Out of Sync

August 25, 2016:

Following Beast's capture Blaquesmith temporal phases Nate and Remy. Tempers flare.


NPCs: Blaquesmith, Charles Xavier


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Fade In…

Sahkalin Islands, Russia
Site of the Black Valley rift


Nate had just struck Apocalypse in the chest with an earth shattering TK blast and the armies of War had began to muster again while Beast was being battered before his teammate.

Gambit was fleeing to warn the rest of the X-Men.

Now the two mutants find themselves in the mid action, as if they'd been paused in time and released. This is still the blasted and ruined landscape of the Sahkalin isle they had fought against the soldiers of Armageddon but it is not the same time.

There are no fights happening only them and another short figure standing before the Black Valley encampment. An encampment surrounded by a large globe of green crackling energy. A solidified barrier without any visibility in to it. Mikhail Rasputin aka War, his signature radiates from this defensive orb. It surrounds the site they had earlier fought in, the site they had witnessed the portals and teleportation coming from.

"This is not according to plan. None of this is. Time is far out of sync." The short figure near them speaks, large bulby eyes, brownish-yellow skin, very inhuman looking but they are used to such things, they all bare the X-Gene. This man, Nate may remember is Blaquesmith. An ally of sorts. “If you feel sickly it'll pass. Temporal phasing does that…”

"Where? What… it nighttime? We was just about to die… where is Beast? Where is Apocalypse?"

"It is nighttime yes. This is as far forward as I could take us without disrupting your timestream. It is a mess already without me toying with things further."

Nate was caught just after generating the strongest psychokinetic attack he has created in years, which means he staggers back and recoils due to backlash, hissing a curse. It takes him a few seconds to become aware, and a few more to try to find Apocalypse.

"What the hell…" he finds Blaquesmith, "just happened. Wait, we jumped several hours ahead on time? Or backwards?" He checks to see if the Blackbird is still there, but… he can't see in the dark. "Who are you?" He squints at the small mutant, who is vaguely familiar, but he meet a lot of people during his travels, and memories get blurry sometimes when traveling up and down the Spiral of Worlds.

The Blackbird wouldn't be invisible range even if Nate's eyes could pierce the darkness. Is flight in may have made the distance confusing.

"You don't remember me? Probably best that way. It is unlikely I am the same anyways. Your energy signatures are bizarre. You're either not from this world or newly born. You don't possess the same readings as a native of this dimension." A look towards Remy, a device is lifted.

"He on the otherhand is likely a 20 some odd mutant-human from the 20th century of Earth-626. Good. These things at least synchronize properly."

"Oh yes, I am Blaquesmith. Obviously I travel time and am one of the most important people you'll ever meet in your lives. Your world, our world, this reality is on the verge of great change, Apocalypse is no longer slumbering and his machine is in motion. I had to stop you. So, here we are, a day later. Your friend was beyond your abilities to help and you were both about to die. You should thank me."

"That means Beast is dead?" Remy's features contort and he visibly pales.
"Possible. I do not know his signature readily enough to try and trace it and it is impossible to find Apocalypse when he doesn't wish to be."

Nate doesn't immediately respond, as he is trying to find McCoy, using his telepathy. Apocalypse might be able to hide (and the truth is Nate has never been able to get a good look into his mind) but he knows Hank well enough.

Failing to do so, he looks back to Blaquesmith. "Yeah, probably met an alternate you somewhere, somewhen. Regardless, I have fought Apocalypse before, and I am one of the few mutants out there than can take him." Which might be true as Nate is an omega mutant, but seems unlikely after Mikhail knocked him out. He was hardly at his best.

"I know all too well the kind of threat he is," he adds. "If you wanted to help maybe you should have grabbed Thor or Superman and brought them here."

There is no finding Beast right now. Not even someone of Nate's caliber can find Doctor McCoy.
"You and countless others. If you alone were the answer to Apocalypse I assure you, we would have already bested him." Blaquesmith smiles, "No, I don't know. He may still be alive but if so, Apocalypse is a gene splicer, you may not want your friend to still be alive."

Remy exhales, his mouth opens then closes tightly as he hurls a playing card at Nate. A charged one. It is full of his own anger. "You pompous egotistical ass! Dis on you!" The Cajun hurls the remains of his torn jacket to the ground. "We told you but you not wanna listen, you just do your own ting… " Rabid, that could be a way to describe Gambit right now. His friend for all he knows is dead and the one person he can direct his rage at stands right in front of him.

"Hey! No no. Lets not do this dance." Blaquesmith quips and hops back, away from any biokinetic explosives or TK bursts. "We are allies. This is but a setback." He hopes. Beast is important beyond just the X-Men.

