Medbay Visit

August 10, 2016:

Darce visits the Medbay and collects May on her way.


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Darcy had been grabbed from office supply delivering by Gorman to see Jemma about a thing. Bio-Electrolyte.. Darcy can't remember. But, something happened that had Jemma ordering Darcy to Medical right away for a 'check up'. Gorman was with her until something else called him away. He made it very clear that Darcy was to go straight to Medical. Which she promised she'd do… right after poking her head into May's office.

"Hey, pretty boss-lady. Walk me to medical? Also, Gorman's putting in for me to go have a sere thingie," Darcy says, leaning sideways into the door. Her hands cling to it, so only her shoulders and head poke through. SERE… Survival… Soemthing.. soemthing.. that torture resistance training thing. Darcy clearly has no idea how bad it's going to be if she's this non-chalant about it. Also, Her psych eval came back and the good news is that Darcy is not completely cracked in the head!

Melinda May looks up from the latest round of reports she's working on, and after Darcy finishes her long-winded explanation for a request that could have been phrased in three words, she nods and locks the computer before getting up and accompanying Darcy to Medical. "He recommended you for SERE. That would be worth seeing." Because Darcy would either bomb spectacularly, or be surprisingly resistant to torture simply because of her inherent randomness.

"I thought so," Darcy agrees with May, straightening and walking with her, bright and spry and as if she had the best night's sleep of her life. "Not really sure what it means, but Jemma hasn't done it. But, if it's a tiny pay bump for me, I'm game. Did you know Mr. Wayne wants me to apply for a scholarship? I mean, I'm not in school any more or anything. I'm finishing the application today. The worse that happens is… nothing, I guess."

Jemma had clearly called ahead to the medbay and Darcy is met by Doctor Roberts as soon as they enter. "Agent Lewis, this way please. Doctor Simmons has asked for a number of tests to be conducted as soon as possible." Leading Darcy to an exam bed, the basic tests are started.

No sign of Jemma yet. But then she had been left speaking with Gabby. That might take a while.

"Agent May." Roberts nods to the Senior Agent. "This might take a while."

"No harm in applying for the scholarship." They arrive at Medical and May's brows draw together slightly at hearing that Jemma had asked for specific tests to be run on Darcy. "Which tests?" she asks as she walks with Lewis toward the indicated exam bed.

Hoping onto the medical exam bed, Darcy wiggles out of her jacket so Roberts can do what he needs to do.

"She's wanting some base line somethings because my bio-metric pressure is average. And Gabs hit me with like 20 5 hour energies all at once. I feel amazing. My ankle isn't hurting. See?" She lifts her right foot up for inspection. Because joint pain is totally visible.

Wait. Gabby did WHAT? Did she have Darcy drink that many of those horrid little energy drinks, or what it something to do with the younger Trent's new abilities? May is now frowning ever so slightly, especially when Darcy shows her ankle. "What do you mean, twenty 5-hour energies?" She seems ready to stay with Lewis through the battery of tests, even if they are goign to take a while.

As they approach the examination bed, they might both see a familiar brunette head disappearing through the opposite exit. just a glimpse and they may well be wrong. But it's not the first time May has seen this.

"A full medical work up, Agent May." Roberts responds. "Including physical endurance. I'm not sure what occurred, we're to do the tests now and tomorrow. Depending on what we find, we might need to redo them. Doctor Simmons didn't sound concerned when she called. She said she'd be here as soon as she could."

Starting the examination, Roberts takes Darcy heartbeat, blood presure and listen to her lungs. The stethoscope might be a little chilly.

"You never had a 5 hour energy? Little bottles of pure caffeeine? Yeah. I didn't actually drink anything, but I feel fantastic! As if I had. ya know?" Darcy tries to explain the wave-crash-zap-bang of feelign amazing. She smiles at Dr. ROberts, biting her lower lip. "So.. you're saying I need to get out of my monkey suit?" She asks while he's got the stethoscope on her. It being chilly isn't a bother. Nothing's a bother.

