Chroniton Emmissions

August 26, 2016:

Alchemax host the 23rd Annual Genetics and Biosciences Symposium at the Battery Park, Hilton. Someone causes a temporal disturbance. (emits by Paradox)

Battery Park - New York


NPCs: Liz Allen, Tiberius Stone



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It's a symposium. That's what they're called for whatever reason. As part of a new transparency policy, Liz Allen's newly branded 'Alchemax' corporation is hosting the 23rd Annual Genetics and Biosciences Symposium. Six months ago, Horizon Labs had successfully bid to host it in an effort to rehabilitate their image. Now that they're no longer under the same management, the people in charge have decided to honor the committment.

It's good press. And good recruiting too.

The Venue is the Battery Park Hilton - as Alchemax new lab complex won't finish rennovations until later this year. The focus of the last few seminars has been 'Applied Viral Genetics'. It's been a fascinating few hours for those who are interested in such things. All gene therapies and cutting edge (for this time period) medicine. Now there's a break though, and sandwiches. There's an open bar later after the conference concludes. Who says science types don't like having fun?

Depends on your definition of fun, really. Pranks involving petrie dishes, tissue samples and strangely coloured goo are high on the list of entertaining things for some science types.

Jemma is fascinated with the talks on Viral Genetics, why wouldn't she be? It's right her alley.

And, as a bonus, things have gone smoothly for the disaster magnet scientist. Nothing's tried to fall on her, no ones shooting at her and there's no killer rogue AI sending her messages. It's been a good day, really.

Balancing a plate with a sandwich in one hand, the biochemist is currently involved in an animated discussion with a sandy haired fellow "The whole idea of rewriting DNA using a virus is just fascinating and not just for the technical application, which is groundbreaking to say the least. But the ethical discussion as well…" She's on one of her Jemma prattles, completely immersed in the topic and thoroughly enjoying herself.

It might be nice to get out of the lab.

Open bar is exactly where 'Mike O'Mara' is. He is already on his second glass of Jameson. Are they flashbacks or flashforwards when someone is having a memory of what hasn't come yet? This is just like standing inside the gala of Alchemax in Nueva York 80 years from now. Fortunately the company right now is much lighter, not Alchemax itself but it's employees, it's a completely different sensation.
"Oh if you people only knew what your kids are going to be inheriting…" A hand rakes fingers up through his hair to brush it out of his eyes when he hears the word, 'Ethics'. Who the shock?
A curious glance over through those yellow shades to see none other than Jemma Simmons, "So, should I be watching my back and waiting for Daleks to arrive? Doctor?" Yeah. He's been brushing up on more pop culture. He looks like he belongs, sort of, t-shirt with a Giraffe on it that says, 'Moo… I'm a goat.' A pair of khakis and some converse shoes.

"The ethics of the situation are always something we have to keep in mind." Jemma's conversation partner - a biochemist named Theodore Belichek - is saying. Yeah, that doesn't seem to be the same Alchemax that Miguel knew.

The speakers have largely been Alchemax employees and a number of recognized experts in the field, some from as far away as Europe. It hasn't really been the kind of scene where the higher up business types have been hanging around for the most part. Nerds only, you know.

Well, until a couple of minutes ago when the doors open and Liz Allan walks in next to Tiberious Stone. "So nice to see the symposium full."

"It'd be nicer if you'd let us charge a bit more for those-"

"Tiberious." Liz gives the man a mild but rather flat look and sighs. "Go mingle, Ti. And try to behave."

"Ah but not everyone does, do they now?" Jemma counters "Sometimes it's all to easy to get caught up in the science of it all and … forget to consider the ramifica—-" She cuts off, looking at Miguel with a bemused look "No, no Daleks, today. In fact, apart from the fascinating topics presented, it's been rather mundane." That might garner a few strange looks from those around her. "How are you, Mr O'Mara?"

"Oh look, there's Ms Allan and Mister Stone…"

"All of the best and most ground breaking science is at the leading edge of moral hazards. Especially right now… " Right now being the early 21st century. Just look at the messes theyre currently dealing with in regards to embryonic stem cells and cloning. Mike doesn't try to elaborate, his memory is foggy and facts in his Tron-Neuromancer-to-Bladerunner mutation of a future are intentionally lost, misconstrued or vague. The corporate mongers and 'Shadow Council' did a good job in burying much of these years.
He isn't about to cheat and boot Lyla back up. She is currently in time out.
"I am or was absolutely fantastic at least I was about to be… " Oh look! It is Grandpa 'Ty' Stone and his other boss. A flash of a smile is directed towards them and Mike steps nearer to Jemma. "Just to warn you now. You'll probably end up being my cop out when they start to annoy or bore me."

