Glass Eyes

August 16, 2016:

Talisman meets Ripclaw and X-Man.


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Prospect Park this day is sunny, a light breeze and noisy with an odd festival, a festival of colors, arts, craft and most notably dolls. All shapes, sizes, age ranges and types there is even a walled away adult section. It is a day for enthusiasts from around the world.

Rows upon rows of tables show off multitudes of Living Dead, Rob ZOmbie Dolls, Monster Babies, Cabbage Patch, Robots, Teddy Bears, you name it. They are here. Even action figures, one particular booth is dedicated to superheroes of our era, you can see everyone who has been on the news in the past ten years and more, even a life sized Booster Gold.

"Thank you, Robert. Without my nephews here it is very hard to move all of these." An eldery woman offers the pale skinned man beside her, a smile comes to his features to match her own.
"It is no problem, Yaya. You have always been kind to me."
A collection of baskets and bags is placed down and he rifles through it, "Mayan Worry dolls? You are a true scoundrel, old woman."
"I am a businesswoman. These people, they think we all look a like, they make it too easy."
Ripclaw chuckles and straightens up to look the rest of the festival over, the smell is a mix of humans, craft-work, various smokes and vendors. It is in it's own way pleasant, a true gathering of people to exchange and share some culture even if it lies in the form of dolls. "Coyote would be proud of you."
"Well, I have told you once I am one of his favorite daughters."
Robert walks in a lazy pacing circle around the woman's lean to - booths full of all manner of Native American dolls, cork husks dolls, wood, porcelain, hundreds of them and all of them handmade. He has always found dolls creepy, it is apparently a shared psychological hiccup of many not just himself but then you get exposed to something like this…

Definitely on the side of those who don't think dolls are creepy, Nate is having some fun just looking around. He heard about the festival last night at the theatre, and he honestly had no idea dolls could come in so many shapes and forms.

Of all people in the New York, though, he would have rated Ripclaw as the most unlike to be here… well, maybe slightly behind Rose or Laura. He spots the pale-skinned Native American easily enough. He draws attention. "Funny meeting you here," he notes, heading his way and making sure Robert hears him with some telepathic help.

One moment there is nothing, and in a split second there is a sensation, a feeling shrouded in feathers, fur, and the ribbed casing of bone running along skin. With the featherlight gathering and departure a woman stands at the booth before the old 'Yaya' and that of Nate and Ripclaw.

within calloused hands an Inupiaq doll turns, the furred edges brushed tenderly by urnt and worn hands to clear the facade of the doll and reveal the daintily painted edges of lips and eyes beneath a hood.

Something in those eyes makes them shift citrine among almond hue, brows furrowing when her head reflectively bows, sending onyx hair along defined jawline. what is not held back in a lazy and loose braid is featherlight and teasing along contoured facade.

That was just a dream… Just a dream.

Talisman has issues on contact of the doll, a flicker of that mirrored image that has coronet there and gone, as well as the ritualistic paintings of her people's Shaman''s across skin, smudged beneath eye… "Coyote has nothing to do with those who know better." Revealing just then the exposure more due to emotion then -will-. "Otherwise, some of these need work."

A draw from the doll in hand as money is tugged from a tight pocket along hip, offering it to the elder woman. "Titi."

Ripclaw tips his head upon seeing Nate, "You following me?" Teasing of course though some part of him is very curious as to why the young man is at a doll festival. "If you are here looking for any action figures of X-Man, there are none. I looked already. The most popular seems to be Supergirl." A person the world has not seen for many months as is the run, many heroes he has found require downtime and to hide from the stress of title and duty.

"Listen to you girl, trying to act like you know Coyote's wisdom or fine craftsmanship." Yaya doesn't decline the offered money though, she has to eat. Unremarkable none of her dolls possess any form of magic or spirit, the woman contrary to popular stereotype is not mystically inclined. Her poor eyesight even had her not even realizing how Talisman has appeared in a rather magical arrival.

