Putting In For Vacation Time

August 26, 2016:

Supergirl meets with Captain Marvel to request a leave of absence while she gets her head back in the game

JL:A Lakehouse, Metropolis


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Red Robin, Batman, Superman, Caitlyn Fairchild


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Fade In…

With her work day done and having just completed a mission to fight of a kaiju off the coast of Florida, Captain Marvel has returned to the Lakehouse, as evidenced when the security perimeter reports her approach and approval for clearance. She lands out back, as usual, and approaches the back door as she is coated in that shimmering golden glow of hers, replacing her Captain Marvel costume with some simple, civilian attire. Then she taps on the door, and slides it open.

"Hey. I brought sushi. You home?" Carol calls out as she walks in and heads for the kitchen. She has gotten pretty comfortable stopping by here at almost all hours, with Caitlin having become the only one living here of late. She and her young protege are pretty comfortable with one another.

There is someone here, but it's not a Caitlyn. It's not a Diana, either. It's a Supergirl, and Kara calls out from the kitchen. "Just me here, Carol." The Girl of Steel walks up and gives her fellow Leaguer a wave. "Hey. Been looking for you, actually." Not that Carol is going to need assistance, but it's always polite, Kara asks, "Need any help?"

"Well, if Cait's not here, best help you can offer is help eating all of this. Sushi is never as good late." Carol offers, smiling to the shorter blonde. "How're you doing? Cait had mentioned she'd seen you, but we haven't caught up."

Carol sidles up to the kitchen counter, puts her bags down, and starts working on opening one and pulling out the trays and materials inside. Miso soup, a dozen different rolls, wasabi and top-shelf soy sauce, chopsticks, and even a bottle of saki and four porcelain saki cups and a matching flute. Carol didn't skimp, that's for sure.

"So, you were looking for me. Now you've found me. What's up?" Carol inquires.

Kara takes a seat and lets Carol serve things up. "Honestly?" she asks, looking rather worn down. "I'm not doing good. I don't know if Caitlyn told you how badly I screwed things up with Robin." She sighs and glumly stirs one of the bowls of miso soup. "And I made things even worse last night, I'm afraid."

Carol keeps working, putting things together and setting them out. But instead of starting to eat, she finishes, lays it all out on the table, and then turns and faces Kara, extending her hands, taking the others' in her own. "Sorry, Kara. No, Caitlin didn't talk to me about you and Robin." Carol isn't one to talk relationships often, but she doesn't turn the younger woman away, either. She can at least be an ear, a shoulder if needed. "If you want me to know, I'll listen. I don't know if I'll have any good advice. But I can listen."

Kara smiles a bit and shrugs. "The gorey details aren't important," she starts. "The main thing is, it's all my fault. I took him for granted and just spent more and more time doing Supergirl things. I figured he'd understand. But there's a limit, I suppose. And I crossed it." Kara pushes the miso soup away, she's not really in the mood for eating. "And I turned someone who was good and full of light into someone as hard and cold as his mentor. That's how badly I messed up."

Kara puts her elbows on the counter and puts her chin in her fists. "I ran into Kal today and talked to him about it. I told him that it feels like I lost my balance and can't get it back. Everything seems off to me."

"You didn't make anyone into anyone or anything else." Carol admonishes, gently but very firmly. "If That is the decision Robin made, that was his choice. A wrong choice, I think, and I think you agree, which is why it bothers you, and why you insist on taking the blame for it." Carol squeezes Kara's hand. "I mean it. You didn't do this. He did. You were trying to do and be who and what you need to be. If he couldn't handle that, it's on him. If he needed more of your time, it was on him to ask for it, to make that happen."

Carol is a pretty independent woman, make no doubt about that. "If you have lost your balance, then you need to find it again. But remember that your balance is about you, not anyone else. Not me. Not Cait. Not Robin. Only about Kara. Challenge is figuring out what that balance is, what it feels like, and how to get there. But if you need help working it out, your friends, those who care about you, are here to help."

"Thanks," Kara says with a genuine smile. "And I agree with you about finding my balance. I need to do it for me. Not for anyone else. That's…kind of why I was looking for you."

Kara sighs, feeling how hard this is. But it's the only path she can see. "I know things are tough right now for the League. It's hard times, and I wish that it weren't. But I *have* to do this. If I don't get my head back straight, it's only going to mean trouble some point down the line. And I'd rather get myself back together sooner, instead of just letting it fester in me."

Kara takes another breath, biting her lips. "Carol, I'd like to be taken off the League roster. And not on Reserve duty, either. I need to take some time away from being Supergirl and get perspective."

Carol frowns as Kara lays out her intentions, but she nods. "Alright. If that's what you want, I won't argue with you. I won't lie, either: I don't think you're making the right choice, here. But the only way you're going to know if you're right or I am is to go forward. Just call the lady and tell her you're off the roster. They won't bother you." Carol explains the changes in the League, and how that has affected matters. There is no reserve status anymore.

"I wish you a lot of luck, getting yourself together, finding your center. If you ever need me: to talk, practice, anything, you only have to call. I hope you'll remember that." Carol offers the young Kryptonian.

"Of course," Kara says. And she stands up to give Carol a hug. "It's not going to be forever. I'll be back before you know it." Kara sniffles a bit as she stands back, but she seems more at peace now. "And, there's one more thing," she adds.

"I'm going to be moving out of Metropolis for a while. So, I have an empty apartment with the rent paid up to the end of the year. I'll leave some keys here and you or Caitlyn are more than happy to use it while I'm gone. The second bedroom was being used as my art studio, but that can be switched back easily enough."

"We'll keep the place clean and safe for you." Carol promises with a smile, accepting the hug. "No need to move anything you don't want to move. We may crash there, but we'll leave everything the way we find it, until you return." And no matter how long Kara is gone, the rent will continue to be paid up. Because that's just how it is.

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