'Mike' may not need much of a reason to leave. Jemma has been hanging around a certain temporal anomaly entirely too much and it's definitely affecting her. She's got… issues. Time issues. Lyla may already be able to sense them.

"Doctor Simmons, so nice to meet you." That's Liz Allan. How she knows of Jemma is a good question but it seems that she does. Then again it seems like she knows the names of a lot of the people here. "I'm Elizabeth Allan." Fortunately she doesn't have to introduce Stone yet who is talking to someone else. Hey may find his way over… shortly.

"And Mister O'Mara. Glad to see you taking the time for some professional development. Have you been finding the conference interesting? I'd think that the subject matter would be right up your alley."

Outside someone is fiddling with something near the trash cans. Nothing to see here. Just some guy looking at the trash. It's New York. It happens.

Jemma is just vaguely aware that she's got time issues. She's just not sure what and she's certainly not aware how serious they may become. At least no one has commented on seeing her 'just leave' as she's entered a room for a few days.

"Oh really, Mister O'Mara? I'm not sure how to take that comment." she murmurs to the man in response to being his 'bug out' reason, just as Liz Allan approaches. "Ms Allan, of course. The pleasures all mine." Of 'FitzSimmons', Jemma was the 'personable' one - the one that handled the 'social' interaction and at least it's set her in good stead for this type of thing. If she's surprised that Allan knows who she is, she doesn't show it - but then the science community isn't all that large is it?

"The range of topics discussed have been rather enthralling."

"Oh, right, how pupiparia reproduce by adenotrophic viviparity is just super fantastic. I hate bug nerds." The sarcasm in Miguel's voice is dripping apparently whoever was talking to him before Jemma was big in to insects. He doesn't mean to sound so sardonic when he speaks it just happens so effortlessly.
"Yes, Liz, I'm just going to call you Liz, boss. I am having a blast, I love my social outings becoming nothing but work related gibberish." A smile is flashed. Liz knew his attitude when she hired him last month and it's been no doubt splendid to have him on board. At least they cannot deny he knows his stuff. He's leagues ahead of most of his colleagues when it comes to actual hands on application.

The time disturbance that seems to plague Jemma is unfortunately going without notice for Miguel, though, he is more than aware of what sort of 'anchor' for danger of the chronal frequency she seems to be more often than not.

Liz laughs. She did indeed discover Mikes… rather unique attitude. Scientists are kind of like artists. The good ones have their own ways of doing things.

Outside something that looks like a high tech cookie box lights up as the 'homeless' guy standing over it fiddles with it in the confines of the bin. It's throwing off chroniton radiation. The device is designed to 'stabilize' an area of space-time, freezing out things that don't belong there. The process on living temporally charged tissue is quite painful. Fortunately this one is running at low power. This is, after all, a test run. Wouldn't do to cause a space-time paradox, after all.

"Well if you enjoy this, Mister O'Mara we have another symposium coming up closer to Christmas. We could make a company party of it. Invite SHIELD along even." SHIELD is great at parties, oh yes.

Jemma just sort of stares at Mike as he talks to Liz. She wouldn't dare talk like that to May when May was her senior agent and definitely wouldn't speak like that to Fury. Hey Nick, yeah, I'm going to call you Nick… that would get her booted, probably physically from The Triskelian. Just … no.

"I've been looking at your Christmas symposium, Ms Allan…" the biochem starts, not quite sure how to deal with Mikes sarcasm, rubbing her arms and shifting uncomfortably as the effects of the radiation causing her skin to prickle and burn. "Oh my…" she murmurs, momentarily speechless.

Of course, she's supposed to belong here … so it shouldn't freeze her out, right?

Mike O'Mara doesn't have the filters that most people do, his ego just doesn't allow it. It would take a Thanatos level grade A badass to put him in his place attitude-wise or quite possibly several of his ex-girlfriends. That is always an option.
A smile is gifted to Liz, "So Jemmaaa… "Yes, the name ended up drawn out with an Ahh as the temporal stabilizer is powered up. O'Mara's mouth snaps shut and he looks like hes about to vomit, "If you'll excuse me. I think it was one of those crab melts… " That or he can't handle his liquor.

Stumbling away from Liz and Jemma the Spidey-in-disguise shoves past several other party goers in a mad dash towards the men's rest room. Agony. Sheer and intolerable agony is afflicting him right now, enough so his vision is going crossed and blurry.
Once inside the restroom he does like any person does, gazes in to the mirror then vanishes immediately in to the stall.

