Not Going Smoothly

March 12, 2015:

In the aftermath of the raid on the Ironworks, Shift interrogates a Triad leader with May's help much to Jericho's amusement.

Gotham Ironworks

The Ironworks are a bit torn up after the raid, and there's a Smooth Lab in here that'll have to be dealt with.


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Fade In…

One of the interesting things about Limbo is the time dialation makes for all sorts of interesting possibilities. Shortly after vanishing into Limbo with Zee and Jesana, Jericho reappears to help with the clean up, which includes the Triad leader that Shift subdued. He's really curious what they were doing here and why the hell HYDRA is manufacturing Smooth. Smooth was bad business for everyone and he'd rather not the Snakes get into mutant neutralization again, especially in an addictive form. An addictive narcotic form…

"May? Shift?" He's headed out toward the parking lot. SHIELD clean up crew doesn't seem to have arrived yet.


His transformation into plasma phase was ugly. Shift has essentially absorbed all kinds of ugly substances into his body because of it, but he's pulled himself up by the bootstraps and is headed back to the parking lot. His skin just doesn't seem as black as it usually is, his boot steps are beleaguered and heavy, but his eyes remain utterly determined.

"Dey will burn it. Destroy it." Loathing fills the Ghanaian's voice, and he casts a look toward May, referencing the massive quantities of smooth discovered in the Snakes warehouse. "Not study it. Right?"


"I'll make sure of it. Or I'll destroy it myself," May promises Odame. She's seen what that crap is capable of, and she's NOT about to let it loose again. She's keeping pace with Shift even while dragging the Triad leader along. He's been neatly trussed up with zip-ties, and her sash whip is currently doubling as a convenient carry strap.

She stops at the doorway leading out of the iron works and lets the gang leader settle back to the floor. After a moment of slight distraction, she focuses on Kwabena again. "SHIELD teams are en route. ETA ten minutes." She can't help but think they'd get here faster if this place weren't inside Gotham city limits.

When she hears Jericho's voice, she calls back just loud enough to be heard, "By the doors."


The hacker's eyes are fully alight when he approaches and his blade is out. He's not often seen like this. Normally his eyes just glimmer or flash. Now they look like someone lit a bonfire behind them. There's some silvery metal coating both of his forearms, as there often is when his blade is out and generally only then. "Ah, haven't left yet. Good. I was hoping to see what the deal was here." He glances down to the Triad leader and then back to the Smooth lab. "So what are you going to do with him?"


It takes a lot for Shift to trust someone, and a hell of a lot more for him to trust an organization with government backing. That being said, May's reaction is not what he expected. A flash of respect goes through his eyes, and he nods his head toward her in an approving manner. Thus must be why Jericho hangs out with her.

As soon as Chao Lin shows up, though, a dark expression returns. "Give me five minutes with him," he remarks.

Without exactly asking for permission, he approaches Lin, grabbing the mob leader by the scruff of his neck. With a grunt, he picks the fellow up and pushes him against the wall, glowering. "You recognize my face, asshole?"

Lin squints his eyes and nods, blurting out a derisive remark in Mandarin. He recognizes the African's face from the night when Shift saved Lin's life at Two Face's illegal, underground fight club.


Melinda May steps aside and lets Shift 'chat' with their prisoner. The man's derisive words don't even prompt a raised eyebrow from her. So unimaginative. Not to mention if she pretends to not understand him, he may let slip something simply because Shift doesn't speak Mandarin. She asides to Trent, "The others okay?"


"Zatana's safe and so is her friend. Both are Elsewhere." He doesn't say Limbo in front of Shift because… he remembers how the Ghanian was when he first found the guy. "I need to have a chat with said friend. Elsewhere isn't safe for her. And I'll need to move them out soon, but other than that, yeah, everyone should be fine." The hacker glances over to the Triad leader.

As Shift is questioning the guy a pair of cat slitted eyes peer over from under a nearby SUV. It's K'nert. After a moment he slinks out and toward the incipient interrogation.

"Everything okay on your end?" Jerichos genuinely curious but also making a pretence of May not seeing anything.


"English." Kwabena pushes a bit, not enough to choke Lin off but enough to be more menacing. "I'll make dis easy fah you. Been keeping yah precious Triads safe for de last few months. Got enough on you and yah opahration to make, let's say, twenty to life seem like a good retirement plan. But I'm a reasonable man. You tell me what I want to know, I'll make sure dese SHIELD assholes don't get within a hundred miles of you."

Don't take it personally, May. He's bluffing.

"Richard Dackleman. Where is he?"

Lin narrows his eyes and smirks. What comes out next is spoken in Mandarin again. "So, it was you all along. We are the Triads. We don't need protection."

"English," presses Shift. "You're out of time, Lin."

"You'll never find him!" Again, in Mandarin. "Even if I tell you, you'll never find —" Lin gags on his last word; looks like Shift is,pressing.

"Don't test me. Tell me, or I'll make sure you're eating prison grub for de rest of yah-"

"He's in Paris," chokes Lin in Mandarin. "But it doesn't matter! You'll never find him!"


Melinda May nods slightly to Trent, then notices K'nert approaching. "Shift. Maybe I can help you convince your friend there to speak in English." It's not like she hasn't already heard everything he's said. But, she's feeling a bit vindictive and petty at the moment. She steps toward the little demon and kneels down to speak to it quietly. "A quart of banana rum jam Haagen Dazs if you humor me for three minutes." If the little demon agrees, she'll reach to pick him up.


