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August 14, 2016:

Fathom Five attack the New York Harbour. Water Folk and a Champion respond

New York Harbour - New York


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War against a common enemy has a way of unifying groups of people. The trouble is once that threat has ended, the unity often does as well. Atlantis is often under threat but the war with the Lord of the Deep had focused its resources - and more importantly it's people - in one direction. Now?

Now old complaints are coming to the fore. One of them is a movement called At'la'tique, a phrase that describes the fury and majesty of the sea and also describes a group of radical anti-monarchist and anti-surface Atlanteans. Three days ago they raided several merchant ships off the Spanish coast and killed or injured 15 people as well as caused millions of dollars of damage.

This is where things get awkward. As something of a political test, several of the affected nations have asked the Blue to intercede in the matter. Trouble is, this has all taken place in sovereign Atlantean waters, a difference that still seems to elude many surfacers. So yes. Awkward.

Not that this matters just at the moment. One of At'la'tique's prime strike groups - a team calling itself the Fathom Five - just appeared in New York harbor with a several hundred foot long sea serpent which is presently attacking a pair of oil tankers docked there as the reast of the team blasts or otherwise engages the NYPD first responders. It's not going well at all, for the surfacers and neither of those tankers are going to stand up long to the kind of abuse they're taking.

Witchdoctor knew very little of Atlantis, beyond legend in the past and now newscasts in the current days. She knew their myth and she knew they possessed powerful magics of their own, but it was not a place she'd managed to visit or a war she'd gotten involved in. Until now anyway. After her earlier in the week encounter with some violence the Witch had been resting and recovering, a little 'fairy gold' credit card trick had seen her lounging in 5-star accomodation for a while, but the peace and quiet was not going so well when the giant sea-serpent had made its attack. With her usual 'civillian' wear still sporting some napalm related patches and her 'witch gown' not something great for swimming in the blonde woman traces her hands in a sweeping motion down her form, the rather simple cotton pyjamas she'd been wearing in her hotel room erased from existance to be replaced with more suitable black cargo pants and her white leather jacket, finishing off with her boots. She doesn't even bother to go retrieve her handgun before she vanishes in the glowing rush of 'butterfly lights' to teleport closer to the action. That pea-shooter isn't going to help any.

Word of this sort of attack always makes it back to Atlantis' monarchy, and there is always a response. Unfortunately, this time the response wasn't fast enough to keep the Fathom Five from making it to the surface and starting to attack.

Moving as quickly as possible, Mera and a contingent of the royal guard are on their way to deal with the radicals and the poor serpent they conscripted into assisting them. Mera herself actually finds it irksome to have to race to the rescue of the Surfacers over and over, but she understands why, and with Arthur too busy trying to restore the entirety of Atlantis after the Lord of the Deep's attacks, it's either she does this or no one does. And that would be entirely unacceptable.

"It's never quiet is it?" Ulani says to her companion as they arrive with a squad of six of Blue Elites and two powered armoured dolphins. "I've sent word to Queen Mera that we've been asked to intercede, but this takes precedence, I'm afraid."

The six Blue fan out fan out around the sea serpant, shaping water and sending 'stinging' darts at it - trying to distract it and draw it to them. "You and I can engage the others…" the Blue Envoy indicates them. This might be a big ask, but they can try. "Chipper and Leaper, with me."

"Yes Ulani!!!" the dolphins speak in a clicky way.

Queen Mera, thank you for coming. We could certainly use some assistance.

Rowan lives almost on the harbor. Doing something in it is sure to attract his attention. This is generally unwise. He nods to Ulani as they run along the beach. "I'll take the big one. Help contain the others."

They'll have to give him some room, the Elite. There's a roar that echoes out over the harbor even above the noise of the sea serpant and it's gold and blue clad rider abusing the tankers. If it weren't so terrifying it'd almost be comical the way it rears back and looks around for the source of the noise.

A blast of lightning answers it as a six winged reddish-white dragon fifty feet long zooms by, circles around and blasts it with another stream of electricity. The harbor workers actually cheer. That'd be the harbor dragon and in the manner of all surfacers they've kind of made it (they think it's an it) their own.

There's not too much time for cheering though. There's four other combatants on the ground actually in the harbor itself. On one of the piers a blue skinned man with a golden bladed trident pitches a police car overhead at another responding group of NYPD causing them to scatter for cover. He's been doing this for a bit or at least so the crunched squad cars in several places suggest. At his side a man with deeper blue skin, a crest on his head and a long almost cat like tail (yellow with spots as is the man's entire lower half) punches a responding DEO mandroid hard enough to crunch the chestplate in and send it flying. Another pair of mandroids - the remainder of the DEO response team - circles around and then abruptly one of them shoulders into the other and rams the both of them through another ship, making a hole on both ends. Mera will feel the telepathy. Apparently that one has the gift.

