Displaced, Returned

August 25, 2016:

Concerned about missing X-Men, Charles reaches out to Jean and Scott. The rest of the X-Men learn Apocalypse has returned.

X-Men HQ


NPCs: Charles Xavier (emits by Gambit)

Mentions: Gambit Beast X-Man

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Fade In…

X-Men being the heroes and philanthropists they are do not always simply save kittens from trees. At times it requires just going out and talking to families of mutants or suspected mutants. Jean and Scott yesterday were sent on one such task by a concerned Charles, a young man who could materialize his imaginary friends was in dire need of help. It was driving distance, enough so they had to stay in a hotel.

It is upon returning to Xavier's institute that the ordinary every day suddenly feels out of place. Jean's Grey's psychic powers perhaps sensing and easy enough Scott Summer's connection to her allows him that same feel of tense.

"Jean, Scott, you are needed." The Professor's mental presence is not hard for Jean to locate. He is in the 'X-Men Bunker/Hangar or HQ' located on the other side of the school grounds. Kept away for the safety of the children, established there after the assault by HYDRA two years ago. A mile makes a surprising distance when comfort is at question, even if it is an illusion and a man like Charles understands this.

It was likely sometime while asleep that Jean may have even felt an alarming precognition. It could have been anything, small or large, a feel of loss coupled with dread. Fire on the world and the death of loved ones. It was passing but during its time it was an acute sensation. Something has been transpiring and it is beginning to make its move. Psychics and precogs around the globe felt or have been feeling similar late. Last night it simply intensified.

Scott Summers can't sense any of that unease, of course. He'd dealt with the parents while Jean had focused on the boy. While Jean had taught the lad some of the elementary elements of control, Scott had made sure the home situation was stable and safe. Sometimes, they had to deal with hostile parents or parents who blamed their children. This couple was simply afraid, for themselves yes, but mostly for their son. When they left, Scott gave them his card and assured them they could call anytime.

Being summoned by the Professor is nothing new or even deeply alarming. Scott isn't sure he could even become alarmed anymore - he lived in a state of constant readiness, a bowstring pulled taut in the face of the world. He arrives in costume, since they might be about to sent on a mission for all he knows, the X-shaped visor glowing softly as he steps out of the elevator with Jean.

"Professor. What's the situation?"

Some nights were bad. But this one was just worse. One of the sad facts about that particular night was that she didn't wake up in a cold sweat like she usually would. There was no screaming, no mumbling, but a dead sleep that left her captured and enraptured even giving off the presence of moving limb and sounds that cause her throat to be harsh. And then nothing. Nothing but blank, stark emptiness. One that was unnerving. One that didn't sit to well that had her immediately lurching out of bed to lose her dinner in the process.. but that was her night.

And as she stepped off of the elevator with Scott, it was written all over her face. Thankfully, she was wise enough to partially wear her costume and hold a twenty ounce mug of coffee, straight black, with coffee grounds to chew on after. At least the call didn't give her a dire headache, but once the situation room was reached, her half assed attempt at pulling her suit over her shoulders and leaving it unzipped around the waist was stared at, then a shake of her head given. Least this time, she wore a tank top.

And.. since the question was already asked? She parks it, right across from the Professor. If they needed to take off, she wasn't going to delay with pleasantries.

"I fear as you may both already have predicted we have a situation." Behind Charles a monitor screen is pulled up, words are stringing across it. CELESTIAL. CELESTIAL. CELESTIAL. Originally these were in Shi'ar, someone deciphered them. From another monitor they can see the Blackbird hangar is also empty.

"We also received a distress signal asking for backup, I had limited contact with Nate Grey but I could not understand him, his mind was too clouded with rage. More rage than I have ever sensed from the young man." Which, their alternate progeny caries much of it. "It is obvious what we yet may face again, I had assumed we were done with this particular menace." Warren Worthington's plight was their first and last encounter with Apocalypse. The X-Men of the time had defeated him, forced him in to retreating to his rejuvenation chambers. A threat they had put down or thought they put down. "I hope I am wrong."

Scott Summers purses his lips, "In my experience, Professor, you're rarely wrong," he says. "Nate is…impulsive. And very young, younger even than he appears. I'll admit fault in not being the mentor I should be in that regard, things have been…distracting of late," he says. Getting lost for weeks in a prehistoric jungle will do that.

"We'll deal with it. We always do," he says. Simple enough. No need to wring your hands about it - the job is the job.

The coffee was sipped, no. It was nearly swallowed down to half it's contents before she finally relinquishes the cup. Her eyes slowly lit upon the screen, reading the signal, then back up towards Scott and down again with her fingers tugging through her hair to straighten it briefly. Still, there was a medium of silence, the mentioning of Nate and his rage wasn't entirely too surprising. From what she knows, there was bad blood still lingering..

