The Red Horseman; War

August 23, 2016:

A mysterious signal leads the X-Men (Beast, Gambit and X-Man) to the Sakhalin Islands once again. Mikhail Rasputin has returned and is revealed to be the Horseman of War tasked with gathering an army from the Voidrealm for Apocalypse.

Sahkalin Islands, Black Valley, Russia


NPCs: Savior, Dark Riders (Lifeforce, Hurricane, Spyne), Warriors of the Void

Mentions: Cyclops, Wolverine, Magik, Colossus, Lilandra

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Westchester County, a Hidden Location on Charles Xavier's estates, the X-Bunker;

Alien technology is a little known and closely guarded secret of the X-Men. A secret none but Charles original and most trusted are privy to, Beast, Jean and Scott. The extent of those who have any knowledge what so ever of the Professor's station as a consort to the Lux Gloriana of the Shi'ar, Lilandra Neramani.

Advanced sciences and tech are aid in the world's most powerful mutant detector Cerebro as well as numerous other resources the X-Men employ. The one in charge of overseeing these are maintained, guarded and up-kept, Beast himself.

It is a rare thing when the Shi'ar aspect of the X-Men's computer wombs begin to override English with it's own language, there is no manual to correct such things but over and over one string of Shi'ar pattern continues to be projected followed by numbers. The translation from Shi'ar to English isn't quick but soon the word CELESTIAL is blaring repeatedly, the additional deciphering reveals longitude and latitude.

The North Pacific Ocean, Sakhalin Island. A location over a year ago former X-Men Calvin "Mimic" Rankin documented as a location rife with dimensional anomaly.

"What is dat horrible alarm?" Gambit shouts in to the intercoms. "Out here mind'n my own business and dis thing goes nuts what you messin' wit up there, ami? Cause I not be touchin' nothing down here." Yet. The Cajun's idea of minding his own business was snooping around the hangar, fishing through the motorpool area where Logan and Scott's motorcycles are usually being repaired or stored when not above ground at the other garage, the more public ones.
Beast actually had all summer to get ready for the upcoming school year so it's almost a welcome relief to have something else to do. It's especially welcome with that 'something else' is a bit of a challenge, as working with the Shi'ar technology always is. He initially began his relationship with it when he had to fix the Danger Room and his curiosity was welcomed to the point that he was given more access. It's why he was able to get the information deciphered rather quickly.

"What are you doing here, Remy? Don't touch -anything-…" it seems to be a standard greeting whenever the Cajun is about. "Leave the cars and cycles alone. You want to help, see if Jean and Scott are about. I think we have some trouble." The coordinates are both memorized and written down before he tries to appease the alarm so that it won't continue blaring.
"Doing? Just getting familiar, there always be new things in here." Remy responds quickly, "An' I just said I wasn't touching anything, no worries, Hank, Remy is being a good boy." Cameras tell different stories. "I haven't seen Jean or Scott since they got back everybody else out doin' things too. Sounds like I may be your only option. We gonna go check it out or let someone else handle it?" Conveniently Gambit is already geared up. He was about to go do a solo Robin Hood act anyways.

Beast probably should tell Remy that they have state of the art surveillance but it's more fun this way. "I find that statement to be an oxymoron, Remy. Get over here." But it does amuse him some. At least it gets the other away from the vehicles - Hank would rather not be blamed if one of them went missing. He will, however, happily take the jet out.
It is probably hard to believe Remy would be clueless about the cameras. As a self-proclaimed professional thief it is one of the things he is always aware of; environment and who is or could be watching him. Even if he is just harmlessly poking around at other peoples things, like now. Likely though, he didn't expect Beast to be sitting where he could be witnessed right away. Later, when gone, no big deal, return it with a smile, on the spot, bit harder to just come up with good reason aside from borrowing. Which, that card has been spent.
"What is goin' on? I never heard dat particular alarm before. An' trust me, I hear lots of alarms in my time." A grin and he props himself against the wall by Beast.