On the dock proper, near one of the cranes a woman with blue green skin and a white… rather minimalist outfit lifts her hands and pours enough water onto the dock to knock over several stacks of containers, which create a domino crash effect sending yet more officers scattering for cover. Not all of them are going to make it. There's too much falling metal. Above her a thing that very much looks like a monsterous jellyfish blasts lighting at a police helicopter, sending it spiraling down into the sea. The level of violence on display here requires a military response and that's simply not something the surfacers keep ready.

Well that, or a heroic response. And that may be much closer to hand.

We are approaching as quickly as possible, Mera informs Ulani. She senses the helicopter hitting the water, and sends two of the guard with her to help the Surfacers there if they can. Another pair are sent to try and retrieve any SUrfacers being knocked off of the two vessels the serpent is attacking, and the rest deployed around to help where and as they can. For her own part, Mera rises up out of the bay on a pillar of water, her own Atlantean royal armor modest and concealing compared to the water controller's more typical garb. She almost immediately sends spears of water at the car tosser, the telepath, the lightning-hurling jellyfish creature, and the water controller near the jellyfish. "You will cease this pointless violence!" she yells at the Five.

Witchdoctor doesn't exactly know what's going on, but it doesn't take a genius to work out that the people trying to kill cops are generally the bad guys. As the female knocks the containers downwards it looks like doom for several police officers, until the containers and water-wall alike slam up against some until-now invisible bubble of golden energy, crumpling the metals like they'd been hit by their own force doubled and halting the waves like they'd hit a damn. At the center of this dome? Alyse is revealed, her eyes literally glowing with the golden energy of channeled magic.

Effectively over-clocking herself like this was going to hurt her like hell in the after-effects and probably necessitate a lot more time in bed recovering, but there wasn't many alternatives. The arrival of the dragon? That actually makes her blink in a way that suggests she wasn't local enough to realise a freaking -dragon- lurked in the harbor, but for now she turns her attention to the officers. "Run, create a perimeter far back. You cannot stand against this."

"By Appolymi, Rowan…" Ulani looks grim as he takes dragon form and Fathom Five do their thing "Those are what the Surfacers call Mandroids' I believe." Since the war, she's been catching up on local law enforcement and associated politics. Something tells her, the DEO won't appreciate the help they're about to receive.

Give Rowan room to work. she signals to the Elite Six. They immediately fall back and start assisting Surfacers to safety, watching to see what the serpent does.

As Mera's spears of water speed for the two on the docks on proper, Ulani shapes water and 'throws' it at the two figures on the dock. She'll push them back into Mera's spears, hopefully… and if they fall into the water … there'll be Dolphin Surprise! waiting for them.

The car tosser, Mera may recognize him as he turns at her challenge. His name is Llyron and like the other blue-skinned Atlanteans he hails from the southern tribes. He's a known rebel and agitator with designs on the throne. Which throne changes occasionally, not that it matters much since it doesn't tend to win him any friends in power.

He is a dangerous combatant, though, skilled and strong. A prime specimen of his race. He defelcts the incoming water spears with a twirl of his trident before he takes a push from Ulani's waves. The one next to him isn't so lucky. He takes one through the shoulder and another through the side. It surely hurts. It's not enough to slow him down quite yet though and he leaps into the water with Ulani's wave. Yeah, he's probably in for a surprise.

In any case Llyron leaps into the air, flying as another, more famous member of his race does. He makes a beeline for Mera, shouting an inarticulate war cry as he speeds for her, trident stretched out in front of him.

Alyse's magic saves a number of lives and none of the officers argue with her. No sooner are they clear though than the jellyfish takes a water spear and turns his ire on the closest target. It's the wrong one but that may not comfort Witchdocter as lightning bolts rain down from on high. He's trying to use anything conductive, the metal, any water on the ground to get through that shield and zap the impudent mageling.

Ulani, meanwhile, finds herself on the recieving end of water manipulation. The sea behind her rises up in a great wave and simply crashes down at her while in the background the dragon circles the sea serpent, taunting it, zapping it and slowly drawing it back out to sea.

Mera does indeed recognize Llyron, and when he heads toward her with trident brandished, she lets him come. She waits until he's about three meters away before a 'cage' of water forms around him, trapping the trident in its walls. She's being nice at the moment. Don't try what little patience she's got.