"Do you know who all was apart of this distress signal?" She asks quietly, clearing her throat. "Who has all returned from this mission and was it sanctioned?"
"No, Scott but I wish was wrong more often." There is an odd moment of pain in the Professor's eyes and he lightly nods, "He is indeed and you cannot blame yourself, he is hardly still a boy. You can only do what you are capable given the circumstances. Nate is a work in progress, as we are all aware."
A turn of his chair and Charles depresses a key on the computer turning the alert off, panning through footage of Remy nosing around Scott's bike parts and portion of the garage on to the Thief and the Blue Scientist leaving in the Blackbird.
"Only the three. As a recon, yes, of course it was sanctioned, Beast is a stand in when you two are not present and though Gambit is, well, Gambit, I trust them. As anything more than simple intelligence gathering? No. It is unlike Hank to place themselves in a situation such as this. We have no knowledge of what happened, nothing, I cannot sense any of them it as if they… have disappeared or worse, died." Charles swallows, the tea near him being lifted only to discover it is empty. That is the third time he has lifted the same cup to his lips and found it empty. Clearly the man is distressed.

Scott Summers considers, "Then we go and find them," he says. "I assume they had X-coms with them? Nothing on their GPS? If not, we'll just have to go from last known and play bloodhound. If Logan's available, he might be useful, provided we can keep him on a leash," he says with a wry smirk.

Scott immediately goes to a nearby computer bank and starts to check supplies and conditions to get them where they need to go, as well as run through potentially available X-men.

"Yes.. Nate is a work in progress but we've known him for long. If he were to become highly aggressive, then yes.. something must be seriously wrong." Though, there was a time or two when he snapped at her. She hadn't forgotten, it just wasn't important anymore. As she turns in her chair to watch the footage, her jaw clenches slightly, her head bobbing slightly towards the screen itself.

Hearing that they may have been dead, Jean gives a slight shake of her head, drawing from her seat to wrap the arms of her suit around her waist. The tea cup was taken from it's place, set away from his grasp. There was already a mental nudge to one of the nurses on the floor to return with boiled water and the necessities to prepare the tea as he would like it.

Once Scott jumps into action, it was clear as day where she would be. It was as to not to say that she would not touch it, her route would go a lot deeper. "I will check with my contacts to see if they can be located as well, and at least to try to get a beat on the current mindset of Nathaniel before his departure." Boldly go.. rather. "Scott, you will take lead on this mission. I do suggest taking at least one or two members of the X-Red with you, for comradeship's sake."
From afar, Jean Grey is backing out of the actual search just in case you want Scott caught.

True soldiers, no heroes, Charles pride in them swells at times like this and he can feel hope growing where he wasn't able to see it, at times he worries he may be too attached.
Then it occurs, a ping, a spike, the Blackbird. It has powered on and de-cloaked itself from radar.
"Jean! Scott… Perhaps that will not be necessary." Xavier turns to the monitor and the systems display it's location, Sakhalin Islands, Calvin Rankin was assigned there briefly to discover the source of a dimensional anomaly. Immediately Charles closes his eyes and steeples fingers to his temples. "My X-Men… what is happening!?" Jean is aware he is now seeking their lost teammates.

Scott Summers continues to do what he was doing, simply because, even if the mission didn't require them to go out, he liked to stay in practice. He goes through his routine, "If they need help, tell them we'll be on our way shortly," he says.

He looks over at Jean and nods at her commands, "Not a problem, provided they can get off their well-funded heinies and get their asses in gear on time."

The ping happens right when the woman enters with a new tray of tea. She immediately puts it down, the hurries out as Jean pushes around her to lean against the console to look towards the monitor. Her hand reaches out to point, finger-nail tapping against where the beacon transmits, her eyes lifting towards Scott and then towards Charles as she gives off a deep frown.

"Charles.." She starts, wanting to offer him a shoulder. He seemed almost frantic, yet they were calm. It was.. odd, in a sense. Perhaps their time in the Savage Land gave Jean a lackadaisical reaction to all things urgent. She moves towards his side, kneeling against the side of the wheelchair, hands gripped upon the armrest as she closes her eyes to listen to his thoughts. She wasn't amplifying, she was just.. there. Support.

"Scott.. send word. Gather who you can."

Letting one hand leave his temple to place atop of Jean's Professor X actually uses some of her strength to bolster his seeking, Nate opens up to them, insolent and irritated feeling yet welcomes them to meld with his mind and scan his memories. "Just read my memories." Nate's clipped and frustrated response to their inquiry. Charles doesn't. He drops the connection, perhaps he doesn't wish to see what transpired or he simply doesn't want to tax Phoenix for things that will require strength are to come. He is drained and won't weaken the others, it has been almost two days of him seeking the lost X-Men through telepathic scan. She, like Charles can feel Remy, Nate and a third, a third htat is not Beast. Beast cannot be found.
"They are returning…"

X-Comms chrip to life, a sullen voiced Remy speaks, "Dis Remy, we're on our way home. I fill you in when we get there… "

Charles isn't the only one to get Nate's second telepathic transmission, "Get all the X-Men to the bunker. We will be there in a couple hours" Jean as well hears that. There is a serious lack of synergy between Nate and Remy. It is palpable.

Charles sighs though relief is there he looks defeated, Hank is one of his closest of the X-Men family. A warm squeeze is given to Jean's hand and the Professor makes his way towards the door, "I need to rest. I leave this in your hands, my children."

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