"Your guess is as good as mine, but there's something most likely worth investigating. You up to being your sneaky self and going to possibly look at dimensional anomalies? If there ends up being another version of you that pops out though, I'm shoving him right back in." Beast does grin some, but it's not entirely in jest. There have been too many versions of too many different people bouncing about. He glances at the other, "If you break the jet, you're going to have to fix it." He then grabs his own suit and gear. A quick note is left via email for the others should they need to reach them. "And I'm flying."
"Dimensional anomalies? Dat about as much my forte as fixin' jets." Remy replies, "But, I can't be lettin' you have all de fun by your onesie." Beast flying? Fine by the Cajun, he doesn't exactly know how to pilot the Blackbird nor has he attempted to even learn. Maybe he should some day. Maybe.
"Where we goin'? Just not the Bermuda Triangle. I hear bad things about there. I'm not in a Lovecraft mood, it too sunny out."

"Other direction. We're going to the North Pacific," Hank straps in and enters in the coordinates for the jet. "We might just be pushing some violent humanoids back into their rift but that particular alarm doesn't go off very often." Therefore it bears investigation. Actually, Hank is more interested as to why that particular alarm was pulled over the little bit he's been told about the location.

Luckily, it doesn't take too long to get there via jet…Hank will fill in Gambit what he feels the other needs to know about what they might be encountering, but even then he doesn't know all that much. "Just don't piss off the Russians or the Japanese."
"Violent humanoids? Think we did this few episodes back and don't you worry none, mon ami, I speak fluent Japanese." No he doesn't.

Airspace around the Black Valley rift location of the Sakhalin Isle under agreement with both Japanese and Russian governments is to be monitored by their countries security forces with aid of SHIELD. There is no incoming calls to the Blackbird, it goes undetected and unseen. Another perk of Shi'ar science.

There are plenty of locations to land. Flat grassy island landscape allows for a decent visual, the rift location itself is inland, flanked on all sides by blasted rock and craggy outgrowths, no plant-life grows near it, no trees, no grass, no weeds, nothing. Birds are not even present the closer one gets to ground zero.

Even without sharpened vision they can make out the temporary structures, fences, outposts and tents of the military encampment surrounding the anomaly area. Something is off it is an almost tangible feel in the air.

"We gon' walk right in or sneak in?" Remy inquires

The landing is easy and Beast chose a place that might not be found too easily. It might mean more of a trek to Ground Zero, but it allows them a chance to get a feel of what might be wrong. Maybe. His own hackles rise as they get closer and can feel that something is off.

"Sneak. I think this is one where we may need to observe before running into the fray." At least he's got one of the best X-Men for, well, either of those, with him,

"Lucky us. I got my runnin' shoes on and my favorite deck." Cards appear from somewhere, ruffle towards one another then collapse only to vanish again.

As the duo of X-Men get closer to the Black Valley camp they notice there no guards. None. Vehicles sit about empty, Japanese, SHIELD and Russian alike. Not a single living person can be seen. Next the unnatural electric feel in the air. A static that tugs at ones very bones. The nearer they draw they begin to hear shouts, roars and yelling.

"You sure about this? I really wanna say, I got a bad feeling about dis but… it so cliche." Remy runs and slides forward soundlessly, his shoulders pushed up against the tread of a parked 1V13 Artillery Fire Command Vehicle. Around them they can see blasted marks, blood in spots and discarded conventional weaponry even a SHIELD Icer lays upon the earth tossed aside, clip empty.
Beast speaks into the X-men earpiece, "Beast and Gambit here. Request backup immediately." He gives the coordinates and then glances at Remy. "Recon only. I'm with you…this doesn't look good. We won't engage unless it's for self-defense." Sometimes they just need to scout ahead and go back to report and gather more forces. This might be one of those times.5r
His nostrils flare as he catches the scent of blood and he tries to tell if it's newly spilled or a little older and if there's a trail to follow.
Nate got a transmission from the Blackbird through the X-Men comms minutes after Gambit and Beast left the school. Usually he wouldn't have paid much attention. Vague alarms, fly to the other side of the world. No, thanks.

But he had a bad feeling about it. He has been having bad dreams lately and he is already on the edge. Black Valley, they said? That is deja vu for him. So, he took off and followed the Black Bird all the way here. He is now within 'easy' telepathic range for Hank and Remy, so he projects into their minds. « Hey folks. I am closing into your position. ETA maybe 40 seconds. Anything interesting going on? »
"I said it before, recon is one of my favorite words." Remy manages a grin at Beast. "But, what I am seeing is not good news."

