Waiting Game

August 21, 2016:

Most research involves a fair amount of waiting. Fenris and Astryd discuss matters of consequence whilst doing so.

New York


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Fade In…

Magic is good for a lot of things and a shortcut for a lot more things. It's not instant everything any time you want it though. Fenris has been investigating what they took from Yomi and at this point all he has to do is wait for results to come back. That's if results were the name of the sprites he sent out to get questions answered and come back.

So it's time to make a sandwich. The Old Wolf is in his kitchen debating the virtues of dijon over regular yellow.

Magic, for all that Astryd is a Valkyrie, is something of mystery. She's got her own flavour of it, but it's inate. When she needs it, she calls on it and it's there. It's also rather 'one note' in its application. She's been fascinated though, in Fenris' investigations and has been waiting, rather impatiently, for the sprites to return.

"I still think you should try the Hot English Mustard, Fenris. I think it's right up your alley." the Strawberry Blonde is wearing a long flowing dress today, and her wealth of hair spills over her shoulders and down her back as she leans over his shoulders, wrapping her arms around them for just moment before stealing a bit of roast beef from the cutting board.

Fenris snorts. "The English haven't invented good food yet. I'm not holding my breath. I was hoping for a time their empire would expose them to ideas that are not peas porridge and bangers and mash but…" He shrugs, finishes the sandwich and sets it down on the plate before glancing over his shoulder with a smile.

"No word from Miss Prince, I note. Nothing particularly about her in the news either."

"I'm telling you, you should try it…" Astryd urges again. Maybe she just wants to see him go red in the face and sputter at the heat of it. She might have done this with others before. "If not, I hope you went with Dijon, that way I can eat your sandwich."

She's still draped over his shoulders when he turns and she kisses his cheek. "Nothing. I shall look in on her in a few more days, see how she is settling in. Though something tells me, she might not have any real problems. She seemed … pragmatic about the whole situation."

"What about you? Have you heard from the Sprites yet?"

"She did. And no, not that I expected to yet. Sprites are somewhat excitable. And somewhat distractable. They'll be back… soon enough."

Fenris smiles a bit and shifts her off him to guide them both to the table. She can have some of his sandwich if she'd like.

"Any word from Asgard or your sisters?" They still seem somewhat keen for her to… know things. Remember things. That's been pushed off but htey may shortly have time for it.

She could, of course, make her own sandwich, but taking part of Fenris' is just fun. At least when he's not growling …

Easing herself into a chair and leaning back, Astryd looks a touch impatient. "Distractable. You mean they could be waylaid by a pretty flower or a man … or even just some shiny bauble."

At the mention of her sisters, the look of impatience changes to distaste. "Not directly. But there was an owl in the tree outside my room last night." The Owl was Vidrun's, the sister who had visited recently, creature. "For whatever reason, they are pushing me now… Strange how it's happening since we sent Vali running."

"It was Vali we saw on that battlefield in Norway, wasn't it?" She's referring to the vision Fenris conjured not long after they'd met. The vision that replayed how she lost her feather.

"There may be a connection… and yes. I believe it was. It's impossible to tell directly but it certainly looked like him and there hallmarks of his present…"

Fenris considers for another moment and then takes a bite of his sandwich. "Have you recovered your feather from May?"

"As I thought." The Valkyrie answers, taking a corner of the sandwich that Fenris just made and picking at it. "I wonder, given my Sisters pushing, whether the feather was taken as part of their recent plot or whether the fact they had it proved to coincidently and convenient." The motivation makes a difference.

"Yes, I retrieved my feather from the Daughter of Dragons. The people at her place of work, looked at me askance when I showed up there." Of course, Astryd had no way of knowing that SHIELD had just undergone a major security overhaul.

"If the owl is in the tree again, this evening, I intend to follow it. Would you care to join me?"

"Of course." Fenris chuckles. "Do you want me to catch the owl or simply observe it?" Those are rather different tasks. One requires a large, swift wolf. The other requires a small swift wolf. Fenris can do both he simply needs to know which.

"If it's one Vidruns… we should follow it. See where it leads, if anywhere. If it doesn't lead anywhere, then you can catch it?" Fenris knows that Astryd loves the hunt almost as he does and the opportunity to spread her wings. She just hopes that if the owl is one of Vidruns, it won't lead them into a trap.

That she's offering for him to catch the Owl, is telling as well. Not that she could stop him if he wished to.

"I confess, Fenris, that I am all asea when it comes to what my Sisters want. I do not remember because those memories were taken from me. Perhaps we should revisit that battlefield…"

"Or perhaps you should chance a visit to Asgard." Fenris doesn't know if she'll be welcome there but he knows that he won't be. She might not get anything, but then she might. It seems a door worth knocking on.

"I'll be ready tonight, then."

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