Notice of Relocatoin

August 26, 2016:

Supergirl meets Batman to let him know of her plans. Batman welcomes her to Gotham with all the trademark warmth and compassion he's known for.

Alliant Tower, Gotham City


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Gotham. Nighttime. Again. It's the third night in a row that Supergirl has flown into Gotham to meet someone. But this time, the person she's seeking out is different. It's not Tim that Kara is flying to meet, but the Dark Knight himself. Also, there's a change in Kara as well; she's not wearing the bright blue and red Supergirl costume. Instead, Kara is dressed in black sweats, making her blend into the night sky much easier. Whatever this is about, it's clear that Kara is wanting to keep it low key.

Five minutes before the arranged meeting time, Kara lands on the roof of the designated building; somewhere out of the main routes of Gotham. She doesn't use her super-senses, but it's a good bet that Batman is already here. He's Batman, after all. So, Kara patiently waits for him to announce his presence.

Batman doesn't give the concept of friendship much shrift. Allies are better— a ratio of debt to repayment. A system where things work until they don't, and when it all breaks down, you just walk away.

But if he has a friend in the world, a friend he doesn't consider family like Alfred— it might be Clark. So Batman accepts the message and sends back a response: Alliant Tower, 2 AM.

And then he shows up at 1:30, and monitors the area for a solid 20 minutes well ahead of his arrival. Friendships don't mean he trusts anyone any more than anyone else, after all. It /could/ be a trap.

He touches the contents of his belt pouch once, making sure his gear is in order, and then— the sight of a black blur in the sky, his augmented reality lenses highlighting her intense solar signature. He lifts into the air, gliding on a thermal with his cloak and sweeps up in a big arc, landing behind Kara's arrival point and timing it with the thump of an air conditioner kicking on. Kryptonian hearing is good, but he seems to know it needs focus. Deliberately, too, he slows his heart rate and rhythm, pushing it to a point where it's less familiar to the blonde girl.

Finally, with as little warning as one can give a Kryptonian, he steps partially out of the shadows— cloak pulled forward to guard his hands even from her superior vision, and his mouth curled down into a tight, unreadable but slightly irritated moue.

He doesn't say anything. What needs to be said? Batman is here.

Kara hears the movement and turns around to face Batman, rather nonchalantly. Still, her heart pounds harder for a few beats. It's Batman. She nods to him, saying. "Batman. Thank you for the meeting. I know you have much more pressing things, so I'll keep it brief." She takes a deep breath, then…

"The next few days, I'm going to begin the process fo moving from Metropolis to Gotham."

Not a question. Not an appeal for permission. It's a statement to inform him.

"I wanted to tell you because we know you dislike surprises. And this is not an attempt to move into your city and try to help. I understand the rules you have in place here, and I will not be acting as Supergirl, or in any other capacity, unless you have given me permission. This is your city. I'm just letting you know that Kara Kent will be living here for a while. Not supergirl," she clarifies. "Kara Kent." She wants to amke sure that he knows she understands the difference. "No heroics unless you request my help. Just myself living here, working a normal, non heroic job."

Batman just stares at Supergirl. It's hard to tell which set of eyes are worse— those all-knowing, too-blue human ones that seem able to cut through heart and soul, or those all-white AR lenses that make him seem like nothing more than shadow and scowl.

Finally, just moments before Kara might feel un-nerved enough to speak, he responds. "Kara. Kent," he says, working the name around. "Clark said something about a change." He falls silent for a beat, leaving the obvious unstated— she'd already talked to her cousin.

"I don't want to see you airborne in Gotham," Batman tells her, his voice a low and harsh rasp. "No speedrunning through my streets. No flying through alleys. Kryptonians live with targets on their back. Gotham's full of normal people trying to live normal lives."

He glowers at her, taking an eerily quiet step forward despite the gravel underfoot. "No stopping muggers. No dealing with Joker. No fighting. I can't keep aliens off my planet but I can keep them out of my city." He pauses. "You're cashing in one of Clark's chips. This isn't a favor for you. It's for him."

Kara nods, no hesitation of compalints. "Understood. There are no jobs for Supergirl here unless you say there are. Starting Saturday, I'll be staying at the City Center Wyndham for a few weeks while I get an apartment and job set up. I'll make sure you know the room. Once I get an apartment and job, you'll know about them. After tonight, the only way I am entering or exiting Gotham is by taxi or commuter train. This is your city; I'm just living here."

Batman's quiet for a beat there, and the AR lenses snap aside— he stares at Kara intensely. Now she can answer for herself which is worse, the statue or the man behind the mask. It's hard to say, precisely, what he's thinking— but it's clear that he knows a lot more than he's letting on, and it's uncomfortable to guess how on Earth he knows what he does— or what the details are.

"Tell me. Why," he says, his voice a low rasp, stepping closer to Kara again, until they're near enough she's obligated to look up at him a little bit. He's not Clark— no one can replicate the Superman's stiff back and barrel chest. But the shadow seems to loom taller than any mere mortal as he draws closer to Kara.

"Tell me why you want to live /here/."

"It's not because of Robin," Kara says. "Not entirely." She's not going to try an lie about her reasons, and Tim does have a place among them. "It's entirely up to him what amount of contact with me he would want. And I would appreciate it if you didn't tell him about this and let me tell him on my own. But regardless of whatever personal business he and I have, I need to be here becasue I need to learn how *not* to be Supergirl."

Kara takes a breath, then continues. "What happened between Tim and myself was entirely my fault. And a big part of that is the fact that I felt obligated to be Supergirl, almost all the time. I involved myself in situations that could have been handled by other heroes or local authorities, and let personal relationships slide away."

"I'm here because I need structure. I need to live in a place where I cannot dash off to save the day. Where i'm forcing myself to let others do the same job. I'm doing this because I need to train myself to allow Supergirl to appear when she's really needed, not when I feel that she's needed. I need to learn that humanity existed and got along relatively fine long before I arrived here, and it will continue advancing long after I've passed on."

"You sound like Clark," Batman says, not hiding the tone of his voice— and sparing no consideration for Kara's feelings. "Humanity has been hanging on by our fingernails for centuries. We're finally getting to the point that we can actually manage things ourselves— and then you aliens show up and bring an entire galaxy crashing down with you. Now you're saying you're too 'busy' to help keep this world safe."

He stares at Kara's baby blues with his cobalt gaze. Nevermind the fact the girl could decapitate him with a flick of her wrist— Batman looks genuinely unsympathetic to her plight. "I don't know what I hate more. The fact you aliens show up to teach us a lesson about how much we need you, or that you walk away the moment things get complicated."

He starts to step away, pauses, his face caught into profile, breaking it into jagged corners and angry curves.

"It's a lesson Tim understands. You can't serve others while serving your self-interest. He dedicates his life to others. Maybe there's a good reason he broke up with you." There's something in his voice… something almost like pride. Vague, but there.

He starts to melt back into the shadows, pausing. "The Wyndham has rats. There's a vacancy at McIlhenny Towers. Cheaper rent, too. Don't bother me for help moving in," he rasps, the shadows all but consuming him.

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