It's not that Tony Stark isn't interested in the symposium, even if it DOES involve hours of listening to other people talk and then drink more than they normally drink, it's that his plate is sort of eating competition full just this minute, trying to prevent terrorist attacks from …. THE FUTURE. While the adaptive intelligence Stark means to use to conduct a shock and awe campaign against TRINE is still in its infancy, tracking TRINE's activities is only becoming easier; sadly, a large chunk of this new ability comes from data cross-referenced from largely successful campaign of nearly random attacks.

Stark is represented at the symposium by notable figures in his company, ostensibly hyping (and quietly hocking) small aerial drones with several surgically-precise retractable arms granted incredible agility by four small, gyroscopic repulsors. The advantages, as the presenters had told those gathered, were self-evident in everything from infectious disease treatment to bioweapon dispersal and containment.

Aside from being frankly adorable and entertaining, the little drones did a good job recording presentations and taking readings on the gathering, which had been flagged a possible target by the TRINEtrackers. The chroniton radiation is detected as soon as it begins; an alert is immediately sent out to Stark's network. Even this prepared, it would be all but a lost cause if Iron Man weren't already in New York City airspace— and immediately banks to head for the Hilton.

"Jarvis, I need that bird in position yesterday." The satellite thrusting far too slowly to optimal operating position far over Battery Park. "Compile data from all the active readings on that chroniton pulse— we're going to need precise figures."

"It's already underway, Sir. All launchers armed." They did, after all, already talk about this scenario; JARVIS is very patient with Tony. Possibly largely because he's programmed to be.

That pulse in Chronitons is… rather the opposite of the weapon used to attack Stark Tower, Tony and Pepper. Rather than erasing targets from time this strengths the timestream to an almost absurd degree. Or well, it could. The Chroniton surge is low strength as such things go though it's also most certainly artificial.

What Tony shortly sees as he banks around is a 'homeless' guy leaving the alley which seems to be the source of the surge.

"Sir I have accessed the guest list for the Symposium. Doctor Jemma Simmons is present, as are Miss Elizabeth Allan and Mister Tiberious Stone." Ty Stone was a former Horizon executive and one of the only ones who was 'clean' enough to make it into the new company, Alchemax. Tony may know him or know of him from business news… if he doesn't know him from… other places and times.

Inside that prickling sensation on Jemma isn't going away. It's not agonizing to be sure but it's also most certainly not comfortable.

Watching Mike stagger away, Jemma shakes her head and quite literally squirms, gaining glances from several of the people gathered around her. "Uh… I might be having a reaction to the … " she looks at the sandwich on the plate "… the salmon." Now, here's the thing about Jemma - she lies really badly - and as far as lies go, that ones a doozy. Jemma happens to love salmon.

A faint beeping sound from her bag has her handing (almost shoving) her plate at her nearest companion as she tries to find the device that's making noise, finally coming out with something that looks a little like a tricorder.

She really misses Fitz's engineering mind. It shows.

"Uh … excuse me." she murmurs to Liz, trying not to squirm, and starts to follow the readings on the device. She's been working on her 'tachyon' detector, it seems.

"Well." Stark muses to himself and Jarvis, zeroing in on the chronoton emitter via the suit's neural interface and flagging it hot. "This worked in the lab." A cannister shell that's little more than a frequency modulator similar to the one found in the uni-beam and an amplified power source and emitter is launched from a forearm-mounted multi-barreled rifle, striking the dumpster with enough force to penetrate the metal as it pulses with an abrupt, oppositely-modulated burst intended to essentially cancel out the rather unique radiation being leaked into the area.

The device's low power is of little consolation to Tony; he's seen what this stuff does amped up.. Even now, his solution strikes him as too little, too late— but field testing needs little good excuse. The alleged hobo? Iron Man's likely more than slightly more agile than that guy, and Stark swoops down from on high to cut him off, hovering over the street.

"Hey. You. Stop." Iron Man's synthesized speakers offer with notable apathy— alongside a complete absence of any pause for compliance before launchers on his wrist seek to begin relentlessly tazing the runner.

The 'hobo' stops. Close up Tony can see that it's just the man's clothes that are dirty and tattered. His face is actually fairly clean. The man's clean shaven as well. Something's wrong.

"Got a problem here. Iron Man identified." He says to… someone as he literally tosses back his tattered overcoat revealing low profile exoskeleton that rapidly grows armored plating. By the time the hobo has lunged and thrown a punch at Tony he's fully armored, including gauntlets that look like they've got pneumatic, uh, force assists.

Jemma will get outside just in time to see that.

