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March 18, 2014:

Thor gives Amora a lesson on what it means to be a hero per her request

Amora's Chambers

An elegant, Asgardian Lady's chamber.


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At times a concept will elude a person no matter how intelligent they might be, such being the case with Amora who has been trying to wrap her mind around a particularly boggling set of ideologies. It's kept her up all night with books and a scroll or two and she even went to Midgard for a short trip to a library to borrow one of those books the mortals put definitions and such in but nothing helped her to figure it out. So after a hot bath to relax in she sent someone with a summons, a request for Thor's presence in her chambers for a conversation over breakfast.

"The Prince of Asgard," announces one of Amora's servants. Thor walks in, a twinkle in his eye and a hop in his step. He and Sif had been on long patrol near the extreme outer edges of Asgard's territory, where the wonder of the Nine Worlds spun off into the void. They'd been gone nearly a week, just the two of them, and he seems jauntier than normal.

"m'Lady Amora," he says, courteously. "I recieved your invitation to breakfast. Does it still stand?" he inquires politely, nodding at the already set breakfast nook in Amora's apartments.

It doesn't escape her notice, the lightness to Thor's demeanor and that brightness to his eye, it causing Amora's heart to sink a little when she puts two and two together. Doesn't matter if it means what she's guessing it might be or if she's reading too much into his mood, she still feels a knot of disappointment in her belly. It takes all of several seconds for it to pass and she's soon approaching him, seeking to greet the Thunder God with an embrace and even a brushed kiss upon his lips.

The mention of breakfast and her invitation has her looking across the room before she whispers, "No, you're just in time as always." Her hand is swept towards the small alcove, inviting him to join her.

Thor returns the kiss chastely, but his hug is an affectionate embrace. Disdaining the robes of office that Loki prefers, Thor wears his simple sleeveless blue tunic and pantaloons, with comfortable leather boots that have been meticulously cleaned. He walks with Amora across the room and seats her, then takes the chair opposite, smiling at the sunshine clearing the window. "You have an excellent view of the city, Lady Amora," Thor remarks, apropos of nothing. "And it is shaping to be a lovely day." He sighs, sounding extremely contented with life, then looks back at Amora, smiling still.

"And thank you for the invitation to dine together. I have had naught but stale biscuit and salted meat for a half a fortnight, save for Sif's dinners. A morning repast is most appreciated."

Grace is very much exhibited when Amora moves, everything about her fluid and feminine at the same time not an ounce of energy goes to waste. Before she sits she takes Thor's hand in hers, giving it a squeeze before taking her chair. "Someday you will have to steal me away like you did Sif. Show me more of the realm we call home, my Prince." Yes, she is offering to go camping or whatever it is Thor enjoys while away from home for so long. Anything to get to know Thor better.

The plates bear delicacies of all sorts with roast meat and sausages and eggs making up the majority of the meal with fruit rounding everything out. As for drink, it's a ruby red juice of some exotic kind. "I know it was short notice," she murmurs before pushing one platter closer to him, inviting him to serve himself first. "I just found myself wanting for your company this morning and…" Here she pauses.

Thor politely serves Amora first, dishing her a little from each platter, and smiling still. "Of course. It is my duty to patrol the borders of Asgard and to know the land, and to make sure my retainers know the land as well. Should you wish to spend some time seeing the borders of our world, you need but ask."

He takes a few bites of his food, chewing heavily, then looks at Amora as she pauses. "…and what?" he asks, prompting her to continue.

"I do ask that it just be the two of us, please. If only just one time." Thor's thoughtfulness is shown gratitude with a smile and a mouthed 'thank you' but Amora doesn't eat at first, allowing her guest to serve himself and start eating first. "I would like to be able to enjoy time with you without the concerns of having to make good impressions or worry overly about whether or not your brother will cause problems for us." Of course Loki just might make mischief regardless but that's left uncommitted upon.

When prompted to talk further she purses her lips in thought before continuing. "What is a hero, Thor?"

"A fool, most of the time," Thor says around a mouthful of sausage. Realizing Amora's question is sincere (likely from a baleful look at his pert response), he swallows his food and sits up, considering the question.

"A hero is usually just a man who was in the right place at the right time, and did the right thing," he explains to Amora. For a moment, he sounds more like Odin, his face composed and thoughtful. "Oh- we have our heroic ideals. Fearlessness. Courage, if you like. A warrior's prowess, tactical genius. I think the term gets used too much. It's too easily bandied about. 'Thor, the Hero of Asgard'." He waves that away, looking at Amora.

