Getting Angry

August 11, 2016:

A heated discussion seems to power a package which brings on a flood of toads and a plague of locusts. (Emits by Zee)

Midtown Manhattan - New York


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Fade In…

About lunchtime in Midtown Manhattan and there's a bustling crowd. People heading out to or back from lunch or just those who are trying to get somewhere.

At one of the cafes, with tables on the pavement under an awning, a group of four people are talking … heatedly. A heated discussion that grows progressively louder. Which probably isn't so unusual - it is New York afterall.

What might be unusual is the 'energy' readings this group is giving off. For those that can sense it - it's magical in nature. For those with pendulums, they might notice the pendulums are reacting to it.

Of course, Murphy's Law. May is walking past that cafe when the argument escalates beyond the usual, and she can feel her pendulum reacting. It's like it's pressing into her sternum as she walks past the cafe then ducks under the awning of the shop next door. She pretends to be looking at the shop's wares while she tries to 'feel' what her pendulum is twigging against. She's already figured out that it has to do with the arguers, but WHAT about them is raising the red flag?

A portal shimmers into existence across the street from the cafe. Aleksander steps through in much more modern clothes having replaced his 5th century wardrobe with modern jeans, hiking boots, and a plain red t-shirt.

Having sensed the building magic Aleksander immediately crosses the street with no regard for the flow or laws of traffic. One thing to note is that his eyepatch is back in place over his golem eye and he's wearing a longsleeve coat and glove (singular) to hide his golem arm.

MMmmMm magic. Tasty. Tasty. Delicious. Magic.

Nyx will swoop in a bit lower, sensor suite zoning in on the people below. Targetining systems coloring everyone on the street and the cafe and flagging the ones with signatures. "Oh.. Agent May." she sends an SMS »May. Trouble?«

As the groups conversation gets louder, strange things start occuring. Toads start crawling out of the storm water vents and hop/plopping all over the cafe.

"Oh my god… what is it?" One woman shrieks as a toad lands on her foot under the table. Which prompts the other patrons to start moving, as the swarm of toads slowly descends.

On the ground by the table where the group arguing group of four, is a small case. Something that might be used to transport something like a small vase which seems to be glowing from the inside. The more the group argues, the brighter that glow seems to get.

Aleksander wastes no time and immediately walks over to the case and picks it up with his golem arm. He holds it up high for the group to see, "Children! Enough bickering or I will break it!" he yells glaring down intimidatingly at the group.

Toads? Great. And a man who has no concept of jaywalking. Even better. She can't observe anymore, and immediately moves to converge on the people being ousted by the toads. "Everyone! Calmly move to the end of the block." She pitches her voice to carry, and the tone is one that is not to be argued with. She levels a look toward the eyepatched man for about a second, warning him to either stay out of the way or be forcibly removed. And now that she's closer, she sees the glowing vase. Just frigging perfect. But, it's something to add to Rain's magical storage warehouse. She'd respond to Nyx's SMS, but she's kind of busy at the moment.

Right… that case looks promising.. very promising. Nyx tilts her wings down and plumets to the street level on wings of energy… fire of the universe itself. With a crack she lands pretty hard, only a small crack on the pavement and she tucks her wings behind herself as she surveys Golemancer and the arguing foursome. "So. What is in the box?"

As the group continues to argue, the box glows more and soon the cafe beset not just by toads but locusts as well.

The staff move to aid May, directing people out of the way … and helping those who fall. The exodus is a bit of mess, but it looks to be handled. Well, it will take some fixing as people stop and stare at Nyx…

As Alek picks up the box, he'll feel an urge to become angry … something pushing on him. Does he have the willpower to withstand it?

The group of four stare in disbelief at Alek and then, as one, all lunge for him. "That is ours. You can't have it…"

Chairs get knocked out of the way and the table is overturned.

Melinda May rolls her eyes at Alek and rushes in to stop the four the lunge toward him, and maybe to get clear of the locusts that have joined the frogs. It's like the seven plagues of Egy… holy crap. "Nyx! Come get this thing and get it away from here! NOW!" She'll nerve-tweak any of the four that get in her way as she angles to give the teen a clear grab at the thing that Alek is so conveniently holding up in the air.

