Thrown Tomatoes

August 17, 2016:

A protest in the park turns nasty

New York


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An overripe tomato hits the ground where a young woman is speaking, sending bits of ruby red flesh up the front of her trousers.

"…aaand so it is, that we think mutants belong in society."

With that kind of talk, people would be forgiven in thinking that this was an X-Red function or something. But it isn't. This is a "soap box" moment. The pearlescent skinned woman with long green hair, is quite literally standing on soap box solliquising.

Ahhh, New York.

Being lunchtime, a crowd has gathered and the jeers and heckles started fairly quickly. Whatever else is happening, there will always be the vocal few that ensure they're dissenting voices are heard. The crowd has been growing restless for the last half hour and emotions are now running hot.

Go back to M-Town, ya mutey…

Well Mystique is feeling saucy and any protest in New York is liable to give her an alert through her Brotherhood connections. Right now she is a random citizen watching the speeches and the growing unrest. Her arms crossed, a frown gracing her lips. Just a tourist from all outward appearances. Probably from Idaho or somewhere banal with potatoes.

When the mutey go back to M-Town business is yelled she shifts her footing and sets out through the crowd. Applying a contact toxin to her hand as she angles to just deliver a bad dose to the asshole. Nothing as abrupt as a knife to the kidney…. hell the guy may even recover.. but in a while after onset.. urrrp… yeah she is definitely feeling Saucy.

It's lunchtime, which means that Pepper's out running errands instead of actually, you know, eating lunch. She's just finished a meeting with a prospective supplier, and rather than spend her lunch break sitting in traffic while her driver tries to not lose his cool, she opted to walk back to Stark Tower. It's a nice enough day for it. Or, it was.

Seeing the crowd getting increasingly hostile toward the young woman speaking, she quickly says into her phone, "JARVIS, please tell my assistant that I might be late coming back from lunch. And have her get a change of clothes ready for me just in case."

Walking in her most brisk, 'get in my way and I'll leave Prada prints on your face' pace, she walks around the perimeter of the crowd and right up to where the tomato just landed, very intentionally putting herself between the hecklers and the young woman.

"No one told any of you you had to listen. If you have nothing constructive to add, leave or I'll call the police on this young woman's behalf and tell them I saw an assault in progress." Pepper has her sternest glower firmly in place.

Whilst Peppers speech and stern glower certainly causes some of the hecklers to quiet, with even one or two walking away, some get louder still and another tomato comes flying in Peppers direction Ya mutey lover. Cops won't do a thing.

Mystiques target stumbles a little as the toxin starts to take effect "Watch where you're going, love…" he sneers at the mutant before starting to turn a little green… and gagging. As Mystique moves through the crowd, she'll see a woman, moving as well. Whereever that woman goes, the people in their vicinity get just a little more agitated … and she senses the subtle 'push' on their minds.

Okay that may actually elevate matters from Saucy poisoning to actually stabbing a bitch in the kidney. Mystique blends in with the crowd, walking in a nonthreatening nondescript sort of round about arch towards the woman who seems to be pushing on the crowd. She is angling to open up with the toxin touch, then help her if she starts getting sick … away from witnesses.

Pepper doesn't so much as flinch when someone throws a tomato at her. Where the HELL do people always get tomatoes? Can't they throw something else? Though, bags of poop would be far, far worse. She does try to swat the tomato away so it doesn't hit her square-on, even if it means getting the grossness all over her arm.

Mystiques contact with the woman has her stumbling just as another stronger' push goes out over crowd. The 'Idaho Tourist' will know that it is designed to drive the crowd harder.

The tomato connects with another splat and a second one hits the poor speaker.

Clearly someones been to the markets - but honestly, at the price of tomatoes - WHY would they throw them?

The crowd swells and pushes towards Pepper, closing in on her spot. They'll fall over her if she's not careful. Most of the ones at the front are trying to stay upright, looking more startled than anything. Although one of the men in the front row, tries to lunge for the pearlescent skinned woman. Just a glowing green and gold 'wall' appears in front of the two women and Mana's voice is heard from beside them. "The police are on their way, but let's you out of here…" Which would be fine, except she's jostled and the shield flickers as she struggles to maintain her feet.