"I am a warrior by choice. But you can't choose to be a hero. Heroes are chosen by the people they help. If you aid someone in their moment of need, no matter how small their need is, you are a hero to them. Sometimes a tiny, timely act can make you as much a hero as the grandest of battles can. All it takes is making that critical choice- at the /right moment/-" he taps the table for emphasis- "to do something for someone else, regardless of the cost to yourself. That is what a true hero makes," he concludes.

The look she gives Thor isn't /too/ disapproving, perhaps because Amora understands why he replies to her question the way he does at first. He is not interrupted as he seems wanting to continue, his every word all but literally hung onto intently, Amora's attention not drifting once. It is only when he is done that she starts to eat.

When she speaks once a little of her meal is enjoyed she watches him, smiling when she does. "I… think I understand," she starts, her words slightly halting in pace as she thinks at the same time. "But why do you wish to help? What makes you desire to lend your aid no matter what the risk might be?" The decanter of juice is remembered and she holds it out to him, her way of asking if he'd like some without verbally doing so.

"What else is there in life?" Thor asks, sounding baffled by the question. He holds a hand up, politely declining the decanter. "When you have power, you can choose to use it in two ways. You can use it to help yourself, or you can use it to help others." He pats Mjolnir at his side, smiling fondly at it. "Mjolnir is a stern teacher. It reminds me always that it doesn't exist to make /me/ powerful- it exists to remind me of the uses of power. And the charge that power demands of us," he adds, taking a few contemplative bites of his food and looking out the window.

Amora sets the crystal pitcher down, forgoing a drink as well. A soft sigh slips from her unnoticed before she rises, moving to take in the very view Thor mentioned just a while ago, her arms wrapped around her mid-section while she stands just before the balcony. "You make it sound so simple, Thor," she says with a sad note to her words, "and I wish… I want to try. To… not be selfish." Her head turns just slightly which lets her watch her companion out of the corner of her eye. "Help me?"

Thor considers. "Aye. I can help you. My father helped me- it behooves me to help my friends, if that is what you wish." He smiles at Amora. "Give me a day to think on it. I have an idea in mind but I'm not Loki, where thought and deed are as one. But Amora, it /is/ simple," he assures the woman. "Make it part of your nature. Think of giving, not of taking. Of guarding, not of threatening. Think of loving, not of lying. Think of living, not of dying," he says, chanting an old Asgardian parable.

No, Thor is not Loki and for that Amora's thankful. Returning to the table, she slides past her chair and moves to stand behind Thor, her arms sliding around his shoulders while she bends slightly so she can nestle her cheek against his hair. "Take as much time as you need, my Prince," is half-purred. "Thank you for reminding me of that," she adds, the thanks given to his last. "I want to live and love and protect and give…"

Thor reaches up and pats Amora's arm affectionately. "Of course, my friend," he rumbles, squeezing her forearm. "I can do nothing less. Princes aren't heroes, but the job bears much the same. To do for others what they can't do for themselves- to aid them in things they find difficult." He pats her arm again and leans forward, devouring his meal with a ravishing hunger. He's clearly been starving for a properly cooked meal of late.

Thor will feel Amora's weight shift as she leans in, her body allowed to conform to his as she presses against his back. "If there is anything I can ever do to repay you for your kindness," she says quietly, speaking directly into his ear when she does, "please do not hesitate in letting me know how I can." Her cheek is nuzzled against his before she straightens, her arms allowed to draw away from his body.

Thor pats Amora's arm once more and leans forward. "Just keep feeding me," he tells the woman, digging into the meal with abandon. "By the All-Father, I haven't had a proper hot meal in a week. Sif is a remarkable field cook, though," he concedes. "She makes an amazing stew that is a little different but just as good every time. 'Stone Soup', she calls it," he explains. "She won't tell me the recipe, but it is always good. Sif might be someone you should talk to," Thor adds, gesturing with a fork as he ignores the fruit in favor of more red meat. "If there was ever someone who aspired to being a hero for the sake of noble calling, it is her."

"I will feed you as often as you desire, Thor." There's a pause and then Amora sits own, something on her mind. She almost looks like she might say something but after a bit more silence she shakes her head. "I have decided to fight along side you and the others," is what she does say. "I do not know if I will feel comfortable wielding a sword but I can help with defense."

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