Alyse gets a moment to half-curse as the Jelly-fish turns its sting-tendriled attentions her way, throwing the lighting her way. The shield is all well and good, but lightning bolts when they're all standing knee-deep in water don't exactly look to be something that will end well. Extending both hands towards the bolt headed her way she steps directly into its path and grits her teeth before the voltage surges into her…and nowhere else. It's intense enough for sparks to jump from the metal buttons on her jacket but it doesn't seem to be having quite the same effect as the creature probably hoped. Pulling all those lightnign strikes into her body is a neat trick, but the Witch isn't done yet. Closing her palms now the woman draws her hands back, turning like she intended to hurl a baseball at the creature. Instead of leather and hand-stitching however a deep-blue orb of siphoned energy rockets back at the thing. Return to sender.

As 'not Llyron' falls into the water, the two Dolphins are there to meet him. Bladed armour, slicing into him as they dart and turn around him. They've not deployed the ballistic weapons those suits are fitted with yet.

As the sea crashes down on Ulani, she's washed into the water - not that it really affects her, although she struggles a little not to get rammed into pylons or other underwater structures. Shedding her Surface clothes, they'll just slow her down, she ends up in just her Blue clothing - a coral looking bikini, her pendant and slave bracelets.

Shaping water, a platform pushes her upwards as she faces the woman dressed in the minimalist outfit, raising another spout of water that spins and starts to engulf the woman.

Llyron finds himself quite caged. He may be powerful but at the moment he's not going anywhere. The return shock to the jellyfish leaves it smoking and with now two members in the water it starts to rapidly gain altitude and move back out to sea. Whatever it's thinking, it's clearly decided there's no need to trade blows with Alyse.

As Ulani rises her opponent dives. There's a battle of wills as she tries to shape the water Ulani is shaping, but clearly she's of a mood to leave as well.

And that's when the Dolphins attack. Mera will feel it, the telepathic will exerting itself. The other blue invades the minds of both Dolphins and turns their full arsenal on Mera and Ulani. Whether or not it can hurt them - and it might, it's pretty high tech - it's probably a hell of a distraction, one that all members of the group take if they can.

Further out there's a might crash of thunder and a roar from the serpent. Whether it rebels against it's handler or it's handler has decided it's not worth it matters not. It dives into the water and shoots out toward deeper seas.

So that individual wants to resort to telepathic attacks. Mera can happily oblige. Though with the attacks aimed at her from the dolphins, she has to defend against them the only way she can. She puts the cage holding Llyron in the path of those attacks while the water forming the cage doubles and triples, making it hopefully more than strong enough to defend both occupant and creator. If not, well, Llyron just got attacked by his cohort. Mera can't really find it in herself to be upset about that.

Ever known you were about to pull a muscle? Alyse is at the magical equivlent of that. Stopping huge waves, metal containers and channeling wide areas of lightning into oneself is tiring work, especially with her still tired from the last fight. Time for her to go a little more simple and low-key. All the wreckage, twisted metal and scraps around them? It's not hard to find things sharp and metal to hurl at the critter…but it's retreating and there are other threats. Eyes moving to Mera and Unlani, the 'good' Atlanteans as far as she can tell, the witch clenches her fist and the sharp shrapnel tangles and twists into some semblance of a wrecking ball, less 'impale' and more bludgeon. The ball is cast at Ms. Minimalist clothing, offering her own interruption to the contest of wills.

Assist me. Ulani communicates with the other six Blue who arrived with Dolphins. The maelstrom of water keeps spinning around the woman but it's taking everything Ulani has in this battle. Then she's hit in the back with one of the energy weapons the Dolphin-Armour is equipped with and goes flying… Chipper, Leaper. Nooooo. Rowan and the others will hear that as well.

She's badly injured. Not as much as one might expect, but badly enough to let her hold on the water construct slip.

Whether the other six Elites get their constructs up in time before the woman departs remains to be seen.

There's a number of interruptions to that battle and the ball that Witchdoctor throws actually sends the other waterbender flying into the harbor. At that point something happens that causes the telepath to lose his grip on the dolphins - something named Mera. The dolphins turn on him with their full arsenal in a fury so unlike their nurmal playful states.

Needless to say both of the remaining five get the hell out of there as fast as possible with both Blue and Dolphins on their heels, following the jellyfish thing and the sea serpent back into the deep.

Which leaves Mera holding Llyron, a number of Blue and Atlantean Guards and Witchdoctor and an increasing number of NYPD.

Oh and a dragon. The six winged (with feathers!) dragon returns to hover over the scene. There's a lot for everyone to stare at.