At least no one has questioned Jemma and her device as she makes her way through the room. The sensation of those chronitons hitting her is most uncomfortable and she's breaking out into a slight sweat. "Uh, sorry, excuse me …" she mutters as she bumps into someone because she wasn't looking where she was going.

Finally making it outside, she looks at Iron Man just and then the hobo. She recognises the exo-skeleton, or at least the look of it … but the armour is new. For the moment, she's stunned motionlessly before looking at her device again, picking up the chronitons trail again.

It's a pity she doesn't have a connection to JARVIS, this would be so much easier.

With Iron Man and Hobo tussleing it out, the disaster magnet scientist tries to skirt the trouble and locate the source of that signal.

That's… going to take more than a tazer, isn't it? This is what people that urge him to use less force don't understand; it's never JUST a hobo, is it? Tony is launched backwards by that pneumatic fist, several layers of ablative armor in one of the crumple zones that protects the squishy fellow within doing the jobs they were named for, whilst Stark hurtles down the alleyway and makes an Iron Man shaped impression in the building. At least, in an abstract sort of way.

It's substantially more crumbly than Tony's armor's intended operating parameters, for one thing, Particularly as the Invincible Iron Man pries himself loose and extends his left hand towards the well-equipped (for non-Starktech) operative, firing a gauntlet repulsor at near maximum intensity.

Launching the fellow violently away on a pinpoint beam of trainwreck intensity is just phase one: Phase two is taking careful aim with the aforementioned cannon on his right gauntlet, the cannister rifle this time unleashing a more conventional round— one with an armor piercing tip and a localized high explosive yield. The time taken lining it up? All dedicated to aiming for an exoskeletal joint. Knee, elbow, shoulder— Tony's easy to please!

The armored operative certainly is quite well equipped. A near full power repulsor blast would wreck a lesser opponent. Such is the potency of the Iron Man suit that many a foe won't even consider engaging on even remotely fair terms.

This man takes the blast in the chest and his armor holds.

Granted, he's still launched skyward as is Tony's plan. He's apparently not flight capable - which makes sense given that it appears to be 'concealable' armor. Iron Man can get shooting solution on the right shoulder quite easily as he tumbles.

Sir, I've run a materials analysis. The other suit is composed of some kind mesh that was 'grown' out of the exoskeleton at astonishing speeds. The lattice of the mesh resembles diamond, but is much less rigid. Other properties are unknown. Power source is unknown. Armaments are unknown.

That signal is in a trash can. Unfortunately for Jemma that trash can is down the alley that Tony is presently engaging in a mild fire fight in. One sided fire fight but a fire fight all the same. It's not a conern for Jemma for long though. Because she hears something shriek like an old World War II Bomb as someone with a sleek looking wingpack dives on her from above. In one hand there's something that looks not unlike the kinds of pole and wire arrangements use to catch dogs.

If Jemma could hear JARVIS' analysis she'd be itching get a sample of that material instead of just … itching. Instead, she's distracted by the memory of the burning sensation the device created, trying to avoid the debris from the firefight and assessing how the hell she's going to get past it and find the target of whatever is causing the radiation.

The cry from above has her turning, looking into the sun - May and Coulson will be so disappointed in her - blinding her momentarily as she tries to dive to the side … of course, she's not wearing her firearm - she was at a science symposium, and such things simply aren't done.

May might have something to say to that.

"Probably more nanoconstructors." That's Tony's guess, at least— and he's easily as stoked to get his hands on a 'sample' as Simmons is. The tone of his voice is like a kid on Christmas morning, despite the danger of the situation. A little bleep sounds alongside a visual cue on Stark's HUD. "Well look at that." Iron Man executes an aerial juke, spiraling a high velocity ascent as onboard computers inexorably keep a targeting laser squarely pinpointed on the reeling, groundbound exosuited soldier. High overhead, Tony's somewhat militarized— vigilantized(?) satellite comes into position, and deploys a rather sizable pod; then gravity does most of the heavy lifting.

The pod's thermal shielding bleeds off on re-entry, revealing aerodynamic rudders that aid repulsor thrust in positioning the massive falling cylinder juuuust so. A few moments from impact, the bottom of the shell opens up, and a hollowed out cell of heavy, heavy duty reinforced armor crash-lands to Earth, hopefully right on target around the assailant as that matching bulkhead of advanced alloys closes anew beneath the shattered street, completing the mobile prison. … it's built for something much, much nastier, to be honest.