Withdrawing his attention from Nate upon the sudden arrival of Elizabeth the Cyborg-Mutant-Mystic finds himself staring openly at the young woman speaking to the elder, "You are her. The Shaman's daughter." The shaman is an amusing title to Ripclaw, it is akin to one man calling himself The Doctor when there are so many. Though, there are far more Doctors than Shamans.
"Paul Browndog's daughter? Yaya inquires.
"Who? No, Yaya. Another… "

"No, I heard about this… wait, the X-Men have action figures?" That is just weird. And Nate has to wonder if Xavier gets royalties out of them or something. Just weird. And speaking of weird. Sudden teleporting women!

Nate automatically falls into a fighting stance. And scans around for hostiles, giving Talisman a very wary looks… she is buying a doll. The thing to do in the festival, yes. Contrarily to teleporting. "Oh, friend of yours?" He glances back at Ripclaw, relaxing slightly.

Shaman seems an okay name to him. Like calling oneself the Engineer. Or maybe X-Man. There are a lot of those too. Maybe more than real shamans.

Life is bigger,
It's bigger
And you, you are not me
The lengths that I will go to
The distance in your eyes
Oh no, I've said too much,
I set it up…

As the one she calls Titi and another Yaya does ot define the language difference, the look shifted between Talisman and now Nate, as well as Richard is one of something deeper, and there is no defense in her stance as she holds the doll.

Near blind Yaya does ot even notice the gratuity slipped to her in increments of mass surrounded by CSD $1. Her life over a doll is far better…

But it is what Elizabeth does for her people… And the money the Canadian Government as well as the DEO has passed her means nothing. Talisman missed her home.

"No, if you speak of craft, this is Coyote. If you speak of his wisdom, he would fool even me." But as she states as much her eyes flash a blue in the backdrop of ochre, sliding over Ripclaw and Nate.

A lght lift of chin does not have those eyes leaving them, in fact, the doll is twisted and turned, shifted behind her back possessively…. "I am Shaman's daughter…" And while eyes narrow on Ripclaw…seeking… probing…feeling…

…Nate can feel that brush… that push, but insted of mutant it is mystical..

"I said I couldn't find any. So I am unsure." This in regards to the X-Men dolls. Robert spoke only of X-Man, Nate himself. Likely it exists somewhere. There is a fanbase for everything and the current trend is extranormal.
"I am Robert Bearclaw." Ripclaw states firmly, his renown is limited but it is there if one knows enough. "This is my friend, Nate Grey." "And this is Elder Yaya. What brings you to New York City, Miss Twoyoungmen?"
The old lady licks each finger and counts each dollar. Mumbling something about her craft and dolls and young people. The rest, well its all just noise to her. Coyote, crafts, spirits, this stuff they grow up with in a world of supermen, women, monsters, aliens and demons it just becomes day to day life otherwise you end up afraid to go outside. Fortunately as a people they're ready to encounter such things. Just right now she is more interested in making some cash.
Nate feels the scan against his mind and tries to block it, giving Talisman a warning glare, his left eye flaring gold for a second. But that wasn't exactly telepathy, still something in the psychic plane? He narrows his eyes and peers into the Astral briefly. "Nice to meet you," he offers, not sounding too sure about it. She looks like she got here from some trouble, or maybe she is looking for it. "I shouldn't complain, but do you usually teleport in to buy dolls?"

Count all she likes, the old woman has been given a 'gift', and if she feels false, will event still be silent. Talisman, on the other hand stays quiet on her own and has a thumb stroking over the Inu-dolls, ruff. Even as Ripclaw inquires and she hesitates.. A wavering thumb over the rabbit fur parka..

"I seek answers… and explanations.." Talisman is about to square off with Nate, it is evident when the doll she bought is shoved into her back pocket of high-rise jean shorts. "Not explain what I do in this country and why…" Her pace moves from a woman to that of an animal as she approaches the two men, her aura (if readable) is lycan, and the energy around her shifts, a rubix cube of readings.

"This doll…" A thrust of the wooden and wool, as well as furred doll is held towards Nate, "How many roots can I sow?" An echo resides in her voice and she looks plaintively towards Ripclaw, righting, thugh, with mention of her father on his lips.

"Elizabeth "Talisman" Twoyoungmen." A brief nod. "I just happened here.. The spirits act as they will…" Lies.