The rage fills Aleksander's senses tapping into centuries of anger, rage and regret. Visibly the tall Russian grits his teeth together resisting the desire to be a monster.

He looks at the group of people and thinks they are no different from the villagers that drove him to be the hermit he was. Children. They weren't at fault they were just scared. "You can have it back" he says as he wills the materials in front of him to form a golem "when you are sensible."

Aleksander looks at his freshly formed golem made of random bits of stone, wood and metal "Subdue but do not harm". The golem nods at the command and attempts to forcibly pin members of the group to the floor.

There is a deep consideration. "Fine." notes the Angel of Metroplis and she will step forward "I suggest you hand me the case as Agent May has requested… I don't know if you are … on the side of light or if I will have to break your arm off to take it… I'd prefer not." she eyes the rabid people and the Golem "I assume by your demeanor good"

One of the group, a heavily set young man, lunges at May as she instructs Nyx. Two decide to try to take down the Golem, finding themselves overmatched by they're still fighting. The fourth peers between Nyx and Alek before a decions, throwing themselves into a good old rugby tackle, trying to grab Golemancer around his calves and bring him down.

All the while toads and locusts continue to swarm through the outdoor area - someone might want to get rid of that case … and in hurry before something else is called down.

May's training kicks in even if she's THIS close to actually becoming honestly angry, and when the burly young man lunges at her, she neatly sidesteps him and turns his charge into an Aikido throw, landing him on his back on the sidewalk. Likely on top of SEVERAL toads. Okay, so Nyx is … talking. What the heck. She uses the moment the other three angry people are trying to deal with the … rock and wood and metal thing to duck around and use a chair to leap up and snag that case out of the eyepatch man's hand.

Aleksander nods to Nyx and tosses her the case which is immediately followed by a second golem summoning. A small disintigrating stone golem bursts from the floor underneath the charging assailant and uppercuts him before falling apart.

Aleksander leans down to the pinned individuals "Don't move. I will be right back" and sparks two electrical golems from nearby power lines into existence. He looks at Nyx "Winged One, fly high and get ready to duck."

HUD tracking follows the case and she reaches out to grab it. "Duck?" but she doesn't wait for the answer.. the wings flare out and cut one of the patio tables in half … energy indeed….and she takes off with a leap into the air… going very high very fast… or at least Nyx tries to.

"Oooof" Mays assailant lands up on his back, accompanied by a 'squishing' sound. Yup, there were several toads squashed in the process. The young man looks up at May with glazed eyes before passing out. Aleks' rugby fan is knocked out by the quickly appearing and disappearing golem.

As Nyx flies high with the case, she'll feel the same pressure that Alek felt. Something trying to incite her anger … what is she going to do with the box?

Back on the ground, as the distance to box grows, the locusts start dissapating and the toads start to slip away - probably because there's nothing holding them there.

Mark this day on a calendar, because she will NEVER admit to it. May. Just. Missed. She manages to not completely wipe out when Aleksander steps out of her leaping path, ending up landing back on the sidewalk and turning one of her ankles on a bit of the just-crumbled golem. OW. DAMNIT. Her only outward reaction, though, is a brief grimace. She looks for the case and sees Nyx disappearing into the air with it. Please be okay, kid, or she'll never forgive herself.

"Winged One drop it!". Aleksander motions to the electrical golems which streak towards the box. They are joined by a third air golem that is ready to catch/suspend whatever obviously magical contents spill from the disintigrated case.

Samantha will drop the box, skeptically. She is ready to snag the magical energy if the elements disnigrate it there. Ready to duck down into it even. But for the moment she drops and watches … Nyx not Samantha analyzing.

As the case is shredded by the electrical golems, Nyx is left holding a small effigy made out of some metal alloy. It's radiating magic but the further she gets from the anger, the lower the magic reads.

Dropped, the metal figure plummets heavily, to land in the air golem that's speeding towards it…

On the ground, the four are stirring. Rubbing their heads and looking dazed. "Where is it? Where's our project?"

Melinda May turns to kneel next to the closest of the four. "What project? You need to explain. Quickly." She's brusque and serious, but not overly intimidating. … hopefully.

Aleksander wants to know that too. "Go" and the large golem falls apart. "Now child" he kneels next to May "talk. You won't get that object back until you explain."