A voice booms above the chanting, it is clear, powerful and thick with a Russian accent. It almost sounds like their Colossus. Almost but not quite. "Come to me, my children, my warriors, bring forth your strength!"
The chorus of cheers rise higher, a horde of men and women in alien armor are surrounding a cement walled and barricaded LIVE rift. The portal itself is black in the very center with a fan of blues, greens and purples streaming outwards only to collapse once more in to a second ball of gathered energy, a pool that is being fed by green hellish coils of energy that stream forth from a tall, broad shouldered man with black hair, a red cape and silver on black armor. It would appear he is the one fueling this dimensional portal. Not alone, however, underneath his created 'orb' of collected power is a circular dais, mysterious hierogylphs etched across it. It hums with a sinister presence of it's own.
"I need more power, Lifeforce. Give me more." The large Russian man shouts above the crowds elated cries.
A slender blonde in golden shades smiles, near her on their knees upon the ground are the surviving soldiers and scientists of the Black Valley encampment. One of the SHIELD agents is thrust forward by a red skinned reptilian-mutant covered in spikes. Almost immediately he screams in terror as the blond called Lifeforce places her hands on either side of his head, visibly the operative withers to bone and eventually dust.
Clutching what appears to be more energy or that man's very soul Lifeforce then pushes it towards the Leader of this gathering, a projectile blast hits him and the portal stabilizes through him, growing larger, the black in the center begins to boil outwards in to the shape of men and women-alike. More alien garbed warriors arrive from beyond.
"YES! Come forth! Join the army of Apocalypse!"

No response is given to Nate, the Cajun is a bit awestruck at the moment. Thoughts are not even forming. His mind is full of colors, almost a hundred bodies and the noises.

This was nothing he could have expected or planned for. Golden eyes widen behind his glasses as Hank watches the events transpire before them. All he can respond to Nate is, «Retreat. Do not come closer!» Even he's reaching out to try and grab Remy's arm to pull him back. If they can get to the Jet, fantastic…he's going to need to send out an all-call. This is -not- something that three mutants can handle on their own and he may be a bit frustrated, but he's not suicidal!
'Retreat' is not the right word to tell Nate. Particularly when he feels a life being snuffed out right ahead, the psychic resonance unmistakable. « People dying there » he replies, slowing down but not stopping, much less retreating. « Gambit, what was that? »

The other X-Men can see him coming, a golden streak in the sky approaching at supersonic speed. Psychic around Black Valley would notice him without even looking up.
An intake of breath and he is yanked back by Beast, the blue furred mutant is a lot stronger and quite easily jerks the Cajun in to a moving retreat. "Good call, Doctor." Swift, quiet, a retreat Remy can be proud of as they begin to race away from the gathering of Voidrealm warriors.

It is then that the sky parts just below the black clouds and grey backdrop to reveal the streak of gold that is Nathaniel Grey-Summers, the X-Man. The speeds at which he travels are amazing and rather impressive but ill-timed.

"Merde!" Remy exclaims.

"Dark Riders! Gather! We have intruders!" Cries a muscular figure with a mohawk. The arrival of X-Man has brought attention to Beast and Gambit. "To arms!" War hoops and battle yells resound through the rocky basin of Black Valley.

Brilliant purple-pink on black charges begin to flick off behind the fleeing X-Men who are on foot. Gambit is drawing their attention and pock marking the earth in craters. It'll make those on foot who would give chase a harder time.

"Run, run, run…" The Cajun chants between card throws and is own running.

The swarm behind them is exactly that, a blackened wall of combatants that are now pursuing. Energy weapons of their own snarling to life.

"CAPTURE THEM! THEY ARE X-MEN! CAPTURE THEM FOR THE MASTER!" The leader demands. Of course he recognizes them, the X-Men, he has been studying them since seeing his young sister and brother among-st their number a year ago. The Colossus and Magik. Rasputins…

There isn't enough cover to get them into the trees, and there are enough who might be able to get to them despite that. So, if it's fastest on the ground, that's how Beast will go. «We can save more if we don't sacrifice ourselves!» Hank tries to send out to the flying mutant, but he's a bit focused on trying to run from the swarm. As they pass some of the idle vehicles about the base, he'll try to push them towards the crowd to maybe stop their chase. He doesn't have fancy cards that can blow things up, but he can hit really hard.
« You figure out something, I'll keep them busy » states Nate. There is a blur of gold over the heads of the fleeing X-Men and a *Zark* sound that almost feels like Cyclops' blast, but it is actually a wide telekinetic bolt heading for the chasing group.

