4000 Years Later

August 13, 2016:

Iron Guard crosses paths with Black Adam

Sanctuary Adrianna - Khandaq


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[EXT. Sanctuary Adrianna - Adrianna Refugee Sanctuary - Khandaq]

-=Not Long Ago=-

Thousands of eyes turn to the sky as the gray-clouds above bulge and begin to peel away to reveal the tessellating light of the heaven. A great shadow then moves across the sky obscuring disc of Aton before descending towards the firmament.

A steel square measuring two-hundred feet on each side falls slowly from the sky its surface laden with giant shipping containers. As eyes focus a single figure can be seen at the center of the square, its impossible bulk displaced across his shoulders, as it glides towards a shallow concrete bunker.

Mighty Adam descends into the bunker which has been built to the exact dimensions of the square. The steel square slides into place with a deep *THUNK*.

There is a palatable sense of joy through the refugees as members from the United Nations, the World Food Bank, and the Red Cross begin forward to unload the new supplies.


A hundred miles from the refugee camp Mighty Adam stands alone upon the tallest dune of his vast desert. The immortal's fists rest upon the gilded sash across his waist, elbows akimbo, as he seems to peer beyond the curvature of the Earth to witness the results of his own majesty.

This entire affair is a regular occurence and one he often leverages against those who would denounce him as a petty dictator.

There is a silver streak in the sky now, as Iron Guard flies over the desert, spotting the refugee camp along the way. It was not his goal, but the shipping containers draw his attention and he slows down to do a cursory scan. Nothing interesting in the containers, but his sensors spot Black Adam, and he decides to land. It causes a brief commotion among the refugees and the guards. But thanks to the translators of the armor, he can speak the language and explain himself.

The power of Aton reflects off of the silvery streak..

Below, Kang might detect Mighty Adam's gaze is drawn towards the glinting light for his posture shifts as his neck cranes his head upward.

In the next moment Adam gently lifts from the dune so that the fluid air of Shu separates the soles of his boots from the firmament. A roll of his wide shoulders bring his fists from his hips and draw broad arms across the pulsing sigil of lightning upon on his chest in a stern mannerism.

Whether servant or soldier whatever their conversation none rush to an aggressive defense. A wave of trepidation seems to ripple across the mass of refugees who truly are not sure what to do.

"Peace," the word is spoken loudly in Arabic, "Whomever you are this is not the place for conflict or conversation. These men rebuild their lives and our business shall not interfere in that. Join me."

Adam begins to ascend then while moving steadily backwards drawing distance between himself and the refugee host.

Nathaniel was trying to explain that he is not Iron Man, which is becoming a tradition for him. But he did pattern his armor after Stark’s, so it is his fault. Adam’s arrival scatters the crowd, so he is left little choice but follow. Which is mostly what he wanted, to draw the attention of Khandaq’s champion. “It is an honor to meet you, Teth-Adam,” he states, flying to meet him. Not Arabic, he is talking in ancient Egyptian. “My name is Iron Guard. I was not aiming to interfere, merely interested in the plight of those folks.”

Adam continues to ascend until the camp is little more than a speck. Well beyond the typical eyesight of mortal men.

Teth-Adam's features betray him for he blinks twice in evident surprise when the futuristic figure speaks to him in a forgotten tongue, "Then you would be amongst the few who have taken interest in them," is Adam's reply when the shock of the words gives way to actual contemplation of them, "The conquests of men have driven many in the region from their homes. They are scattered to the world seeking merely seeking merely to survive without war, without hunger, and without execution."

"The wealthy nations fear bringing poverty into their borders. The wealth of Khandaq is its people. Any who will work are given a job constructing the survival of their children and their children. In the ancient times my father demanded slave labor to fabricate a false immortality in the great pyramids to the west."

"I am not chained to such temporal concerns. Let men who will labor for their families and their neighbors work without fear of genocide. Let their children rise up to advance a society without mortal oppression."

"An Oasis in the desert."

Er… it was the clinical interest of a scientist that had never seen a refugee camp. But Nathaniel is happy to let Adam think he is some kind of humanitarian when he actually has serious problems empathizing with people. Good thing he is wearing a helmet.

“But do you have natural resources for… how many people, hmm,” he is actually making the calculations. And he stops himself just in time. “That is generous of you. The nation states of the current time are jealous of their wealth. It is quite shortsighted. Ah, but I am a time traveler, I hope you can forgive me if I make strange questions and observations.”

"The world has the resources to support them," Adam replies with arms still folded across his chest without greater elaboration. It is clear that the arrival of the supplies was from beyond Khandaq's borders though the exact nuances of their provision may or may not be immediately clear to one who is not entrenched in political nuances of Adam's dealing with other UN Member Nations.

"Time traveler…," he repeats the words with less surprise than when he heard the tongue he had thought was forgotten.

The Wisdom of Zehuti.