Mystique will frown at the stumbling.. empath.. psychic.. whatever she is when the harder push goes out. "Oh dear… I am so sorry and clutsy… here let me help you miss…" reaching out to grab and steady the woman whipping up the crowd. "This is just getting so crazy… or is it cray.. my grand daughter keeps trying to teach me all this new lingo but I just don't know… here let's get out of the crowd before we get trampled dear…" trying to lead her out as she natters on.

Eyugh. At least that tomato didn't hit Pepper square on. That would have been truly disgusting. The crowd starts to press closer, and she's just about to grab the girl off of her soapbox and make a run for it when a shield appears. Her head snaps around to focus on Mana, and NOW she grabs the girl by one arm and pulls her toward Brin. She reaches to steady the empath with her other hand, her determination to keep both Bring and the pearlescent stranger safe almost overbearingly strong.

The contact poison is having an effect of the woman, but Mystique can feel her fighting. One more push to crowd and then she's combatting Mystique, with her mind. Mystique will feel the pressure, not just a suggestion, a directive to give in and let the woman in even as she allows herself to be drawn to the edge of the crowd …

This woman is powerful. Not Jean Grey or Emma Frost powerful, but powerful nonetheless and … well trained.

Brin stumbles into Pepper, her shield dropping as the crowd pushes her … and Pepper finds herself grabbed at by several hands, trying to pull them towards them. They're menacing.

Well there is a frown. A dark dark frown. Totally out of place there on a middle aged tourist from Idaho "Oh dear …dear dear.. dear.. that just won't do…" she leans in and whispers "Not wise sweetums…." and yeah not a knife but a swift set of rabbit punches right to the kidneys. Knuckles weighted by a shift in bone density. "Come on… poor sick… dear" punch! drag.

Pepper grabs at Brin to keep her from falling over at the stumble, and then there are people grabbing at her. NOW she's scared, though it still doesn't show on her face. "JARVIS!" Her phone and tablet are in her bag, but her voice is hopefully loud enough and definitely panicky enough to make it through to the AI linked to her devices.

"Oof" the woman exhales as Mystiques punches have an effect. She struggles against the mutant, a little more weakly as the contact poison combines with the physical punishment and the pressure on Mystiques mind lessens. It's going to be a struggle to get her clear - but she does it. Now what is Mystique going to do?

With Peppers help, Brin straightens and brings her shield up, pushing it out to give them some room. With the mental pressure gone, some of the crowd is calming normally … and the pressure is starting to ease.

Yes Miss Potts? JARVIS' voice comes Shall I inform Sir you need assistance?

The NYPD are starting to arrive and dispersing the crowd from the back.

Well Mystique shifts her muscles around.. she is a very strong retiree from Idaho right now. She grabs the lady by the back of the neck with the contact poison hand and then tips her down right as her knee comes up. Twisting at the last minute to hopefully connect her knee to the woman's temple and knock her silly. .. .. Mystique's goal is to walk her off without being jumped by whoever this lady might have as backup to a safehouse and find out who she works for. "Oh dear… careful miss…"

Somehow Pepper still has a death grip on the young woman's arm, and when Brin manages to push her force field back out again, she takes a breath and calms. "No, JARVIS, I think we're okay for now." For now.

Looking at Brin then the young woman, she asks them both with sincere concern, "Are you both okay?"

With the police coming through and the mental pressure gone, the crowd isn't exactly easy to quell, but is easier.

It takes a while for them to get to the front and Brins had to maintain the shield for that time. Pale, a headache starting, she looks at Pepper and nods "I'll be fine. Nothing that motrin and a sleep won't help with."

The pearlescent skinned woman, takes one look at the police and is off with a muttered "I'm fine…" to Pepper. She's probably just afraid of the police, right?

The telepath is knocked and slumps in Mystiques arms … there's no sign of backup. But Mystique is right. There must have been some. Did they just sacrifice this woman?

Okay Mystique will be very sure to check her for trackers and bugs. Right now though she helps her 'friend' away from the mobs of people and down a side street away from the action, easily supporting her like she is just stumbling not out cold.

Pepper seems a bit surprised, but she doesn't stop the young woman from leaving before the police reach them. Instead, her attention is now entirely on Brinley. "JARVIS, if you could send a car, we'd really appreciate it." She rummages in her bag, then offers the empath a small bottle of (tepid) water and a small bottle of paracetamol. "If you want to come back to the tower to rest, you know you're welcome. Otherwise, I can have a car take you wherever you'd like to go."

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