"You'll never hold me long, Mera." Llyron growls in the atlantean tongue at the Sea Queen.

"Ulani, you okay?" Rowan rumbles as quietly as he can before looking to Witchdoctor. Interesting. He's not seen that champion before.

Mera looks at Llyron and considers snarking back at him, but then remembers how many Surfacer lives he's jeopardized or outright taken today and her expression darkens further. Reaching out to take the prisoner's trident away, she then VERY abruptly squishes the water cage. With Llyron inside it. Crunch. WIthout any further ceremony, she lets him drop into the bay where the Blue and their dolphins can retrieve him. If they want.

Even Witchdoctor is taken aback by the sudden execution of Llyron. The doctor might not be familier with Atlantean anatomy, but that looked like it hurt. Exhaling a breath as the channeling 'high' comes down the blonde woman rubs the bridge of her nose, looking between the others and then finally up at the dragon. She'd actually seen a dragon before, but this was a completely different variety. Left with more questions then answers, the Witch instead goes for the easiest one, addressing Ulani whom she'd seen take a hit. "Are you alright?"

The Elite Six and dolphins are gone, chasing what remains of Fathom Five into the briney depths. They'll report in shortly on their success or otherwise. Ulani and Rowan will address Llyron - shortly.

Ulani is laying on the dock, her back a charred, smouldering mess, groaning at the pain of it. With the NYPD around, she can't stay there long and she drags herself to her feet. "I'll be … ok." She will once they get her into the water, Rowan knows that. "My thanks, Champion, for your assistance. How are you called?"

If Alyse has been watching any of the media, she'll know that The Blue recently revealed themselves to The Surface and that Ulani might be what is termed 'Ambassador'. The Blue female prefers 'Envoy'.

"I am Ulani, this is Rowan" she gestures to the Dragon "and this is … Queen Mera. Thank you, for your speedy response, Your Majesty."

Rowan nods to Alyse and folds his wings in, dropping into the water. As he drops he changes from red scaled, feather winged dragon to one with deep blue scales, wings webbed hands and a fin like tail. Water dragon. He'll grab Llyron. If the Atlanteans don't want to keep him the Blue certainly will.

As for the others, well the authorities are now arriving in great numbers. Time to either make with the talking or get with the leaving.

Mera looks from the Dragon to Ulani and the Surfacer who had been helping with magic of her own. Her pillar of water brings her to within easy speaking distance and she nods respectfully to Alyse when she's introduced.

"It is good to see that some Surfacers are willing to come to the aid of their fellows. Envoy, may I be of assistance?" She lifts a hand as if reaching for Ulani, and another water tentacle moves toward the injured Blue, shaping itself into a seat of sorts. And unlike the actual water of the bay, the tentacles are clear and clean-looking.

"Do you wish to stay here to speak with your authorities?" she asks of Alyse, possibly offering her a way away as well.

"Champion?" Alyse repeats, actually seeming a little entertained by such a title before giving the woman a smile. She'd seen a bit of the media, but not enough to know finer details beyond the attempted peace Atlantis was mostly trying to maintain. Nodding she offers a hand in greeting, but the mention of royalty transforms the gesture into something more formal as she places it to her chest and bows her head. No need for the Witch to accidently offend an entire nation on some etiquette error.

"Alyse, although some call me 'Witchdoctor'." That hand on her chest slips to her temple as another dull ache flares up and she looks back towards the Queen before giving a shake of her head. "I'm a helping hand, but police and media? I'd best leave that to someone else."

If Ulani knew Alyse was thinking of Rowan and herself as Atlantean, she'd sigh deeply. It's an ongoing discussion with the Surfacers. The Blue aren't Atlanteans, they're a separate nation and they wish to be recognised on The Surface as such. At least most of The Surface officials are getting the distinction.

Ulani is a good diplomat and The Blue at least recognise the Atlantean throne - hence the title.

As the water chair forms, Ulani slumps into it with a grateful look at Mera. "I need to be in the water and soon. Would you put me on Rowan's back, please? He can take us clear of here so that I may heal."

"Yes Champion, Alyse. Those that rise to protect the innocents on the Surface." The term 'hero' clearly hasn't entered her vocabularly in that context yet. At the womans assertion regarding police and media, the Envoy nods to the other two waterfolk "It is time we are away, then."

When Alyse admits to not wanting to face the authorities, a third water tentacle appears to convey her away with the rest of them. Simultaneously, Ulani is gently moved and settled on the now-water dragon's back. The royal guard that arrived with Mera slip back into the bay and are gone in the same moment.

Alyse is returned to shore a safe distance from the mess in that bay, so that she can make her way home from there.

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