Samantha pivots and lowers down near the effigy in the air elemental. She peers and scans it as the others question the magic users below. She keeps half an ear on them though.

Nyx's scans reveal this is very old. Ancient even. Maybe Mesapotamium or Egyptian. The alloy is a mix of bronze, tin and copper although her rider can also detect metal from a meteorite. The magic is expertly woven and is very old as well. She can still feel the compulsion to get angry driving at her.

On the ground, the young woman who spoke, looks between May and Aleks. "We were to review an ancient statue and assess where it might have come from." Alek gets a startled look whilst May gets a anxious one "We're all students at NYCU. Studying Art History… Ugh, I don't feel well."

"Where did you get the artifact?" May glances up toward Nyx then looks back at the student. "I'm suspecting that it was contaminated in some way, and you're now feeling the aftereffects of that contamination. Stay seated, please." Yeah, she's not about to use the term magic lightly. Not around average Muggles. She pulls a cell phone from one pocket to call in a SHIELD support team to help deal with this mess.

"Uninitiated" Aleksandr says with a sigh. Turning to May "They didn't even realize they had a genuine artifact in there possesion." The tall Russian helps each of the individuals to their feet, "I'm afraid that artifact is too dangerous for you to continue studying" he gestures to the chaos around them "This disarray was the direct result of that object. Please understand, young one, what we are doing is protecting you from something far too dangerous to leave unchecked."

Having finished with the students Aleksandr turns to Nyx and May, "You look like you belong to an organization. Since you too were here to prevent this may I ask if you have the means to safeguard that item? I would like to study it later and my own laboratory is … missing."

Samantha.. or rather Nyx… reaches out and takes the effigy there and holds it very tightly. "I am unsure that request will be able to be granted… I am considering crushing it and eating the magical force within it."

Alek might be able to feel it, the ancient magic that emanates from the effigy. Maybe egyptian, there's definitely a religious feel to it.

What would it do to Samantha with the unique blends of magic that she has injested.

"From the school. It was on loan from … somewhere. I don't know." the girl says looking even more startled if that's possible "You can't take it, our Professor will go spare and they'll add the cost to our tuition." Can the Uni really do that?

Melinda May says, "He can't blame you if it was confiscated for possibly being contaminated." When Aleksander pulls the students to their feet May straightens also, though with a faint frown. She finally sees the SMS from Nyx on her phone and quickly types in a reply. «Bring it to me, don't try to eat it. Don't want to risk what that might do.» She's already considering how to have an inert replica made to return to the students so the original can go to the Warehouse for secure storage."

Aleksander feels the magic and laughs "Stars and stones this thing is older than even me! Don't worry little one we'll fix the contamination and return it so you can finish your studies."

Quietly to May "I can't take it. Stars know I don't have the means to keep it safe, but if you need any help with it you can do this strange form of magic" he gestures as he pulls out his cell phone "where you push strange symbols to speak to an individual. I can give you my symbols if you need to speak with me."

Well of course Nyx gets the SMS back in the HUD and she considers. Her hand extending and particle energy covering her arm like a sheath as turns her hand palm up and lets the effigy hover there rotating in her palm now. "I suppose." she notes. "I want one of the alien alloy samples from your vault then Agent May. I am depleted mildly since my last conflict with the temporal threat."

"You don't know my professor." The girl mutters, falling silent. Gathering her bag and nudging the others, she pulls out a piece of paper and starts writing on it. "I'll need a receipt please … " Once she gets that she and her friends will be off.

Leaving the others to clean up this mess.

Melinda May gives the students the receipt she insisted on, though has even intention of talking to their professor very harshly when she returns the item — or a replica at least — then takes the 'symbols' from the really weird tall man. She kind of reminds her of Fenris, but… not. "My name is May," she tells the exceedingly tall man, then tells Nyx. "I can't promise that, but I'll try." That's going to require pulling favors with Simmons and then some.

Aleksandr smiles at May "A lovely name young one. MAY we meet again" he says smiling at his own pun and walks though a shimmering portal.

Samantha this time considers and then nods "Where do you want it deposited Agent May?" she sounds slightly different, and seems willing to drop it off too.

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