Pancakes, RollerSkates and Innuendoes

August 08, 2016:

Darcy Lewis and Morien Washington meet for the first time at IHOP.


IHOP, the temple of breakfasty goodness- that place that sees the strange
overlap of late-night college students hanging out and early-bird senior
citizens looking for a good (or at least satisfying) morning repast. This
particular locale maintains the franchise's standard look- with comfortable
booths in muted patterns, tables featuring the classic arched-back wooden
chairs and dark green carpet.

This particular locale seems is used to the comings and goings of the
super-crowd, and the far wall has a host of framed pictures of notable
groups of heroes (most of them on the young-ish side) who have stopped here for one reason or another.
Busy servers dart to and from the kitchen taking orders
and carrying dishes to their respective tables. No matter the hour,
this particular IHOP seems to enjoy a decent level of activity


NPCs: Umoja Security Detail

Mentions: Bruce Wayne


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UGH! Work! What a day! Darcy is so glad to have clocked out and as she pushes her way into the closest IHOP she could find, she prays that no one calls her from the office. Still mostly in uniform, Darcy is an odd sight in a very professional black business jacket and matching pencil shirt with a silky white blouse tucked into it and scuffed up duct-taped combat boots cover her feet. A workout duffle is on her left shoulder and her hair is in a very messy bun. Six o'clock, just in time for dinner service. Only place is at the counter by the kitchen. She slides onto a stool with the practiced ease of a drinker, plops the duffle at her feet and rests them on it as she reaches across the bar for a menu.
"Coffee, a sugar plantation, and three cows," she tells the waitress that pauses by her. Darcy looks as tired as the sun drooping its way to the horizon outside.

A man in his fifties in a biker outfit enters the Ihop and sits at the counter. Once the biker settles into the counter and lifts his menu, a couple comes in holding hands. They quickly go to a booth that is between a table and the window. Finally, Morien walks in with another man dressed in a business suit. Morien sits at the table that is the center of the room, but across from the previous couple's booth. The other man sits down at the other end of the restaurant.

For the mundane observer, this is just some people walking into the IHOP for some good food this evening, but the keen observer will notice the coordinated movements of Morien's security detail. Morien opens the menu, "Can I start with a coffee?"

Sometimes, SHIELD training just jumps out and smacks you in the face. THe biker is noticed first, because he's right next to her. Darcy skims his frame with her gaze as she pours the coffee on top of a large hill of sugar in the bottom of her cup. The couple draws her attention in that way of a single girl wishing for something more than what can be operated with batteries. The business men splitting up makes Darcy, now stirring her coffee syrup to finish melting the sugar into the hot liquid, tilt her head. Most business men walking into IHOP together sit together somewhere at a booth to talk business, using the overall din of dinner service to drown out their words. Puzzling at it slightly, eyes lingering on Morien longer than the other on account of him just being physically closer, Darcy turns to pour no less than six creamers into her sugar-coffee.

That's when the placement of all the people who came in, one after another, starts to settle into place. Biker, by the door. Couple by a window. Decoy by a back entrance. Darcy glances over her shoulder at Morien again and takes a sip of her coffee flavored sugared creamer.
Morien gazes for a moment at Darcy as he pours creamer in her coffee, "You know it really is just better if you take it black." Morien eyes widen slightly as he realizes how might have come off. Momentarily close s his eyes as he regains some composure, he raises his left hand apologetically, "I apologize that really sounded like a come on line. It was not meant to be."
Morien rises from his seat and says, "Sorry, I am sure you do not need anyone critique you on how you drink coffee? Morien extends his right hand, "I am Morien."

And Darcy spits out her sip, turning to grab a napkin, coughing. She wipes up quickly, turning to face Morien as he comes over with a hand and an apology.
"Darcy. And I've had black. It's real nice, full flavored, but I don't like to limit myself to just one flavor," she replies, eyes regaining her usual wicked twinkle despite her fatigue. She waits a beat, chuckling. "It really /did/ sound like a pick up line, so I'll pretend it was one and see what else you've got."
"I am afraid to disappoint you I think I am only witty by accident." Morien extends his hand, "My name is Morien. Would you care to join me for something to eat? This is one of my favorite IHOPs in the city.

A slight smirk appears on his face as Darcy responds and replies, "Well, variety is the spice of life. I am glad that you are enjoying all that life have to offer, when it comes to your coffee and over thing.
"I am afraid to disappoint you I think I am only witty by accident." Morien extends his right hand, "My name is Morien. Would you care to join me for something to eat? This is one of my favorite IHOPs in the city. The biker at the counter causally watches Darcy and Morien as he starts to eat his food.

"Better than try to be witty and flailboating all over the place," Dracy says, giving the biker a quick sidelong glane as she collects her duffle and her coffee to join Morien at his table.
"I love IHOP. Used to eat at one all the time during my internship. Haven't really had a chance since then. Best in the city, huh? Have to see how it compares," she notes with a wink.

