Raiding A Comms Hub (backdated Earth-81 Scene)

August 24, 2016:

Earth-81: Two and a Half Years Ago - With Blue Outposts being hit by The Overlords using current security codes, Rowan and Ulani take their squads on a Surface raid.


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Fade In…

Earth-81. Approximately two and a half years ago.

Something is stirring under the waves, Blue Outposts are being attacked by Surfacer Psyborgs. The last outpost, they'd just managed to save, but faced a number of Psyborgs in the attempt.

Psyborgs that had been using a fairly recent security code. Blue Security had been compromised somehow. They just didn't know how.

Plans were been made to get a list of the Overlords operatives and informants, so The Blue can purge in fell swoop and lock down their security once and for all.

To do this, they needed to hit a data exchange, which is located in a city centre and heavily guarded. A risky plan, but worth the risk.

The small group of Blue, Ulani's Six and Rowan's strike team, as well as four of Atlantis' Trident are gathered in the waters near the target. Rowan had told Ulani to get the Trident and she had. The stakes for this operation was too high.

"We are here, Blue Warrior. You have command for this operation." Ulani might be an Elite and command her squad, but they're front line soldiers and not used to this type of operation. Rowan and his strike squad, they're the ones used to the Surface and working behind the enemy lines.

Rowan isn't anywhere near the place. He has a mixed squad of surfacers and Blue commandos. They're veterans of this kind of warfare and used to combating the enemy against long odds.

Stay where you are. We're going to disable the main power transfer station. Once we do you'll have ten minutes before the backups kick on. We need to be in, get what we need and out in that time. Meet you a block down from the exchange. Don't be late.

Three… two… one…

BOOM! The explosion rocks the city and can be seen clearly from where Ulani is.

As the explosion goes off, the citizens start to panic - as much as a population that is controlled by a hive mind can, that is. The surprise of the attack gives the Blue an edge here - with population growing alarmed like that, The Overlord has to extend themselves and their network to calm them again. It won't take them long to do that, but in this operation, every fraction of a second counts.

"It's a date." Ulani, her squad and The Trident move as soon as the explosion is seen and felt. Up out of the water, they move through the city, towards the exchange, no weapons in sight - not right now. It should only take them a minute or so to make the exchange and get the doors open … The Blue can move quick at least.

"We're in…" Ulani reports "No contact as yet." how long that lasts, she doesn't know. "Heading to the communications room now." The building is not a labyrinth that's something at least, laid out on a grid, they just have to make their way through and get access to the main data bank.

From Rowans perspective, the attack on the transfer station has attracted more immediate attention. A squad of six Psiborgs, appear fairly promptly - combat models, armed and dangerous.

Citizens. Stand down or face Level 1 suppression.

Cities by the water always have very tight security along the waterfront, complete with heavy fortifications. That's why the Blue and their Homo Magi and Naturalist allies often launch their attacks from the land. Rowan transforms without a second thought into a metallic, raptor like form and hurls his spear hard enough to go through one of the psyborgs and into another. "Put them down!"

Rowan's squad swings into action. The two Blue open up with heavy support weaponry mounted to their coral like, form fitting armor. The mage among them begins broadcasting fear and terror, making the local Overlord's job much more difficult while two shape shifters go into combat forms - one feline the other ursine - and go toe to toe with the remaining psyborgs. A mixed bag indeed, but an effective one.

The Overlords job is certainly made more difficult by the mages interference. That fraction of a second advantage they had has extended as the citizens take more attention than they should.

The Psiborgs respond in kind to the attacks, bringing flaming plasma swords down on the shape shifters and transmitting immense psychic pressure. It doesn't seem that they release what they're about to unleash with that one little ploy.

Over in the data hub, Ulani's squad makes the comms room and Tre starts to access the computer, ready to download the data. It's going to take him a moment to do so and the rest of the squad fans out … just as six Psiborgs enter after them.

"Don't let them go." Ulani pulls her weapon, a sleek coral contraption and opens fire with twin beams of energy before they can speak. The others follow suit, as the Psiborgs descend, plasma swords blazing as they swing at Rescha, knocking her flying.

