Mutant Refugee?

August 20, 2016:

A mutant reaches out to Ryan's organisation asking for help to 'get away'. Given the situation, he contacts Brin and May … things don't go quite as planned

New York


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A day or so ago Ryan's network got a request. A mutant needed moving, quickly and quietly. It seems the young woman had been held in some of facility and psychotropic drugs administered for some form of tests.

Whilst the details were vague, they were enough for Ryan to reach out to Brin. They matched, for the most part, the description she had given him recently of the clinics she'd been investigating with Nick, trying to track down Alberte, the ex Paragon who had been following her. The ex Paragon the team had thought dead.

"Are you sure this house we're heading to is safe enough?" Brin asks Ryan, watching the young woman carefully. They're in transit, having called the best person Brin knew when it came to 'driving' something. "We've been concerned that whoever has … my friend …" she avoids Alberte's name deliberately "might be able to track them."

"It's as safe a place as can be expected given the circumstances." Ryan states matter of factly. "As far as tracking goes, there are a lot of hoops they are going to have to jump through to get that information. There is no one person who knows all of the details. Could a determined group of people eventually get the information? Yes, yes they could. Will be we long gone and 8 steps ahead when they do? If all goes as planned we should be alright."
He isn't overly concerned. There are some special precautions he has taken with this package true but it is to be expected in this line of work. There are of course going to be days that are far from standard.
Ryan pauses looking out the window. "We should be getting close now."

Melinda May is, of course, the driver. She's been quiet pretty much this whole time, only speaking up to make sure the driving directions she's been given are accurate. She knows the young woman Brin asked for help with transporting has had a rough go of it, or she'd have suggested they travel via ley line instead. And let's see anyone trying to get the girl back follow THAT. Maybe she'll ditch the car and get them back to NYC that way. She's still considering.

Unless they have some way of tracking the young woman herself. Then it wouldn't matter where they are. The men and women in black suits would just descend.

"I still wonder how she got away…" They're guest is dozing and Brin is speaking rather quietly. "… Nick and I got lucky at Volantz. If he hadn't had the Narcain with him, we'd both likely still be there." Ryans relative calm on the matter though is settling to the X-Red mutant.

"How we doing, May? I take it there are no tails?"

It's not long before they're pulling into the front of the safe house, though. "You and May go ahead and open up, Ryan, I'll help the Rosemary in." At her name, the young woman opens her eyes and stares between Brin and Ryan, with a vacant sort of look.

Of course, they'll both want to check it out first, make sure it hasn't been tampered with. Which, it seems that it hasn't.

"No tails." Yup, as chatty as ever. When the car pulls to a stop in front of the safe house, May glances over at Brin before nodding and moving to clear the house, regardless of whether Ryan moves to help or not. If the man can't tell, this kind of thing seems REALLY familiar to her. Perhaps a bit eerily so. And, she's just pulled a pistol from inside her way too heavy for August black jacket.

It has been a couple of days. The work is rewarding though. Ryan start doing what he does because he valued beauty sleep. "Well lucky for you both that he had it then."

"Yup, right about here May. You know, it's good to have you along. I appreciate the help." Ryan says looking into the review view mirror from the back seat. As the car pulls in he notes that she moves like a well oiled machine. Yes, he is in fact happy she is here.

"Alright Brin, let's get our guest moved." Ryan stops to reconsider what Brin had said only moments earlier. "Who exactly is after this lady?" He normally doesn't get involved in matters such as that but he wants to make sure he has considered all eventualities.

As Brin helps Rosemary from the car, her dark eyes rest on Ryan and May. "We don't know. We don't even know if it's the same people she ran from, but … somehow my friend got tied up with The Purifiers. We've just not worked out how it all ties together."

Just as they're getting Rosemary through the door, the young woman tenses under Brins arm. There's no warning, before she's moving, spinning at May like a fury, a symphony of movement. She's attacking.

Brin and Ryan are assaulted with an incredibly strong telepathic blast, dredging up old horrors and fears in an attempt to freeze them. It's enough to drop Brin to her knees and make her clasp her head.

Ryan is actually a little shocked at how uneventful it has been given the nature of the guest. As he steps through the door on the otherside of Rosemary he is forced to his knee. His guard was down. Honestly, he is more upset about that than the torrent of telepathic waves shooting over his mind.

These are the moments Ryan has spent centuries honing his skills for. He quickly reacts to the blast by shielding his mind. Everything seems to slow down for an instant. He sees Brin on the floor to his right. In one fluid motion Ryan sends out his own empathic counter. He targets Brin to extend his mental shield to try and relieve some of the onslaught. It of course will only work if she can feel it's pressence through Rosemary's assault.

"May, look out!" Ryan yells though May is most likely well aware of the enraged woman before her. He then turns to try and get Brin to her feet.

Melinda May had just finished clearing the house and was returning to the front room when Rosemary comes after her. And again, her decades of training kick in and she deflects the young woman's first attack with a simple aikido throw that doesn't have enough force behind it to injure her. If Rosemary attacks again, though, May will likely escalate her response accordingly.

Rosemary stumbles backwards as the kick connects, managing to keep her balance and launch into another attack. She's good. Clearly had practice but to Mays trained eyes, there's something mechanical about it all. Like she's repeating a series of moves she's seen and not really learned - and something is pushing her to do this.

Still, May's going to have trouble keeping this one at one.

It's also interesting how the mutant can keep up the telepathic torrent at the same time but she does. This doesn't feel mechanical to Brin or Ryan, this is precision work and it's honed.

The pressure on Ryan's mind eases, enough to let him get up and aid Brin to her feet. The brunette mutant isn't quite with it, even with the aid of the shield … "Let's try to calm her. Something's triggered the programming."