About half a second later Nate hits the ground in the middle of the Dark Riders, still going at two or three times the speed of sound. The impact and shockwaves shatters rock and sends debris flying in all directions.

A second later he jumps off the crater protected by a golden nimbus of psychokinetic energy. "Alright - Who is the murderous asshole that wants to DIE FIRST?!"

The Dark Riders and Warriors of the Void surge towards the X-Men, a group of men and women are slapped aside in a clattering mess by a Beast propelled HMMWV or "Hummer". None killed but humans and even alien-humans are not meant to be used as bowling pins. It is hard to tell these extra-dimensional invaders are not Earth's own humans, their skin is tan, their hair ranges in brilliant colors, they appear slightly larger and in better shape than most homo sapiens but they are, none the less very human looking. Their language, is not, however. It doesn't translate at all with any of the tongues spoken on our own Earth.

"Non, non, what is he doing?" Remy slides to a stop, bo staff extended and used to help him slow his momentum. "He gon' get himself killed." More cards are thrown, they arc high and descend in waves to *pop* loudly against the gathered masses. "We got to get that hothead out of 'ere, he bein' a fool." The Cajun shouts to Beast.

The Dark Riders present consist of the woman Lifeforce, the red spiny skinned reptilian standing gaurd over the captives and the muscular figure with the mohawk. Around him the air ripples as wind currents form vortices, ready to be cast off.
None of them speak as they stare down Nate. Though each of them is smiling.

Mikhail ceases pouring energy in to the portal to stalk forward, walking like he is nobility towards the X-Man, "You world has declared war on mutants, so WAR is the answer, I am that answer. I have been appointed by Apocalypse to gather him an army. Do you wish to be the first to test it's might?" Normally the Russian former Cosmonaut is not so pale, nor does he have lines of black around his eyes and lips. Signs of genetic tampering at the hands of En Sabah Nur. These things Nate may or may not be familiar with.

"Dammit, Nate! We're outnumbered! Are you trying to get yourself killed?" is roared back at the other before he looks to Remy, "How? He's not going to listen to reason. Can you blast him away or pull him away? Yeah, me neither." Beast shoves another vehicle at their pursuers, "Do you want to die today?" He looks at those chasing them and then to the Cajun, "Think it'll make a difference?"

Nate snort at Mikhail statement about a 'war' on mutants. But his next worlds erase the contempt from his expression, replaced by rage. "APOCALYPSE!" He would usually notice the signs of the tampering. But that would require Nate to pay attention and he doesn't pay attention when he is seeing everything red.

"Where is him? Where is the monster?" He jumps at Mikhail, trying to tackle him down and beat the answer out of him with his fists. The Dark Riders, Gambit, Beast and the human prisoners are all momentarily forgotten. Beating the Hell out of a Horseman takes precedence.

"He whack in the head right now. We gotta stop him and get him out of here." Remy hisses as the bo staff licks out and slaps aside one of the Void Warriors. Fortunately these men and women in their dimension seem to favor melee and archaic combat despite some of their obvious tech advancements, vibroswords, energy whips, electro batons, close-proximity armor. Perhaps it is a cultural thing. Gambit and Beast are two X-Men it is ill-advised to cross 'swords' with even for the warrior cultures of the multiverse.

"We go in. We hit him. We ge out… only way. I'll distract, you grab Nate."
And by distract he means he is going to kinetic charge EVERYTHING. "ALL OF YOU RUN!" Remy shouts at the captives. Only to watch in horror as the red-Reptile mutate begins to hack them down one by one with his claws. A spear from a downed Warrior is hurled at the Dark Rider. It will explode in his chest when it connects. Hopefully Remy didn't just kill him.

Armored gauntlets rise up in a defensive manner as Nate slams in to Mikhail, that material of the metal around the Horseman's forearms is familiar, Celestial based in origin and withstands the blows. Mikhail sneers at Nate, "You are strong. You should join us." Exerting his own powers the energy around Nathaniel begins to mutate, telekinetic powers are warped and redoubled, Mikhail Rasputin is now using them as well, bolstering his punches and kicks with TK back on the X-Man. Pounding him back with returned force only to suddenly teleport and appear behind Nate, attacking again and teleporting once more. Green energy ripples left in Mikhail's wake. "I am WAR! You will kneel or be destroyed, X-Men!"