There's that Matrix oddness again that May has noticed around Jemma increasingly of late. And Roberts further proves it by saying that Simmons will be here soon. She really needs to corner the biochemist and ask about it. But in the meantime…

"No, I've never had one of those. I don't need them." She likes tea, yes, but she's made a point of avoiding becoming addicted to caffeine, for this exact reason here. Darcy is one step shy of vibrating, and it's at best unsettling. At worst, it's Darcy to the nth, which is a truly frightening thought.

Roberts gives Darcy a look as he works. "Out of your monkey suit? Why on ear—-" he decides that ignoring that comment might be best. "Now we need to take a blood draw. Roll your sleeve up please." He directs / asks as he turns to get the syringe and vials. "Now, looking at your medical file, it seems you previously experienced trauma to your knee and ankle. Doctor Simmons seemed particularly interested in that. How are they feeling? We'll need to do scans of them."

The conversation that's occuring between May and Darcy is largely ignored although the Doctor does turn to May "She means Bio-Etheric energy. Apparently there was incident."

May should be assured that if Jemma isn't concerned, it's nothing to worry about. Just … interesting.

At that point, the door opens and Jemma enters behind the two women.

Giggling, Darcy offers her arm. Havng shrugged out of the jacket left her in her sleeves white satin tank she wears under the jacket.

"I banged my knee pretty good in Steel City, and rolled my ankle in Gotham. All less than a week or so ago now? They both feel fantastic. Like.. nothing's wrong. I want to go skating right now, take advantage of this, cause Lord knows how long I'm going to feel this good," Darcy tries and flails at not winking.

"I kinda wanna spike your tea with one, just to see what you're like when you're caffenated.. But I'm also afraid that you on caffiene would be even more lethal than normal. Which is what I'm still only just tempted, and haven't actually," Darcy adds to May, grinning. Oh! Jemma! Darcy lifts hr not being stuck with a needle arm and waves.

Melinda May ohs at Dr. Roberts' explanation about Bio-Etheric energy. That explains a lot. She takes Darcy's jacket and stands out of the way, turning to nod a hello to Jemma when she arrives. "Don't even consider it, Lewis. I can taste chemicals like the ones in those energy drinks."

Those injuries are on record because Darcy had to report to the medbay when they occured. Roberts takes the blood draws and labels them handing them off to a nurse "Get a full panel work up done on these. Agent Lewis, we'll need another blood draw tomorrow. At this time. No excuses."

The commentary about skating seems to wash over Roberts. "OK, legs on the table. We're going to scan them, compare the damage to what we know was there." They did say the tests would take a while.

Jemma makes her way over, looking serious. "I've just seen Gabrielle Trent out and thought I would check in here. Hello Agent May. Did Darcy shar—-"

"Not really Doctor Simmons." Roberts murmurs "and I confess I'm interested as well."

"Well…" the biochem is known to run on if she isn't checked, but today she tries to keep it simple "Gabby had another incident. Said she could see Darcy's … aura, I guess. When she went to touch it, it seems she managed to transfer Bio-E from herself to Darcy. Which is why I want these tests done."

Darcy toes off her high heels and kicks her legs up and onto the med bed. She scoots her rump backwards so she can stretch out her legs, and she wiggles her toes a bit. No nylons for this one. If this kind of movemetn is socially dangerous while wearing a pencil skirt, Darcy seems not to know it, not to care, or not the think about it. Either way, the motion is without hesitation.

"It was a rush. Seriously. LIke… Getting a grand slam, first jam off the whistle. Just a clean run through the pack, untouched, a fast sprint-around and right through again. And I feel liek I could do that for …like ever," she adds because she hadn't paid attention to was was going on, and Bio-E was beond her except for: "Oh! Yeah. Gabby said I have a celestial body." Darcy nods knowingly.