K'nert isn't given to doing favors. Unless they involve things that humor him to begin with. Ice cream in exchange for scaring the crap out of a human? Possibly more than one? That's okay. He's not worried about losing status to May. Not after what Jericho did the last time she came to Limbo. He idly wonders if the hacker's told May.

Jericho cants his head and folds his arms, watching as K'nert allows himself to be picked up. "Dackleman?" He recognizes the name. "I thought you'd taken him out."


Paris. It was enough to go on, but perhaps May can get something a bit more concrete. He glances toward the agent, watching as she speaks with K'nert for a moment. He cocks an eyebrow before releasing Chao Lin, letting the mobster slump against the wall, catching his breath. Jericho will likely remember the name of Richard Dackleman, but regardless, he steps over toward the mercenary to speak with him quietly. "He got away. Jumped town fah greatah pastures. Didn't think he was capable of making de shit on his own, dough. Not without his chemist's help." The chemist, who had been locked up inside of the Darkness ever since. There's a chip on Shift's shoulder with this one; the chemist was the reason he's been trapped inside that strange dimension of hell for so long. Silver eyes glance toward the warehouse, where the smooth was stockpiled, before looking back to watch May and K'nert.


Melinda May gently picks up the little demon like she would a cat and carries it over to directly in front of Lin's face. "Now. Would you care to tell Shift what you said, in English this time, or should I let my friend here illustrate what his favorite food is?" Of course, the man would have no idea that May believes K'nert's favorite food to be ice cream, but it's the threat that counts. Right? Please play along, K'nert. Please.


K'nert hisses and shows fangs, chomping within inches of the man's nose. Jericho has introduced K'nert to other baddies before, and always in the same way: He likes two things. Ice cream and hurting people. And really, that's fairly true. K'nert is after all a demon.

The whole thing has Jericho kind of smirking behind the other two. He doesn't even have to break out the really bad 'enhanced techniques' for this.


"Huah!" gasps Lin. Yeah, Shift was scary for a few reasons, but this? This is far beyond anything Chao Lin has ever seen. "Wait! Wait! He's… 18 Rue de la Paix! Fifth floor, penthouse suite! Get it away, get it away!"

That… was in English.

"You want dat affidavit notarized?" Shift as well finds himself smirking, the quip meant for May all along. He had no intention of ever keeping Lin out of custody, after all.


"No," May tells Shift. She momentarily debates letting K'nert get one little nibble in on Lin's nose, then decides against it. She carefully offers the little demon to Jericho, then turns back to offer the Triad leader a slightly sarcastic little bow while saying in perfect Mandrin, "Thank you, for your cooperation."


Jericho accepts K'nert back and puts the demon down. The imp smirks and sits near Jericho's leg as he watches. "That was a Paris address…" He chews on that for a moment. "HYDRA messing with this stuff is bad business Shift. I take it this is something you'll want to chase? If so and I can help let me know. This stuff needs to go away. Hard."

He glances over at May and gives her a bit of a grin. That was perfect. And incredibly amusing.


Amusing is certainly the word. Otherwise, given the weight of everything, Shift wouldn't be smirking.

Chao Lin looks between the three of them, feeling heat on his face at having been betrayed. He narrows his eyes and begins to say something, but it's promptly cut off by Kwabena's fist, which meets the asian's temple and puts him on the floor for the remainder of his time out of handcuffs.

Shaking off his fist, he turns back to the others. "Closest we got was dat opahration in Alliance, with Stormwatch," he tells Jericho, looking between the hacker and May. "Nevah located de supply dat was housed dere. Guessing HYDRA got dere hands on it, but with Dackleman having jumped ship, Falzoni in Stormwatch custody, and Scales… elsewhere… dere shouldn't be any way for more of it to be created. Scales — Damian Woods — made de shit originally. Falzoni only reverse engineered it. Howevah." He raises a hand, lifting a finger. "Dackleman was dere all along."

Shift pauses for a moment; it was a lot of energy given his altered state, and he was going to need a good night's sleep and a ton of vitamins.

"Evah been to Paris?" he asks Trent.


Melinda May simply turns a faint smirk toward Trent and Odame, then offers K'nert a small nod before stepping outside to watch for the SHIELD teams that are supposed to arrive very soon.


"I hear it's nice this time of year." Jericho smirks back. "We'll have to carve some time out for this." He glances over toward where may walked off. "Though I'm often busy tracking other things. I'll help where I can… and May… might also be able to help." SHIELD probably has a vested interest in not having this stuff in HYDRA's hands. And if nothing else May's worked with Shift before. During the same op that Jericho met the man. "I'll be in touch." He says with a wave. "Stay safe. And give my regards to Rant."


"I'll be leaving in forty eight hours," answers Shift. "Soon as he hears Lin's in custody, he'll know his location is compromised. He'll be on de move." The Ghanaian trades a look with both. Either are welcome, otherwise he'll be going alone. Turning away, the Ghanaian walks off with a purpose. "Rant will send you my flight details. Keep her out of dis." There's a weight behind those words, something meaningful but otherwise unspoken.


Melinda May nods after Shift, then after a brief pause she turns to look at Jericho. "Teams will be here in three minutes. Your choice if you want to be here when they arrive."


"I'll slip out unless you need me May." Shift's warning gets a curious look. But he doesn't plan on involving the other hacker. Whether she plans on involving herself is another question. And one he's going to stay well clear of. "Travel safe Odame."


After some distance is put between himself and the others, Shift grunts a bit and transforms into smoke. The transformation isn't as easy as usual, but as soon as it happens, he's gone, headed up into the sky. He's not usually this standoffish around people he trusts… then again, he's been somewhere most people wouldn't want to go.

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