, and I'm never going to do that again. But, there are two favors i wanted to ask of you."

"First up." Kara says, giving Caitlyn a confident smile. "I talked with Superman about all this. And he agrees with me: you've got what it takes to help keep Metropolis safe in my place. He fully supports you being more active in Metropolis and working with him." Kara reaches over and puts a hand on Cait's shoulder. "You're ready for this. I believe in you."

After that sinks in, Kara continues. "Second. The apartment is paid up through the end of the year. I already told Carol when I saw her to put in my leave of absence with the league. But, I want you and Carol to feel free to use this apartment whenever you want. I've got your set of keys right here." And Kara holds out a set of keyes on a keyring to Caitlyn.

Caitlin's eyes get a bit wet and she blinks rapidly, then ruins her momentary grace by rubbing the corner of her hoodie against her eyes. "I… Kara, I don't know what to say," she says, softly. "That's… huge. I mean, you've got some big, er, small boots to fill," she stammers. "I don't know if I can do it. I'll try, but… it won't be the same as you."

The keys are pushed into her hand, and Caitlin shakes her head— more out of being dumbfounded than rejecting the offer. "I-I don't know. I mean, I guess I do need to… move out of the Lakehouse. Eventually. That was supposed to be short term and I would owe Kate like… all my money in back rent," she admits.

"Oh, crabapples," she snaps, smacking her wrists against her thighs in complaint. "I don't know why I'm so upset. It's not like we aren't going to spend time together. This feels weird. Why does this feel weird?"

Kara leans in and hugs Caitlyn. "It's change. Change always feels weird. But we need change in order to grow. I just need to grow in a different direction for a while."

Kara sniffs a bit, smiling, as she sits back. "I'll keep you updated on what's going on, where I'm living. And every other weekend, I'll head back to Metropolis for a visit. And when its all over,things will be back to normal. Or even better than normal."

"I… okay." Caitlin squeezes Kara's hands, nodding, and then leans against the sofa's back, the wood creaking in protest. "Okay. I mean— this is what you need, right? It'd be really selfish of me to make a deal out of it. I mean, I… you know. It's gonna be weird not seeing you flying home every day." She pinks at the tips of her ears. "Lil' streak of blue and red going home. But… I get it. I really do. Can— can I ask a favor, though, before you go… do all this?" she asks, gesturing vaguely at the big dangerous world out there. "Take one last trip to the Island with me. We'll go say hi to Artemis and stich and dish with Celene. I— still kinda feel funny going there alone, even though Diana said I could go anytime. We'll take her jet, you don't even have to fly, I can pilot us. Please?"

Kara smiles and gives Caitlyn another hug. "Sure. We'll go tomorrow. My hotel reservation in Gotham doesn't start until Saturday, anyways. Kara and Caitlyn ride off across the ocean again." At least, it will be one more happy memory Kara can take with her to Gotham.

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