Rowan doesn't bother recovering his spear quite yet. An energy blade ignites in his hand and a shield off his other arm. He doesn't fence either. He simply hacks his way through the next overlord soldier to appear in front of him and moves to help his teammates. It won't take long but it needs to be quick all the same. If they stay too long they'll be overwhelmed. This is enemy territory after all.

Once they've made a clean break the squad sprints for the data exchange. If he's not wrong, Ulani may need some help.

Rowans squad is effective and the Psiborgs are soon all put to the ground. But he's right, more will be there and soon. With the last Psiborg down, they've a clear run to the exchange. When they near the data room, there's another group of Psiborgs starting to enter behind the first. Ulani's six and four Trident are facing off again twelve.

It might be time to even the odds.

Add to that, The Overlord is starting to regain control of the population, soon they'll have to deal with that unless the mage can do more.

Rowan's mage can't, but his Blue can. As they enter the data exchange the two Blue peel off and attach a Latverian device to one of the security consoles. In seconds its hacking away, forcing the Overlord to sequester its citizens or risk having them 'liberated', their implants permanently burned out.

Rowan and the rest of the team goes on while the Blue secure the doorway out near their device. The metallic dragon slams into the mass of psyborgs from behind and raises his right hand. A particle beam forms in front of it, scything into the enemy shock troops and slaging their armor. "Make it quick." He snaps, both to his group and Ulani's.

Rowans Blues' device successfully diverts The Overlord, he/she/it might even be scrambling to get the citizens 'away' from the code and trying to neutralise it. So far, the two Blue are on their own, guarding the door against nothing.

Rowans particle beam takes out the back four, the two shape shifters take out another two. That leaves six up and standing … and the psychic pressure amps up, trying to force the group to its will.

"Nearly got it." Tre answers, gritting his teeth against the onslaught "… got it." he grabs the device from the console and turns to drag Rescha to her feet.

"Let's go." Ulani snaps back, firing her weapon over and over before dropping a shoulder and physically throwing one of the robots back to the oncoming dragon.

A path slowly clears for the group. A path that may be littered with Psiborg parts.

Rowan's mage knows a trick that the psyborgs don't like one bit. He utters a single word and sends a spike of pain through the psychic network. It's hard to tell people to lay down their weapons when you have the migrane to end all migranes.

Rowan himself just hurls the next person to get in his path out of it and rips the door out of its housing. There. They won't be locking them down any time soon.

"You first. Right behind you."

That's a nice trick the mage has there and the Psiborgs all stutter and stop. Even if they're only stopped for a fraction of a second, it's long enough for Ulani's Six and The Tide to mow down those in front of them and head out the door, towards Rowans Blues. "You better be, Blue Warrior." The Blue Female answers as she kicks the next Psiborg aside.

They can hear more reinforcements coming, the sound of their steel feet on the ground momentarily halted as they deal with that psychic pain.

It's time to get the hell out of dodge. They've a data stick to analyse and some security protocols to lock down.

Rowan checks his chrono. "Eight minutes." That's how long they've been here. Two more minnutes to extract. It's a narrow window but it's doable. After ten minutes the power will kick back on, the defenses will power up and getting out will become near impossible. "Head for the desert." Not the bay. Defenses on the waterside are too tight to risk it.

The Atlantean Tide are likely to have some trouble with the desert, but it's where they're going to head, they've got an escape route from there.

"Get the device and lets go." Ulani snaps at Rowans Blues, as she falls to the side and lets the others flow on by. They'll 'leap frog' the extraction, two covering the front, two covering the back, watching for threats as they come.

The next group of Psiborgs round the corner of the complex, opening fire on the fleeing group with viscious energy weapons that shred through Ulani's armour catching her right shoulder. Leaving her only able to shoot with the left one. "Go…" she grits out.

The exit's not far and the group makes it, heading off towards the desert.

"Ulani, Storm Surge" Tre's voice comes over the comms "That data indicates more than just who they have in their network. They're building something in one of the underwater canyons not far from Atlantis."

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