Beast like Gambit will find himself facing down the army itself, it is not limitless but they are many and aggressive. The amassed warband appears to be honoring the battlebetween X-Man and War. Leaving them to their duel in the center of their camp. The other X-Men are not so fortunate. That wind manipulating Dark Rider peeling away from the circle around the combatants to join the fray against Remy and Hank. The battle is clearly going to end up one sided before long.
You paged Beast with 'Feel free to thrash randoms in your pose.'
Grab Nate? That's like trying to nail jell-o to a tree, but Beast merely sighs and turns to face his assailants. At least he has everything in order back home — it's been that way for a while, at least. Golden eyes flick to the major players and he starts to leap and claw his way towards the wind-manipulator. If he's fast enough, maybe he can get through to try and take them down.

Honestly, if Remy killed the spiked mutant, Hank won't weep.

At the very least he can try and take some of the attackers down as he tries to get to Nate…not that he thinks it'll do much good.
Nate's blows are telekinetically augmented, but hardly enough to break Celestial armor. He was not going full strength because he wants War alive. But when Mikhail warps and duplicates his powers, Nate redoubles his efforts.

But the horseman teleports and he hits empty air. And then War hits him from behind, and sends the young man sprawling across the floor.

Nate rolls and jumps to his feet. "I know what you are, and that is why I will destroy you," he growls. Head is ringing, but at least he has snapped out his near-berserk rage. He taps into his telepathy to keep track of Mikhail position, grabs one of the empty vehicles with telekinesis and tosses it to the Russian, trying to crush him.
Ferocity, power and acrobatics teamed with genius make Beast a fearsome combatant, he makes relatively short work of the Void Warriors who are unaccostumed to fighting such a creature. Hurricane face to face with Beast begins to hurl razor cutting gusts of wind, they both pummel, push and slice anything they come in to contact with. He isn't holding back either, his swipes and swings are dicing the air, vehicles, tents and even his own comrades.

Gambit's staff cleaves through a group of fighters, clearing way only when he finds himself standing near Spyne's body facing Lifeforce. Charged cards meeting bolts of pure life energy.

Mikhail's sneer only draws wider, "Do you truly? Then do you think you can face me as you are?" The hurled TK armored car isn't caught but doesn't connect in to War, instead a blast of green shoots through it, turning it to molten slag that showers down. "Apocalypse has given me power beyond your wildest dreams. I was once this strong while in my true home but here, my birth world I am once more at my peak. I can almost feel matter wanting to bend to my will again. " Almost but not quite. This is not the Voidrealm and he is not the Avatar again, he is a Horseman. A different breed of monster. Raising his hand up green pyschokinetic flames begin to pour over X-Man.
"You stand no chance against War, none of you do, yield and I will spare you."

"Beast, this not looking good. We make easy work of these Dark Riders but dat one nasty dude." Lifeforce snarls and lunges at Remy only to get kicked in the gut and roundhoused to the ground. They are not top tier as they would like to believe. At least classed as they are.

Beast continues to try and get to Hurricane, taking some of the hits and dodging others. He is not going to be happy once this adrenaline wears off and he realizes how cut up he is. The suit helps, but not that much. "If it was an actual embodiment of War, I'd say we could defeat him with Peace, but…I don't think that refusing to fight will do anything productive." "Nate! We need to get reinforcements!" he tries calling to the telepath who is dealing with his own fight.

Maybe, at least, those who were being held prisoner are finding a chance to escape. It's something.
"I know what you are," Nate stops the slag with a telekinetic shield. "A lunatic, weak in mind, perfect tool for Apocalypse. You grow in power thanks only to your master's science, not your will or your skill. You are created to slaughter the innocent and the powerless. You are a monster and you won't be the first horseman I kill. I was made to destroy Apocalypse, and you have no chance against me!"

Mikhail destroyed the first Hummer he threw against him, so he finds something larger. A bulky Russian AFV, and sends it flying. And a few seconds later he tosses a SHIELD truck too. He is exerting all his power for the first time in a while. It feels great, and he is so angry he doesn't notice he is starting to bleed from nose and ears. « I can take him. I -have- to. You don't know how bad are the horsemen! They will destroy the world! » He sends to Hank and Remy.