"Elizabeth." Ripclaw says as if trying to imprint her name and be used to it. "Very well, Elizabeth, I think my companion is only looking out for your safety. This is not Canada, our people are not as accepting of the casual displays of strange and abnormal as your country. Things like that usually draw the attention of the unwanted and the Department." The rest not needing said, it is also an X-Force habit to stay under the radar. Even as spirit phasing and low yield to attention drawing as her planeswalking was it was still, to those who witnessed it highly irregular. Ths wonam is likely used to pleasant and praising reception in her home, not something they often get in the States. "My curiosity to your presence and ongoing is just that, friendly inquiry."

"Safety? Nah, I was just curious," mentions Nate. "Also, people teleporting close to me often try to kill me. Unless they are snarky blondes… and it has been a while of that," and a couple parallel dimensions, too. Sometimes he remembers the most stupid things out of the blur of his pre-626 memories.

Still, he steps back, still trying to make sense of Elizabeth's words and psychic aura. "I don't think anyone else saw her appearing trick. At least no one is pointing a cell phone this way." He checked twice.

"Perhaps because I am casual in my nature," A pause in her watch of Nate and his lax after defense. "It is all they ask… Your Departments.." Or so Liz is lead to believe.

"I do not take offense," A reassuring glance towards Ripclaw as the doll is clutches to plexus. A grip that shows possession and affection in the curled-finger grip. "I only come to help, removed from my home."

The final words though… Eyes linger on Nate and soften, nearly sadden. The emotion not removed as they shift back to Ripclaw. "Ripclaw," A name said out of moreso convenience then truth…

"You know the Spirits will, tell him. If one dies - we all die. I cannot do this alone, even the Supreme knows… I am here until we can bring balance." … But those words do not seem -hers- as Talisman's eyes glow a blue with electricity sparking from the cat's eye'd view.

A look towards Nate, the X-Man, mutant. One that seems to beg as much as the grip upon doll.

Then to Ripclaw…. A static that electrifies much akin to her eyes. "I want peace." To go home.

"Good." All Ripclaw says in regards to watching about cellphones. Unwanted attention is just that.
"Don't we all." Robert doesn't comment on the spirits, he likely isn't about to. He rarely finds it his place to do as much. It's a personal thing unless it is wanted to be otherwise. It's not as if he is blind to her channeling he just isn't going to try and point out, maybe that would be rude, this could very well just be who and what she is. "Ripclaw is only a name I use when we're doing… business. You can call me Robert for now, I insist."
"That sounds complicated," notes Nate vaguely. It all sounds too mystic-like for him. "But if you want peace, you are in the wrong business. And if you want…" he heard 'home' but she didn't say it, just thought it very loudly. "Hell if I know. But New York is a good place to stay for a while. Never a dull moment. We even have dolls of all kinds," he smirks.

Nate now garners Liz's attention, her hed tits and she looks between the two 'teammates' with a perk of brow. "I am not…" 'In the wrong business..'

The doll is placed in back pocket of demin shorts, a fabrication of tattered material risen high upon hips, but dangerous on thighs. Revealing enough to slowly fabricate the sinew straps and a single bade, remnant there. A cast of that omnipresent blue circumventing it.

"This is the only business I know, and it can be home." Her defiance… Indigence, pride shows in the way a hawk-like glare is re-directed between the duo, though upon 'Robert' she stops now.

"Alright, Robert. Then let's end this… For both our sakes." A gesture that holds empty hand out, just as it becomes nearly transparent and the dolls as well as booth can be seen between…

"I'm not here for dolls, just to be sure we do not become them, X-Man." A regard to Nate with a softened smile and Talisman's painted facade fully appears, as well as that of her coronet.

Wavering between the two realms..

"That is the idea." Robert states though he is in some form agreeing with Talisman. The differences do need ended, peace is the ideal but, right now, X-Force is engaged in war and Ripclaw cannot stop on that front until it is fully ended. The X-Men are better suited at forming peace and making the world open it's eyes; at least now that the Justice League is gone and Ripclaw himself has no clue an Avengers is formed.
"We will speak again, Elizabeth. It appears we run in the same circles. I need to get back to helping Yaya, I can feel her eyes on me. I'll call you later, Nate."
Turning away from the two Ripclaw begins un packaging more of the old womans Kachina dolls. While the lady pretends to be an Apache to a passing tourist to pitch one of that tribes dolls.

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