Genosha Today

August 10, 2016:

(News/Update - NOT A LOG) Genosha struggles after entanglements with the X-Men. Their true face is revealed.


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Genosha Today

An island paradise off the eastern coast of Africa. A land that promises hope, opportunity and freedom. A new world for a new age. A technologically advanced country that is renowned as one of the most technologically advanced societies of the 21st century. They have even been heralded as a hidden superpower by several sources.

Speculation and rumor circulated that the damage dealt to Genosha during rapid French colonization generations ago damaged the country to it's core. Their answer for a failing economy and a land wracked by natural disaster? Slavery.

Now until recent years this was only as stated beforehand a rumor but months ago refugees who sought sanctuary in Ibiza confirmed Genosha has engaged in human trafficking and slavery for years. There are generations of slaves in Genosha. Families of them and they are mutates.

As a matter of fact Genoshas amazing progress on the technological scope is due to the blood, sweat and tears of mutants.

The U.N., ICCPR and IOM are currently undergoing controlled investigations on Genosha. President Madame Reneau denies the accusations of slavery stating her country employs usage of "domestic workers" and "indentured criminals". Some of them may or may not be mutants. It according to Reneau a promising program that has worked greatly in favor of Genosha.

As of July 20th (shortly after New York Times declared Genosha as "cruel and inhumane") the Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Portugal, Croatia, Spain, Belgium and Norway have declared a trade embargo against Genosha until the investigation is complete and slavery in the country is abolished.

(The following is OOC notes)
Hey X-Fam,
I am going to draw the first part of the Genosha plotline to a close for now. The next phase will begin later, which will follow canon to an extent as we will be trying to bring down the Genoshan government completely and establish a new rule (in the comics that became Magneto, we will have to see what happens here). For now though, the Genoshan main plot is at a halt, consider it currently undergoing a lot of political trauma and controversy that won't go away easily. In the meantime I plan on running several smaller things that won't be as drawn out or length.
What has been accomplished by the X-Men so far in the Genosha plot?
*A global trade embargo established. Many European countries, the Americas, Japan, Wakanda and a list of other nations will now no longer conduct business with Genosha. The country itself is under heavy investigation and this is likely impair their economy at a substantial level. Which will open up to some additional issues for the island nation.
*Jenny Ransome and Ibiza refugees rescued. X-Men aware they can proceed with rescue attempts elsewhere around the world as Genosha still sends it's Magistrates out to capture mutants and metahumans for experimentation. They are particularly active in Australia, Africa, China and Southeast Asia. These efforts to aid these unfortunates can be ongoing and simple one offs (or however people wish to run them). X-Men being X-Men.
*Genosha's misconduct, inhumane treatment and illegal experimentation on it's natives brought to the public, now known thing to the world and it's whole they are now viewed as an active and dangerous slaver country that is going through some serious bad press and tons of investigations. Feel free to write up press slams or news feeds.
Any thing I may have missed, concerns or comments hit me up, Remy

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