When the waiter comes over, Morien turns to him, "I would a chorizo omlet and some pancakes. Could you bring a pitcher of orange juice too. The waiter nods and continues writing down the order. Morien adds quickly, "Whatever the lady wishes." Morien turns to Darcy, "Please, it is my treat. I know a meal from IHOP. I am witty and a big spender. Morien chuckles softly, "Why is there no ring on my finger?"
Morien peers over at the duffle bag, "What do you do for a living? I am not sure what sort of job requires a dufflebag. Well, I can think of a few jobs, but they normally don't have internships.."

Though Darcy looked at a menu while at the bar near the biker, now that she's happily sipping coffee with Morien, she smiles at the waitress and orders like a tried and true regular.
"Lumberjack, scrambled with cheddar, all the meats, add a short stack, load me on the butter." She winks at Morien. "it's my 'cheat' day." A giggle drfits from her around her sip of coffee as the waitress nods and leaves to place their order.
"You know how to treat a girl. I may have to fight them off with a stick!" she retorts, and looks down at her duffle when it's mentioned.
"I work at a government office handling interal logistics. …I deliver staplers. It's my skate bag. I was going to go skating after work today, but I got out late and I'm tired and PT kicked my ass this morning, so… Yeah, not going to go to Gotham to roller skate.
"I didn't intern for this job, actually," she comments with another sip of cofee. "I interned for an astrophysist. But her experiments got some high level attention, and then I caught someone else's attention, and now I work for the Man." She pauses for another sip. "At least I got my iPOD back."

Morien scratches his head slightly, "We should have probably discuss your life over some drinks, instead of pancakes. I am pretty sure that I would probably need a glass of wine to truly appreciate how astrophysicist intern finds themselves becoming an internal logistics for the government. I think I lost your trail on the IPOD comment.
Morien chuckles softly, "So do you skate for fun and relaxation, or do you teach a class to the underprivileged in Gotham?

Darcy's grin grows into a broad smile as she holds up her coffee mug as if toasting him.
"Over drinks sounds wonderful as long as you realize that somethings will require security clearance and if I don't you I'd have to kill you," she states with an easy going smile and absolutely no regard for common sense. She sips her coffee and winks.
"Would you believe it had everything to do with rescuing puppies and tazing a Norse God? Probably not. But I'll never turn down drinks." She chuckles and answers the next question before askign one of her own. "Fun, relaxation, and physical conditioning. I'm combat ready on wheels, but only where there's concrete. Put me in grass and I'm fucked. Actually, I used to play roller derby. Don't have time to play for a team anymore, but I still skate often as I can, and now that my SO's seen me move, she's actually cool with me in torn fish nets and too-short skirts." Sip. "Win-win."

"I would either have to hear more of the story, or have a lot to drink to believe that story." The waiter returns with their food and drinks, and departs the table. It is Morien turn to spit his drink, when she mention the win-win situation of getting to be able to wear fish nets and too-shoo skirts. "Sorry." He quickly grabs a napkin to wipe his mouth, "An ex-roller derbyist that taser a Norse God. You have had an interesting life. I am truly jealous."

"Yes I do," Darcy comemnts, sounding so proud of herself. She reache for the old fashioned syrup after smearing the butter all over her pancakes and rearranging the food so that there's room on the big plate for the pancackes. Most everything else ends up on the smaller plate the pancacke WERE on.
"And yes you should be. I am an awesome person with an awesome life. But, too many student loans, so don't be that jelly," she says as she begins to drown her pancackes in syup.
"You don't know I might have student loans, along with never tasering a Norse God." Morien smiles, "I also don't have anyone that wants to see me in fish nets and too-shirt skirts, so I guess that is a win-win for me too. I did wear a kilt before, but that was for a friend's wedding and again I am not sure if anyone wanted to really see me in the kilt."
Morien sips on his orange juice and casual glance at the members of his security detail pretending to be a couple as they scope the parking lot out. He turns backs to

Darcy and takes a bit of his omelet, "So where did you meet your SO, when you were off tasering Norse Gods?
"No. We work together," Darcy replies easily, stuffing pancackes in her mouth. The coffee and sigar are wakig her up, makign her feel human again. "She helps keep me out of trouble, I try not to make her day TOO difficult. It's really hard, but I love the look on her face some days. Sometmes, it's what gets me up in the morning." That tone of voice could make that statement go any which way. Darcy's wicked grin does not help matters in the slightest.

"I think most people would take a good reason to get up in the morning over completely paying off their student loans any day. Morien taks another bit of his omelet, "I hope I haven't pried too much into life. I get to the talking, and next think I know I am just rambling."
Morien takes another bite of his omelet and drinks another sip from orange juice.

"True enough," Darcy quips, pausing in the eating to drnk some water then some coffee. "And so far, you haven't pried too much. I mean, you are still alive." Drcy winks again shoving some bacon into her maw. nonomnom

"I guess now you are going to tell that you are trained to kill me with your pancake?" Morien takes another sip of his drink before speaking again, "How was your food?" Morien smiles, "So what government agency do you work for if I may ask. You don't have to answer me if that means I am going to find death a pancake jammed in places where pancakes shouldn't fit.