Ryan can feel Brin mustering her calm, focussing her emotions to send out a wave of calming energy.

Ryan senses Brin's building calm. He notes that Rosemary needs to be pacified and calm may not be able to do it. Ryan starts trying to dig into Rosemary empathically to find the well hidden fear inside her. If he can find that he may be able to exploit it to make her stutter it could give May a very distinct edge. Ryan isn't willing to commit though unless it is the last resort. Also he respects Brin and wants to give her the chance to resolve things with as little mess as possible.

Okay, so simple deflection isn't going to work. Then full subdual it'll have to be. She studies Rosemary's movements, allowing the young woman to get one hit in on her, then feints to one side before using a more forceful Aikido throw to put the girl on the floor again, but this time she follows through with a restraint hold applied to the girl's shoulder to keep the her down and goes so far as to put a knee on the small of Rosemary's back to encourage her to stay still. You know, just in case the pain of a joint wanting to pull out of socket (it's a nerve pressure point, though, and not an actual joint lock) isn't enough to keep her still.

Mays feint works and Rosemary's flipped, but instead of just laying there, the mutant rolls, hopefully taking May with her. This is a woman who is fuelled by more than the normal flame. She's driven to succeed …

Brins calming emotion hits just at that moment, and Mays able to get that hold on the woman - she's still struggling though, the pain not registering and the telepathic power is now turned on the SHIELD agent in full force.

Ryan finds it, the deep well of fear. It's not hidden as deep as he might think. Well, maybe - the woman did seem to have had psychotropic drugs administered, so maybe they've touched on that as well.

Ryan addresses Brin in a cautious tone, "Brin…tell me you have this under control her." He feels the burden lift off him and Brin and get relocated towards May.

"May, harden your mind!" He shouts while extending some coverage her way. It was reactionary though, undoubtly the first round of volleys from Rosemary got through. His own mind countering her will hopefully help May.

Ryan has taken note of the primal fear and is ready to exploit if May and Brin don't get this under control in a expeditious manner.

No normal person would continue to struggle with that kind of restraint hold on them, it's… insane. And then she gets the brunt of the telepathic attack. Outwardly, the only evidence of it is a brief flinch and a clenching of her jaw, but yeah. May's gonna need to REALLY punch something after this.

Shifting her hold on Rosemary, she leans more weight on the girl's back and also looks like she's trying to inefficiently strangle her with one hand. What's she's actually doing, though, is trying to restrict the blood flow though the young woman's carotid artery, to cause her to pass out. Kind of a heavily modified sleeper hold.

"Could do with some help…" Brin grunts as her head starts and Ryan asks that question.

The telepathic attack doubles down as May resists and Ryans shield is felt. Whatever bad things May has seen and experienced, this woman is drawing them from her mind and assaulting the agent.

Ryan needs to act fast, this type of attack has been known to break minds, and he can feel the woman weakening as Mays grip on the carotid artery starts to take effect - just not fast! And yeah, May is really going to want to punch something.

Huh, careful what you ask for Brin. Ryan would say that at least if he had the quip about him to make that kind of a joke right now. He eases off of May's mental health and diverts his full attention to Rosemary. Like a surgeon making a precision cut Ryan rips an emotional gash through Rosemary. Holding it open to let it hemorrhage into her. Will it incompacitate her? Perhaps not, but it will be one hell of a distraction. This is the part of the job he doesn't like as much. Especially when it involves friends of friends.

Viscerally re-experiencing Bahrain inside her head? NOT PLEASANT. May's strained expression goes positively angry and she is THIS close to just snapping Rosemary's neck and telling Brin and Ryan to just deal with it. The telepathic attack might be backfiring here, as May's long-ingrained reaction to things like this is to fight HARDER, not back off.

That's all it took, as Ryans power rips through the woman, she tenses under Mays hand. With the extra pressure on the carotid artery, she just passes out and the telepathic attack abates.

Is Rosemary damaged from Ryan's attempt? It's impossible to tell until she's awoken. It's unlikely that's something they'll want to do here though.

"May, Ryan, are you ok…?" Despite the pounding headache, Brin sends a wash of reassuring emotion towards May as her dark eyes land on Rosemary. "That's … not good. Not good at all. Can we get her into a bed and restrained?"

The moment that Rosemary goes limp Ryan disconnects himself from her. You can't kick someone when they are down after all and the whole point wasn't to break her. He looks very clearly strained from the whole endeavor.

Ryan weakly smiles at Brin, "All tip top…and yes restraints are probably a good idea. I'll make a few calls to get someone down here to check her out. I know first aid but I'm no doctor."

Before he goes to make his calls he looks at May. "You okay there?"

Melinda May takes a second longer to actually let go of Rosemary, but when she does, she straightens up and turns to walk outside without answering either Brin or Ryan. They can both likely feel exactly how badly unsettled she is right now, and that's she's still very, very close to lashing out.

"Good idea to get someone down here." Brin helps Ryan get Rosemary to the bed and watches May as she goes. "Make your calls, I'll make tea. I think we're all going to need it." With that she heads to the kitchen and starts the prep. At least she carries nice tea in her bag. The tea will be ready in a moment - giving May time to calm and Ryan time to make his calls.

The brunette has a lot of thinking to do.

Ryan gives Brin a node and pulls out his phone. Before he starts to dial numbers he looks at her. "If she wakes up while May is still out there you might want to use something more powerful than a serine sensation to restrain her. Also just shout for me I'll be right on the other side of the door."

Ryan turns to walk out and can be heard saying "Yeah…I need you to get down here, make sure our guest is hemo-dynamically stable. Do I know what that means? It doesn't matter if I do as long as you know…" He chuckles to himself as he steps out of the room continuing the conversation with medical personnel.

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