Whether containment is successful or not, Stark is forced to turn his attention to the aerial interloper, blasting back out to maintain altitude over the would-be kidnapper, "I know you're going to tell me this is under control; but you might want to cut your losses." Comes the synthesized repartee, not at ALL simply to buy time to get in a better position.

The blast wards the wingsuit wearing man off. Did it just flap? Yes, yes it did just flap despite the fact that it's clearly made of some kind of metal. As Tony and Jemma watch the metal momentarily goes liquid, reshapes into something suitable for higher speeds and then the would be kidnapper boosts to supersonic. Very quickly. It's gone.

Tony's prison? That catches Tumbly McTumblson mid-air and slams into the ground. "Sir I am detecting a surge of Chroniton radiation inside the containment unit." Internal cameras switch on. The suit seems to just 'hollow out'. Seems like the operator recalled. He left his toys behind though.

Jemma cringes as the winged thing descends and cringes more as Iron-Man saves the day. Still the scientist in her is strong, very strong, and she watches the aerial display, eyebrows rising at the metal and the way it morphs.

Of course, she doesn't have the data that Tony's getting and she can only rely on her eyes. She's seen metal that sort of does that though, on Hawkman … when he was fighting the Daemonites. It makes her wonder …

"Thank you…" Jemma breathes as she straightens, waiting to see if Tony will join her. "Did JARVIS get any useful readings? I was reading some form of temporal energy and it made my skin itch …"

Tony's scanners track the wingsuit's sudden acceleration long enough to confirm he can't follow it— at least in his current configuration. Several other programs begin their work on a solution even as it happens, using both current and hypothetical booster and reactor combinations. "Damn." Stark's a little deflated with his present, by comparison. "Now I want -that- one, Jarvis."

"I'm tracking its outbound flight to maximum range possible with current satellite coverage and weather conditions, sir. I will extrapolate possible landing zones based on velocity, trajectory, and hypothetical power outlay and cross-reference them with highlighted areas in our other hunt." The needle in a haystack job of tracking TRINE through the 'net and an un-networked multitude of satellite installations of his own.

One of the adorable little repulsor drones whirrs over Simmons head and heads to retrieve the device used to unleash this chaos (or did Tony do that?), as Iron Man descends next to Simmons, and other drones and security personel try to calm and order the rather alarmed crowds. "Linking you in now, Doctor Agent." Stark confirms, using the suit's systems to do just that, courtesy of Jemma's mobile.

Stark also briefly extrapolates, "Chronoton discharge at a much different frequency from the weapons in the Tower attack." Which would be a 'thank god' moment if one doesn't ask themselves about modulating the device. "Anyone get hurt?" Besides the street. Several repulsor engine modules have arrived on the scene as if from the sky itself, affixing themselves to the pod via magnetic couples.

Simmons will take anything and everything she can and she won't be deflated. This is sort of her life. Piecing things together to find out how they work and then reverse engineering to see if they can replicate them.

As the repulsor drone retrieves the device, Jemma will readily accept it "Seems that this was the culprit for that." she says to the now landed Iron Man. "And it's Jemma, Tony. Or if you insist of being formal, Doctor Simmons…" good luck getting him to comply with that. "What of the man in the suit? Did you get him? That's the third suit I've seen like that, all similar but never the same. I've one of the others in my lab."

Simmons -may- have told him that before. But Tony's not the world's greatest listener. He's not exactly deflated to have a (largely) intact sample like that, and two is even better for the purposes of reverse-engineering the things— but that wingsuit model is just awesome. He has a thing about flight, you understand. "Technically, the man in the suit was the culprit for that. Or the malevolent AI giving him orders. Do we think these guys are all from the future?" Jarvis might have some relevant chronoton readings.

"From the look of things, they've got yet another chronoton device for teleporting. Or possibly just recalling to an anchor. If it pings off my network, I'll let you know." But Stark's not super optimistic on that note. It's hard to get a bead on an energy discharge like that, particularly when the anchor is probably at or near the heart of a well shielded facility. "Shall we get back to it?" Iron Man extends an arm, inviting Simmons to skip the red tape and let his people handle the statements. "I warn you, you'll never tolerate the TSA again." Not that SHIELD generally deals with such hassles.

"Or the people who sent the malevolent AI back is responsible for it all." Jemma points out, nodding at his observations "I think it's a recall function, to be honest. That would map with what I've seen previously. So yes, I think they're from the future. One of them came back with a phone branded 'Stark-Fujikawa'…"

"If I might get JARVIS's readings from the suit and the device, we might be able to detect anomaly's as they occur though… it would certainly round out my research, at any rate." Jemma smiles and takes Tony's arm, letting him guide her back to the conference "I'd love to."

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