May's eyebrows go up at Jemma's explanation, which is unsurprisingly far more informative than Darcy's. "It doesn't seem to have affected her adversely," she offers to Simmons, though with the way that Darcy normally rambles, it's sometimes difficult to tell. "Was Gabby all right?"

"Not at all that I can see." Jemma agrees as Roberts keeps workings.

"All her vitals are normal, Doctor Simmons. Blood pressure is surprisingly normally, actually." Roberts murmurs. The blood pressure comment probably in relation to how hyper the woman seems. "There are the results of her scans. And the previous ones."

On the monitor by the exam bed, the knee and the ankle are displayed. "Hmmm. The injuries are completely healed. Interesting. I wonder if they'll stay way." It's Jemma's turn to murmur before turning to May "I really want to see what the effects are. I've only ever seen Bio-E being used by the person, not transferred like that. Gabby's worried, of course, but she didn't faint or fall like she did the last time we saw her."

"Alright, Agent Lewis. Time for the endurance test. There's spare gym clothes in the locker over there, go and get changed and meet us in the testing room."

"Healed?" Darcy pipes up, twisting to see. Not that she'll understand, mind, but she wants to see. "Like, all the way all the way? Cause, I rolled that ankle my first game, first season. Been weak ever since. And my knee. Nearly torn the ACL, but just wrapped it and kept going… you mean HEALED HEALED?" The idea has Darcy's heart wanting to race.

"Ah, yeah. Sure. I can do that," she says, hopping down, leaving her heels, and padding on bare feet to the locker room. She changes quickly, makign her way over as she ties her hair up in a pony tail.

Melinda May steps out of Darcy's way and moves to stand next to Jemma. "Good to hear that Gabby didn't collapse this time. The … effects are interesting, to be sure. Your opinion, Simmons?" She watches Darcy leave, then return in the gym clothes.

"Well… it looks like it. But we've no precedence for this type of thing. It might wear off." Jemma cautions "Only time will tell."

When Darcy returns, they all enter the gym and she's hooked up to one of the treadmills and set to run. Darcy will be glad she's fit.

"I'm not sure May. I don't think it's dangerous, this time. I can't help but wonder what I'm seeing with Gabby." Jemma speaks quietly as they watch. Darcy can hear them. "There's been more than one time I've seen her heal someone. I am positive she revived someone who was clinically dead. What I don't understand is why she saw Darcy's … aura" the biochem can't help but grimace at that.

"Darcy, how had you been feeling in general when Gabby came in. Where you feeling off or something?"

"I hate running. You know this right? I mean. I'm top heavy. And they bounce. Can't you make a… skate-tredmill or soemthing? This is cruel and unusual punishment. Really. Britain used to tie their prisoners up to steps like this to mill grain. And if the prisoner got tired and missed a step, they'd fall into the space and break stuff.. or die. You know. Just.. saying," Darcy rambles even as she mounts the machine, gets hooked up, and starts jogging.

"I am NOT wearing the right bra for this," she states loudly before settling down to run and listen in.

"Coronosphere! I am a god-damn celestial body. I'm WR-102 hot," Darcy quips at Jemma's statement of auras. Those bug Darcy a bit too, but then again. Norse Gods.

"In general? My ankle was aching and my knee hurt. I had the start of a hungry headache, but that's gone. I'm gonna need to eat after this, though. Cause, I'm gonig to be HANGRY."

Well, whatever Gabby did, it sure didn't stop Darcy's lack of brain to mouth filter. "I'll want to see the results of these tests," May tells Roberts, then nods for Jemma to accompany her back toward her office. "I have something else I want to ask you about, Simmons."

"Let me know if you need anything, Doctor Roberts." Jemma takes her leave with a look back to Darcy. "We'll want to see you again tomorrow, so we can get some comparisons."

Waiting for May to lead the way, Jemma exits through the door both Darcy and May caught a glimpse of her using earlier… interesting?

Once they make it back to Mays office, the biochem smiles "How can I help you, Agent May?"

