Out Of Darkness

August 18, 2016:

In the dark of an alley, dark things occur. The Magdalena intercedes. (Emits by Zee)

New York


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Fade In…

"Come with me, I can promise you will experience the most perfect bliss…" The voice that emits from the darkened alley is as dry as the grave. Any who hear it will likely shudder reflexively. It's the type of voice that will generally leave the listener having nightmares for weeks.

Over the street is a sense of menace, a predator is stalking their prey and it seems the very air knows it.

"Bliss? Yes please…" comes the reply. The voice is a light contralto and the words are slightly slurred, as if the speaker is drunk.

"Just step towards me, child …"

"I would not do that" speaks another voice; determined and warning in tone. "The bliss it has in mind is a false pleasure." The Magdalena drops from the fire escape and to the sidewalk, cape flowing out around her before settling around her armored body. She looks into the darkness from under her hood. "He will use you and toss you away with a moment's thought. His voice is alluring but there is not an ounce of warmth in it."

The Magdalena rises to her feet, the Spear of Destiny in her right hand. "Nor an ounce of life. One more step and it will make it your last." If you can't convince a drunkard…terrify them.

"And as for you in the shadows…why not come into the light a little?"

As The Magdalena lands on the ground, she is totally ignored by the young man with long dirty blonde hair. The youth, he can't be more than eighteen or nineteen, takes one step and then two towards the shadow. Entranced.

From the depths of the shadows, red eyes glimmer and fix on the bearer of the Spear of Destiny "But the darkness is so welcoming, little one. Why don't you join me in it." The power that emanates, seeking The Magdalena's mind, is immense. This is no young Vampire. This one is old, perhaps not ancient, but it has had a century if not longer to hone its skills.

As it speaks, a hand with long, filthy, yellow nails, reaches out to snag the front of the young mans shirt, drawing him closer. "Such a pretty one, this one is. Let me finish what I started here and then we can business."

It may have had more than a century but the Magdalena has had two thousand years to hone her skills - in a sense at least. "Leave him be" she instructs the hideous creature in her falt, professional tone. She strides forward into the shadows, her left hand plucking crucifix shaped throwing knives from her armour.

"Let the man free and your end will be a quick one." The Spear glows. The presence of nearby evil is agitating the divine weapon; it's almost like it wants to leap from the Magdalena's hand. "Last warning."

"Oh child, please…" the youth is totally obscured by the shadows, Magdalena might need to act quickly. "I know you want to watch what will befall you next." She can hear the sigh of the man and likely can imagine his head being wrenched backwards as fangs lower to the jugular.

"Stop your nonesense and your end will be forever…" this Vampire, for surely that's what this is, is overly confident. "… along with that spear of yours…"

It had been warned. There is only so much forgiveness in her heart before 'kicking ass for the Lord'…kicks in. Her left hand is a blur as the crucifix knives, annointed in Holy Water, fly through the air and into the molesting shadow. Their divine power striking the creature even as the thrower charges forward. No yell of battle. No gloating words now. The Magdalena is all business as her Spear prepares to strike.

Thud Thud The sound is a squelchy sortof meaty sound as the Crucifix daggers hit the flesh of the vampire. The sounds are accompanied by bright flares of light and a strangled, gravely "Arrrrgh".

The youth, still in the Vampires clutches, a tiny trickle of blood running down his throat is drawn in front of the creature to use as a shield. "I see… you think you can best me. See how you go with this…" There's pain in that voice, and the creature is weakened but still it's fell power reaches out, much less than before, across the alley.

Magdalena can feel it - that powerful, alluring darkness - but unlike most it inspires her rather than makes her cower and run. The blood of Christ runs through her veins and He was able to resist the Devil Himself. "I do not think I can best you" she states flatly, her eyes constantly judging the creature's defences and their relative positions. "But I am but a vessel for the Lord…and He can best you."

The spear feints in one direction before spinning in her hands to jab the point at the beast. The divine blade sliding past the young man's neck to sink into the vampire…unless it leaps back and leaves its victim behind. The Magdalena always moving now. Her years of training making every maneuver second nature.

The youth still too entranced to realise what is happening, looks at The Magdalena with vacant eyes.

"Come try then, child…" The vampire taunts in return, simply not realising what he's got himself into.

As the spear spins, he turns, taking the youth with him, slowed by the divinity of the daggers. The spear misses his neck but slices cruelly into his shoulder blade, its travel halted by bone.

The reaction is slow - light starts within inside the Vampire, starting where the tip of the spear is embedded. Slowly, ever slowly, a bright light starts to grow, blossoming outwards … everything it touches burns bright - bright white and blue flames.

And still the creature clutches the youth to it. "I'll take this one with me … if I must."

How quickly can The Magdalena move? Can she save the youth from the flames of the divine?

Magdalena has no time to gloat - pride cometh before a fall…as the vampire is demonstrating. She leaps forward, wrapping her arm around the victim and then continuing to swing around his torso to put herself between the vampire and the youth. As the burning power of the divine consumes the creature, she wraps her cloak around him. The undead hands that grip him weaken as its arms turn to ash and the Magdalena knocks the taloned parts away before they burn the flesh with their destruction.

"You bitc——" the Vampires words are swallowed as flames blue engulf it.

The Magdalena's actions save the youth from immolation, leaving him slightly smouldering where the limbs she knocks away have already started to burn.

The youth in The Magdalena's arms shudders once, then twice, uttering a pained sound as he does. Finally, the trance wears off and he finds himself engulfed in the cloak and he struggles. "Geroff me …"

Where the Vampire once stood is now just a pile of ashes … with smoke rising from them. Guess you could say he was dust.

Magdalena pulls her cloak away and offers the young man a faint smile. "You should be careful when out alone at night. Not everyone is truly offering what they say." He looks to be annoyed enough to get home safely so Magdalena picks up her daggers from the ash and slips them back onto her armor. A genuflection over the remnants and a little prayer to protect the alley from evil before she is away into the night once more.

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