"Maaaaaaybe…" Darcy sing-songs, because she is NOT trained to kill with a pancacke. She can barely hit things consistently with a 9mil. But she's always wanted to use that line, so… she's doing so unapologetically. So, when he asks about her employer, Darcy smiles hugely, wipes her hand and offers it again.
"Agent Lewis of SHIELD," she states, because that really does sound better than Darcy Lewis, intern for some crack pot astrophysist trying to open a rianbow colored bridge because she has a girl hard-on for some buff homeless dude who fell through it.

His left archbow raise slightly at the revelation, and he shakes Darcy's hand again, "A pleasure to meet you, Agent Darcy Lewis. I think I rarely get to meet Shield agents, let alone buy them pancakes." Morien says, "I am Morien Washington, CEO and Owner of Umoja International. A sheepish grin appears on his face as he looks at his omelet, "I guess I do not have to worry about student loans. It is something multi-billionaires don't have to worry about, but I do like to thank you for your service. Most people don't use their skills for public service, or they decide to dress up in funny clothes and call themselves heroes.
Morien narrows his eyes as he thinks for a moment, "Oddly enough, some of them do wear fishnets and too tight shorts, when they fight crime."

"Likewise, Mr. Washington," Darcy replies, shaking the hand professionally before nomnoming her hashbrowns, which she added a layer of ketchup as if she had been frosting a cake. "Thank me? Wow… Thank you… I mean.. no one's ever thanked me for… wow." Darcy puts her fork down, chewing more thoughtuflly now. SHe smiles almost shyly and tuks a lock of hair behind her ear. Rather, she makes the motion, because most o fher hair is up in a bun.
"OH! Skirts, Mr. Washington. I wear fishnets and skirts. But not to stop cave trolls from invading the eastern seaboard. Then, I wear underarmor tights, a flak jackets, and my butt pads." Becasue THAT makes better sense.

"I guess my drifted to too-tight shorts and fishnets, instead of skirts. I guess I had a complete different picture of you in my mind." Morien just closes his eyes again, and shakes his head. "That really came out wrong." Morien quickly changes the subject, "So you like Gotham. I have to confess I am not very fond of the place. I try not to go there. It is just bit too chaotic and dangerous for me."

Darcy chuckles, and leans over to Morien. "Well, to be fair, I've done booty shorts too. Really, anything that moves. I just have be to careful, ya know? Barelegs!" She leans back to take the last bite of her food, sighing contently having finished most of hte plate. "Yeah. It's okay. I love it when things come out wrong. I'm sure whatever picture of me you had in your head was exactly right and perfectly wrong all at the same time. It's all gravy," she adds, sipping at her coffee now.
"Gotham has it's pros and cons. Pro: Gotham's derby team's practice schedule fits my work schedule. New York's team does not. Con: Gotham's got some crazy shit going on soem days. Pro: I've got friends in Gotham. Con: I can't always reach them when I'd like to. Pro: Wayne bought a derby rink and I got to sit next to him during a bout. Con: I may have opened mouth and inserted toe stop. Pro: My SO saved my ass and it's fine now. Con: Spooky houses are spooky and Gotham has them. Pro: …. umm… !! Dr. MaClahanan works at Gotham U. Alwyas great to shake hands with someone who heped you finish your degree." Did the pros out weigh the cons? Darcy lost count.

"I think your pros have outnumbered your particular cons, but I would rather stay clear of Gotham. It is really is a cesspool, but I am glad you like it." Morien smiles, "Perhaps, I will make a trip to see one of your derby practices and meet your S.O." Morien casually tugs his left ear with his left hand. The slight act of tugging his ear cause the movement of his security detail. The biker finishes his meal and makes his way outside. After several minutes, the reviving of a motorcycle outside signals for the security detail that were posing as a couple to make their move to go outside.
Morien snaps his fingers, "I did intend a charity function there. It actually went off without someone attacking the event."

Darcy smiles, noting the Carroll Burnett move and the biker getting up to go. "See? Not all bad. Gotham'll have practices in their new Derby Center in about a month. The rink's getting shut down for a major over haul," she chirps happily, before nodding. "I'm sure she'd like to meet you to. Don't mind if I talk you up first? She likes that sort of thing," Darcy adds, preparing to get up herself. Free meal, good company. What more could a girl ask for?

"You can try, but I am really nothing special. I am not one of those playboy multi-billionaires. I am one of those boring multi-billionaires that spends most of his time in the office, and then sneaks out for some brinner at his favorite IHOP. The couple leave the restaurant. Morien places some money on the table to pay for the meal. Morien hands her a business card. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Agent Lewis. Have a wonderful night." Morien walks towards the door. The businessman remains in the IHOP, preparing to leave once Morien is safely in his car.

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