"Countless others?" Nate looks at Blaquesmith in mild disbelief. "Great, make me a list and…" and he can't say anything else because Gambit hits him with an explosive card and knocks him down. Fortunately he has tome to raise a shield if Gambit throws at him the rest of the deck.

"What? You… You were going to let them murder all the prisoners even before Apocalypse arrived!" Replies Nate. And they have been spotted before he got there, anyway. "You don't deserve to be an X-Men if you are only thinking in saving your own worthless hide!" He stands up and steps forward, snarling. But Blaquesmith words make him hesitate. Mostly because Apocalypse should be his priority.

"Nothing we could do to save dem. NOTHING. We die right along wit dem and no one know de difference but dis, his fate, Hank's fate! Dat be on you, X-Man." An entire hand was fanned out, Gambit's face a contorted mask of rage and he looks very ready to unleash everything he is capable of on his fellow mutant.

"Calm down, Remy LeBeau. We are still before the enemies eyes… " Blaquesmith motions towards War's energy barrier. "This is the sort of thing Apocalypse desires."

Remy's lips curl back and his teeth display but that fan of cards doesn't connect with Nate's TK shield it instead is cast off towards the landscape in a crackling explosive display.
"We done here. Got to get back to Charles and find out a way to get Beast back and stop these monsters." The Ragin' Cajun is stomping off towards the direction of the Blackbird. Not that he exactly knows how to fly it.

Blacquesmith whistles low, "I do hope your team is prepared for this… " Skeptical. Very. He really hopes the X-Men have more to offer. "X-Men are the top of the list, Nate. Especially you… it is sort of destined but others, well, they are unaccounted variables that could mess things up worse or quite simply fix it. I like to be sure… so you see… I am dealing with you lot. Especially your family." Blaquesmith is very tied to the Summers-Grey lineage.

Nate believes he could have saved them. He can handle a bunch of armed aliens and a few super-powered mutants by himself. You should have tried!" Gambit and Beast should have at least tried too, that is what heroes do. X-Men.

He breathes deeply a few times, then looks back at Blaquesmith, trying to remember. "You mean Cable? I have not seen him in a year or two. But Xavier might know how to find him. Or Jean."

"Tais-toi, Nate, just shut it. You wanna do this, we do this when we done an' someplace else. Someone gotta survive to tell rest o' the X-Men what happening." Maybe Nate is right, they could have tried. Both Beast and Gambit found the odds far too stacked and he won't let himself second guess their decision sometimes the tough calls have to be made.
The Blackbird as they get nearer decloaks by command of remote and begins to power on. Hopefully autopilot will take them all the way home.

Within minutes of the Blackbird powering on Xavier's voice can be heard by Nate in his mind, ""My X-Men… what is happening!?"

"Cable, yes and no. He is not an option. We lost him, he is uhm unfindable, hidden and lost… " Blaquesmith is disturbed by this but there not much else he can do or say there, following Gambit he observes the Blackbird appear, "Oh, Shi'ar tech is wonderful. It is so smooth in design and mechanics, I am a fan…"

Nate instead turns towards the energy barrier. Mikhail is still there. But he is injured, his vision is blurry and his headache is not just due to using his powers, he got hit pretty hard. He usually ignores his injuries, but sometimes his injuries refuse to be ignored.

"What is going on there?" He asks Blaquesmith, since he seems to know things.

Then Xavier calls, and he snorts in frustration. He had tried to contact with him a couple times already. « Just read my memories » he offers, opening to a mind-meld thing.

"What is going on there?" He asks Blaquesmith, since he seems to know things.

Then Xavier calls, and he snorts in frustration. He had tried to contact with him a couple times already. « Just read my memories » he offers, opening to a mind-meld thing.
Charles has been attempting to contact Beast, Gambit and X-Man for almost a day. He is taxed. They were outside of time for a length enough they have likely been assumed dead. Relief is all Nate can feel from Charles but also pain as Beast is not sensed. There is no memory meld, no mind sync, just an exit from the Age of Apocalypse born mutant's connection. Xavier will await them in person.

"You know, I always wanted to fly this. Can I try?" Blaquesmith asks. Nate's question is ignore for now. Info dump will happen very soon.

"No." The only word a very grumpy Cajun responds with and then, they are off.

"Dis Remy, we're on our way home. I fill you in when we get there… " This is the message sent over the X-Comms as soon as they are lifting off.
Much trust is placed in the autopilot systems to return them home.

Nate can pilot the Blackbird. Mostly. He does in DR sims. The autopilot is probably safer. Xavier cutting him off does nothing to improve his rather dark mood, though. « Get all the X-Men to the bunker. We will be there in a couple hours » he manages to send back. At least the Blackbird has some medical supplies, he needs some patching up.

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