May sets Darcy's jacket on the exam bed she'd been on then leads the way back to her office. "I've been noticing some … interesting occurrences around you lately. Like just now. When I led Lewis to Medical, I saw you leaving the room. And then you arrived a few minutes later." She looks at Jemma squarely. "Care to explain?"

"What?" Jemma blinks at May momentarily speechless "I couldn't have left medical when you arrived because I wasn't there. Are you sure it was me? I mean, I would explain if I could, but …"

There's no artiface to her statement, she's genuinely confused.

"I was seeing Gabrielle Trent out of the building."

Melinda May believes Jemma, how could she not? "Hence why I asked. I know you can't be in two places at once, and …" May suddenly pauses as she considers something. "I want you to talk with Rain or Fenris, or one of the other spellcasters on staff. I want them to check you for temporal anomalies."

"I'll see either of them, of course." Jemma answers, looking puzzled. "But why would you say temporal anomalies and not some shape shifting mutant or the like?"

That May has gone to that conclusion, is interesting. Certainly a shape shifter getting into The Triskelion would be extremely difficult, even more so now with the new changes in scanning and vetting, but not impossible.

"Because of the extra security we've added, as well as the fact that I've seen it happen multiple times now. And it's only you that's affected." May gestures for Jemma to take a seat and moves to sit as well. "It made me think of that one Harry Potter book just now. The one where the girl, Granger, uses a device to double up on her classes."

"You have?" Jemma nods slowly at the reasoning. "They'll detect some form of temporal activity about me, of course. There's been several anomomalies occur when I've been there." She's certainly mentioned that to May before. "The levels my equipment is detecting though is miniscule. Maybe Rain or Fenris will find something more."

Taking a seat, the biochem glances at the time "I've got a meeting with my staff in thirty minutes." she says. "Yes, the time turner. I seem to remember it caused Hermione some problems at the end of term. Those were good books really."

Melinda May tilts her head non-commitally instead of agreeing or disagreeing with Jemma about the books. "That's what I'm hoping. And preferably before Fury notices." That could be pretty bad, after all, considering how the whole Daemonite thing went down.

If May knows anything, this is Jemma and Jemma is a disaster magnet. Admittedly there haven't been any May scares lately, well not of the hurt, chased or shot at manner at least.

"As soon as I can, Agent May." Jemma's rather busy lately and it's just going to get busier. "If Director Fury notices, he'll bellow a bit and tell me to 'get it fixed, Simmons.' Which is what I plan to do anyway." She's fairly sure he'll use stronger language than that, but that will be the gist of it - she hopes.

Melinda May nods. "Good. Let me know what they find if you talk to them before I do. Otherwise… is there anything you've got going on that I can help with?" She knows the biochemist is busy.

"Of course, May." Jemma answers as she considers the second question "There's so much research and testing to be done at the moment, it's a little overwhelming. We think TRINE is trying to build a viral processor connection between the three hulkbuster suits. That's my priority at the moment - working on countermeasures. We suspect it might be trying to make an attempt on a naval network that goes into testing soon."

Blowing out a deep breath, the biochemist shrugs "The Federal Marshals lodged a formal request for my services on that. I'm sure we'll need assistance in the execution. Apart from that, just Daemonites to assess and see what we can do with them." For anyone outside her team, the work generally seems dull but to Jemma it's fascinating.

"Keep me posted on the request from the Federal Marshals," May says with a nod. "If necessary I'll call in outside contractors to help." And she knows that Jemma wishes she coudl devote a LOT more of her time to the Daemonites, but this is the downside to being good at your job. You become more in demand.

Well, yes. But TRINE is personal and the request had come through Thomas. Two very compelling to make it a priority in the biochems' miind. "I will, thank you. We might need more than I can provide in the long run. I'm aware, that whilst I'm certified for Field Work … I'm better, behind the scenes."

"If there's nothing else, Agent May, I should be going." The break has been appreciated that's for sure.

"Of course. Be careful." May unlocks her computer as Jemma leaves, and goes back to those reports she'd been working on when Darcy dropped in.

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