"You have studied the past," Adam declares, "possessing technology from the future. One man might ask why you did not correct the errors of history. Another might observe that you are a scientist and you cannot interfere - only to study - and yet you have declared yourself to me betraying an oath of non-interference. A paranoid mind would then ask if perhaps you have revealed yourself to me because you believe that it shall make no difference in the few moments I have left.."

"Yet, all of these questions are asked by a being who cannot see beyond a single thread of existence. You have traveled the tapestry of fate and now comb the individual threads with a greater purpose. Tell me, time traveler, why are you here?"

“In fact, I was here almost four thousand years ago,” replies Iron Guard. “Which was six months for me.” Adam’s complicated reasoning makes him chuckle. Although he is right assuming he was looking for something here. “No. I am not hiding my presence or my intent. And for the time being I am trapped in this time and therefore quite interested in seeing it prosper and avoid the… some dark events that happened in the history of my timeline. As for what I am doing here right now, ah… I did something here many centuries ago, I arranged for some devices to be sent this area. But it was a rushed effort and it might have failed.”

Mighty Adam considers the burial of items within his domain.

The furl of his arms goes a bit slack revealing more of the pulsing lightning sigil upon his chest. Sharp angular features soften a bit while dark gold-flecked eyes observe the Iron Guard for a silent moment.

"Then you were right to come to me," is what he says, "the theft of Khandaq's resources is a grave offense but I acknowledge that the sands have been the home of countless people and that their myriad secrets. What purpose do these devices serve?"

“It is complicated,” explains Nathaniel. And he is not sure he should tell Adam. But he is trying to be open, so… “During the reign of Pharaoh Hatshepsut, which I think was a few centuries before the founding of ancient Khandaq, there was a conflict with a time-traveling villain called Kang the Conqueror. At one point I managed to briefly take control of a very large time-displacement vehicle. I used the device to return myself and several associates to the present time, but I also pushed the machine through space-time to deny its use to Kang. It should have crashed in this area, perhaps a thousand years ago. It might have disintegrated, but probably it survived. It was a very sturdy thing.”


This word elicits a faint arch of Adam's left brow as he considers the claim and then listens to the rest of the explanation, "And if you recover the vehicle?" Adam asks him, "What then?"

Good question, it is something he is still considering. “I could use the surviving technology to make the world a better place. Or perhaps I should destroy it, as much of it may be weaponry from the 41st Century. The point is moot, however, as my armor sensors cannot find traces of the machinery.”

"Ah," comes Adam's reply, "but now you are thinking as the man who has met the time traveler and yet cannot consider the full scope existence."

"In the time between this moment and the day Aton passes I can search every grain of sand that exists within the border of Khandaq. Even the most powerful of sensors cannot see to infinity. If your machine exists then I can assure you that it is not lost to the ages."

"Dark events," Adam repeats his earlier phrase, "Your timeline exists before and behind us and yet man does not often speak with trepidation towards that which has already been recorded. What grim future do you seek to escape?"

It was not Nathaniel machine except in the very roundabout way he is/could be Kang’s past. “Even if it is buried a hundred yards under the sand?” He asks. But then he shakes his head. “Your question is, again, rather complicated. But I can say that in my records this Heroic Age ends soon, with the heroes betrayed and murdered and almost all mutants and meta-humans massacred without mercy. The Dark Age that follows will be three generations ruled by unrestrained, unprecedented greed and the see the despoiling of Earth’s recourses. And as the next century begins humankind’s survivors will have to restart civilization almost from scratch.”

"And so I ask you," Adam speaks, "Do you intend to unmake this history or to flee from it?"

“I will fight for the present, not for my future,” states Iron Guard. “As should everyone. The Dark Age is only a probability, and although it is a very likely one, there is still a chance to prevent it.”

"Too much of humanity the wealth of the present is more important than the prospects of the future," Mighty Adam circles the conversation back around, "Such is the narrow vision of mortality."

"I cannot travel time as easily as you once did," Adam states directly, "To secure my vision of the future it is important that I assure your past will not come to fruition. If you will involve me in your efforts to divert our course from your dark age then I shall recover whatever remains of your vehicle - before the fires of Aton are extinguished."

“That is a rather generous offer of aid I cannot reject,” replies Nathaniel, sounding surprised. Adam has also been quick to believe all what he said without asking for proof, which would be hard to come by besides some mathematical models most people in the 21st century wouldn’t understand at all. It is strange! Did he promise to find Kang’s machines at some point in the next few billion years? Definitely strange.

“Let me talk with some of my associates in America and I will get back at you,” he offers. “I have managed to gather a small group of people that believes me. In fact, some are also from other times and they know what is coming.”

"Very well," Adam replies simply, "Travel here or leave word at our embassy in America."
Would Iron Lad know that Adam was the heir of Jebediah O' Keenan, the Champion, — SHAZAM - or that he was tutored by the Nabu - the Lord of Order? Each existed within the cradle of humanity centuries before Adam and neither would balk at the concept of eternity or trespassing time.

"When you have already pulled at the tapestry of time. Tell them that Mighty Adam will aid them in unraveling the dark threads."

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