"Mon Dieu! See reason, Nate! We cannot win dis. There too many of them and he doesn't appear to be slowi—nf" That Red reptilian is standing, blood on it's claws where it had just punched in to Gambit, barbed knuckles and forearms frilled out ready for more. The Cajun kip-ups and spins in a defensive whirl of staff and feet.
"You only get lucky wit' me once like dat." He warns Spyne.
The lizardman shows all sharp teeth then peels the blackened spearhead out of it's chest. Remy smirks. "Gon' finish what I started." His eyes drift from the creature he is fighting to the captives who are trying to run, racing for openings in the gathered warparty. Thinking it as loudly as he can, hopefully telepathy is synched up, 'We need to get these people out of here. To the Blackbird or just away, Nate, you are the only one who can carry them. Dis on you, get dem out of here. Now. Stop fighting. We live to fight another day. Beast and I will hold dem back.'
Remy really hopes the young warrior heard that.

"Weak? You do not know me. I am one of the strongest, MY LIFE MY WORLD ME I am strength made flesh. And you speak too highy of yourself, you are only meat if you are not one of us. Not even worthy of calling yourself mutant. "
One swipe following up with another has balefire green swipes of energy waving through the air, lancing through the launched vehicles as Mikhail strides towards Nate like a Juggernaut. "Zatk‘nis! Enough talk, I am going to kill you. If you are unwilling to join you are only an adversary that is to be crushed." Mikhail’s eyes both flare up with that green electricity and it crackles forward dancing in deadly arcs along where Nate is with intent to strike him down.

Spears are thrust at Beast along with other weapons but he finds himself soon tangling with Hurricane, the man is prideful of his great size and strength but dares not to engage in melee with the more than capable blur-furred scientist. Wind lashes and slaps at the X-Men in violent barrages. "DIE you fucking freak!" Hisses the Mohawked airbender. Fortunately his distracted from the world around him, the small band of survivors are escaping, the Void Warriors don't seem to care as much as the Dark Riders did. Perhaps they are an honorable sort or just very focused.

"We can't help the people if we're dead, Nate!" Beast roars out as he continues to try and keep the attention on him so that Hurricane doesn't try to attack the people running away. However, if they're just beaten to bits, it won't do anyone any good at all. "Think of the Greater Good! This isn't a vendetta!" He's trying not to let his own injuries get to him even as he claws and even bites at Hurricane whenever he can get past the winds. His fur helps, but not enough.

It's all about being a distraction though.

Is it a vendetta? Nate really believes Apocalypse Horsemen are the most dangerous beings in the world except for the old monster himself. He is willing to sacrifice his life and even forget about the prisoners he was trying to rescue.

But Mikhail counterattack takes him by surprise. He could have maybe completely stopped the lightning with a TK-shield, but not at the same time the shattered vehicles bouncing back at him. He is hit and stumbles back, then electrocuted, and then a ten ton chunk of the AFV falls on him.

As Nate and Mikhail clash Remy can see very little options for any of them escaping this, he is becoming exhausted and the mutant psionist refuses to back down. A few more cards and even makeshift projectiles has Gambit pulling a feint and leaping over Spyne.

"Now, Beast! Lets do it!"

The idea there is for both of them to break away from their assailants and get to Nate. They have put on enough of a show, it is then unfortuantely that Mikhail is lashing back. Countering Nate and bringing down the world around on him.

Leaving distraction to Beast the Thief is lunging to tackle Nate away from the falling debris, too late though, he disappears underneath it with the mutant in a loud crash and a wall of dust. They are from all looks dead. Crushed by the AFV.

Mikhail shakes his head, "A sad fate. They would have made excellent comrades." Turning to look towards Beast he smiles, "What about you, monster? Do you wish to test your mettle against mine?"

Lifeforce struggles to her feet wiping blood from her mouth, "That bastard… Lord War, we do not have time to play more, the Master demands an army and you must obey."

Mikhail's smile turns in to a sneer and he looks back at Lifeforce, "I obey on my own terms and I only call him master until I am returning home with my brother and sister. Let us not forget this… " A pause and it looks as though War struggles with himself, "But yes, we have a task. Seize the Beast, all of you." Turning around Mikhail Rasputin resumes his work upon the portal blatantly brushing off the final standing X-Men.

Those around Beast appear renewed and more in number than when the clash had began, adrenaline does such things, weapons are drawn and aimed, Hurricane a mauled and bloody mess he still manages to prep more wind vortices, "Hard or easy? You pick outcome is going to be you meeting the Master no matter what."

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